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Regrets (I have none) TAEGI

This is my gift to @ask-camboy-taetae because we both love Taegi and she was kind of my muse for inspiration yeet. Love you kat and hope you liked it!!!

Name: Regrets (I have none)
Pairing: Taegi (YoongixTaehyung), side jikook cause im jikook trash
Rated: M for slight smut (not explicit though)
Summary: Yoongi had many regrets, but meeting Taehyung wasn’t one of them. Not when he disappeared from his life and much less when he once again got to see him, in a very akward way but all the more special
(Tattoo artist! Yoongi x Teacher!Taehyung)

Min Yoongi regretted many things in his life. Regretted dropping out of college. Regretted not haven properly spoken to his mother before taking his leave when his father kicked him out because he wanted to be a rapper. Regretted even getting a tattoo with a red rose on his shoulder because of one night he was feeling extra poetic and thought red was a passionate color. He had an extensive list of regrets because he, although a reserved person, tended to make many mistakes or at least it seemed that way. But if there was one thing he didn’t, something that as meaningless at it seems that he keeps close to his heart, regret was meeting Kim Taehyung.

It might seem stupid to reminiscence the memory of the boy he went to middle school with. It might have even seem meaningless to even think way back to meeting someone from your childhood. He was just a kid back then but Kim Taehyung seemed to have struck a chord within him, left a mark in him because no matter how many years had passed he could never forget him. That boy with red glasses, bright honey eyes, chubby cheeks, and braces who was the first person in his entire life who wanted to be his friend. The boy who was bullied, pushed around, and teased for his appearance and strange habits yet still remained with a bright boxy smile on his face. The one who taught Yoongi what it meant to socialize to feel wanted and appreciated. The same boy who after their freshman year of high school banished without a trace or even a good bye.

He had stepped into his life and just when Yoongi had gotten far too attached for his own liking, that boy had gone and Yoongi had experienced for the first time what he later realized was heartbreak.

Even then Yoongi did not regret.

He’s closing the shop late again. He had a last minute client who begged that he tattoo him. Yoongi was weak to pleading, and he got rather easily annoyed when they whined and begged endlessly, and had reluctantly accepted with a sigh as he looked at the design and set up the equipment. He’d heard a snicker somewhere behind him as he began his work from his coworker and his best friend, Namjoon, who had only chuckled with a shake of his head as he cleaned up the rest of the unused equipment. The man was always kind and waited for him to finish up even if a good two to three hours had passed. He had just placed the lock with the chains around the metal gate on the door when he turned to the purple haired male next to him who took a long drag of his cigarette, a gentle smile at his face.

He went to offer Yoongi a stick as the male slipped it between his fingers and nodded gratefully, taking his black lighter to light the stick taking soft and light drags. There was a comfortable silence as both leaned against the wall, sighing once in a while. “Its okay if you leave me behind, Joon. We do live upstairs and I’m sure you get bored waiting”, Yoongi had broken the silence suddenly as he eyed the male from the corner of his eye.

“It’s cool, hyung. It doesn’t hurt to stay with you. I wouldn’t be doing much if I left any earlier”, the male shrugged nonchalantly throwing his cigarette on the floor and stepping on it. “but I was gonna ask sooner. We should go out tonight. Jungkook called up saying that Jimin insisted we go out for drinks. Hell he even begged that I convince you. You know how Jungkook is when Jimin’s involved. He’d do anything to please him and the shorty insisted we all go.”

“Jungkook, is stupid and in love, but so is Jimin. Neither can go a minute without being next to each other, but anyways, I guess I’ll go. It’s been a while”, Yoongi mumbles.

“Who knows you might get laid. Heard Jimin’s bringing one of his cute coworkers along”, Namjoon mentioned suggestively. It sounded far too suspicious and Namjoon better not have intended to set him up with someone because his obvious answer would have been to decline any hook ups. The last time he let someone try to hook him up, Jungkook had ended bringing him a hooker and he was not pleased.

“Namjoon”, the tone was warning, but the purple haired male rose his hands defensively, a nervous chuckle spilling from his lips.

“Hyung, I swear It’s not an excuse to hook you up with someone. I bothered to mention because it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of any of Jimin’s friends”, he mentioned as a matter of factly and now that the black haired male thought about it, Namjoon had a point, but he chose not to ponder on the idea. Not like he’d get acquainted with said friend anyways. He took one last drag of his own cigarette before throwing it to the side and motioned for them to head upstairs. He hoped tonight he’d be relieved of his pent up stress


Whoever thought that letting Namjoon feed Yoongi alcohol before going out, was an idiot. Who pre-games before going out for drinks. For DRINKS?!. But the younger male had always had a bad habit of drinking before going out and this time Yoongi didn’t protest when the younger insisted they take a few shots. And well that turned into a competition and few minutes later you have two drunk males stumbling their way to the door. It was a surprise that they didn’t kill themselves while dragging themselves down the stairs, an especially impressive feat for Namjoon.

The male hadn’t bothered to mention that they’d have to meet up at this club nearby and that they’d have to walk themselves there. It did help alleviate the heaviness of the alcohol in their system as they were allowed inside the club by the burly bouncer at the entrance. They guided themselves inside as the loud music hit their ears. From the corner of his eye, he managed to spot Jungkook and Jimin devouring each other shamelessly against the bar counter while a male beside them looked extremely awkward. It was to dark to see faces, but anyone could recognize Jimin’s ass in leather pants.

“Oi, you idiots. You’re making him uncomfortable with you grossness”, Yoongi scolded them as both males retracted from each other at the speed of light. Jimin looked like he wanted to correct Yoongi’s word choice and sentence structure, but a simple glare was enough to keep him focused on being ashamed for his behavior when his friend was present. Stupid teachers and their incessant need to correct others or maybe that was just a thing for Jimin.

