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yo please teach me about oscar wilde i really wanna get into him but i dont know where to start

oh boy have you come to the right place!!!! let me tell you about this man!!! 

this is probably my favourite picture of him because of his expression… i mean how is that not universally relatable…

Crash Course Biography:

  • Oscar marries his wife Constance in 1884, had 2 kids & decided he didn’t actually like her all that much & i’m like 70% sure they never had sex after kid #2
  • 1886 Robbie Ross (light of my life) turns up & is unabashedly homosexual - most people attribute Robbie as the one to bring Oscar to the Side of Gay.
  • Oscar struts about town, living a life that Henry Wotton would wholeheartedly advocate. He assumes the role of a ‘dandy’ - think flamboyance from every angle & add some frills. This was cool for him as it wasn’t seen as synonymous with being gay, just being a dramatist. 
  • 1891 is when Lord “Bosie” Douglas turns up & introduces Oscar to more gay stuff & more illegal stuff like weed & brothels & prostitution 
  • 1894 is when Bosie’s dad finds out about their relationship, flips out & takes Oscar to court for being illegally gay in 1895 :(
  • 1895 Oscar counters the charge by saying the case was unfounded (it totally wasn’t, he really did have a lot of sex) & whilst his epigrams / wit won him initial support, it all went downhill quite quickly. there’s another 2 trials for Oscar whilst all his friends pack up & get out of England (Robbie breaks into Oscar’s house upon request & packs up some of Oscar’s stuff, then legs it out to Paris) 
  • I think that the judge doesn’t even let Oscar have any last words in court i mean is that not the most heartbreaking, soul crushing thing you can do to this man 
  • Oscar does his sentence of 2 years hard labor in prison & gets hit in the head / ear - this injury & botched treatment is to be the cause of his death
  • He goes to Paris under exile & as far as I can gather lives with Robbie’s help but spent a lot of the time rejecting his help too. Also Oscar tries to live with Bosie again but both of their families are having exactly none of that behavior.
  • Oscar dies in Paris at the age of 46

Importance of Being Ernest is the 1st work of Oscar’s I read & I have never looked back. it’s short & sweet & hysterically funny, the humour is in no way dated & I love it
Picture of Dorian Gray please read this book as I have read it more than 7 times now & I need someone to rhapsodise about this with. It’s honestly a brilliant book with a totally cool plot & 3 fascinating characters (3 guesses who my fave is…it’s basil… it’s always basil)
The Ballad of Reading Gaol is the last work Oscar created before his death, & it’s about the harsh reality of prison & honestly I cry just because of the context
The Happy Prince & Other Tales so, my parents used to read these to me as a kid & like…is it really any wonder i love Oscar Wilde so much…I really honestly adore these stories!! 

Wilde (1997) Stephen Fry has been my standard image for Henry Wotton but he does make a damn good Oscar & also Michael Sheen as Robbie Ross is everything
Dorian Gray (2009) now…i have to admit i haven’t watched this but with all things considered i think i’m slightly justified in that due to the blatant disregard of Dorian’s descriptions in the book

Articles / other things to check out!!
queerhistoryproject has 2 great articles on Oscar here & here!! 
An article on Dorian Gray which is great 
This article explains a bit about where Oscar was coming from in the whole ‘aestheticism’ movement!!
And if you’re really keen (like me) there’s this one on Ernest 

I’ll cut my info dump off here - it seems like an ok place to stop! I’ll probably make more posts about Oscar-related things & any lit revision that I think might be useful to put up on this blog? I hope you enjoy the crash-course in Oscar Wilde & that this is all somewhat useful!! :]


Happy Tuesday Lovelies 💜🤘🏼

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. & I know you all can agree! I know this Tuesday feels are a little different, & lately our vibes have been a little different. But we have to remember to not let all these dark, negative thoughts consume us. I know it’s hard seeing them down, & I know it’s even harder knowing that we can’t physically do anything to help them. But what we can do is smile & keep reaching for the positives, just like the boys have taught us. Even though things may seem bad right now, our boys are strong. & I have no doubt that they will overcome this & come back stronger than ever. After every storm, there’s a rainbow, & there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel.

I’m truly so thankful for these boys. They’ve turned my bad days into good days, & helped me get through my worst ones. They make me smile, just by a simple tweet, or a silly snapchat video. They make me laugh so hard, to the point where I start wheezing, just from watching their videos. They’ve helped me meet so many amazing people, & because of them I have some the greatest friends. Because of that I will always be grateful. 

Is it crazy that my 23 year old ass find so much comfort, & joy in watching 2 goofy 17 year olds through my phone screen? Probably. But I don’t care! These boys help me change my views on so many things. I use to let negative thoughts consume me on a daily basis. Thinking the worst of every situation, stressing myself out over things that were so simple. I use to take life & everything so seriously. Worrying so much about little things, to the point where I drive myself insane. They taught me to take life day by day. & whatever happens, happens. Everything in life has its reasons. Although you might not know the reason sometimes, those things teach you a lesson & make you into a better person. I love them for everything that they’ve done. They’re only 17 years old & they’ve accomplished so much. They touched so many hearts, & it warms my heart to know that there’s still good people like them around. We’re lucky to have them. They’re lucky to have us. & we’re lucky to have each other. Even if we never met each other before, even if some of us ever even talked before. We Are A Family. & we will ALWAYS be here for each other. 

