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1D Rebranding and Eventual Reunion: GP vs. Fandom Perception

So I’m seeing a lot of tension an unrest over the way that the members of 1D, Harry in particular, are distancing themselves from the band as they embark upon their solo careers (ie, Harry, or whatever intern runs Harry’s sm scrubbing his twitter clean of 1D mentions). I know people are anxious about this, and I understand that anxiety, but I want to offer a different perspective: I think this could be a good thing, not just for their solo ventures, but for 1D as a whole. Hear me out on this one, long windily and under the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

Is it possible for BTS to someday reach the level of popularity and status that groups like BigBang enjoy? What would the members and the company have to do to reach that level?

Not only is it possible, but all indications show that they’re well on their way to the top of the top.

For a while there were some minor concerns that BTS were struggling to connect with their domestic audience. They were considered “global” stars first, which is all well and good, but idols can’t really survive without home-ground interest and support. But the Wings album and YNWA has proven that BTS are a juggernaut both in Korea and overseas.

I have never seen a boy band outside of the Big 3 companies to become so huge and so loved in such a short amount of time. They are growing exponentially as they continue to sweep the charts, break records, freeze servers, and make more fans with each new comeback. It’s almost surreal how it’s all unfolding for them. But seriously, they’re legends in the making.

Artists I’ll write about:

Panic! At the Disco

Twenty One Pilots

Fall Out Boy


My Chemical Romance


Pierce the Veil

Sleeping with Sirens

Troye Sivan

Pj Liguori

5 Seconds of Summer

Melanie Martinez

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Anyone from the artist listed above

Dan Howell

Phil Lester



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Zak Bagans (From Ghost Adventures)

Daveed Diggs

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Anthony Ramos

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Criminal Minds

Grey’s Anatomy

Orange is The New Black

Hannibal (I am only on Season 2, no spoilers please. Also I’ll probably only write about Will Graham and Chilton.)

Trouble In The Heights (Only our lovely trashcan Nevada Ramirez)

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Anything Disney (Bar Pocahontas!)

Maximum Ride (2016)

Hamilton (And Hamilcast, only OBC though)

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The Outsiders

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The Divergent Series

The Maze Runner Series

Maximum Ride (the series)

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Until Dawn

The Last of Us (No Romance)

Beyond: Two Souls

Firewatch (No romance)

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I think it’s because I saw a comment on the Billboard polls yesterday, but honestly, the fact that Liam had announced his solo the first among OT4, but even within OT5, has possibly been one of the first boys to be working outside of band commitments, and not just that, but that Liam is the only one to not have any association with Syco and/or possibly any of the teams vis-a-vis OT, and has yet to have any music out…. I mean, if all of this seems to suggest something. 

Good Impressions - Stuart Twombly

Request: Can you do an imagine about stuart from the internship where your dating and Stiles comes to visit and you end up kissing Stiles thinking he’s Stuart please 😊
Word Count: 858
Warnings: Like maybe one swear?

A/N: Doing some Dylan requests since it’s his birthday! And I know they’re commonly referred to as the Stilinski Twins but doesn’t Twombly Twins have a nice ring to it? Actually scratch that it sounds like a weak ass boy band. Hope you like this one Anon!


I stood outside my front door, my boyfriend in front of me, scratching the back of his neck and sighing.

“Are you sure you want to meet Stiles?” Stuart asked me, his hands coming to rest on my waist.

“Yes Stuart I want to meet your brother.” I laughed. “I’ve already met your father. Why are you so hesitant for me to meet Stiles?” I asked, my hands rubbing his shoulders lightly as he gulped.

“Stiles gets a little suspicious sometimes. He probably already reckons you’re a serial killer.” He said, smirking slightly as he finished.

“Maybe I am.” I wiggled my eyebrows at him, he laughed and kissed me quickly.

“No but seriously, do you really want to meet my psycho, hyperactive, pretty unstable brother?” He asked.

