ahhhh seriously. iKON keeps earning more and more money and YG doesn’t even give them a proper teaser. I’m just pissed. This is not fair to other YG artists, I agree on that 100% BUT it’s especially unfair to iKON. These boys have been working their asses off ever since WIN and probably even before that (what we’ll never get to see), they went through another survival show after that only to get a rushed debut with almost no promotion. These boys held idk how many shows in japan and then went and had to do a japan iKONCERT tour, then an asia tour all meanwhile preparing for another rushed single/album AND preparing for a dance survival show in CHINA and now they have a comeback, bobby is preparing for his solo AND their next japan tour is also starting soon, and they didn’t even finish their asia tour yet. These boys are tired to their bones but YG keeps milking them & tries to get the most out of them with spending the least possible. And then I see other stans going for iKON and blaming them as if these boys wanted their debut to look anything like this. Like come on. I’m fucking pissed man. Enough is enough yg. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy & grateful that iKON is finally coming back. But at the same time I feel like this is so rushed to point where these boys are being overworked. If this is a proper comeback, yg definitely put so much pressure on them since the boys not only has to attend their hectic schedules but at the same time, practice their new dances, write new songs, record new songs & whatnot. While the other boy groups gets promoted a lot by their companies (I’m talking about lots of teaser photos, mv teasers) weeks before, if not, a month before their comeback, yg announced iKON’s comeback a week before the actual date!? Like yg, can you sit down? It’s not April Fools yet. 

 If the boys are not able to have a proper time off, at least promote their hard work with the right approach. iKON does not deserve a one week notice comeback. iKONICS does not deserve to deal with the fact that the boys are being in so much pressure & so much stress for this comeback. YG needs to understand that iKON is not his automated money making machines that he can access whenever he wants to. If he wants his artists to do well, he needs to take care of them properly. 

 And haters, don’t even think about saying that iKON chose this lifestyle, therefore they had to deal with it blah blah blah. Because if you think about it, your faves may seem to look like they’re enjoying that stage, when in reality, they collapse from exhaustion backstage because they don’t want to disappoint you. Prioritising work over health is never okay. And to my fellow 

iKONICS, the best we can do is pay iKON’s hard work with so much support & love!

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How long did it take for you and your bf to: Have sex? Meet one-another's families? Fart infront of each-other ? Say I love you? (If you have) I feel like sometimes boys rush those three things (especially the third😒).

1) not long 😁 2) 4 months and 10 months 3) who knows… 2-3 months? 4) four months ❤️

Morning Rush

Originally posted by jinkooks

The alarm goes off promptly at six in the morning, the shrill blaring impossible to escape. Groaning as the loud noise rudely barges through your dreams and drags you back into reality by the hair, you throw your arm in the general direction of the bedside table. It takes you three tries to find the alarm clock, and another three more to turn off the alarm successfully. Finding peace at last, you relax, feeling Jungkook turn beside you to snuggle into your back. As you drift off…


  “Bleurgh,” is your only response, and you try to burrow yourself deeper into the sheets, as though that could serve as any protection from the incoming, energetic toddler.

  “Your child is calling,” Jungkook complains, and you know that he wants you to take care of it so that he can sleep in for a few more minutes.

  “She’s your child before the sun is up,” you retort back grumpily, but you sit up anyway. Just in time, as the tiny human being rushes through your bedroom door and climbs onto your bed.

  “Mummy,” she greets, in a softer voice this time as she embraces you back. You ruffle her bed hair lightly, and she giggles as she mimics your actions, smoothing her small hand over your own tangled locks.

  “Good morning, our Sarang,” Jungkook greets, poking an eye open beside you to wave at your enthusiastic toddler.

  “DADDY!” she shrieks, almost deafening your ear.

  Jungkook laughs, taking her from you. You do this every morning, so you know the drill. Sarang is so attached to you, that if she doesn’t see you for prolonged periods of time, it puts her in a bad mood. And that means baby tantrums. Or long, loud wails. Neither are particularly pleasant first thing in the morning. So while Jungkook keeps her occupied, helping her change out of her pink fluffy pajamas while preventing her from noticing your absence, you hurry to the bathroom, where you had already laid out your outfit for today the previous night. You take a quick bath, dry your hair, get changed and apply a thin layer of make-up, reappearing in the room just as Sarang begins to question, “Where’s Mummy?”

