It’s Aiichiro time once again! My dear friend @deadendsinheaven has been super hardworking and written a fic for over a year! The fic is called “Boy Toy” and it explores the relationship of Ai and Rin. It’s beautifully written and makes you feel all sorts of emotions, my favorite RinTori fic out there! ♥ It has a lot of NSFW stuff in it but it all connects to the plot. Please take a look!

Thank you Reta for writing your fic, I’ve been enjoying the ride and will continue to do so! Thanks to Boy Toy I’ve learned that I’m not alone with my feelings since the characters are brought to live very convincingly! I often find myself relating to either Ai or Rin.

And also huge thanks for keeping this ship afloat. Let’s continue doing our best so RinTori might sail for years to come! Happy birthday Boy Toy!