The Boy F.u.l.l
Bay Window Headcanon:

Maya and Riley didn’t know who Farkle was at the party because the Minkuses had only recently relocated to New York. Anyway, of course Stuart called up his old friend Topanga, and Topanga invited Farkle to the party because that’s exactly what she’d do.

Total headcanon. Not a “theory.” Please don’t confuse the two. 😉

give me someone that looks at me the way Oliver looks at Felicity

or the way Vaughn looks at Sydney

or the way Luke looks at Lorelai

or the way Kurt looks at Jane

or the way Jay looks at Erin

or the way Mickey looks at Ian 

or the way Jake looks at Amy 

or the way Ben looks at Leslie

or the way Barry looks at Iris

or the way Cory looks at Topanga

or the way Derek looked at Meredith


I’ll catch you

Summary: Lucas takes care of drunk Maya, who then finds both herself and Lucas on a rooftop at 4AM. 

Word count: 1.8k

Warnings: Drunk-ness and alchohol mentions (let me know if more!)

a/n: Fluffy fluff fluff lucaya flufffff

Excerpt: They sit there on the roof, hand in hand and leaning against each other. They talk and laugh and stare at the night sky like only the best of friends could until they see the sun peek over the horizon. It illuminates the heavens in ethereal shades of yellow and orange, bathing them in a glow of golden light, an absolutely breathtaking spectacle.

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