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Colour palette challenge #1 - Makki in palette #194 for @libsterdraws / @gay-ships-r-yay-ships

ok but no one can ever deny the fact that yoongi is musically gifted. he’s incredibly talented and his passion for music goes down to his very core. he is an excellent producer/composer, he knows how to write lyrics, he knows how to play with beats and make them into masterpieces, he knows how to use his members’ vocals to their full potential and these songs (and bts) would be nothing without him. 

So uh. 

I think Hidekane just won the Award for Ship Responsible for Most Fans WREKT in a chapter, congrats guys. 


Part II of: Nope. I Am Too Drunk for You Tonight, Jaime.

  • Shitty: cuts his hair into Nice Hairstyle™ and wears Nice(er?) Clothes™
  • me: I am here for this👌👌👌 sign me the fuck up👌👌👌