boy my life is exciting

anonymous asked:

So I saw last night you kissed the boy. How did that go? Sounds exciting :):):)

hahaha it literally made my life 1000000000x more complicated and me 100000000x more stressed out and fucked up which i really don’t need right now

i just realized that i posted IMPORTANT LIFE INFO everywhere except for tumblr, what an oversight!!!

I will be moving to LA this weekend because I accepted a job offer at DREAMWORKS TV! I am gonna be a storyboard artist on Ryan Crego and Thurop Van Orman’s new show! i’m also gonna be working with really cool buddies ryann and maddy and kali! as much as i love SF and the bay, it’s time to start a new cartoony chapter of my life, and boy is it both scary and exciting as hell!

p.s. you live in L.A.? we should HANG OUT and possibly karaoke! i wanna be friends with the u n i v e r s e! hit me up!

What an awesome week!

  • stabbed myself in the hand while trying to pry frozen stuff apart
  • a huge snowfall
  • put my remote on the floor the other night and it’s disappeared

I’m tearing the place apart. Is there such a thing as a remote poltergeist? My TV already turns on and changes channels by itself. Now it’s messing with my DVD player and that means I have to ::gasp:: get up to switch between DVD and cable.