If the boy do decide not to post today, we will still remain supportive. & we will respect them, & give them the time they need! They will get better! They will be okay! 

The boys will always be there for us, & we will always here for them! 

I love you all & I’m truly grateful for every single one of you! I hope everyone has an amazing day. You are all beautiful, & you are all worth it! Remember to smile, because you deserve to! 💜

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I Want to Know everything about our Special Boy ♥

It’s so funny to me when you want things about our Special Boy because, like. He’s our Special Boy. You know about him. I don’t know what I could teach you about him, but also it gives me a chance to just. Spill how much I love him.

I’m stuck on that Greek Gods AU stuff, so. I just. Let me tell you the semi-abbreviated story of Antoine and the first few months of his life and also a couple extra tidbits in there.

  • “But Azura! In the original fic, Jehan said they aren’t interested in sex! How did they have a kid?”
  • He fell out of a tree
  • Like, the tree, the one Jehan and Montparnasse grew together, the pomegranate tree in the garden
  • He looked like he was maybe four or five, and he just, kinda, showed up. The tree had a big split in the bark, and he was sitting in front of it in the garden, and Parnasse remembered that tree nymphs were born from trees like that, so? Maybe he’s a nymph?
  • He knew who Montparnasse and Jehan were right off, like, identified them by name, but he wasn’t quite sure who he was at the beginning
  • He’s not a nymph, he’s the God of Balance, and he’s super calming to be around
  • And he always smells faintly of pomegranates, it’s nice
  • The first few months are amazing, like. He gets to play games with his father’s lieutenants and go on walks and swimming with his parents, and they have the biggest dog ever, ah, he loves dogs!
  • But Jehan has to leave eventually. And Montparnasse can’t keep their sweet little sprout from the sun, he deserves the world. Jehan has to at least try to take him with them.
  • Surprisingly, Antoine can cross between the realms even though the only ones who should be able to do that are Gavroche and Jehan (but only on the equinox), but Antoine is something totally new, so he apparently gets around the locked Gate
  • His first day out of the Underworld was… hard. Jehan has a lot of friends who all wanted to meet the little Prince of the Underworld basically at the same time, and a lot of them don’t like his father, and even though Jehan explained that Montparnasse couldn’t come with them, Antoine thought they would be going home at the end of the day and didn’t understand why he had to stay on Olympus
  • He fell asleep in Jehan’s bed and woke up in his own, at home, in the Underworld, and thought maybe the whole thing had been some kind of weird dream, but Montparnasse looked confused to see him and Jehan isn’t there, so…
  • He curled up with Parnasse anyway, and Montparnasse is starting to think maybe their son has more abilities than they thought when Gav busts in to frantically tell him Antoine’s gone missing, but… he’s right there… how???
  • Well, the “how” can wait, actually, because Jehan thinks someone kidnapped him and is ready to tear the world apart to find him
    • “Well, I don’t know how he got here, but he’s safe. Can you go tell them?”
    • “I’m… pretty sure just telling isn’t going to work. They’re, um…. Terrifying.”
  • Antoine trusts Gavroche, and Montparnasse makes it very clear that he has to go back before something bad happens to Jehan, so they both show up in the middle of a very angered Flower Deity ready to tear Olympus down if someone doesn’t return their son immediately
  • They don’t even see Antoine at first, Bahorel is trying to keep them distracted and maybe fight them if he has to, so Antoine can come up behind them and take their hand
  • When they realize that he’s there, Jehan falls to the ground and hugs him so tight, he’s such a tiny blossom, they were so worried that something horrible had happened to him! What if someone had hurt him?
    • “I’m sorry, Han, I went to see Papa on accident, I didn’t mean to.”
    • “As long as you’re safe, my dove. As long as you’re safe.”
  • He has to practice it with Gavroche a while, but Antoine gets to be just as good at traveling between the surface and the Underworld as Gav is
  • He brings Montparnasse presents all the time, all sorts of things. Mostly flowers when Jehan makes a new one, letters, whatever he and Jehan think Parnasse might like
  • He also learns to sketch and likes to draw the stars. He’s helping Montparnasse set stars in the ceiling so that the residents of the Underworld can enjoy them. They don’t really twinkle the same way, and they don’t move, but they’re still pretty
  • He likes to sit with souls that died traumatically and talk them through things, help them know things might not have been okay before, but they’re going to be okay now. He’s very hands-on and doesn’t like to see people cry
  • His laugh is like sunshine. Parnasse calls him “sunbeam” because he lights up the whole Underworld every time he shows up
  • He really, really loves his parents a lot, like. He never gets too old to hug them. He loves to cuddle all the time. Winter is his favorite time because his whole family can be together, and he doesn’t have to keep flitting between the two worlds

This got really long, but the point is: I love him



Hi~ Idk if you are still taking request but if you are I would love one! How would the main three act with a latina girlfriend? Who was born and grew up in a latin american country. Fangirl section: OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH I LIVE FOR THIS BLOG I BREATHE FOR THIS BLOG I LOVE IIIIIIT. Ok thanks keep up the good work BYE ^_^

first of all I’ll always take requests, secind of all thank you so much!!!


  • okay babe that cool
  • we have um
  • well there’s this uh
  • snow?
  • snowman? nah thats for kids 
  • but we can totally make one if you want
  • why do you want to go to St. Petersburg???
  • oKAY OKAY 
  • lets go
  • yes I wont talk shit anymore
  • hey uh itsokayifyoudontwanna would you like me to teach you Russian?