“Sorry, hyung”, Jungkook had murmured but the male didn’t seem apologetic at all as a smirk was splayed on his lips. Yoongi was really tempted to slap it off his face, but unfortunately, he had a soft spot for the younger gross love birds. He finally turned to the male next to them and without really saying much, he’d ordered two drinks and was pulling the male to another of the bar’s in the club. “Drink up. I’m sure those two scarred you”, he motioned stil not looking at the male as he gulped down his drink and slid the other drink towards the male.

He had shivered slightly from the strong bitter taste after downing it like water thinking he’d ordered something a little too strong. He finally looked up at his companion and felt his breathe hitch in his throat. The man was beautiful, no, gorgeous. Beautiful eyes decorated with full fluttering lashes some longer at the bottom. Nice tan skin and soft looking brown hair and his clothes were a tight black dress shirt and black leather pants. The male looked quite adorable as he looked terrified of the drink in his hand, so contradicting to the sex appeal he oozed just from what he wore.

“Uh, t-thanks for helping m-me. I just…I’m not good with my liquor. I’m already buzzed”, he murmured embarrassed by this fact as he took the glass and swished it a bit, licking his lips nervously. Yoongi chuckled as he leaned on the counter with one propped up elbow.

“I mean, who cares. You gotta live a little, and what’s the point of going out clubbing if you’re not gonna take a few risks”, Yoongi chuckled, his voice slightly slurring as he spoke. The younger male looked at him for a few seconds as a sad smile spread on his lips.

“Don’t you ever worry about regretting it later?” he asked and Yooni had to pause to compose his thoughts given that the alcohol was working in making him unable to properly think. He licked his lips and shrugged simply.

“There’s a lot of things I regret, but you can’t live with those regrets your whole life or even the day after because they don’t let you move on; they hold you back. It’s better to know you lived and learned”, he explained surprised by his wholesome response despite, almost reaching a point of no return. The laughter and bright smile he was rewarded with was all the more rewarding and made him proud of his response as he found himself captivated by the male next to him.

He gulped when he observed the way the male had brushed aside any further hesitance and downed his drink as well. Yoongi couldn’t help but let his gaze wander down to his neck where his adam’s apple bobbed as he drank, couldn’t help watching the slight liquid that had spilled slightly over his lip until it trickled in a line down his throat. This man who looked staight out of a magazine, and desire pooled in his lower stomach. The slight innocence from this man was endearing and Yoongi wanted to drink that innocence himself.

The brown haired male shook his head violently, sputtering slightly, a goofy smile on his lips. “Oh god! How did you m-make it seem s-so easy…that was strong!” He cooed and Yoongi wondered if the man was such a lightweight to the point that the drink had finished its job and was enough to fully inebriate the handsome man. For the next half hour, Yoongi was content to listening to the young man talk animatedly, amused at how easily alcohol had made the man lower down his guard completely. He liked to stare at his face as his eyes would widen when he talked about something’s particularly exciting and how endearing his smile got when it was wide and boxy.

He looked so familiar, a sense of deja vu consuming him. He made Yoongi nostalgic and he didn’t even understand why. This stranger he knew nothing about was making him feel attached already. Why? He felt a finger poke his forehead as he felt himself flinch. Sweet giggles made him blink as he looked at the male in front of him. “You have this cute pout when you suddenly think”, the brown haired man chuckled, but the black haired male didn’t miss that aroused way he’d said it. Didn’t miss the fogged lust now in his eyes. Didn’t miss when the male was oh so close to him, grasping onto his shirt like a lifeline. And surely didn’t miss when Yoongi himself took the initiative himself to crash his lips desperately on the other’s.

Their hands were fumbling to find their home on each other. The younger chose to tangle his hands in black locks and the elder’s hands took refuge tightly around the male’s waist, pulling him flush against him. Tongues met, teeth clashed every now and then, slightly clumsy from their drunken state, yet they had never felt more aware; more awake and living than in that moment. The younger had suddenly thrusted his hips a bit, his hardness brushing against Yoongi’s own, a groan escaping them both simultaneously. When they finally separated, Yoongi having released the other after his teeth had dragged on the male’s bottom lip, he took in the other male’s appearance again.

He looked so utterly wrecked and just from making out. He was already sweating, lips bitten red and panting harshly, his face having a glowing flush to it. “Let’s get out of here. I live a few streets down”, he’d muttered in the male’s ear, passing a hand swiftly down from the male’s waist to slightly squeeze his ass. A mewl escaped the younger as he nodded vigorously grasping onto the elder’s wrist as he guided them out.

“J-Jimin…he doesn’t k-know”, the male began to say as they walked down the dimly lit dark streets. Yoongi brushed the comments aside muttering that he’d text him as he sent a quick message to Jimin and one to Namjoon, just in case. No longer had they managed to stumble up the stairs and into the apartment when their hands were on each other. No awkwardness involved as clothes were shed as they fidgeted into Yoongi’s room, avoiding from triping. No hesitation as their hands boldly touched and caressed. Yoongi worshiped the male beneath him marking his beautifully tan skin, its taste addicting, like a drug.

The beautiful moans that had spilled from the younger’s lips were like music, music that yoongi wanted to hear more and more off, like a song on replay. Could get used to seeing the male like this and the utter realization that he was already whipped for this man, who he still knew nothing of, had him feeling strange. It was only at the peak of passion that Yoongi realized he didn’t have a name from this beautiful man. As he held this gorgeous male who clung to him as though he’d go insane from the pleasure Yoongi was giving him. The elder kissed up his neck, whispering praises before he asked him.