“For the 1000th time, yes.” I said and he nodded pulling out his phone.

“I’ll see if he’s free tomorrow, I’ll text you.” He said giving me one last kiss on the cheek before letting me go inside my house.

I had met basically all of his family, a couple crazy aunts, some friendly cousins, a confused grandpa, you name it, but for some reason every time I would bring up Stiles he would quickly change the subject or pretend he hadn’t heard me. We had been dating for four months, it felt weird to me that he never let me meet his brother. Finally though, he had relented, I just hope I make a good enough impression. As I changed into my pyjamas and flicked the TV on my phone lit up.

S: Stiles is coming up Thursday for a visit and would love to meet you x

Y/N: How could he not? I’m much more fun then you Stu XD

S: Now that just hurt my feelings


S: Harsh. See you tomorrow ;) x

I texted a goodbye and climbed into bed, setting my phone on my nightstand and switching of my light.
Come at me, Thursday.


Stuart’s POV

Stiles was wandering around being his usual restless self. I sat on the couch, mentally facepalming as he asked question after question about Y/N.

“What does she even look like? You’ve never told me! I haven’t even seen a photo and you’ve been dating for four months!” He said, coming to stand in front of me as I quickly unlocked my phone and showed him a photo of her. He let out a low whistle.

“Damn Stuart.” He said.

“Stiles.” I warned.

“Okay, okay, sorry. Now, how tall is she? Because she can’t be taller then you Stewie that’s just weird, and she can’t be too short either because then it’ll look like she’s your little sister when you go out together-” I cut him off.

“It’s not Stewie, it’s Stuart. We’ve talked about this before, now I’m going to the bathroom. If the doorbell goes, answer it because it will probably be Y/N.” I said, walking away.

“Got it.” He called after me.

“And please for the love of god don’t weird her out.”



I trotted up to Stuart’s door and rang the bell twice. The door opened and there was Stuart, in a flannel checked shirt with no glasses.

“Stu!” I exclaimed and kissed him, his eyes went wide.

“Y/N?” I heard Stuart’s voice from inside the house. Wait, what? I was kissing Stuart, how could I be hearing him? I pulled away quickly. Stuart and Stuart were now standing next to each other. “Why were you kissing my brother?”

Brother! Shit. I had officially just had a one way make out session with Stiles, so much for a good impression. I started to laugh.

“I thought you had your contacts in.” I chortled. “You always said brother, you never said you were twins!”

“We don’t even look alike.” They both snorted in unison. Oh my god. I moved between the boys inside the house and Stiles closed the door.

“Okay well then, I’m sorry Stiles for snogging your face off thinking you were my boyfriend. You wanna start fresh?” I said, sticking out my hand.

“Start fresh.” He agreed shaking it. “And for the record Y/N, you’re a really good kiss-” Stuart punched him in the arm. “Really Stewie? Was that necessary? I was giving her a compliment!”

I laughed again as the brothers bickered. I’ve definitely got to start calling him Stewie from now on.


I promise I’ll get some consistency in my oneshot format soon, I’m just trying out a few things :3

Patrick Stump facts

Patrick dogsat for Pete Wentz while Pete was on his honeymoon with Ashlee Simpson.  

If Patrick could be any female singer, he says he’d be Christina Aguilera.  

Patrick knows rapper Lupe Fiasco, who he has worked with, from their days in Chicago’s music scene.  

Patrick has his own website, where he posts updates on his projects outside of his band Fall Out Boy.

Patrick sang on the chorus of The Roots’ song Birthday Girl, which was cut off of their tenth LP Rising Down.  

Patrick was not paid for his appearance on Law & Order.  Besides working with bands on Decaydance, Patrick has also worked with Lupe Fiasco, Timbaland, New Found Glory and Ghostface Killah.  
For a computer, Patrick has a 17-inch MacBook Pro.  

According to Patrick, as the band’s fame grew, he became more outgoing than he was before.  

