lance! you’re too! close! [part 3]

sorry i post in the middle of the night im a moon gremlin who lives in a late time zone and sleeps all day

if you can’t read my handwriting, here is lance’s monologue

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Sabine: *Working on some giant Civil war thing that could mean the lives of her entire clan*

Ezra: *Walks in* ‘Hi again...So… Everyone’s basically dead and Thrawns trapped Hera and Kanan on Atollon and is kind of about to kill em’


Asking for help on Twitter ! This is urgent !

Brace yourself my dear ARMY and EXO-L friends because we have a new boss to fight and this one is crazier than all the others before her.

@AinsleyPaisley is an EXO-L who’s goal is to destroy BTS’ popularity by spreading horrible rumors. She’s apparently friend with big fan accounts (VIPs, Shawols etc.) and she has a little over than a thousand followers - who all seem to agree with her. She calls Jiminie a pig, she said that Jin looks like he has the Down Syndrome and that Namjoon was the ugliest korean. She harassed small ARMY accounts. She’s basically a bitch.

BUT IT’S GETTING WORSE. She’s apparently trying to spread a new rumor about Jungkookie : a rape rumor. She says that Jungkook raped someone in brazil and she even found a brazilian EXO-L ready to play the victim!

This is getting bad and we have to stop that massive bitch. So please, Don’t even try to talk to her, just Report her! And EXO-L please, don’t let this girl do her crazy shit. She isn’t a true EXO-L she’s just mad and evil. Report her too, take the trash out of your fandom. Thanks you.

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Every time I see Magnus my heart skips a few beats because he is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen, I seriously just want him to hold me in his big strong hands. And how can anyone not want to hold Magnus's hands? I mean I'm pretty sure everyone attracted to men is in love with Magnus. But a guy can only dream I guess.