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Since your doing head cannons, and I'm at Universal right now celebrating my birthday, inspired by the situation, what would they do at theme parks?

(Happy Birthday!!! Here you go!))

•He wants to go on all the rides.
•All of them.
•You ain’t leaving until you at least ride 15 of them.
•N O S W E E T S
•okay maybe like one thing, bUT NO MORE
•He is tired at the end of the day.
•You will both definitely do a photo booth shoot.

•He loves the calm rides
•He won’t do anything that involves heights though.
•Boris pretty much enjoys any other ride.
•Lots of food.
•This boy loves his food.
•Funnel cake is his favourite though.
•Will win you a plush at the games section.

•He is a absolute GOD when it comes to the games.
•Like how.
•Be prepared to have like 50 new stuffed animals.
•You two will share the food.
•He doesn’t personally care for the rides.
•Will go on them if you want to.
•He only does it so he can see you smile.

•Some how gets everything for free?
•He doesn’t steal, he somehow gets the attendees to pay for it.
•He totally goes there just for the food.
•And the music.
•If it’s a really good day, he will let you drag him to any two rides.
•Just two.
•Joey is so tired after walking around for the day.

Okay so much is going on in this photo and I can’t even right now.
1. CALUM is shirtless
2.LUKE is shirtless
3.theyre on the beach… is there anything more romantic than the fucking beach!? THEYRE ALSO HUGGING SHIRTLESS CAKE IS REAL
4. Is calum wearing a bracelet?
5. Whoever took this photo was hardcore third wheeling
6. Unless the person who took this photo was micheal or Ashton which means they are ALSO shirtless
7. My heart can’t take this

♥”Wise men say, forgiveness is divine. But never pay full price for late pizza!” This TMNT cake was for an adorable little boy who loves strawberry cake. (❁´◡`❁) As a HUGE fan of the turtles I was ecstatic to make this!! Pictures below the line!♥

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anonymous asked:

is Robbie Rivet the type dude who really appreciates good sweets and makes those satisfied noises when he eats them?

yes!  the boy loves cake to high hell and a good tres leches cake would probably make him cry.  Or he’s like me, eat a macaroon so good you have to sit down and contemplate your life. 

Tracy things I need/want to see in TAG
  • Cute Scott and Alan moments
  • More Scott and Virgil banter
  • Alan and Gordon being the terrible two aka pulling pranks and shit on the elders brothers
  • Scott stressing out breaking down about being the commander/leader of IR and his brothers
  • The boys having a moment missing their dad, I need this so badly
  • Virgil playing the piano/painting
  • Gordon swimming in the pool/mentions of him being a Olympic swimmer?
  • More brotherly banter
  • Alan racing or any mentions of race car driving
  • John in regular clothes
  • John going on a rescue with his brothers
  • John just being on earth is all I want to happen
  • One or two or more of the boys being hurt/sick/broken/poisoned/kidnapped/crashing their bird/half death/WHUMP!
  • Even more brotherly banter
  • Wee!Tracys just anything, flashbacks/photographs/mentions/whatever
  • Hobbies of the boys in general
  • Scott loving food/cake/pie I need it
  • One of the boys being good in the medical field I love if it could be Virge, but any of them is fine
  • Their rooms
  • Fooling around with each other/playing pushing each other in the pool/having a movie night etc.
  • Scott or John being a good cook
  • More cute moments with the boys and grandma
  • Smother hen Scott Tracy, smotherly older brother in general
  • John reading/loving books
  • Boys on shopping trip/hanging out on the mainland
  • Food fight
  • Christmas episode
  • Birthday episode 
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • One of them having a nightmare and seeking comfort
  • Calling each other nicknames virge/gordy/johnny/allie/scotty/fish sticks/space case/sprout/scooter/sparky/buddy I can go on
  • Scott and John being bros all of them being bros
  • Brotherly teasing
  • Alan being to young for something strip club lmao
  • Gordon pranking his brothers is everything I want
  • Boys pranking Lady P
  • More sass/snark comments
  • Protective older/younger brothers yass
  • Boys sleeping CGI bed hair would be nice, but is probably impossible
  • having more clothes 
  • One of them picking each other up/leaning on each other 
  • Arguments
  • Sunbathing and sunblocking
  • Boys being scared/afraid/John being afraid of spiders? click here
  • John having a phobia for needles because of a horror movie
  • John loving chocolate/pizza
  • Gordon/Alan being hyper because of candy
  • Mention of the hydrofoil accident
  • More episodes with ALL of them in it