WWII Gay G.I.s recounts tale of losing their Lovers

Excerpt from the book Coming out under fire The history of gay Men and Women in World War Two: Combat soldiers often responded to each other’s personal losses with the deepest respect and understanding, allowing gay GIs to express openly their grief over the death of boyfriends or lovers. 

Jim Warren’s boyfriend was hit while trying to knock out a machine-gun nest on Saipan. “They brought him back,” Warren recalled, “and he was at the point of death. He was bleeding. He had been hit about three or four times. I stood there and he looked up at me and I looked down at him and he said, ‘Well, Jim, we didn’t make it, did we.’ And tears were just rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know when I’ve ever felt such a lump and such a waste. And he kind of gave me a boyish crooked grin and just said, ‘Well, maybe next time.’ And I said, ‘I’m going to miss you. And I’ll see your mother.’ There were people standing around, maybe seven or eight people standing there, and I was there touching his hand and we were talking. Somebody said later, ‘You were pretty good friends,’ because I had been openly crying and most people don’t do this. I said, ‘Yes, we were quite good friends.’ And nobody ever said anything. I guess as long as I supposedly upheld my end of the bargain, everything was all right.”

Ben Small was even less able to control himself when his boyfriend was killed in the Philippines. But he, too, was surprised by the other men’s compassion towards him. “We had a funny freak attack of a Japanese kamikaze plane,” he recalled, “and I guess he was getting rid of his last load of these baby cutter bomb, these little bombs that explode at about three feet high so if they went off through a tent they exploded at bed level. I had just been in the tent of a guy I had been going with at the time. He crawled into bed, and I said goodnight and walked out the tent. And this plane came overhead and all we heard was explosions and we fell to the ground. When I got up too see if he was all right, the trust of the bomb had gone through his tent and he was not there. I went into a three-day period of hysterics. I was treated with such kindness by the guys that I worked with, who were all totally aware of why I had gone hysterical. It wasn’t because we were bombed. It was because my boyfriend had been killed. And one guy in the tent came up to me and said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were gay? You could have talked to me.’ I said, ‘Well, I was afraid to.’ This big straight, macho guy. There was a sort of compassion then.”

After a raid in the Philippines, Ben Small remembered, a lieutenant who had been injured was being shipped back to the States, so the men “all went to the plane to see him off that night. It was an amazingly touching moment, when he and his lover said goodbye, because they embraced and kissed in front of all these straight guys and everyone dealt with it so well. I think it was just this basic thing about separation of someone you cared for, regardless of sex.” Small described this tender parting as “a little distilled moment out of time” when men’s “prejudices were suspended” and gay soldiers “could be a part of what this meant.”


LGBT History: Uganda King Mwanga II

King Mwanga II, who reigned from 1884 to 1888, was widely reported to have engaged in sexual relations with his male subjects. 

Researcher Ambrose Mukasa said: ‘It is documented that King Mwanga II had many young men in his palace and was sodomizing them at his will.

‘When missionaries introduced Christianity and some of the young men were baptized and taught about the dangers of homosexuality, they started denying Mwanga the usual “pleasure” he used to get from them.’

Mwanga reportedly became annoyed and went wild wondering how mere pages had started disobeying him. He clashed with the missionaries. He instructed the killing of all the young men who disobeyed him – with the executions taking place between 1885 and 1887. And the murdered young men were considered martyrs because they resolved to die for their new religion rather than surrendering their bodies to the king.

The word Bbaffe in Buganda kingdom means ‘our husband’. All subjects in Buganda under Mwanga, including men, were instructed to refer to king Mwaga as Bbaffe because to him, men were also his wives.

‘Even men referred to king Mwanga II as Bbaffe which means that he was free to sodomize any man he wanted after all he was the husband for all men and women,’ said an elder in Buganda, Siomon Mugere.

On April 1899, Mwanga was forced out of his kingdom and exiled by the British into the Seychelles Islands, where he was detained until his death.

the signs as grease live
  • Aries: Aaron Tveit's hair
  • Taurus: the rain
  • Gemini: really fake yet impressive car race
  • Cancer: Marty telling Vince Fontaine that he's old
  • Leo: Rizzo telling Kenickie that no one's ever looked at her that way
  • Virgo: Didi Conn (alternatively: two Frenchys)
  • Libra: the golf cart that hit the curb
  • Scorpio: Boys II Men
  • Sagittarius: Elle McLemore's facial expressions
  • Capricorn: Vanessa Hudgens slaying everyone
  • Aquarius: Jordan Fisher singing "Those Magic Changes"
  • Pisces: "What is it, fine wholesome students?"

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The signs as boybands
  • Aries: New Kids on the Block
  • Taurus: Shinee
  • Gemini: One Direction
  • Cancer: Westlife
  • Leo: Take That
  • Virgo: N’Sync
  • Libra: Boys II Men
  • Scorpio: Big Bang
  • Sagittarius: The Wanted
  • Capricorn: Backstreet Boys
  • Aquarius: Jonas Brothers
  • Pisces: 5 Seconds of Summer

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