  • this boy
  • this boy is immediantly asking if you want to go sight seeing in Russia
  • Is it too cold???? Do you need my jacket???
  • oh yeah the snow is always here it doesnt really go away 
  • babe lemme show you e v e r y t h i  n g
  • whenever you tell him about your home country he feels so blessed
  • youre sharing your life with me???
  • babe thats so sweet
  • he honestly just wants to know everything about you
  • do you need me to turn the heat on?
  • teach me your language please *insert heart eyes*


  • he finds countries that aren’t his home fasinating 
  • he reads up on Latin America in general and then more on your home
  • god bless this boy is trying to learn to speak more languages to try and show that he will try anything for you
  • please let him go to your home with you
  • he wants to meet your family and friends
  • he asks so much about your life
  • he finds everything fasinating 
  • he blushes like mad when you even hint at wanting to know about his culture 
  • you want to learn to speak japanese??
  • what
  • why
  • nonononononono I’ll teach you!!
Skam 3.

So, everybody is saying that we will not see Herman (p chris) on season 4 and some people are saying things like ‘’He is not important, he is just a fuck boy’’ and i already saw things like this about Thomas (William). Funny thing is that people can’t never see a positive side on the other people, you need to start seeing because skam to me is that kind of show that e v e r y b o d y is important and have something to teach you. Same in the real life. People judge a lot ‘’fuck boys’’ ok, i understand why, but now let me say something to you all. 

A ‘’fuckboy’’’ is a person. He has feelings anyway. He has a story. And you know nothing about that. Sometimes we judge a fuckboy because he did this or that to the girls but one day, you see him happy with someone and he finally got someone who changed him. You know why? Because we all have someone who will change us, we all have that person ‘’waiting’’ for us. I believe in DESTINY. A lot.  And even if it’s just for a year, or months, or days, but that person will change us. Like we can see with William and Noora. 

That’s why i am so sad about that. We need William, He had a sad childhood and i think we had a lot to learn yet, same with Chris. We have a lot to learn with him. All the characters in this show are important. 

Love you all. x 

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(I had to write an 8 page paper for a class once and it ended up being 18 pages and I got an 100% so I was damn proud. Neither of my parents were great at school so I just kinda figured it out myself. I liked my all girls school because there wasn’t anyone to impress and the uniform made my life easier (the skirt from the princess diaries was mine) but I have no clue how to dress myself. I still can’t find a decent guy even in college let alone at the all boys schools I used to do theatre in) -M

((Idk the three admins of the other sides blogs are pretty decent boissss. But yeah guys suck and I just hacked out a study plan that will get me through the week. Pray for me. I’m all about a self made woman, look at you, teaching yourself.))

A Call to the Society

It took me 20 years, 20 years to understand the meaning of the word “feminism”. It sounded complicated, but that’s only because every place I went, every person I spoke to had a different definition of it.
It seemed like anyone who didn’t know the meaning would come up with their own interpretation.

I was in school when I first heard the word feminism and because it felt so demure I was confident, “I’m a feminist”.
But sooner that day I was made to reflect on it. A boy came up to me and said “omg, so you’re a feminist?” the way he put those words definitely didn’t come across nice, it felt like being a feminist is like being a criminal. Supporting something that’s totally unacceptable.
I didn’t know, or I still don’t know what he had heard about feminism for him to claim so, but I’m thankful, because of that one situation I went on to finding my answers and here I’m today, with a determined thought that yes, I’m a feminist and there’s nothing for me to hide away from it.

Feminism is not a synonym of “male bashing”. I repeat, feminism is not male bashing. In fact, feminism has got nothing to do with the male gender. It’s not about being superior to them or putting them down or at the least, it’s not even about competing against them.

Feminism is all, and is only about saying, “don’t define us by our gender”. Feminism is saying, don’t tell us we can’t do or be something we dream of just because we are female. Feminism is just saying, let us live, speak, and dream the way we wish to be and not according to the social norms that are built by the society specifically for us.

I think the problem is with the word itself. The word “feminism” in itself provokes notions cause it’s defined as soft, gentle, fragile, delicate, demure.. The word is dressed with its own virtue that it questions everything that doesn’t belong to the category. But where do we throw this question to? To the literature geniuses?
Or maybe let’s just accept the fact that being soft, delicate or any of those has never been or will never be our weakness.

But the problem doesn’t just end here. The minute you speak about being a feminist, you’ll hear many people shout to you about fighting for gender equality. Little do they know that feminism and gender equality are the two faces of the same coin and hold different meanings. Gender equality is essential and I concur but that doesn’t mean you need to abolish feminism. We need to fight for equality, but at first, let us get to being equal.

It might seems like the world’s changing these days and women are growing and flourishing in every field they touch. But the dark side to this is, there are still so many houses, so many minds that judge us for what we do and dictate us on what we should be doing.
Being married within a certain age, not being more qualified than her spouse, not voicing your opinions loud, and many more instances. We. Still. Are. Stuck.
And one of the main cause is that most women don’t believe in feminism themselves. And I always wondered, how? Just how? You’ve been a woman for so long and how can you not take your own side?
Maybe, just maybe because they’ve not seen the need for feminism yet. Cause once you see the need for it, you won’t stop denying it.