“Your name…I need your name”, he’d muttered, not withdrawing the speed of his thrusts. The other male panted and keened, but mumbled incoherently. Yoongi coerced him with gentle kisses, but his thrusts weren’t making coherent thoughts possible for the male.

“T-Taehyung…K-Kim Taehyung”, he cried clutching tighter around Yoongi, and suddenly Yoongi felt sober. It had to be coincidence right? He slowed down slightly, a whine escaping Taehyung’s lips. He opened his eyes questioningly and saw the intense gaze from the male above him. Yoongi had recognized it then. The smile and those eyes. How had he not seen it before? He had found a renewed energy as he thrusted at a ruthless pace once more, feeling his forgotten emotions from his past rising up again and fluttering in his chest warmly. To know he had his first love in his arms, and pouring all his passion into him. Having him unravel beautiful under his touch and him alone, filled him with pride.

At the moment he didn’t care for explanations. Could give lees fucks about why he had left in the moment because all that mattered was that he was her now and under him and amazing and so gorgeous. The answers would come later. His kisses had become more fervent and persistent, wanted to mark him more and more. Taehyung keened and begged, nails digging at his back, overwhelmed by everything he was feeling. A feeling he’d never experienced before and the male above him didn’t need to know that.

“Taetae”, Yoongi had dared to mumble in the male’s ear, a nickname he’d given this same person long ago. He felt Taehyung tighten around him even more as he looked at him eyes wide and shock. A slight feeling of recognition flashing to his eyes, as he panted.

“who…ahhh fuck….who are you?” he’d moan, trying to keep himself thinking.

“its me…Yoongi…Min Yoongi…your hyung”, he simply responded and Taehyung’s eyes suddenly teared up as he launched his arms around him, sobs escaping his lips.

“H-Hyung! Yoongi hyung!”, he began to scream as though in a mantra as though Yoongi would suddenly vanish in thin air if he didn’t. It was followed by apologies and so much longing. “Hyung…I’m close. Yoongi hyung…please”, he’d cried and Yoongi was too, but instead of saying anything, he’d simply kissed him passionately, all the loneliness and longing pouring into that one kissed as though it would be the last time. And they were both gone, coming together and tears were spilled, unspoken emotions lingering in the air, and there was no going back


Days had passed since that day, Yoongi had woken up and Taehyung was gone. Not a trace left behind as though a repetition in history. “You look miserable, hyung”, Namjoon had said one particular afternoon while they were working in the shop. Yoongi had drowned himself in customers to tire himself out, making tattoo after tattoo to distract himself. All the while, his thoughts had gone to Taehyung who’d disappeared so suddenly and chose the most awkward of ways to come back to his life. Yoongi had realized that night, that he’d never stopped loving Taehyung. Because it was love, not just a crush like he’d previously thought.

He shrugged and made a slight noise in response as Namjoon sighed. “Hyung, is it Jimin’s friend?” he had suddenly asked casually. Yoongi whipped his head at that and Namjoon knew he’d hit right on mark. Yoongi noticed his knowing look and frowned looking away, as he stood up straight from his crouching position to dispose of the black latex gloves he’s been wearing.

“Yeah, it was”, he quietly admitted, hearing a slight hum. It was quiet then or at least it seemed like to them even when customers were still piling in. Yoongi walked behind the counter to retrieve a new set of gloves before Namjoon’s voice spoke up.

“Go”, he’d said simply making the black haired male looking at him in confusion. “Go to him, hyung. I don’t know what happened, but it obviously seems like you guys must of known each other before. So go before you end up regretting it”, he smiled, a warm and encouraging smile.

Yoongi licked his lips nervously. “What aboutbthe customers?” he asked almost seeming to find an excuse to avoid this; to try and convince himself he shouldn’t.

“Hyung”, Namjoon dead panned. “Go. to. him. I’ll worry about the customers and you need to go and find your happiness!”

No longer the words had left and Yoongi sprinted out the shop. He hated exercise more than he hated waking up, but there he was running as fast as he could while dialing Jimin.. “Hey hy-”

“Where is he?” he interrupted the younger.

“who? Hyung you okay?” Jimin muttered at the other end in concern.

“Yes I’m fucking fantastic. And I meant Taehyung. Where is Taetae?” he breathed out quickly and almost out of breath. He really was gonna call out a cab or something, but time was money or well whatever it was for him. So he ran faster, pushing agaisnt crowds of people muttering quick apologies.

“Oh, Tae’s with his kiddos! He should be teaching in his classroom. 103 A!” Jimin chirped not bothering to question why his hyung needed to see his best friend. Yoongi hung up, reminding himself to apologize to Jimin later as he saw the gates of the elementary school come to view. He felt gross and sweaty as he ran inside, relief invading him as he felt the cool air lf the AC hit him.

He walked to the front desk, the secretary giving him a confused look as he struggled to breathe. “I…need to…see…Kim Taehyung”, he almost demanded as the nice desk lady only nodded with an almost knowing smile. Did all women have some sort of psychic intuition or some shit? He took the visitors pass and stuck the sticker on his chest crookedly, more preoccupied with finding the room and feeling stupid to see it’s the first door straight ahead.

He feels his heart begin to race as he approaches the door carefully, thankful for the small window showing the inside. And just as his eyes fell on the man he was looking for he felt his breath hitch. If he thought Taehyung was beautiful before, he seemed so gorgeous and ethereal when he was just himself. He wore a silk champagne long sleeve, slightly old fashioned, but elegant and classy on his frame, tucked into black pants a pair or cute red glasses perched on his strong nose, wide boxy smile on display as he animatedly talked to his children.