  “Mummy’s right here,” you coo, taking her back from Jungkook. Jungkook smiles slyly at you and gives you a quick peck on the cheek before you disappear into the bathroom with her to clean her up, too. He himself heads off to use the second, smaller bathroom off the corridor. It takes a certain amount of cajoling to get Sarang to brush her teeth, which she absolutely hates because she dislikes the minty taste of the toothpaste, so it is at least fifteen minutes before you can move Sarang out to the kitchen, sitting her on the high chair where she can safely watch over you prepare dinner from a safe distance. You put a kettle of water on the stove, and while waiting for that to boil you drag out the cereal from the top shelf and a jug of milk from the refrigerator onto the dining table so that Jungkook can help himself when he is done washing up.

  “Mummy, I don’t want to go to school today,” Sarang declares loudly, just as she does every morning.

  You go through the motions with her. “Why not?”

  She pretends to think for a little while. “Because Mummy’s not there!”

  “What do you want to do if you don’t go to school?”

  “I want to stay at home!”

  “Then who will take care of you?”

  Another short pause. “Daddy!”

  You finish mixing up the formula for her milk powder and return the can to the shelf, before sitting down before your child to look at her in the eye. “You know what?” You tap her little nose gently with your index finger, and she scrunches it up all adorably as she giggles, trying to get away from you. “Maybe you wished hard enough, because you get to stay at home with Daddy all day today!” You aren’t lying; you and Jungkook had discussed the arrangement for weeks since you had first known that he was going to get a day off, and you had even contacted the preschool teacher to pull Sarang out of school for a day. Sure getting an education is important, but so is family time, so is father-daughter time, especially when Jungkook is so terribly busy all the time, sometimes having to be out of the country for weeks at an end…

  Sarang squeals excitedly. Then she stops and asks, “Mummy will be there too?”

  “Mummy has to go to work, little one.”

  “No!” Sarang protests stubbornly. “Mummy be there with Daddy and Sarang.”

  “Is being alone with Daddy that bad?” Jungkook demands, stepping into the small space. Thankfully, because the kettle goes off at that moment and its piercing shrieks indicate that the water’s done. You share a glance with Jungkook, and leave him to pacify your daughter while you prepare her warm milk and baby oatmeal - the perfect nutritious breakfast for an overly-enthusiastic toddler. By the time you place her meal before her in a plastic bowl (with accompanying plastic cutlery, specially made for children), her milk (warmed to exactly the right temperature) in her favorite bright yellow sippy cup, she’s smiling her trademark gummy smile, having just lost her front tooth two weeks ago. Jungkook may not have been there often, but when he is he certainly works his magic.

  Alas, there’s no rest when you have a four-year-old toddler bouncing around you, and you decide to take the first feeding shift, prodding Jungkook to go settle his breakfast. Sarang is perfectly capable of eating by herself, but both of you have come to a consensus that you will have to feed her breakfast after one failed attempt that left her covered in oats and the both of you terribly late for work/dance practice. You play airplanes with her while she eats to coax her to finish her meal faster, pretending that every spoonful of oats was an airplane waiting to land in the hangar that was her mouth. You don’t understand how this works, but Sarang appeared to love it after Jungkook tried it on her once, and you’ve been doing that ever since then to persuade her to eat the foods she dislikes.

  You’re almost done with the oatmeal when Jungkook beckons you over to switch shifts with him. He takes over with the remainder of the oatmeal, then the milk, while you polish off the cereal with cold milk that Jungkook has already helpfully poured into a bowl for you. It’s not the most nutritious of breakfast, but at least it keeps Jungkook and you going until you can get a proper meal.

  Then all the cutlery goes into the dish-washer, and before you know it Sarang’s bag is on her shoulders and you’re rushing your family out into the garage. Jungkook drives, while you keep Sarang occupied at the back of the car with the toys she has brought along in her tiny backpack. The drive to your office only takes fifteen minutes, but you feel like you’ve been drinking tea from fake plastic tea-cups for about two hours when Jungkook pulls up at the curb behind the familiar building.

  “Thank you, Jungkook,” you tell him as you disembark, catching his sparkling eyes from the rearview mirror and hoping that he understands just how grateful you are for his presence every single hectic morning. “Goodbye, Sarang! Mummy will be back soon.”

  “MUMMY!” Sarang was only smiling just a minute ago, but now she has began to wail loudly (and frankly it is a teeny bit embarrassing). “Mummy,” she whines, “I want Mummy to stay and play with Daddy and me…” She trails off into a series of spluttering coughs, the way all toddlers do when they are crying their lungs out.

  Jungkook gets off from the front seat and unstraps Sarang from the back, carrying the crying child in his arms even though she is technically too old to be carried. “Let’s walk Mummy to the door and wave bye-bye, okay, Sarang? Then you can’t cry anymore.”