The questions have no end and they’ll keep flooding. I’m not trying to manipulate minds. As I say this here today, loud and clear., I know that there are more opinions that’s opposing my thoughts than supporting. But I respect your opinion as long as you opinion doesn’t disrespect mine.
Cause this isn’t just another article about feminism.
This is an answer.
Answer to that small girl who questions if being feminist is wrong.
Answer to that boy, who asks what has he got to do with feminism.
Answer to those minds, that’s in doubt about what feminism means.
And answer to those individuals, who are ignorant enough to know what it means.

I didn’t know what feminism meant, but when I did, I grew up to realise that I don’t have to be sorry for so many things that I’ve been taught to feel sorry about.

And that way feminism will always be needed. We need it now and we’ll need it tomorrow. As long as we woman walk the earth, feminism will be in picture. They’ll keep on saying “we can’t” and we’ll keep on proving them wrong, cause that’s what we love doing.

But even after saying all this, I look around and find flaws not just in the bigger world out there but the one I’m living in. I see my little cousin brother crying and nothing, literally nothing could calm him down. But the minute he’s told “stop crying like a girl”, his tears freeze and he stops in no minute. Comparing him to anything didn’t do the trick but just comparing to a girl did. I’ve many questions unanswered here., let me leave you with one. What have we been teaching our boys about girls?

Seems like the problem is the roots of every individuals upbringing and I just hope one day, this little boy grows up to decode his wisdom in life. Because a woman being a feminist is no big deal. We are all woman and we stand by each other, but real strength is when someone sees beyond what’s shown. For one who feels, he feels for all.
So now it’s your turn to make a call. Be a man and say you’re a feminist.

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Hi! Was wondering if you know some good DaeJae fics and could recommend them to me?

Why hello there. You’ve just turned to the right person. This is going to be a long list. Sorry for the late reply because I was gathering the stories. I swear there are tons of them. 

Just a friendly reminder: Read at your own risk. (looooool but really though. They’re gonna ruin you. Just sayin’)

Lets get started shall we?

  1. Fifteen minutes in heaven
  2. Bully
  3. One more day
  4. Kiss with a fist 
  5. Nothing lasts forever 
  6. Mercy (10 Minutes)
  7. A thousand paper cranes
  8. Behind closed doors 
  9. I want to see you again
  10. Under the blossoms
  11. Five days of winter 
  12. Trapped in a box called reason
  13. Discovering perfection
  14. Secret love
  15. Please stay
  16. Oppa, I’m not a girl
  17. All I want for christmas is you
  18. Colour of love
  19. Rewound time
  20. The wedding date
  21. Abused
  22. The last time
  23. The next time
  24. A christmas miracle
  25. Are you mad at me?
  26. My baby
  27. Cold hearted man
  28. Hey princess
  29. Vanity
  30. My sunflower
  31. Mending a broken heart
  32. Cold mornings
  33. Taboo
  34. Shirking responsibility
  35. Snowed in
  36. In perpetuam memoriam 
  37. Go away
  38. In plain sight
  39. The new boy in town
  40. Holiday fling
  41. I slept with my enemy
  42. The haves and have-nots
  43. Guernica
  44. Never ending
  45. My baby
  46. Dolls
  47. What youngjae wants youngjae gets
  48. Fearless
  49. Fallen
  50. You and me, again
  51. Covered truth
  52. Dressing room
  53. Down and dirty
  54. Do not disturb
  55. 101 things I love about you
  56. A trip to the store
  57. water bottles
  58. What would you do without me?
  59. Voicemail
  60. Talk dirty to me
  61. His jealous little moment
  62. Drive ins
  63. Just one
  64. CAn’t step back
  65. Of wax and young love
  66. painful desire
  67. Only mine
  68. He’s not my best friend
  69. Refuse to be friendzoned
  70. Consequences of I love you
  71. When fluffy fails a test
  72. In debt
  73. Chained
  74. An unexpected visitor
  75. Hearts like ours
  76. Make believe
  77. For my eyes only
  78. Sleep sex
  79. The fall
  80. I love you
  81. Touch me…please?
  82. Amsterdam dreams
  83. The logical events of love
  84. I’m afraid of the dark when I’m not with you
  85. Viral Interaction
  86. Moving forward
  87. Phone call
  88. Striptease
  89. The letter ‘D’
  90. Rough boyfriend
  91. Muscle boy
  92. Miss brunette
  93. Teach me your body
  94. when a doctor is seduced
  95. Who’s prettier?
  96. Awesome
  97. Definitely not
  98. Secret admire
  99. Of sweater paws and 5am
  100. When im with you
  101. life is like a box of chocolates
  102. a kiss of death
  103. kiss
  104. kissing the rain
  105. under agreement
  106. aisuro hito
  107. co-ed
  108. breakfast encounters
  109. Bath together
  110. undone
  111. yoo the maid
  112. going after his dream girl
  113. obsession
  114. soft spot
  115. Confession of the unromantic
  116. A date with the unromantic
  117. baby dont cry
  118. Something different
  119. vanilla
  120. Lets talk about X
  121. Always
  122. Those Little Things 
  123. Opposites Attract
  124. pens
  125. Freak
  126. The great escape
  127. The final destination
  128. Head over heels
  129. Play time
  130. Under the covers
  131. Sext me
  132. Baby, get louder
  133. I’m glad you came
  134. Baby wants a ride
  135. Wonderful tonight
  136. Good until the last drop
  137. Show some skin
  138. what it feels like
  139. Touch me, tease me
  140. With the lights down low
  141. lovesick
  142. wrong place wrong time
  143. Road works
  144. A S A P 
  145. Cupid’s cupid!
  146. Black widow
  147. H.E.R
  148. My penis and I
  149. Resdient evil
  150. soft spot
  151. Thank god I’m gay
  152. Serendipity
  153. purrrfect
  154. The 14th floor
  155. Motel
  156. Imperfectly, I love you
  157. Geyong’s prince: Jung Daehyun
  158. The cursed blessing of meeting you
  159. Hunger
  160. Start of something new
  161. (Un)broken
  162. Perfectly imperfect 
  163. Ghost
  164. June 28
  165. No cursing allowed
  166. What are yoo
  167. Dominus Tecum
  168. First impression is just a first impression
  169. Fast Forward (till you go down on me)
  170. Chalk lines
  171. Broken bones
  172. Fabled tongues and flooded lungs
  173. Love tutoring 
  174. I put a spell on you 
  175. Hide & seek
  176. Winter days