Those glasses were the heaviest reminder of their childhood. He could fully see him clear as day and felt a warmth blooming in his chest seeing him soew laughter and giggles from his lips as his kids asked question after question and Yoongi was in love. There was a moment when Taehyung’s expression became neutral as though he felt watched and his eyes wandered to the door before his eyes widened immensely. He looked both ashamed and bashful and quickly averted his gaze, his mannerisms turning nervous and hesitant for the rest of the period.

The kids ran out, yelling excited goodbyes of “Mr. Kim” as they ran down the halls, another teacher scolding them for running seconds after. Yoongi stepped inside the classroom as Taehying eyed him wearily, a prominent blush spread prettily across his tan cheeks. “H-Hyung…” he muttered. He looked about ready to cry.

“You left that morning. Days ago. I wondered why”, Yoongi said simply as he looked around at the many drawing hanging from a string. Taehyung bit his lip, and the black haired male had caught the sight briefly trying to keep himself from biting that lips himself. The male before him was just adorable.

“I just…I didn’t think…I didn’t think I deserved to be there”, he said suddenly, genuine words and worries. “I hurt you and left without saying anything. I was forced to leave because back then…i had feelings for you”, he confessed, looking away from Yoongi like he’d said something disgusting and felt ashamed.

Yoongi’s eyes widened unable to control himself and more as he grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him before pushing him against the whiteboard. He felt his heart constrict painfully seeing those pretty eyes full of tears. “Where you that scared that you left?” Yoongi had asked and Taehyung shook his head slowly in disagreement.

“No, I was going to confess…b-but my parents f-found out and t-they said that my feelings were a sin, thats it was unholy. They thought keeping me away and taking me someplace else would change that or ‘cure’ me, but…I…I could never forget you” he managed to say both confident and in shame.

“And you don’t have to…I’m here…And same as you I’ve always loved you. I need…no, i want you to be with me. Even then, I had feelings for you too”, Yoongi muttered burying his face in taehyung’s neck, wanting to stick as close as possible. Taehyung sniffled his hands grasping tightly onto the elder’s shoulders desperately.

“Hyung, I don’t deserve to be loved by you…I…I”, he began to ramble hopelessly and no longer had Yoongi grasped his face and pressed his lips on the younger’s. A kiss yet again showing that Yoongi had forgiven him and loved him even more than he did before. Taehyung kissed back just as hard, hands pawing at his shoulders till he reached his hair. “Hyung…”

“Whatever happened, happened. Remember what I said? That you shouldn’t let regrets hold you back?” he muttered softly onto the male’s lips, receiving a soft nod. “Well you shouldn’t blame yourself. I still love you. I still want you. More than ever”,

“Really? Even after what I did?”

“That wasn’t your fault…Now say it. Say you’ll be mine, Taetae, and I’ll be yours”, he whispered like a prayer, hopefully, as he interlaced their fingers together. Taehyung’s teary face and wide smile was enough answer as he nodded vigorously. “Yes hyung. I’m all yours and you’re mine”, he muttered before he leaned forward to catch Yoongi’s lips sweetly. Yoongi had never felt happier and even when Jimin had come in screaming in delight and to tease him, he couldn’t bother to be angry or embarrassed. Not when the man he loved was at his side now and had laughed so beautifully, clutching onto him and hiding his face in his neck, bashful. He was finally and truly complete.

It almost seemed ironic how opposite they were. Taehyung the cute, innocent and adorable teacher while Yoongi was that tough looking tattoo artist, an unlikely pair. But they were so content, Yoongi spending his breaks from work to take Taehyung some coffee and, when he was feeling rather sappy and gross, some flowers. It was rewarding to see the huge blush that swept his cheeks when he took the bouquet in his arms a bright and bashful smile ever present. Not that Yoongi was any different when Taehyung would come bouncing into his shop with a huge grin on his days off to bring some lunch for the elder. The way his expression soften as he approached with a bag in his hand and sweetly kiss him. Yoongi felt his face heat up in embarrassment and his stomach fill with butterflies everytime. His customers would coo over them and it was then that younger had realized his actions and become extremely flustered, cutely so.

“I love you, hyung! See you later!” The younger would yelled waving dramatically after he went to leave as Yoongi smiled and returned the wave. Oh man, he was so whipped. Truly meeting Taehyung was something he would never regret.

((I hope it wasn’t too bad rip ;;)

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 4

Here it is, the final chapter of Powerless! Enjoy everyone, and thank you all so much for all the support you’ve given me while writing this series, it means so much. Im so grateful for all of you, and have a Merry Christmas!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

One year later

The doorbell rang, and (y/n) swore, pulling the towel off her head and throwing it on the floor of her bathroom. She ran downstairs as the doorbell continued to ring, opening the door to her neighbour and her screaming baby.

“Thank you so much.” Carol said in a rush, shoving the toddler into (y/n)’s arms. “I don’t know how long I’ll be, I’ve gotta take Nikki to the hospital, but call if you need anything alright?”

(Y/n)’s mouth fell open. “I’m sorry what?” She shifted the screaming baby on her hip, then realized what she was doing and tried to hand the child back to his mother. “Carol, there’s been some sort of mix up, I can’t–”

“You said a few days ago that if Nikki got worse I could leave Lucas with you.” Carol looked distressed. “You said you were off work all week, and I really need this. Please, I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate.”

“No I, I am off work but I have errands to run today and I can’t–”

“Just take Lucas with you. He’s a very good boy you won’t even notice he’s there.”