  You sigh, knowing that such a thing will never happen, but relent anyway. Sarang stays quiet for as long as it takes for you to get to the entrance of your office building, then, as though she knows what is coming, starts to wail again. You try to pacify her with a doll you had good sense to stuff into your handbag this morning, but she’s only happy for about two seconds before she continues her antics.

  “Sarang, listen to Daddy,” Jungkook smooths her hair. “Remember what Daddy told you about ladies whom Daddy likes?”

  You raise your eyebrow at him, wondering what he’s been up to with Sarang behind your back.

  Sarang nods.

  “Well, I forgot to tell you that Daddy likes brave ladies!”

  “Brave ladies?”

  “That’s right, brave ladies!”

  You laugh at his exaggerated tone, and he shoots you a knowing look.

  “And brave ladies don’t cry when their Mummy goes away. They have fun with their Daddy instead!”

  “Really?” Sarang sounded doubtful.


  She sniffs and rubs her eyes with one tiny fist. “Is Mummy a brave lady?”

  “Of course she is! Mummy is brave giving birth to you.”

  In spite of yourself, a tiny smile crept up onto your face.

  “Okay,” Sarang decides. “I’ll be a brave lady.”

  “Good girl,” Jungkook praises, winking at you.

  “Sarang,” you reach out to shake her hand, “Mummy will be back soon, okay? Have fun with Daddy and be a good girl.” You peck her on the forehead, making her giggle, and then reach over to press a light butterfly kiss onto Jungkook’s lips. Sarang squeezes her eyes shut and makes grossed-out noises as though seeing two adults kiss is the most disgusting thing she can witness in this world.

  You turn and walk through the sliding glass doors into your office building. You wait for a few seconds until you are sure they must have gone before you step out again to watch them leave.

  Sure enough, Jungkook’s familiar broad shoulders are retreating into the distance, his gait reassuring even after all these years. And Sarang, your Sarang. When she had been born you were both so, so happy that you finally had a complete family to call your own. She had inherited her father’s dark hair, large nose and bunny teeth, and your curls and dimples. She had a bit of both of you in her eyes, and even up till now it was still amazing how you and Jungkook had come together to create this… this person who brought you so much joy and happiness in this world when you had once thought that Jungkook was all you needed.

  Sarang looks up and notices you, but before she can begin shouting you hold a finger to your lips to quieten her down. She mimics your action, and you wave goodbye at her with a little smile on your face. She waves back and blows a kiss in your direction. You pretend to catch it to your heart and she must have giggled a little.

  Then Jungkook turns a corner and they disappear from sight.

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Making out with Kookie would involve?

Originally posted by sugutie

  • Rushing to get your top off so he could have better access to your boobs
  • His rough fingertips flicking over your nipples
  • The warmth of his tongue in your mouth making you feel dizzy
  • His soft lips pushing against yours with force and desperation
  • Both of you being completely consumed in lust that everything just gets kind of sloppy
  • Pushing your hips against the thigh he placed between your legs because he knows just how much you love his thighs 
  • His hand gripping your waist tighter as he hears your small whimper
  • Hearing the deep groan that rumbles through his chest as you tug on his bottom lip with your teeth

Tonight I watched a single Team Valor player take down this really strong Team Mystic Gym that’s been near my house. And of course as we were walking towards it thinking that we could could bolster the gym and add out Pokemon to it, this team of obnoxious shrieking Mystic boys drive past, pull up and immediate rush up to the church/gym yelling about how dare someone attack their gym - and take it back.

So I did what anyone would do when I see a feeble gym (they dumped really weak pokemon in it for some reason) and started battling to knock them out of the gym again - because a gym is a gym and it doesn’t belong to anyone. And the entire time I’m standing there, these young 20 something year old guys are talking about how awful Valor players are and how arrogant my husband and I are for battling and how awful we are for doing this to them.

Anyway, I beat their gym a couple of times and kept knocking them out, but there were five of them and only two of us - so they kept snaffling it back. The moral of the story is that hyper competitive Pokemon Go players are no fun - especially in the dark in packs when they shout abuse at you.

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35 yoongi please!!!

35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” || Yoongi

A/N: extremely light smut warning hello there :D


“W-what?” You let out a sly grin, concealing your laughter because you know he isn’t joking but you still really hope that he is.

“You heard me.” Yoongi still had that laid back tone out; though, you know he was completely serious. It’s both surprising and not to see your best friend like this, it’s just that it never crossed your mind that he would ask for such a thing.