These are all on my subscription list. I have over 300 subscriptions but I think these are the daejae fan fictions I have read and trust me they are all good. It’s really long isn’t it? I hope it excites you. Thanks for asking me to recommend you fics. I know you said SOME fan fictions but this can be some kind of like a future reference or something.  HOPE YOU ENJOY AND I HOPE YOU FEEL MY PAIN TOO.


25 Will-Not's: A Letter to My Future Husband and His Son
  1. I will not stutter when I introduce myself, even if my name carries age-long history of war and chaos on its back.
  2. I will not crouch to make your ego fit through the door. If it is too big, tie it to some tree outside, and leave it there.
  3. I will not ask you to hold the door open for me, or pay the bill just because you are one X chromosome short.
  4. I will not tell you you are less of a gentleman if you let me take care of myself.
  5. I will not define you as someone’s father, brother, or son. I will call you by the names you wear on your character.
  6. I will not look at your beard, biceps, or boots, when I am talking to you.
  7. I will not assume you are an animal, uncultivated to the concept of self-control.
  8. I will not use your sex to praise anyone. Walking, playing, and driving “like a man” will not mean much.
  9. I will not look for rulers to measure your worth with, in the pages of popular magazines.
  10. I will not introduce myself to you as a meninist before I state my opinions on the rights endowed to you simply because you were born human.
  11. I will not ask you to change your last name or your prefix just so everyone knows you are mine.
  12. You do not have to carry your great grandfathers’ sins on your back. I will not ask you “inta wad meno?
  13. I will not place my identity at your feet and wait for you to define me. My life will not start when you help put my ovaries to work. My purpose will not be defined by what I carry for you in my womb. My career will not end at the sound of our child’s first cries.
  14. To Our Son: I will not quote God to tell you who you are, where you should be, and what you should wear. His power is not mine, I will not pretend to exercise it to control or liberate you.
  15. I will not tell you to go back to the tool shed, the living room, the gym, or the front yard to play sports. You are free to find yourself in whatever room fits.
  16. I will not staple the title “of the house” to your creation when I want you to be responsible. I will only teach you that responsibility is heavy, but any human can, will, and should carry it. I will teach you to carry it well.
  17. I will not call you anything but your name when you fall. I will not ask you to stop crying, or whining “like a girl” when you tell me it hurts. I will only ask you to remember what pain feels like. Remember what it takes to trip, fall, and hurt; and what it feels like to find a helping hand extended to you. I will  teach you to sympathize with those who fall, and to understand that hurting is human, you do not have to be angry at the ground for knocking you down, you do not have to push anyone down to stand up again.
  18. I will not ask you to mow the lawn if you like to wash the dishes. You will learn that you can, and will, clean up after yourself. Your genetic make-up is not a free pass on life.
  19. I will not apologize for the privileges that you will find at your doorstep when your voice begins to change, and your hair begins to plant itself on your face. But I will expect you to know a privilege from a right, and understand that your privilege must not stand taller than anyone else’s rights.
  20. I will not ask you to aspire to marriage because I will not wait for institution “to discipline you”. Boys will not be “just boys” when they are reckless and inconsiderate.
  21. I will not let you break the earth, and freeze the walls of your ribcage until another woman tells you to stop.
  22. I will not remind you of the 9 months I carried you. They are not a debt you owe me, I did not choose to have the ability to bring you into life. But it is an ability I welcomed.
  23. I will not forget to tell you about the man who chose to help me carry you. Who carried me when I could not move forward alone. Who will teach you what I cannot.
  24. I will not tell you that you and your sister are the same, because you will not believe me. Instead I will give you paper and ask you to write. When you tell me you cannot write without a pen, I will give you one and take away the paper. We will do this until you learn to tell me that you cannot write without a pen and paper. That they are different, but equally important. I will teach you how to carry opportunity with one hand and open doors with the other. And if ever you fall and break your leg, I will remind you to take note of your fragility. I will tell you to keep walking even when you feel it is physically impossible; and when you are well I will remind you of what it felt like to move forward on one foot. I will remind you that it may not be impossible, just unnecessarily difficult. I will remind you how you wished you had seen that hole that trip you before it broke your speed of progress in half. I will teach you that it does not matter which leg bends first, or which takes the first step forward. It only matters that both can carry you towards your goals. It only matters that you are headed in the right direction. It only matters that you love yourself whole, that you understand how you are a world in and of yourself, and to respect yourself is to project respect.
  25. Finally, I will not love you less for falling, for wearing dress shoes instead of sneakers, or for knowing more about the kitchen than UEFA; and I should only hope that you can take my unconditional love and respect for your character and pass it on to your friend, your coworker, your wife, your daughter, and, of course, your son.
Naruto would fail as a Manga.