Patrick was ranked at #95 in The Phoenix’s list of the “Unsexiest Men Of 2007.”  

Patrick plays Epiphone and Gibson SG guitars.  
Patrick joined Lupe Fiasco in his performance of Superstar at the 2007 MTVU Woodie Awards.  

Patrick produced Cobra Starship’s second album ¡Viva La Cobra!. He also provided backup vocals on some of the tracks.  

While Patrick is featured in Gym Class Heroes’ song Clothes Off!, he doesn’t appear in the video. He is only in a part towards the end.  

Patrick’s celebrity crush is on actress Zooey Deschanel.  

About Patrick’s style Pete Wentz says “The man Patrick Stump, rocking the hardcore Chicago street style forever! Man, he rocks hats harder than any other person on the planet. He owns more hats than I own hoodies. And his other essential item is his footwear, it’s always something that can give your eyes cancer, but he always looks good all the time. A perfect front man.”

Every year on Patrick’s birthday Pete smashes a cake on Patrick’s head. However, at a concert in 2007, Pete bought Patrick a cake to smash over his head.  

The album Infinity On High was leaked before Patrick even got to hear it. So in order to hear his own album, he downloaded it ahead of time.  

Patrick says that unlike the kids of today, he never really wanted to meet members of a band he was a fan of when he was a teenager. He just preferred to listen to the music, not really take interest in the band as kids do with Fall Out Boy.  

Patrick makes an appearance in Cobra Starship’s video for Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I’ll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ).  

When Patrick heard the song Taxi Driver by Gym Class Heroes, he invited them to one of Fall Out Boy’s shows. Soon after the band was signed to Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen. According to GCH frontman Travic McCoy, Patrick’s support was on of the factors that helped them get signed.  

Patrick loves black licorice, though he says he might be one of the few guys who actually does.  

Even before the Honda Civic Tour was thought of, Patrick owned a Honda Civic.  

Patrick has an obsession with Prince.  

One of Patrick’s favorite foods are pumpkin squares that his mom makes.  

Patrick strongly dislikes barbeque sauce.  

Patrick’s trademarks are his hat, long sideburns, and glasses.  

Before FOB got big, Patrick once worked at two record stores at once.  

The scene in the video for This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race, where Patrick is in the hip-hop recording studio, was inspired from when Patrick was invited to write a hook for Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, but was extremely intimidated. But in reality, Patrick never sang, as he did when portrayed in the video.  

Babyface says that Patrick is “one of the baddest dudes I’ve seen in a long time” and has “a great voice” that is “very soulful.”  

Contrary to some belief, Patrick wrote the lyrics “I’ve got an honorable mention in the movie of my life – starring you, instead of me” about his experience in high school, not about Pete.  

During an argument over lyrics, Patrick once punched Pete in the face.  

Though Patrick lives in Chicago, he also has a place in Los Angeles.  

Patrick’s first relationship lasted four years.  

Patrick is a fan of acting.  

Even though Patrick does the chorus of the Gym Class Heroes’ song Cupid’s Chokehold, he really only has a part in the first version of the video. In the second video, he has a quick cameo.

During his offstage time on the Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour, Patrick worked on making demos for GarageBand, music-making software. Patrick did a remix of FOB’s hit song Sugar We’re Goin’ Down. He has also done remixes of songs for other bands, including The Sounds.  

Patrick is very interested in extinct marine animals.  

Patrick’s favorite quote is, “Quiet is the new loud.”  

According to Patrick, his influences are “lots of famous nerds.”  

Patrick says that he “dissects music in a mathematical way.”  

Patrick’s favorite game is "Kid Icarus.”  

Patrick is Irish.  

Patrick is a fan of fellow label-mate Ne-Yo and sang a version of Ne-Yo’s hit song So Sick.  

Patrick’s nicknames are Stumpy, Lunchbox, Rickster, and Tricky.  

Patrick’s favorite movie is Rushmore.  