It was a simple game of truth or dare that turned into something more with every passing turn. It went from embarrassing moments to secrets to absolutely dirty topics. Well, they aren’t too bad. It’s just that those words were coming from your close friend, Yoongi.

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@bbterraweek Day 4: Surprise!

Beast Boy was in a dark room, and he could hear the other Titans’ whispers. “Shhh! Guys!” He told them. “Could you be quiet for a minute?” He asked. “You’re one to talk,” remarked Cyborg which earned a giggle from Starfire.  

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I made a new video: Bomb Rush Blush from Splatoon! I used two Game Boy emulators synced up this time, which took quite a bit of trial and error haha.


“This is so awkward but I need you to kiss me right now please.”

The stranger looks at Zayn with confusion tracing every inch of his face, brows furrowed as he parts his lips.


Zayn internally cringes, fiddling at his sides.

“Long story in short — my ex is over there and I told him I have a boyfriend and I need you to kiss me so that it looks believable,” Zayn rushes, biting over his bottom lip.

The boy with soft brown eyes smiles, a giggle clinging to his tongue as he shrugs and wraps muscular arms around Zayn’s waist, pulling him in.

He’s a little astounded that the stranger is willing to do this, but he’s distracted by the thought as gentle lips brush over his own. Zayn grips a hand into the stranger’s hair, lips breathless as he reaches up onto tiptoes to level the boy’s height.

He pulls away with an awkward giggle, watching the boy smile as he nudges his nose over Zayn’s.

“D’ you think that was believable?” He asks, Zayn jumping in the stranger’s arms as his voice is called from beside them.

He turns to see Luke, his ex, an unreadable smile over his expression.

“How’re you, Zayn?” He asks, Zayn’s heart thudding dramatically in his chest.

“Good,” Zayn breathes, pulse quickening even faster as he realised the stranger’s arm is still wrapped securely around his waist.

“I’m Liam,” the stranger interrupts, reaching out to shake Luke’s hand.

He’s wearing a bright grin, eyes all crinkly around the edges as he beams at Luke before Zayn.

“Zayn’s boyfriend.”

Luke nods, uncertainty crossing his expression.

Zayn threads his fingers through Liam’s, a little smug as he follows Luke’s trail of thought down to where their hands are tangled.

“It’s nice seeing you, Zayn,” Luke dismisses, curtly smiling at the pair before gesturing an awkward wave and turning to walk off.

Zayn bursts out laughing when there’s enough distance between them, strangely disappointed when Liam removes his grip from his body.

“You’re the best,” he praises, peering up at Liam’s amused grin. “His face, oh my god.”

Liam’s shoulders shake with laughter, his bottom lip taken between his teeth.

“Seriously, that was amazing. Can I buy you a coffee? Or, I don’t know — whatever you want, Liam. I need to repay you somehow.”

Liam shakes his head, breathing out a smile.

“How about you give me your number instead?”

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What makes me wonder is why the boys suddenly came rushing to Jimin's room. Were they trying to avoid a Jikook Vlive (we all know what happened before). I mean Jimin said Tae told him he didn't want to do the mandaggo yet he came IN A BATHROBE. Even Hobi came. Plus the sudden Eat Jin. This may be reaching but reach together with me please.

What are you talking about? Ofc we’re in this together!

Okay first thing first, Jimin texted Kook to come but he didn’t mention anything bout V App. Kook’s eagerness made me laugh haha. He obeyed Jimin (pet dog lmao) and basically did as what he was told to do. That’s interesting coming from a maknae who doesn’t usually  give a shit and just does his own thing. When Jimin told him he was filming Kook was like “oh are you?” Just imagine what they would have done if Jimin wasn’t filming haha. Maybe fulfilling their duty as night time buddies lmao.

So what’s with the sudden appearance of Jin with the food? Cockblocking? Trying to stop them from repeating history? The last time they were alone for a V App broadcast shippers lost their shit bc Jikook flirted the entire broadcast. He must have been monitoring them before going to Jimin’s room. or maybe the staff told him to join haha. And yes Tae! I think he just wanted to join the fun, cause you know how he easily gets bored. He’d even asked Jimin if he could join him for Mandaggo (This boy it’s your show too what do you mean you won’t be doing it in the future ugh) I just… Jimin didn’t ask all of them to come. From what he told us he invited Kook ONLY. What’s up with the sudden Eat Jin? hahaha

They’re so obvious. Jikook were sitting so close in that big ass room and they’re afraid of the possibilities. Help me nony Jikook is killing me!!!!