I feel really sorry for those, who can’t see the deep bond between Sakura and Sasuke. It’s like.. they missed about ¼ of the Manga. I respect the NaruSaku ship and try to put not too much resentment into this post, but I am really tired of their ranting, that Sakura would fail as a character if she still loves Sasuke. 

Seriously? WHY FUCKING WHY??? BITCH PLEASE, I thought being able to develop true, lasting love and being faithful to the person you love is a GOOD character trait?! Same goes for Hinata! It is bloody rare nowadays to find a girl (or boy) with these attributes, it’s like the society is overrun with promiscuous bitches and man whores

Also, Mangas (at least the very popular ones) are supposed to convey something to the readers and give good examples. So, the Naruto Manga already taught us about friendship, bonds, never giving up on your dream, revenge just makes things worse, teamwork and so on, the list is endless. And what about LOVE?  Naruto is a Shonen Manga and isn’t listed in the Romance genre, so the few bits of love we are getting in the Manga are are even more precious.

If NaruSaku would be canon, I would be incredibly disappointed in Kishimoto as an Author. Not because I don’t Ship NS, because of the ideals NS would teach us. Let me explain the Ideals:

Naruto - Ignore the Girl who got stabbed for you, ignore her heartbreaking confession while risking her life for you and go for the girl whose confession was just fake. Yeah boy, you got Game.

Hinata - The Manga would tell us that risking your life for the man you love (and big boobies)  isn’t enough and doesn’t mean SHIT to him. He will go for another girl anyway. Well, try harder next time.

Sakura - FUCK TRUE LOVE. What is that anyways? The guy you love is gone, so that’s your free pass to go after his best friend then. Sucks for you, Saucegay.

Sasuke - The Girl who used to love you with the bottom of her heart abandoned you, instead of being there for you when you need someone the most. Nobody likes or loves you for yourself, they are all just crazy about your looks. No one will heal your wounds from the past and you’ll die alone anyways. Shit happens, dude.

If NS happens, then SasuKarin would be automatically canon too i think, because Kishimoto wouldn’t let Sasuke end up with no one, and the only one left is Karin. But what would SK teach us?

Personality? FUCK that shit, who needs that if you got the looks and a girl by your side with a crazy sex drive? Also, the best way to make a guy fall for you is to creep the fuck out of him by stalking him, keeping his sweaty clothes, constanly sexually harass him and rape him in your fantasies. Sounds like a wonderful love story to me.

 Love isn’t about spending the most time possible together or having the most amounts of moments, love isn’t always happy and wonderful, and it isn’t just about lust. Real love is a fucking PAIN IN THE ASS and hurts like a motherfucker. Love goes deeper than just the usual dokidoki rose-colored stuff. I think the NS ship confuses pure love with deep friendship. I love my best friends too, i love them with all of my heart but it’s more like a platonic love. The love i have for my dearest is as strong as the love I had for my longtime (ex-) boyfriend but it is still on another level. And I think that Sakura feels the same towards Naruto. It is love, but in a platonic way.

So, dear SS and NH shippers, don’t lose your hope and trust in Kishimoto as a good Author. (And lover)

You’re welcome.

anonymous asked:

Your headcanons are awesome! May I request a KBTBB one where their child is being bullied at school?

Thank you for reading them and requesting this :D Sure thing! Here you go! I don’t know if this needs a warning, but I’m going to put it. 

Eisuke: “I want to quit piano.” Takumi said, with tears in his eyes. 
Wait, what? Takumi loved playing the piano, he even said so himself. So why does he want to quit? Eisuke stared at his son, confused and baffled by the words that came out of his mouth. This was Takumi’s life, and he had the right to quit, but Eisuke wanted a reason. 
“I understand. You can quit, only if you can give me a valid reason.” Eisuke said, peering into his son’s face. Takumi glanced around the room and continued in a soft voice. 
“There are these guys who told me that they would beat me up for being a sissy. They think that because I take piano lessons.” he whispered, tears streaking his face. 
Eisuke’s face immediately hardened. Bullies? They were bullying him? Threatening him? 
“Takumi, do you like playing the piano?” he asked his son. Takumi nodded with enthusiasm, finally looking up at his father. Eisuke nodded and looked at Takumi with a tender smile. 
“Then keep playing. Don’t let other people control your life. If you want to do it, then there’s nothing to worry about. Leave the boys to me.” Eisuke said, confidently. Takumi felt a lot better as he returned to his room, but Eisuke was furious. Because he couldn’t hire someone to go beat these kids up, he did the next best thing. He hired secret bodyguards that would protect Takumi from a distance, and would teach the boys a lesson if they laid a finger on him. This wasn’t the end. This was just the beginning. 

