I guess I got really REALLY Inspired by Melanie Martinez new album “Cry Baby” (if you haven’t listened to it by now you really should, it’s a masterpiece!!) So I made like a little book… what do I do with my spare time lol

When I was
A young boy
My father
Took me into the city
To see a marching band
He said:
“Son, when you grow up

ok but sometimes pre hiatus fob pisses me off because they had people featured in their songs but thEY DIDN’T TELL ANYONE YOU HAD TO LOOK IT UP YOURSELF like the first time i heard “20 dollar nose bleed” (folie), i hadn’t listened to a lot of panic! yet so i didn’t know it was brendon. i actually barely recognized it was a different person oops. and lil wayne is the one who sings the bridge in “tiffany blews” (folie). and jay-z is the one who talks at the beginning and end of “thriller” (infinity).

  • Crybaby 😢:When was the last time you cried?
  • Dollhouse🏡:What was your favorite childhood toy?
  • Sippy Cup🍼:Did you own a sippy cup/bottle as a toddler/little kid?
  • Carousel🎠:Favorite amusement park ride?
  • Alphabet Boy🔠:What grade are you in?
  • Soap🛁:Do you prefer baths or showers?
  • Training Wheels🚴🏽:What was the name of your childhood best friend?
  • Pity Party🎈:Worst birthday party you've had?
  • Tag, You're It🏃🏼:Favorite childhood game?
  • Milk and Cookies🍪:Favorite type of cookie?
  • Pacify Her🚼:Did you own a pacifier?
  • Mrs. Potato Head👂🏼👀👂🏼:Favorite body part?
  • Mad Hatter🎩:Did you have any imaginary friends as a child?
  • Play Date💔:Favorite board game?
  • Teddy Bear🐻:Do you own any stuffed animals?
  • Cake🍰:Favorite cake flavor?

“I am Cry Baby. It’s very hard to separate myself from the character. It’s still something that I’m trying to figure out. I am the character that I made for myself. I knew that I wanted the album to be called Cry Baby for the longest time and my main reason for it was because I was teased as a kid for being super emotional and I took things way too seriously.“

Cry Baby asks
  • Cry Baby:how often do you cry or get sad?
  • Dollhouse:do you keep secrets from your family?
  • Sippy Cup:what do you do to cheer yourself up?
  • Carousel:what's your biggest fear?
  • Alphabet Boy:do you stand up for yourself or resent people who do you wrong?
  • Soap:what's something you've said that you wish you didn't?
  • Training Wheels:do you fall easily?
  • Pity Party:what's your saddest memory?
  • Tag, your it:do you trust strangers?
  • Milk and Cookies:if you could kill anyone in the world who would it be, and why?
  • Mrs. Potato Head:what's you're best feature? (physical or personality)
  • Mad Hatter:what's the craziest thing you've done?
  • Play Date:is it easier to express yourself or bottle it all up?
  • Teddy Bear:have you ever misplaced your trust in someone?
  • Cake:what do you do when you've been used or exploited?
Saddest girl she has to be
Salty tears stream down her cheek
Her heart’s bigger than her body
Her name is cry baby
And in her picture perfect home
Momma’s drunk while daddy moans
Her brother always comes home stoned
She watches in her room alone
She watches momma sip a drink
Out of a sippy cup that’s pink
Because of that you’d never think
That she’d pass out under the sink
The carnival is where she fell
For the first time on the carousel
Round and round through the same hell
She never gets under his shell
She cried until she then could see
That he wasn’t even worthy
Of all her love and abc’s
So she spelt fuck you in 1 2 3
She met a new boy and filled with hope
She said too much and always choked
So she washed her mouth out with soap
So that he wouldn’t pull the rope
They rode their bikes so very slow
She wanted more as they got close
Unscrewed his training wheels to grow
Into a two wheel bicycle
Her birthday was around the bend
She invited him and all her friends
None of which did attend
Her happiness came to an end
A lonely girl so vulnerable
To her house she walks alone
The bad wolf ice-cream man had known
And took her to his awful home
She got locked up and made a plan
To kill the bad wolf ice-cream man
He ordered her to make him snacks
Her cookies and milk made him collapse
She escaped and was never the same
She swayed a boy who had been claimed
And pacified ol’ what’s her name
Not out of love, just played a game
One day she turned on the tv
Mrs. potato on the screen
Showing off her surgeries
She thought that her pain meant beauty
Cry baby sat and disagreed
Imperfect, insane,
and emotional was she
But she feels safe, going to sleep
And there’s no one else that
she’d rather be
—  Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby Booklet Story