“The names BOND. Johnny Bond" 


 I’m missing BONDY so much right now. He is such a gentlemen, and I’m an idiot for not taking the camel blue that he offered me. But I’m just extremely happy with myself for telling him how amazing he is. When I met the boys, every single girl rushed towards Van. I saw my opportunity and shamelessly flirted / talked to BONDY for a solid 8 minutes.

 The first thing I said to him was : ” You’re a fucking a legend" then shook his hand. And I kid you not, he blushed. He then responded with “thanks love ” :’) Then we hugged and I said “ I was the girl who kept screaming FUCK ME BONDY.” ( I was in the dead front with my best friend and Van noticed how we relentlessly kept calling after Bondy. High key think he was jealous bc Bondy upstaged him. lol. ) And this bitch gave me the MOST SMUG look EVER. 

 I kept going back to him after I spoke to each lid because our conversations felt so relaxed and he seemed interested in what I had to say. He is so wonderful and I’m happy to know that he knows how much I believe in him and what he means to me. I hope I meet him again.. 


the little sea wench IV


part 1, 2 ,3

The next morning you woke up with new found energy. Pan had offered half his bed for you to sleep in and laid on the other side of it, keeping a safe distance away from you. The light shined harshly into his room, something you weren’t used to as sunlight is always dimmed in water. You sat up and rubbed your face.

Connected to the room, was a smaller room that held a sink, a white structure that resembled a chair and another structure, although it was long and looked like it was suppose to hold something. Water you guessed? It would only make sense. Stepping further into to the room, you’re met with with a mirror.

Leaning into it, you study yourself: the little waves in your hair, the glow of your cheeks. You were so much happier up here with Pan, why did there have to be a price? A rush against time to make a boy fall in love with you? In the midst of your thoughts, a second face appeared in the mirror, gazing at you warmly. Pan leaned against the door with his arms folded over his bare chest.

“What'cha doing, love?”

You turned back around and shrugged. Pan kept his eyes on you before standing back up and leaving the room, in which you followed him.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to spend some time together today. We could…” He shrugged. “We could take a walk, we could go to the lagoon, we could go to the beach.”

You nodded and pointed enthusiastically at the third option. He agreed third option was best and after getting dressed and ready for the day, you left for the Neverland coastline.

You walked along the sand, letting the wind whip your hair back. You led Pan to the place where you had met, subconsciously hoping that the memory of the place would make him put two and two together.

He kicked in the sand, running to the water and then running back when the waves would roll in, reminding you of a little child. Jogging back up to you, Pan grabbed your hands and spun you around, making voiceless giggles fall from your mouth. He led you to the water, letting the familiar sea water swish over your ankles. You bent down, spotting a sea dollar in the sand and go to retrieve it but was immediately surprised when you felt Pan’s hand ripped from yours.

Stumbling back, you watched Pan get yanked under the water, being dragged further and further away from you. You ran after his yells, alarms going off in your head and and tears clouding your eyes. What was attacking him? The unmistakable purple tail splashing over the surface was enough to tell you it was no shark, but instead one of your sisters.

Your face heated up red in anger, and you ran up to grab her. She threw her tail at the feel of your hands and turned her body sideways, and the realization in her eyes startled her enough to let Pan go.

She dove and swam away, no doubt leaving to find your father and report on your disappearance but it gave you time to help Pan back onto land. With a groan, he dropped himself to the ground.

Across his legs were deep scratch wounds, and you hurried to rip a part of your old dress off to press against the blood. You leaned over him and wiped his hair out of his eyes, feelings of déjà vu taking over not just you, but him as well. After some moments of getting his breath back, Pan squinted his eyes up at you and realization dawned on him like a baseball bat to the head.

“Oh my god.” He whispered, repeating it like a record. You were the wench, the mermaid that had saved him days before. How had he not recognized you, how had he been so stupid?

You leaned away and looked at him funny, but was delightfully shocked when he leaned up with you and pressed his lips to yours. He held his hand behind your head to keep you from backing away further but you wouldn’t dream of it. You melted into him and you could feel his smile through the kiss. Pan detached from you slowly, keeping your faces close.

You’re the one. You’re the one who saved me from drowning and it was your singing I heard! I can’t believe how blind I’ve been.”

“Took you long enough.” You laughed, and your own voice was like music to your ears. The kiss had worked, it had been one of true love.

“My little sea wench.” He said before pulling you back for a second kiss.

On the beach is where you both stayed for the rest the day until late at night, where you explained the story out to him of how you traded your tail for legs, in order to be with him. He couldn’t of been happier, as he would’ve done the same thing.