It Spikes and It Dips

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where she’s afraid that he won’t like her body the first time they’re intimate because she’s curvy. I’ve done this once or twice before, but I decided to try at it again, from a different standpoint. No smut at all, just a lot of panic between the reader and her friend and an eventual talk with Spencer. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


“Oh my god, man, I’m freaking out,” you said, standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room, your bestie standing right outside the door. As you contemplated your first intimate moment with Spencer, which you felt was on the horizon fairly soon, you smoothed out the wrinkles in the dress you were trying on. It was a cute light green, almost vintage sundress with small white stripes going across the waist and skirt. You looked awful. Not the dress. You pulled it off immediately without even showing Tina.

She huffed as she saw you discard the green dress, bitching that she hadn’t even been able to see it. “It was not flattering on me, T.”

“I could’ve told you if it was if you would’ve let me see it,” she replied. You could practically hear the eye roll. “And why are you freaking out?”

You’d been over this so many times already and she just didn’t get it. Tina was naturally very thin. You were healthy, you ate well, and exercised whenever you could, but your body always held onto weight much more easily and you carried it much differently than her. “I’m freaking out because my boyfriend is ridiculously thin and he’s only had one other girlfriend in his life and she was crazy thin. And I mean, I’m healthy, but I don’t look like the type of women that throw themselves at him. What if I take my clothes off and he’s repulsed and he runs away?”

Peaking your head out of the dressing room, you were met with Tina grabbing your cheeks. “One, if he did something like that he wouldn’t be worth your time anyway.”

“True,” you replied. “But the thought and/or the act would still hurt like a bitch.”

“Two, you are gorgeous. I thought you were getting better with that?”

You were. But struggling with self-confidence was a day-to-day thing, especially when you’d struggled with it as long as you had. As a kid, you were the “big” one of your friends, so you always felt like the ‘odd man out.’ “I am, but it depends on the day. When I’m at home and dancing half-naked around my apartment, I’m like ‘yea, I feel good, I’m awesome and I look damn good,’ but then I go out in the world and I see magazines with the beautiful women that I wished I looked like and I know I never will and you see these guys fawning over them and you’re like they’ll never fawn over me like that. I’m the friend, not the lover. You feel me?”

In a panic, you ducked back into the dressing room and tried on dress after dress, not liking the way any of them fit. Finally, you found another one (you’d already picked out one you didn’t hate) that you were willing to show Tina. “How about this one?” you asked, stepping out fully and looking down at the flowy material. The dress was a deep green with random white dots. You wouldn’t describe it as polka dot, because the pattern was a little less consistent, but it was pretty nonetheless and you didn’t hate the way you looked in it. 

“Oh my god, it’s gorgeous,” she said, taking your hands and twirling you around outside the dressing room. Another client in the store commented on how she liked the dress on you, which made you feel better about it. You decided to try on the royal blue one you liked one more time. 

As you stepped into the dressing room again you thought about the compliment from the random stranger. It felt good. Why did you take a compliment better from a stranger than a friend? You guessed it was because you assumed a friend had to be nice to you because they were your friend, while a stranger held no loyalties, but it still pissed you off that you always rejected compliments from friends. “So blue or green?” Tina asked, just as you were about to step out from the room again.

“I don’t know,” you whined. The royal blue was plain and patternless, but there were pleats in the front, which in your mind, disguised the stomach you had. 

Tina playfully smacked the side of your face. “Focus and answer immediately. No thought,” she said. “Forget what anyone thinks. Which one do you feel more comfortable in?”

“Blue. Oh!”

“There you are. Blue it is. Now go get changed. We’ll check out, and I can walk you through your panic.”

What would you do without her? She really was a constant for you. You really shouldn’t have expected anything less from your best friend for life though. Together since grade school, she’d stuck by your side through thick and thin.

After checking out, you got into the car and started driving back to your apartment. Spencer was supposed to be picking you up in a few hours and you still needed time to get ready. It wasn’t as if you were planning on having sex tonight, but you’d been going out for a few months and felt like it was naturally going to happen fairly soon. “Now, you still have a few hours, so I want you to get into some pajamas that make you feel good and dance around the apartment. Then when you change into the dress you’ll be feeling good. If you sit around in the dress, you’ll panic.”

She knew you too well. You’d start picking things apart and freaking out even more. “Have you shaved?” she asked as you put on a random t-shirt and boy-shorts. 


“Legs and bikini?”

“Thanks, Tina! Now my neighbors know I have a freshly shaven bikini area, yea I’m good!”

“Okay good,” she laughed. She told you to sit down in front of her while she fixed your makeup and for the next couple of hours she distracted you with random crap so you didn’t focus on how nervous you were.