(Y/n)’s mouth opened as she tried to figure out a way to say, I don’t feel comfortable bringing your baby with me to a maximum security prison to pick up an ex-convict who is moving in with me. Before she could find the words Carol handed her a diaper bag and left, jumping in her minivan and speeding off with a final thank you and a wave. She was left standing on her porch with a baby playing with the wet strands of her hair and a carseat at her feet.

“Alright.” she looked down at Lucas, who blinked at her. “I guess you’re coming to prison with me. Does that sound fun?” She bounced him on her hip and he squealed. “No, no it does not. Alright kid, let’s do it.”

The drive took two hours, and Lucas slept the entire time. He woke up as (y/n) pulled into Belle Reve’s visitor gate, signing in with a guard she recognized from her time working there, babbling happily as she pulled her car into the small selection of parking spaces between the first and second gates. She picked him up out of the car seat and carried him on her hip to the second gate, where Griggs himself was waiting, smiling slimily.

“Didn’t think we’d be seeing you around here any time soon (y/l/n). And certainly not with a kid.” The guard looked her over, ignoring her glare. “Who’s the dad? Is it Diablo? That’s messed up.”

“He’s not mine.” She said, cutting him off and ignoring the rest of his comments. “What do I need to sign?”

“Here.” He slid her a few forms, rolling his eyes when he couldn’t get a fun reaction out of her. “You know, it looks like this kid is the right age for when–”

“I’m gonna stop you right there.” (Y/n) snapped, putting Lucas down beside her and covering his ears with her hands. “I don’t have to put up with this crap anymore, and I’m not going to. Shut up or I’ll kick your ass.”

“Woah.” Griggs was still smiling, but he looked scared. “Alright, hey calm down. It was just some friendly chit chat until–”

“Opening the gate!”

(Y/n) looked up, ignoring Griggs, as Chato walked through the gate. It was rare to see him in street clothes, but he was wearing his letterman with a mostly empty bag slung over his shoulder. He was looking around, and his eyes fell on her almost immediately, shock flashing across his face as he saw the child by her feet. She sighed, picked up Lucas, and walked over.

“That’s a kid.” Chato said by way of greeting. Lucas waved at him and he blinked in surprise, turning to (y/n) for answers.

“He’s not mine.” She said immediately. Chato tried to hide his sigh of relief. She arched an eyebrow at him. “Would it be a problem if he was?”

“No.” Chato said immediately. “I just, you never mentioned him before, and it might not be a good idea to have me in a home with… you know.”

She nodded, guilt tightening her stomach. “I’m sorry, you’re right. Don’t worry, he’s not mine, he just got dumped on me at the last minute so we’re stuck with him for the day.” She looked him over, noticing that he was wide eyed, and a little nervous. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

He nodded. “It’s time.”

“Are you sure? I didn’t mean to put any pressure on you when I visited last month, I just–”

He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. “It’s fine. Honest. Let’s just get outta here alright?”

She nodded, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling. “Alright then, let’s go.”

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anonymous asked:

How you the boys feel if Candy/ Guardienne left without a trace?

It’s the fourth time I try to write this.

Also, I don’t get notifications about the requests I’m ???

Well, but I hope you like it! I was a bit clueless about what to do with this one :v

Lots of love <3



  • Nath would be a bit clueless and broken?
  • Like yesterday you were smiling and loving him
  • And then he wakes up and you’re not there
  • He tries to wait for you but then notices some of your clothes are gone, your phone, computer… everything.
  • There was no ticket or an explanation, you just left.
  • He would feel so empty and confuse, was it something he did? Or were you suffering in silence?
  • He would try his best not to freak out and call to your family and friends, but they had no idea you left.
  • He will definitely report it to the police
  • Life without you wasn’t the same, he didn’t know what to feel, say or do. He was devasted,


  • Castiel would feel so betrayed like, he trusted you everything and loved you with all his heart and you just left him without an explanation or even a talk?
  • He couldn’t trust anyone but you so in the end he cries a lot.
  • Probably overthinks about this, has insomnia, doesn’t even eat.
  • Will also contact your friends and family
  • Would risk his life to search for you
  • This guy is pretty stubborn so I kinda doubt he will stop searching for you soon.
  • He just wants you in his arms again ):


  • Would probably be clueless and didn’t even care at the beginning. 
  • He thought that you left to go shopping or something so he didn’t pay THAT attention.
  • But the time passes and he notices some of your things are gone and like?? You didn’t even call
  • Tries to call you but it doesn’t even ring
  • Starts to get worried and calls your friends, family, the school and maybe the hospital
  • And then he gets desesperate, notice your clothes aren’t even there
  • How did he not notice? But mostly, how didn’t he notice that you weren’t okay?
  • Heartbroken seriously.
  • Maybe will try to search for you and tell the police, but will accept your will to go and give up.


  • He wouldn’t also notice at first. Since he’s a bit of an air head he thought that you probably told him where you went but he forgot.
  • He messages you, but if after like 7 hours you don’t reply/call he will be worried.
  • Called you, but it didn’t ring.
  • Called your family but they didn’t knew anything about you in days.
  • Starts to get worried and looks in the house: your favourite perfume? not there! your clothes? gone! letters? no where to be found!
  • Thinks that he did something wrong, probably crying, not too much.
  • Tries to search for clues but then remembers he can try to localize you through your phone signal!
  • He runs to the place the signal caught you lastly, is devasted to see that you’re not there.
  • Can’t find a clue about you, tries to run through the roads and forests and in the end, he just gives hope, but never loses the hope that one day you’ll be back. In the first months whenever Alexy unlocks the door, he thinks that it’s you, but you’re never there.
  • Heartbroken, sad.