Patrick is a big fan of David Bowie  

Patrick appeared in Bedussey, also starring Pete Wentz, playing the lead role of Bedussey. It is on the DVD “Release the Bats.”  

Patrick’s height is 5’4”.  

Patrick attended Glenbrook South High School.  

Patrick was active in WGBK 88.5 FM, the District 225 radio station.

Patrick wrote for Channel Zero, a student produced publication which focused on social issues.  

In 2001 and 2002, Patrick performed in Paradox, a student created theatrical performance at Glenbrook South.  

Patrick’s older brother Kevin is an accomplished violinist.  

Patrick’s dad slept through the 9/11, even though he was in a hotel a few blocks away from the Twin Towers.  

On one of FOB’s first TV appearances, Patrick was so nervous that at the end of the show he went to shake the host’s hand and then went to shake Pete’s hand, not realizing what he was doing until a little later.  

The band had to cancel their June 1, 2006 gig in France because Patrick got his passport stolen from a club in the U.K, and they couldn’t have one issued in time to get him into France.  

Patrick does not like doing interviews or photo shoots.  

Patrick was in a number of bands during high school, including Public Display of Infection, Patterson, and Xgrinding processX.  

Besides co-producing The Hush Sound’s new album, Patrick also sings on their song Don’t Wake Me Up.  

Once of Patrick’s “awesome metal moves” is The Nerd In the Basement, which is when he plays the guitar over his head.  

Patrick was actually a drummer for years; Fall Out Boy is the first band he has ever sung for, and he has never taken a vocal lesson.  

Patrick is not that much of an Internet freak.  

After the success of the album, Patrick bought a house, a car, and a boat in late 2005.  

Patrick spent most of his high school days up in his bedroom obsessing over music.  

Patrick is the only member of FOB without any tattoos or ties to the local hardcore scene.  

Patrick is a fan of Jazz music.

Patrick does not like being called “Pat.”  

Patrick is the shortest member of Fall Out Boy.  

Patrick sings the chorus on the songs Cupid’s Chokehold and Clothes Off! by Gym Class Heroes. He also co-produced their 2006 album As Cruel As School Children.  

Patrick writes the music for the band.  

Even though Pete writes most of the lyrics for Fall Out Boy, Patrick has written some of the songs, including the hit, Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.

Patrick used to be a vegetarian.  

Patrick dropped the “H” in his last name to avoid confusion of the pronunciation. (Last name - Stumph).  

Patrick does not believe in God.  

Patrick has produced material for bands The Hush Sound and Gym Class Heroes.  

Patrick’s best friend is Fall Out Boy bass player Peter Wentz. Pete has said that Patrick is the nicest person in the world. He is made of all good things, and there is nothing bad about him.  

Besides playing guitar, Patrick also plays the drums and piano.  

Patrick is the second youngest member of Fall Out Boy. 

  • the Outsider: Corvo, I need you to be the Masked Felon again.
  • Corvo: Get off my lawn!
  • the Outsider: It's happened again
  • Corvo: damn kids with their damn floaty powers.
  • the Outsider: what will you do with the power I've given you
  • Corvo: *throws a crossbow bolt* stupid whale trickster god.
  • the Outsider: It's always good to see a familiar face
  • Corvo: where's that chains-smoking geezer.
  • Corvo: *imitates picking up a telephone*
  • the Outsider: What you decide will ripple across the years
  • Corvo: Daud! Hey, Daud! The Void called!
  • the Outsider: An Empire at your feet and you lost it all
  • Corvo: They want their boy band back!
  • the Outsider: How will you make your mark on this wretched world
  • Corvo: Go bug someone else. I'm retired.

Lmao are some people in this fandom are mad about Zayn doing his own side project outside of the band? So the other boys can do their own thing but Zayn can’t? Are you upset that he might outshine your faves like he always does? He is a talented human being who should be able to show the world how amazing he is. So stop acting bitter.