By the time you got changed into the dress you bought, it was only 15 minutes until Spencer was supposed to pick you up. Tina made her way out, telling you not to freak out, you were going to be fine, and if Spencer didn’t appreciate your body for exactly what it was then he sucked ass anyway. All true. Still nervous. But whatever, you couldn’t change a damn thing right now. 

At last, there was a knock on the door. “Hey, Spence,” you said, opening the door to see that he was also wearing blue. God, he looked good in every color, it was stupid. “How was work?”

“Just got back from a case and we were able to return the boy to his family, so all in all it was a good case. If there is such a thing.” As he stepped into your apartment, he gathered you close to him and took your lips in a searing kiss. “I’ve missed you though.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” He ran his hands down your back, pulling you closer and running his eyes down the length of your dress. It was rare that you could see it yourself, but you could see that he thought you looked good, his eyes lingering on your legs and the way the dress hugged your waist. 

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” you said, blushing slightly as you looked down at the floor. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “You never blush.”

You heaved an enormous sigh. You hated sharing your insecurities, but part of gaining confidence was being more open about those insecurities, so you decided to just say it. “I’ve been panicking about us having sex for the first time,” you blurted out, enjoying the stunned look on his face.

“Why?” he exclaimed. “I haven’t put pressure on you or anything right? Because if I have, I seriously didn’t realize it…but can I ask why?” He was so confused.

You closed the door behind him, pulling him into the kitchen as you grabbed a glass of water. “Well, you remember me telling you about how I’ve struggled with my looks?” He nodded, recalling the conversation you’d had shortly after you started dating. “I still struggle with it. Most days I’m good now, because I’ve really been working on it, but other days I see the pictures of women who are admired that I’ll never look like and I fear that people won’t like me because of it. Stupid? Probably. But my brain can’t help it. It spikes and it dips. Plus, you are stick thin and could actually be a goddamn model, and your only other girlfriend was thin and beautiful, so I panic thinking that you’ll see me naked and wanna run away.”

Spencer chuckled under his breath, stepping into the kitchen and gathering his arms around your waist. There were a few tears in your eyes. You were emotional and freaked out, but you weren’t going to cry. “It’s not stupid. Unfortunately, that’s the way a lot of people are age grew up, thinking that if you didn’t look a certain way you weren’t deserving of love. But I think you’re beautiful for a number of reasons, including how you look. I would be the king of assholes if I ran away at the sight of you.”

“True,” you laughed. “But I’ve been with assholes who’ve told me I needed to lose weight.” You’d never admitted that to him before. His mouth dropped open in astonishment.

“Seriously? Fucking assholes.”

You snorted as his exclamation. Spencer wasn’t one to curse. That was your territory. “Yea, but sometimes I still freak, you know? I’m getting better with feeling good in my own skin, but it’s still hard, and I’ve got a super hot boyfriend that could get any woman he wants.”

I think you’re wrong there,” he snickered. “But the point is, I want you. We don’t have to do anything until you’re ready, but whenever you are, I can tell you I’ll be waiting expectantly. To be honest, I have a thing for your butt.”

“Really?” you asked, turning around and patting your hands over your ass. You actually didn’t hate it. Again…that was growth. “Well, maybe you’ll get to see this butt one of these days.”

“Yessss,” he hissed, pumping his hands in the air like a high-school jock that just scored a touchdown. “My girlfriend has a great butt and a heart of gold.”



Our prompt was “Dave teaches Killian how to shop online” 

Check out @whimsicallyenchantedrose take on the same prompt here. 

Killian Goes Shopping 

This takes place sometime in the near future

Killian and Emma had settled into a routine of sorts with their living arrangements and he was getting adept at playing games with Emma’s boy on the picture box, but using the magic box was not something that gave him comfort.  He preferred getting his information from books, thank you very much.

And the fact that he enjoyed books, is how he came to be in his current dilemma.   He and Emma had made a point to have what she termed ‘date nights’ each week and he had taken those opportunities to purchase trinkets for her.  A new pirate key fob for her yellow vessel, a new tube of her favorite lotion, a bar of chocolate, all trinkets he could purchase at the local market. But the item he currently wanted to purchase, he did not want to be the talk of the entire town.

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Cover your buns!

Hey friends, 

I’m thinking about starting highly customizable handmade underwear business since most underwear does not work for everyone. Would you like to help me get some more experience under my belt and get some custom made free underwear!?  I’m looking to make the best everyday underwear you have ever put on your buns.  The colors are going to be limited for this initial run to black and maybe a gray or pink and I will be working in jersey cotton.   Please boost this since I am down to make more underwear than I actually have followers!!

