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Gradence Band AU ~ The Alley Cats

the much needed local band!AU with:

Credence, Newt and Tina, who play for free in a bar that’s often overrun with Bikers and or college kids. 

there is no wailing, because Credence is not allowed on vocals, ever, now unplug that mic.

when handsome mysterious tattoed and chainsmoking Drifter!Graves comes through town and visits the bar, there’s an instant connection between him and the cute brunette on drums. 

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Yessss!! Tbh I find Eremin is so underrated in the fandom and everyone sees it either as a bromance or platonic only. Which is cool! But I personally think it’s pretty damn canon if I say so myself. 

What’s there not to love? There’s the ocean dream, the recent chapters, just everything about it is beautiful! I screamed at the Eremin hug!! I will NEVER get over there is a canon Eremin hug! 

I love how Eren never gave up on Armin and even climbed a fuckin roof after Levi kicked him down just to try and reason with the corporal! Even bringing up the ocean!  

This part right here killllled me. Eren dramatically reaching out to Armin as he’s being pulled away. Like he didn’t want to leave Armin there! I cried, I’ll be honest QnQ

Eremin was my first boy x boy ship and I fell in love with it the day I found out it was a ship. I also managed to drag my bestie into Eremin hell with me! Here, I will tell you how my bestie and I got into Eremin. 

So I had just finished watching AoT and was so into it. I didn’t really ship Eren or Armin with anyone and Bailey (my bestie) was telling me how she didn’t really like the main gay ship. Not saying it but I’m pretty sure we all know what it is. So I was sitting there thinking what to ship and it came to my mind Eren and Armin. At first, I wasn’t sure how Bailey was going to react so I sort of sneakily read fanfics and looked a fanart. That’s when I said, “What about Eren x Armin?” She paused, looked at me and smiled. “I could see it! Yeah, that is adorable!” Since that day we spammed each other with Eremin pictures like, “LOOK!!” 

Anyways, as the chapters went on, I didn’t even know how it could get any gayer between those two. Like no really. The recent chapter with Eren defending Armin AND comforting him… my heart couldn’t take it. And the eyes thing! Eren knowing he wasn’t free until he looked into Armin’s eyes! 

I actually have a headcanon that during chapter 50 when Eren looked at Armin and into Armin’s eyes (plus Mikasa’s thanks for the scarf), that’s what gave him the strength to stand up and punch the Smiley Titan.

Let’s not forget this part! Armin helping Eren up! It’s so special, their hands glow!! No one can say when they held hands it glowed, am I right?! Sorry, now I am just freaking out cause I hope they animate this! Like I will cry if they don’t!

I’m fangirling all over again someone help me! You have no idea how happy I am to get this ask! When the new season comes out, I will get motivated to write Eremin again! You watch, I will be popping out an Eremin story each day! They are my gay babies and I love them! 

I don’t want to make this too long cause I have so many other parts to add but you get the point! Eremin is amazing and cute! I will go down with this ship and I love every one of my fellow Eremin shippers! Bless everyone in the Eremin fandom for making amazing artwork and writing incredible fanfics! You guys give me life and I love it! 

Eremin may be a small fandom but we are still kicking!

  • Yurio: *looking at intricate, beautiful braid* Holy shit, Beka this is amazing! How were you able to do this?
  • Otabek: *has flashbacks to the hours of hairstyle tutorials he watched on YouTube, just in case the event that he was able to braid Yuri's hair arose*
  • Otabek: Uh... Natural talent, I guess.