  • This boy would notice just from feeling that the bed was too cold!
  • Goes to the kitchen, bathroom, garden, living room, attic… And gets a bit desesperated! You always tell him where are you going before leaving! 
  • Also, 7am? You would never wake up that early, he knows it!
  • Any of your clothes were there, nor shoes, jewelry, computer.
  • Tries to call you, he does ring but no one answers.
  • Would freak out and call the police.
  • Will remember after to call your parents and friends, but they don’t know anything.
  • Never gives up, he will find you one day and he stills is very positive about that!
  • Will cry himself to sleep.
  • Is really heartbroken.



  • Would def. be worried like, where do you think you went alone lady?
  • Would ask EVERYONE if they have seen you, probably gets answers like “no” and “I was searching for her too”.
  • Asks the guards if they have seen you leaving the gates, but they say they don’t.
  • “Oh so she flew?”
  • Thinks you were kidnapped by someone! Makes everything he can to find clues of anything!
  • Tries to find you by your smell, steps that ended in the middle of nowhere, like did you fucking fly?
  • He’s so worried and sad, but also a bit salty you didn’t told him anything, like he fucking trusted you what the hell.
  • The Shadow Guard (idk) will defenitely be searching for you if the Light Guard didn’t want to.
  • Would be so hurt, you didn’t even said anything…
  • NEVER gives up.


  • Searches for you, doesn’t find you, gets mad at you, stops.
  • You had things to do with him today.
  • Random people start asking him if he has seen you and he’s like “I thought she was with you????”
  • Searches for you even in the damn toilet!
  • His heart is beating so fast, he’s not joking anymore!
  • Starts screaming for your name, sends his pet to search you in all places he can!
  • Searches the forest alone and with help of the guard.
  • Tries to make a potion that can find you, will probably make the absynthe guard help him do it. (like you drop it on the floor and you can see X people steps)
  • Everyone is like ???, specially his guard because he’s normally so chill he’s never mad or anything so they really obey him and try to satisfy him.
  • SISTAR’s Alone mood for sure: “Walks alone, cries alone, gets drunk alone, and cries and cries again, can’t sleep because of you”.
  • He’s half heartbroken and half mad.
  • Loses hope but out of nowhere he finds random clues that gives him 7 minutes of hope.


  • Oh Dear, I have no idea about you Valk.
  • Would be sad, heartbroken and desesperate like the others where!
  • Would try to be a detective and find clues, but fails.
  • Reports this to Miiko after making sure everyone in his Guard and his “close friends” like the boys, kero, ykhar where already informed and asked to search for you with him.
  • Half of him gives up, but the other one doesn’t.
  • Is really stubborn about anything.
  • Thinks if he didn’t say anything that might hurt you.
  • w o r r i e d (people do this sometimes, it seemed cool so I did it too :|)
  • Can’t sleep correctly.
  • You should’ve stayed with him.
  • Doesn’t accept *inserts annoying voice* “we did everything we could” like stfu and keep searching.
imagine #18

character - Gally

words - 1444

warnings - slight violence

description - You challenge Gally to a fight at the bonfire to show you’re not weak.

a/n - requested by @megashadowgirl ; i took the liberty of adding a little more to this request, but i hope you still enjoy it!

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A Milky Way gave me breath - chapter 5

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

Resume of the fic/imagine: Reader is new to Beacon Hills High School. Her first day starts very badly, and the panic rises. Chance or destiny makes sure that a person well-accustomed to panic attacks passes by at the right time.

But a Milky Way can’t take away all the stress… Or maybe…?

In this chapter: Finally it’s the date! Nothing bad can happen… right?

Word count: 2414 (yeah longer for the last chapter!)

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warning: contains social anxiety, panic attacks, but fluff and supportive subject

A/N: finally, the final chapter! I made it longer, and hope y’all love the ending! I really enjoyed writing this story, and I’m happy that so many people like it too; I didn’t think it would be that popular! So since this story is done, I have more time for requests! And I’ll also write a void stiles fic!

It was the big day, and a mix of apprehension, fear, nervousness and excitement habited my whole body. The meeting was at 7 pm, in front of the cinema. It was only 5pm, and I was in front of my wardrobe trying to pick up a suit, for already 25 minutes. What should I choose? Simple, with my usual clothes a little big but comfortable? Remaining myself? Or take out my best clothes, those who haven’t seen the light since my parents wedding? A dress? A skirt? Jeans? A shirt?

I bit my lower lip, pensive and nervous, my foot tapping regularly on the floor. I had no idea what to put on. Besides, I had not started to do my hair. Should I put on makeup? But we’re going to see a movie, in the cinema, where the lights are off! It was useless to try making myself all pretty. Anyway, he was probably going to be more interested in the movie than me. And then, I was back to stress for nothing, like an idiot.

I sat on my bed, desperate, putting my head in my hands. I had tears in my eyes, I felt stupid to worry like that only for a date with a guy … a terribly cute and attractive guy, and oh how nice.

I blush just thinking about it. I got up, wiping my eyes to stare again at my wardrobe.

I made my decision.

The movie was starting at 7:30 pm, but we agreed to meet earlier in order to have good seats and popcorn. Faithful to myself and my fear of being late, I arrived an hour in advance. I decided to put on a pretty pale blue shirt with a simple pair of black jeans as an outfit. And for my hair, I decided to leave it natural.  I also put some light makeup on the edge of my eyes. So there I was, waiting in front of the cinema, the fear and the nervousness giving me very bad belly aches for almost an hour and this, while glancing at my cellphone to look at the time advancing, or If I had received a text message.