Some things that I have thought of as ways to specify what you want:

- general style ( e.g. boxer brief/ boy short, bikini style, hipster, etc)

-waist band: more heavy duty, more fine

-crotch width: more wide for tucking or pads or more labia 

-crotch double layer: y/n

- extra butt coverage v low rise v regular

-front crotch room: y/n… w/ w/o interior pocket for packing/hiding cash money?

-little details: bows, buttons, edging ???

For example, I am currently wearing high waisted boxer briefs with no front pouch area (flat front), with a double layer crotch, with a wide crotch area, with fine waist band and no elastic in the leg holes. And let me tell you, my buns feel very cute in these handmade briefs. 

Having underwear that fits really really well is pretty spectacular and particularly within the queer community, there is not necessarily a ton of cheap great options. 

The goal: hand made underwear for everyday wearing for friends of all sorts of bodies and presentations

The plan: send me an ask with your preferred contact method and we’ll discuss what sort of underwear you would like and timeline.   I’ll take requests for about a month (until late June) and I’ll be filling them into September.  I’m looking for at least 20 friends of various body types and maybe up to 100. [You do not have to be my irl friend to participate].   

Covering shipping or materials would be appreciated but is 1000% not necessary.  Let me cover your buns with custom underwear!

once-upon-a-captain-swan  asked:

“My cat steals underwear and I come home to find you chasing my cat to get your underwear back.”

Ignore the mistakes, it’s not beta.

It has been a couple of weeks now that Killian had moved into this building. It wasn’t much but it was all he needed. It was a studio apartment big enough to accomodate his needs. There was also a window that led to the emergency staircase which he always left open for his cat. The furry little thing used to belong to his brother, but after he got married and decided to start a family, the animal wasn’t their priority anymore. KIllian had accepted Liam’s begging and kept him at his place.

Ever since he had moved there, Smee (the cat), always came back with a lovely surprise for him. Not the usual gift that cats gave their master, it was a lot more fancier and less messy. The first time he was completely baffled to wake up with his cat sitting on his chest, waiting for him to wake up, with a pair of black lace panties in front of him. He figured that he must have entered in one of the apartments in the building as he explored the staircase outside.

The next couple of days went pretty much the same way, it wasn’t always when he woke, but sometimes it was while he was studying, watching television or even cooking. Smee would always bring him a pair of panties (thongs, boy shorts, bikini and so on), which he suspected belonged to the same woman if he relied on the size.

One morning as he got out of the shower, his towel still wrapped around his waist as Killian heard someone’s voice, more specifically a woman’s voice.

“Come back here you fur ball!” He heard the woman yell, followed by a loud curse when Smee sneaked in the apartment through the window. He sauntered with his usual prize, a pair of red laced thong this time, as blonde woman peeking through his window. From where he was standing, (leaning on the wall next to the window) she couldn’t see him, but he did, and heard her exclaimed a victorious ‘a-ha!’ when she caught sight of his cat sitting on the kitchen counter with her underwear.

A grin appeared on his face when the girl entered his apartment mimicking his cat, and walked towards Smee, and managed to grabbed her underwear. That’s when Killian decided to let his presence known as he cleared his throat, making the blonde jump in surprise.

“Holy crap!” She yelped a hand (the one with the red thong) clutching her chest. He couldn’t help himself fromlaughing at the whole situation and saw a glint of annoyance cross her beautiful green eyes.

“Can I help you with something?” She gave him a once-over, before her eyes locked with his.

“Yes. Your stupid cat has been stealing my underwear for the past couple of weeks. I had to go buy myself some new ones.” She shot back, as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Ah.” He exclaimed as he walked towards his dresser and grabbed a plastic bag that was laying on top of it. His hand dived into the bag and took one of the numerous panties Smee had brought him. “So these are yours?” He asked innocently, eyebrow raised.

Her eyes widened in horror when she realized that he had kept them all. He wasn’t about to throw them in the garbage was he? She stomped towards him grabbing the bag from his hands in one swift movement.

“You’re a pervert.” She seethed as she turned back around as she was about to climb out the window. Killian couldn’t stop himself from grinning at the encounter with his neighbor. Before reaching the emergency staircase, she stopped and turned her head back at him, her index pointing at his cat.

“You and your cat.” With that said she walked out.

Smee descended from the counter and went next to him, brushing himself against his calves. Killian bent down and grabbed him, and caressed his head. The cat answered with a loud purr as he congratulated his cat for stealing those underwear.

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@razor bumps anon: if you're still self conscious about your bikini area after trying to get rid of the bumps, try getting boy shorts bikini bottoms. They'll cover more

^^ don’t quote me but I’ve heard that applying a heat compress or warm washrag (not too hot) for about 5ish-10ish min may help shrink the bumps

wear breathable underwear

don’t pick at the bumps

Aloe vera or tea tree oil creams and stuff may help as well

All else fails, I’d also say leave it alone for awhile/don’t mess with it