boy's brains

I’m at work and suddenly it hit me… He took of his mask and we wrote thesis over it for 2 years.

But Rian really strip that armor off. And boy oh boy, my reylo brain is fried. The guy who covered himself head to toe was topless in front of her. And remember the time we wondered if we’d see him without his gloves, cause for some reason it seemed so impossible. And more intimate. Lol. Well it was.

The only explanation I have for this other than to make the movie sexy is.. She can literally see everything inside his head. So…. what’s the point of hiding anything?

What I want to see next: Rey in a state of undress and Kylo walks in. Lol I wonder who would be more flustered. 😂

Every day, I wake up and think about the fact that Todoroki, upon receiving a single text, hauled ass to Midoriya’s location and was ready to risk his life to help him at a literal moment’s notice without any hesitation whatsoever

ok so y’all know the “fall out boy is for lovers- chicago softcore” shirts right?

well softcore is- like in porn- something gentler than hardcore. something sweeter, more innocent.

now, pete left chicago’s hardcore scene because a lot of people were misogynist + homophobic + racist + all that nasty stuff. every member of fob was in the hardcore scene before fob but was very much pushed out when they got together, right?

so, “fall out boy is for lovers- chicago softcore” is basically them saying that you can feel welcome in their fandom. feel loved at their shows. feel accepted by the members. fob isnt for haters, fob isnt for people who discriminate others, fob is for fucking lovers. it’s basically a giant “fuck you” to all the bigots who think that they’re better just because they’re hardcore.

i really think that everyone should remember that. esp ppl who criticize their new “poppy” sound- it was never meant to be hardcore. it was never meant to be edgy. it was meant to be a safe spot for the kids who didnt have anywhere to go- both those that were pushed away from the hardcore scene and those who didn’t belong in the mainstream scene either and it still is for thousands of young people.

not fitting in was the reason they started out, and people are still calling them out for not being emo enough for emo, not punk enough for pop punk and not pop enough for pop!

please just appreciate fall out boy. even if you dont love the music, love their love.