Time passed slowly, and the chill of the falling night shook me. I looked around hoping to see him arrive with his pretty smile, but the street was empty, except for the many people entering the cinema, laughing and holding hands. I watched them pass and sighed while consulting for an umpteenth times my cellphone, which was starting to seriously run out of battery.


He was only 50 minutes late, and 20 minutes of missing movie, it wasn’t so bad … he was going to come, he promised me.

I put my arms against my body to warm myself. And the time went on, without any trace of the Milky Way boy anywhere. The sky was covering with menacing clouds and the moon disappeared beneath them.

Then the rain fell hard, something I hadn’t seen for ages. It is true that it often rained at Beacon Hills, but each time I do everything not to go out. I hate rain, I found it cold and sad.


I closed my eyes with tears running down my cheeks. He wasn’t coming. Why would he come anyway…?

My hopes melted like a candle under the heat of a flame. And despite my hatred for the rain, I went out my shelter to walk home. I had come by bus, but no one was passing at that time. Stiles were supposed to take me home after the movie, but Stiles was not there and would not come. So I walked, one step in front of the other in the water that was accumulating on the side of the road, as sadness accumulated in my heart.

I didn’t notice, however, that my phone had died a long time ago.

Third Pov

“Shit, it really had to happen today, huh? Today, the only day I just want to spend without werewolves or other supernatural creatures that came out of nowhere to kill us? Is it too much asked? ”

“Shut up and help me walk …”

“No, Scott, I will not be silent! It was you who planned everything so that I could ask her to go out with me, one evening, Scott, and that same evening you asked me to come with you to see a dead body at the morgue? “Oh, it will not be long, you will not be late? ”“

Scott spat blood, holding his belly scarred by four distinct marks, scratches.

"I couldn’t know that the body wasn’t dead …”

Stiles rolled his eyes as he carried Scott on his shoulder to help him walk (stagger) into the empty corridors of the hospital basement where the morgue was, leaving a long streak of blood behind them.

“She will never want to talk to me after that, that’s for sure …”

“Stiles! I think it’s more important to settle our situation now than your missed date! "Scott interrupted as he saw the undead body in front of them, threatening, his yellow eyes shining in the dim light.

"Okay, we’re dead.”

Then, out of nowhere came a short-haired girl wearing short jeans with blue-glazed eyes and another girl with long black hair holding a not reassuring at all katana darkened on the enemy like two super entrained ninjas, and succeeded in putting him down in less than two seconds.

Stiles turned his face to his friend with a bewildered expression.

“You are the alpha and it’s a kitsune and a werecoyote who do all the work?”

Scott grunted, shooting Stiles with his red eyes.

“If he hadn’t opened my belly …”

“Yeah, yeah, excuses,” Stiles grumbled before walking up to the girls. Kira ran towards them (towards his boyfriend actually), and came to unload Stiles from his heavy load.

“Scott, are you okay?” “

"Yes, it will heal,” he replied before grinning a reassuring smile.

For his part, the only human of the group grabbed his cell phone to watch the time.


He glared at the rest of the pack before looking at what a poor state he was, his clothes freshly bought for the occasion covered with blood.

“Run at your house to change, text all the excuses of the world and go join her,” his best friend said by giving him a friendly pat on the back to encourage him.

Stiles nodded and ran off.

His phone showed 20:03.

By the time he arrives at home, changes and leaves for the place of meeting, half an hour has passed and the rain has begun to fall. He had tried to text her almost twenty times, but all his messages remained unanswered. Stiles nervously poked his thumbs against the wheel of his jeep. He hoped she was still there waiting for him. That she would understand and accepts his apologies.

He hoped, but he knew there were slight chances that this would be the case.

When Stiles arrived in front of the cinema, he rushed out of his car without closing the door. Soon he got soaked by the rain. He looked everywhere, shouted her name, called her, but no answer. He even went inside the cinema. Nothing.

Fear and panic began to gain him and he had to lean against the wall to calm his breath to prevent a panic attack. It wasn’t the time. If Y / N weren’t in front of or in the cinema, she had to be on her way home, walking under the cold rain…

Stiles rushed towards his jeep and lit the headlights.

Reader pov

The road was long up to my house, and soaked like I was, I was going to be sick for sure. I was feeling the cold biting my bones. Luckily, the rain masked the tears that didn’t want to stop flowing.

A bright light lit up the street in front of me, sign that a car was about to pass. I walked away, hoping that the driver would see me and not sprinkle more water on me, but the car didn’t pass near me. It stopped behind, the engine still rumbling and I heard a door open.

“Y / N!”

My feet stopped moving by themselves and I rotated my body to look at the person who had just spoken. The Milky Way boy.

To see him in front of me, I didn’t know if I had to be relieved, offended or even sadder.

“You’re late …,” I managed to say after a while.

His face was defeated, sad and guilty. He kept licking his soaked lips and blinking quickly to clear his gaze from the water that seemed to blurry it. Then, Stiles spread his arms as a sign of defeat.

“I’m sorry … I did my best to arrive on time but …”

He didn’t finish his sentence, as if the reason behind his delay was private. I felt betrayed.

“Why … why have you invited me if you’re not even able to find a credible lie to explain why you’ve let me wait for hours, no news or text messages…”

I raised the tone to make myself be heard under the sound of the rain that buzzed in our ears.

“But I sent you tons of messages!” “

I bent my head and understood.

"My cellphone is dead …”

I passed a trembling hand on my face.

Stiles approached me and put his arms over my shoulders.

“You’re cold … come on, let’s get inside.”

I let myself go, sticking to him more than I thought I could. For the moment I was cold and the idea of ​​getting warm again seemed welcoming.