Soryu: Although Soryu was a mobster, he had a great connection with Sakura. They would always play together and Soryu adored his daughter from the bottom of his heart. So when he saw Sakura eating less and less everyday, he knew something was wrong. It was her favorite omelette, and she barely touched it. Sakura took 2 small bites out of the omelette and excused herself from the table. You and Soryu both looked at her plate, and felt uneasy. She was just a teenager, was she starving herself? Or worse? Soryu went upstairs to check up on everything, when he heard noises from the bathroom. It was Sakura. 
Soryu busted open the door, and gently turned Sakura around from the toilet bowl and hugged her. She was crying into her dad’s shoulder, at what she was trying to do. They retreated back to her room, as Soryu silently stroked her hair. Soon, Sakura started to talk. Apparently, a group of girls at school had been criticizing her about her weight and her appearance. The girls had been pretty harsh, spreading rumors and isolating her from talking to anyone, so Sakura couldn’t take it anymore. Soryu could feel his heart breaking, as he listened to what his daughter was saying. 
“I really care about you, and I’m worried. I know that this is going to be hard, but your mom and I will be here with you every step of the way. The girls that are giving you a hard time will learn their lesson. Trust me.” he said, leaving a kiss on her forehead as she fell asleep. Soon after, Soryu started to call someone. 
“Hey, yeah. It’s me. I have a favor to ask of you.” he whispered into the phone. 

Baba: Riiko always came back from kindergarden happy, until one day. Her beautiful smile was rare these days, and she wasn’t motivated to do anything. The once bubbly Riiko was now uninterested most of the time. Her eyes were always full of sadness, and Baba couldn’t take seeing his princess like this everyday. 
“Princess? Is something the matter?” Baba asked, placing Riiko on his lap. Riiko sighed and cuddled into her father’s chest without a word. Soon after, Baba heard a sniffle. Baba rubbed her back, comforting her so she would feel better. After the tears stopped, Baba looked into Riiko’s eyes. 
“Now can you tell me what happened? Or maybe we should discuss this over cookies?” Baba asked, making Riiko giggle. Baba took out the cookies in front of Riiko, and patiently waited. Riiko opened up about how there were mean girls in her class that didn’t let her go on the swings or talk to anybody because she was “weird.” They always gave her mean glances and treated her like dirt all the time. 
Baba was crushed, but he had to stay strong for his princess. 
“Well, what if I volunteered at your school? So I can stop the mean girls, and be there to talk with you.” Baba said, gently. Riiko’s face lit up brightly, the first time she smiled this big in the last 2 weeks. 
“Can you daddy?!” she shrieked happily. Baba nodded, as Riiko was jumping up and down with happiness. She wasn’t going to be alone in class anymore, and her dad was going to protect her from the mean girls! Riiko happily skipped into her room to get ready for the next day, as Baba picked up the phone. He contacted the teacher to inform her that he wanted to volunteer, with a warm sensation in his heart. 

Ota: Ota stood in the kitchen, concerned about his son chugging the milk that was in the fridge. Yuki didn’t even pay attention to his father, and continued to drink the milk until he wanted to throw up. Ota stepping in front of his son, and gently took the milk away from his son. Looking between the gallon of milk and Yuki, Ota demanded an answer. 
“Yuki, I approve of drinking more milk, but you’ll get sick at this rate. Want to tell me what’s going on?” he asked, smirking. 
Yuki wiped the milk from his mouth, and broke down in tears. He ran out of the kitchen, and into his room. Ota placed the milk back into the fridge and raced up the stairs to sort this out. He opened the door to his son’s room, and saw that he was curled up in bed. Ota walked over and gently sat on the end of Yuki’s bed. He rubbed his son’s shoulder, and soon calmed him down. Yuki looked up at his father with teary eyes, and started to speak slowly. 
“I’ve been getting harassed at school by some guys who told me I couldn’t hang out with them until I grew another half a foot. They call me really rude names because I’m shorter than them. I have no friends because of them. They made up these horrible rumors about me and nobody’s talking to me.” Yuki whispered, still in tears. 
Someone was messing with his son? This was not going to be pretty. 
“Yuki. What those guys are doing to you is horrible. This isn’t your fault, okay? These guys aren’t worth befriending in my opinion, but I’ll support you through every decision in your life. Thank you for telling me this. We’re going to get through this together, okay?” Ota said, calmly. 
Yuki seemed more at ease, and smiled widely as he thanked his father. Ota hugged him, as he walked out of the room and grabbed his phone. 
“Hey, it’s Ota. I need you to find some dirt on these boys." 
He was going to fight fire with fire. 

Mamoru: After another tough day at the station, Mamoru came back home to find a seemingly empty house. You were gone because you had a dinner party to go to, and Mio was nowhere to be seen. Mamoru walked into the apartment, and made his way to the bathroom when he heard it. It was coming from Mio’s room. The sniffling and the quiet sobs of his teenage daughter. Knocking on the door, he called out to her. 
"Mio? Can I come in, sweetheart?” he asked, in a tender voice. When she didn’t answer, Mamoru slowly turned the doorknob. What he saw was heartbreaking. His one and only beautiful daughter was curled up in bed, as tears fell down her cheeks. Mamoru walked over and sat next to her. He waited for Mio to let out anything else, as he softly wiped away her tears. When she was a bit calmed down, she sat up and handed over her phone, which was open to her social media. These were all death threats and horrible remarks regarding Mio’s appearance. Mamoru’s anger grew as he read more and more of these hate comments of his beloved daughter. There were a ton of comments calling her a “slut” and a “whore.” All Mio could do was look out the window, silently crying. 
“Mio. You’re not any of these things that people are calling you. I don’t know what made them think of this, but this isn’t going to happen anymore. And this kind of harassment is the most cowardly because they’re too afraid to face you. You’re a strong person, and you don’t deserve any of this hate. Leave your old man to get this sorted out. I promise you, that you’re not any of this." 
Mio hugged her father tightly, as she whispered a soft “Thank you” into her dad’s ear. 
The moment Mio fell asleep, Mamoru called the station. 
"It’s Kishi, I’m calling to report a case of severe harassment." 

