boy my life is exciting

What an awesome week!

  • stabbed myself in the hand while trying to pry frozen stuff apart
  • a huge snowfall
  • put my remote on the floor the other night and it’s disappeared

I’m tearing the place apart. Is there such a thing as a remote poltergeist? My TV already turns on and changes channels by itself. Now it’s messing with my DVD player and that means I have to ::gasp:: get up to switch between DVD and cable.

I’m finally writing again, and it feels good. This one is a fictional story, and I was kind of inspired by Jenny Han because my main character is Korean. Well, my character is fully Korean, but I love having that aspect about myself incorporated into a character because I can really make the character mine and authentic as parts of my life are incorporated into how the story is shaped. My fiction writing style isn’t really refined, but I hope I can still share a story that is relatable, raw, and real. Stay tuned pls. 

I’m so grateful for how things are going with my life right now! I have gone with the flow of things and let life just take it’s course. Happiness and contentment is something everyone should feel. Stay positive; good things are to come!
—  L.R. // 12:00AM

finally got my ta assignment!! this lady right here will be teaching kids public speaking this fall quarter!! come on down to uw and i’ll teach you how to talk in front of people because it is fun and great!! (lol’ing at the irony of an introvert who used to never be able to even hold a conversation imparting knowledge on the youth like what do i know) ((but whatever dude i actually enjoy talking in front of groups, it’s a pretentious academic’s dream~ :P)) (((also the most important part is that i’m getting paid for it, i’d teach whatever they wanted me to))) ALSO DOES THIS EQUAL GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR EVENTUAL SPEAKING AT CONFERENCES IN MY OLD AGE ooh boy life’s exciting