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How old were you when you had your first sleepover? If you have kids, how old were they when you let them?

The kids have had sleepovers at my family’s houses and hot bartender’s house, but that’s it. The girl is 11 and only has boy friends and hasn’t asked yet. The boy is 8 and one of his friends asked him to next Friday. I admit I can be overprotective, but these days you can’t be safe enough. I’m going to let him go but I’ll be freaking out a little the entire time.

I love so much Otabek.

That’s why the episode made me adore him. He sees the strength of Yuri, and wants to see it himself, he wants to know him sincerely. He admires him all this time, and he just wants to help this friend, this boy he admires, Otabek wants to help Yura to be himself. He wants to discover and stand beside the “real Yuri” and …. Damn, it’s beautiful!

E appena sarà estate, giuro mi deciderò a prendere quel treno.
Andiamo al mare. Tu seduto sugli scogli e io in braccio a te, accoccolata al tuo petto, osservarti osservare il tramonto e innamorarmi sempre più di noi.
—  Un-silenzio-squallido-e-stupendo

badass soprano songs [x]
a list of songs with notes that go up into the stratosphere (requested by rocioolayab​)

many a new day (oklahoma!) // a little bit in love (wonderful town) // i could be happy with you (the boy friend) // waitin’ for my dearie (brigadoon) // i could have danced all night (my fair lady) // my white knight (the music man) // when did i fall in love (fiorello!) // before i gaze at you again (camelot) // much more (the fantasticks) // one boy (bye bye birdie) // i feel pretty (west side story) // far from the home i love (fiddler on the roof) // i loved (jacques brel is alive and well and living in paris) // take care of this house (1600 pennsylvania avenue) // green finch and linnet bird (sweeney todd) // unexpected song (song and dance) // how could i ever know (the secret garden) // children of the wind (rags) // he plays the violin (1776) // if i were a bell (guys & dolls) // vanilla ice cream (she loves me) // ribbons down my back (hello, dolly!) // bill (show boat) // lovely (a funny thing happened on the way to the forum) // christmas lullably (songs for a new world) // in his eyes (jekyll & hyde) // glitter and be gay (candide) // your daddy’s son (ragtime) // cry like the wind (do re mi) // follow your heart (urinetown) // on the steps of the palace (into the woods) // popular (wicked) // love, look away (flower drum song) // the beauty is (the light in the piazza) // simple little things (110 in the shade) // come home (allegro) // cute boys with short haircuts (vanities) // goodbye, little dream, goodbye (anything goes) // think of me (phantom of the opera) // sweet thursday (pipe dream) // not a day goes by (merrily we roll along) // rosa’s confession (the mystery of edwin drood) // in my own little corner (cinderella) // climb ev'ry mountain (the sound of music) // i don’t know what i’d do (a gentleman’s guide to love and murder) // never (on the twentieth century) // getting to know you (the king and i)

alto | tenor | bass
thinking of you

jeremy heere/michael mell
(listen to the song “thinking of you” by katy perry while reading,,, the story will make more sense) this is short and shitty but that’s okay