I hope this was okay! This isn’t my best, I’m sorry about that /: I had some troubles doing this. I hope you still liked it! 

Ok but honestly don’t even come at me with some bullshit argument about children “being TOO YOUNG to understand lgbt people!”.

I’ve worked as a teachers aid in multiple classrooms of 3rd-5th graders for years. On several occasions I’ve had children argue about my gender identity to each other. knowing the risk I was putting myself in to be out, I decided to explain to them that I’m not a boy OR a girl; that I’m something different and that’s just who I am, so we could try to move on and not create a distracting learning environment when I’m trying to teach them multiplication. And let me tell you, I have NEVER in my life been met with anything but enthusiasm for how “cool” it is that I’m nonbinary. I fully expected them to have soaked up so much bullshit transphobia from their parents but I was wrong. Not one time did a kid ever react negatively and literally no one was distracted by my gender after that.

Transphobia is learned and those kids truly taught me that. Not allowing your children (who might be lgbt themself!) to have education about lgbt ppl is what causing the bigotry you willfully ignorant fuck

a rant about j*shaya, by sabsannlynn

“Oh Girl Meets World, you never fail to make me annoyed.

…I don’t even understand how this got through to Disney. Like did not one person - in the cast, the writing room, Disney - say: “Isn’t this a little fucked up?” I don’t understand who thought it’d be a good idea to say: “Hey, let’s put an 18-year-old college freshmen with a 14-year-old girl who’s a minor.” It’s not even the three-year thing, even though if they had sex in the UK he’d be arrested for statutory rape - it’s not even about that. 

The fact that Josh told Maya repeatedly to back off with her flirting for many months - possibly even years - and literally everyone around her seemed to condone it. … No one said: “Maya, stop that, he doesn’t like it”. He wasn’t consenting to the fact that she was flirting with him - like you can see he was physically uncomfortable when Maya tells him that she likes him in Girl Meets Tell Tale Tot - and for the most part Girl Meets Home for the Holidays. 

And then in Ski Lodge, he’s basically changed Maya’s entire philosophy on her relationship with Riley and Lucas - basically brought them to a situation where it wasn’t needed… He could have [given] Maya other advice, other than “she doesn’t like Lucas”. Their “relationship” is literally the equivalent of me going out with Josh - it’s disgusting, and I find it so uncomfortable. 

The fact that Disney is okay with this storyline airing to millions of young impressionable girls and families who have younger boys frankly just completely sickens me… they’re teaching young girls that when an older man comes onto you, he really does love you, you should just let him flirt with you. And it teaches young boys that if you have more life experience or you’re older than the girl, then you have more power in the relationship and you’re better than her. You all know I love Maya Hart with all my heart and Lucaya will always be my number one ship, I don’t really care about r*cas, […] for the most part in Ski Lodge 2 they were kind of cute, and I can kind of see why people ship them. 

But J*shaya’s just disgusting, and I honestly cannot believe that Michael Jacobs and Disney think it’s okay, and J*shaya stans are actually okay with the storyline playing out.”

— a rant by @sabsannlynn, who said the realest shit ever. thanks for letting me transcribe it. original video here:

I just want a headcanon/fic/gifset/whatever where Isaac keeps on going to the Argent department, and once Chris notices him and asks him “What are you doing here, Isaac?” and Isaac replies with a not-witty “I know the alarm code, Allison gave it to me.”, but Isaac’s face shows a face of a broken boy, and he just lets it all out and says that “During all my life I’ve watched all the people care about die, and right now I’m left wondering what’s my purpose, I don’t even feel useful as a werewolf in Scott’s pack”, so Chris Argent just gives him a hug and tells him he’s gonna teach him some useful skills.

So months later when something evil comes to Beacon Hills (something supernatural, go figure), and the McCall pack is fighting it but they’re kind of losing, and the supernatural creature is about to kill someone (derek, kira, or even scott, idk, someone just for the sake of this headcanon), an arrow gets shot straight through the monster’s heart and well, he dies or whatever, and Scott and everyone look back to see who was it, because they remember Allison, but they look back and it’s Isaac, who’s holding Allison’s bow in his hands, and he basically just learned how to use a bow and arrow in Allison’s honor.


“I can’t come,” she said apologetically, “I have forgotten how to fly." 

"I’ll soon teach you again.”

 "O Peter, don’t waste the fairy dust on me.“

She had risen; and now at last a fear assailed him. "What is it?” he cried, shrinking.

“I will turn up the light,” she said, “and then you can see for yourself.”

For almost the only time in his life that I know of, Peter was afraid. “Don’t turn up the light,” he cried.

She let her hands play in the hair of the tragic boy. She was not a little girl heart-broken about him; she was a grown woman smiling at it all, but they were wet eyed smiles.

Then she turned up the light, and Peter saw. He gave a cry of pain; and when the tall beautiful creature stooped to lift him in her arms he drew back sharply.

–Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie