I know we don’t talk, it’s weird for me to write this but I’ve caught you staring back, our eyes say more words than our lips ever could in a room full of people I always look for you, from the corners of your smile to the story in your eyes but I barely know your name are we playing a game? I look at you, you look away you look at me I forget my own name who knew I could fall so hard for someone I only see in the halls, all the times I got caught daydreaming, you won’t escape my mind I think about you all the time but I barely know your name my friends say I’m wasting time maybe I am but tell me why you look away but your friends stare and let you know when I walk by? Or why your homeboy told me you talk about me all the time? so many boys trying to get in my life but you won’t leave my mind I think about you all the damn time! I don’t even know your name. And maybe I’m just wasting my time it will be tough because I’m just a kid in love, but I guess I should try to forget your eyes so goodbye, mystery guy.
—  A girl who fell in love