it’s not like jeremy and michael haven’t been the same since the squip. they’ve had one fight. it’s not like one fight could tear apart 12 years of friendship. just that night always comes back to jeremy. he just needed to think. he got the girl of his dreams, the girl he’s had a major crush on for three years, and he’s supposed to be happy. but he wasn’t. something just didn’t feel… right. he looked at michael, who’s eyes were focused on mario kart. how the light reflected off his soft eyes, and the way he bit his lip when he would turn a corner. “dude, you got 10th place. were you even playing?” jeremy got out of his trance. “no, i was thinking.” he looked at his phone for the time. it was 6:30, and he had a date at the movies with christine at 7. “i have to go meet christine. i’ll call you tonight.” the dimples in michael’s cheeks disappeared. “oh, okay. i’ll talk to you later. have fun.” jeremy began to walk out of the basement, and looked at michael for a brief second. he had his face in his palms, but when he felt jeremy staring at him, he turned around and jeremy was gone. michael didn’t live too far from the theatre, so jeremy walked and looked at his feet. he felt bad. he felt something for michael that he didn’t feel with christine. it was different with michael. he felt safe and comfortable and- suddenly a raindrop hit jeremy’s head. “shit.” he mumbled and jogged the rest of the way. once he got outside, christine was standing there, looking outside. “jer, it’s raining! why didn’t michael give you a ride?” jeremy bit his lip. “he way busy.” she rolled her eyes. “i get he doesn’t like me. it’s just that whenever the three of us are hanging out, and you wrap your arm around me or something, he turns all red or finds an excuse to leave.” jeremy laughed. “no, he’s just a little socially awkward. he’s chill.” christine sighed. “alright. i guess we should go in. i bought popcorn.” jeremy looked in her arms and saw the bucket. “let’s go then.” they walked into the theatre to see god knows what. christine wanted to see some rom-com tonight, and it was the same night that michael invited jeremy to go see the breakfast club at some retro theater. he had to cancel with michael, which was probably why he didn’t offer jeremy a ride. the couple found their seats, and the trailers were already almost over. “this movie is brand-new, it’s supposed to be really good!” jeremy smiled and let out a fake laugh. christine couldn’t tell it was fake, so she just continued to ramble about the plot line. the movie started, and it was the same old type of love movie. until they reached the middle of the movie. it was with the best friend of the boyfriend, the boyfriend and the girlfriend. the best friend was desperately in love with the boyfriend, but the boyfriend was so unaware. until the best friend killed himself after the boyfriend blows him off for the girlfriend. jeremy gulped and had a flashback of the night.
***jeremy looked at michael who was smiling at him. “you’ve been avoiding me a lot, and i get it because of the squip but-” jeremy rolled his eyes. “whatever michael. you were a part of jeremy 1.0. this is jeremy 2.0.” michael looked at the floor. “but im in love with jeremy 1.0.” jeremy looked at michael. “what?” michael turned red. “you heard it. I’m in love with you. okay?” jeremy just stared at michael, speechless. he was about to speak when michael grabbed his shirt and pressed his lips to jeremy’s. the kiss was full of passion, and it was the best kiss jeremy has experienced. michael waited for a response once they separated, but jeremy just muttered “loser” and tossed michael to the floor.***
jeremy would never forget that night. he must have zoned out because they were at the scene in the movie where you’re supposed to kiss your significant other at, and christine turned to jeremy, who stood up. “i can’t do this! we’re over. i’m sorry.” he ran out the theater and into the lobby. christine followed behind him. “jeremy? what just happened?” he bit his lip. “what happened is i don’t love you anymore.” he ran through the glass doors into the pouring rain. he felt his heartbeat get faster and faster until he saw michael getting into his pt cruiser with an umbrella. michael didn’t notice jeremy, who was speeding towards him in the pouring rain, until jeremy was about 5 feet away. “jeremy? what are you doing?” jeremy said nothing and instead pulled michael into a kiss. michael didn’t fight it or pull back, he embraced it. they were both soaking wet, and jeremy mumbled “i love you, michael. i love you more than anything in the world.” michael smiled. “i’ve been waiting for you to say this forever.” jeremy wrapped his arms around michael, who hugged him back. “i think the breakfast club starts at 9, and it’s 8. wanna go get pizza, and then go?” michael smiled. “i thought you’d never ask.”
We survived after all - Chapter 1 - Ultimate_Bitch - Be More Chill [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Be More Chill
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Relationships: Jeremy Heere/Micheal Mell, Richard Goranski/Jake Dilinger, Chloe/Brooke
Characters: Jeremy Heere, Micheal Mell, Richard Goranski, Jake Dilinger, Chloe, Brooke, Jenna Rolan, Christine Conicula, Madeline (mentioned), The SQUIP
Additional Tags: Gay, gays in love, Gay Nerds In Love, my first fic in this fandom, i love them all so much, chatfic, sort of, like half chatfic half norml fic, Chatting & Messaging, Group chat, Brooke and Micheal are both super gay for their best friends, where will this go? Only the tides will tell, Slice of Life, Getting Together

Jenna Rolan decides it’s a good idea to add all of her friends into a group chat.

Somehow, she ends up being sort of right.