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Most people who knew Noctis would be shocked to know what he got up to when he was alone. He came off as reclusive at best, and downright anti-social at worst. Obviously didn’t care for crowds or for what crowds had to offer– at least, not the daytime kind. When night fell in the Crown City, Noctis could slip away, often giving the slip even to his most elite security ( a constant headache for the corps that worked for his father and even the ‘Glaives on occasion. )

He wasn’t necessarily one with the crush of bodies in the club– just trying to get through them so that he had a better vantage point. Noctis was always looking for something specific– was looking for something or someone who would like what they saw– enough for him to get what he wanted. That was just his usual mode of things, pushing through the crowd until he was on the edges and closer to the bar– another couple of drinks would do him well and–

Someone was pushed by the crush of dancing bodies only to bump into him– which caused him to stumble into the man sitting at the corner of the bar. Noctis spluttered and apologized, all but bracing for a fight until he looked up and saw–

A familiar face. Of all the damned people–


The color drained from his face. Shit. He was supposed to be at home for the night. No one knew he was there.

Everytime friends or people talk about flirting and kissing with random people in parties I’m like (????????) And I remember this only party I went when a guy came behind me to ask me to dance with me. But he took my hand and laced his fingers with mine and I couldn’t say anything because it was the first time someone was interested in me like that lol I mean, gosh… I was with 6 friends and they all was prettier than me (im the ugly baby-faced friend that everybody see as the younger sister) and he picked me.

But he gave me compliments and asked me my name, age, and those things and I just wanted someone to rescue me ;—-; He was like 25-30 years old lol Not bad at all but jesuschrist he was dancing so close to me. And putting his hands in places he shouldn’t. I runned away when the song ended lol and I tried to avoid him for the rest of the party.

How people can do that. LOL How you can go kissing random people I just don’t understand x'DDDDDD

I had no fucking idea when I took this pic what was about to happen to my life.