“But we missed the movie,” I mumbled sadly.

“I have a lot of great movies at home,” he answered, smiling.

It was the first time I went to Stiles. And it was also the first time I went into a boy’s room, which, moreover, apologized for his messy room.

After giving me a towel and lending a few dry and warm clothes, Stiles apologized and went to talk to his father who had just returned from work. He had to tell him why a wet girl in his room was wearing his clothes. I took advantage of it to look around. His bed was against the wall, walls that contained many posters. In the middle of the room, now stuck on the opposite wall for space was a big transparent table that police inspectors usually have to solve cases. It was covered with many pictures and unreadable inscriptions. But it wasn’t my business and despite the curious desire to look, I didn’t. That would’ve been rude of me.

I was waiting since a couple of minutes when I realized I was wearing Stiles’ clothes.

His clothes that had touched his pale skin. His clothes with a peculiar smell, a captivating scent.

I made sure that he was still far from the room to put the sweater sleeve near my nose to smell it. Immediately, a mixture of laundry soap and his own odor tickled my nose and raised the red to my cheeks. What was I doing?

“Everything is in order.”

I jumped more than I wanted when I heard him speak and lowered my arm immediately, not subtle. I hoped he had seen nothing!

Stiles lowered his head and scratched it nervously, looking at the ground before raising it, and stretching out his hand towards me.  He wanted me to take it? I didn’t move immediately, hesitant, but ended up taking it. His hand was large comparing to mine, and it was warm.

“Your hand is cold,” he whispered in a low voice before taking my other hand to warm them. I sniffled, embarrassed, and then crossed his magnificent look. My heart got even more excited, and I really hoped it would calm down.

“Yeah, I … I’m a little cold I think …” I mumbled, absorbed by his eyes that never looked away from me.

“I’m sorry again for …”

I nodded my head, not letting go of his gaze.

“You must have your reasons, I …”

He approached me, and I had to raise my head not to lose sight of his face. He was a few inches away, and strangely, except for my heart that was drumming loudly in my chest, I wasn’t afraid. My social anxiety was gone. I just felt very close to Stiles, safe. I didn’t need to hide. Of course, both of us had our little secrets, but at the time, it didn’t matter that much because I knew that very quickly there would be no barrier between us.

“So, you give me a second chance?” he whispered softly as he approached his face towards mine. My cheeks burned me, my legs became weak and my breathing accelerated.

I nodded positively.

He came closer again and I didn’t draw back. I was tired of running away, of avoiding people out of fear of being judged. I didn’t want to run away from Stiles.

So, it was I who take the initiative. I crossed the few inches that separated us and I put my lips softly against his. It was the first time I kissed a boy, so I was a little clumsy but soon Stiles guided me. He put his big hands against my waist to bring me closer and I found myself sticking to his chest. His lips moved slowly against mine so that I could get used to their shapes, textures, taste.

And it was very good.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I didn’t focus on them. I let them act on their own. They rested against his face and I found myself stroking his cheeks gently, and even passing a hand through his hair still wet by the rain.

When our mouths parted, I left my hands against his face, which was very close to mine. Our eyes never ceased to look at each other, magnetised.

I was still stroking his cheek when Stiles broke the silence.

“I … I think I love you, Y / N …”

My heart stopped beating as I understood the meaning of his words. But my gaze was suddenly attracted by something my thumb was touching on his cheek and I smiled.

“I love you too … my Milky Way.”

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anonymous asked:

Romanced Companions (+Factions leaders) react to Sole disappearing without a trace with Sole and companions (newborn) child. Only thing left behind was a note or holotape saying they were sorry.

For those who cannot have children, they’ve adopted!

Sole dried their eyes with their hands and inhaled deeply. They had just finished writing a small note in their best handwriting, addressed to their partner. They couldn’t do this anymore. Sole looked down at their son/daughter and stroked their small nose. Somehow, despite Sole’s tears their child slept safe and sound. “Don’t worry, we’ll stick together, yeah?”
A few tears dropped onto Sole’s baby’s face and they quickly wiped them off. With their child in their arms, Sole got up from their chair and wandered out into the night…


Cait: “Sole?” Cait called out, walking into their room. “Hey I uh, got the food you wanted…” 
Cait looked around at the empty room, confused as to where Sole and their kid was. She puts the packet of Snack Cakes on their desk and noticed a small bit of crumpled paper, lying in the dust. Carefully, she picked the note up and began to read it - It was clear that Sole wrote it, it was their handwriting. “I’m… Sorry” she repeated, reading it out loud. Suddenly it clicked, Sole really was gone, never to be seen again. 

Curie: Curie picked up the note and read Sole’s eloquent handwriting. ‘I’m sorry’? Sorry for what? Where did they go? Where was her baby? Confused, she put down the note and walked over to their bed. On it lay some of Sole’s possessions that they could never be seen without. It was then that Curie realised that Sole must’ve just got up and left without her. Was it something she said? Or did? She was trying her hardest to come to terms with this new body but she did not realize she was this bad. Tears began to fall as she sat on the bed, playing with an object of Sole’s in her hand.

Paladin Danse: Danse had just finished modding one of his weapons when Nick Valentine came trundling over to him. What did the Synth want? If it was another dumb comment Danse was sure he would hurt him. He turned around and looked at the Synth, his face hung in sadness with a small note in his hand. “Danse, I don’t wanna bother you at the moment but, I found this…” Nick said, outstretching a hand to Danse. Frowning, Danse hesitated before snatching the paper from Valentine’s hand and unfolding it to read it. He looked at the note again and then back at Nick, wanting some sort of explanation. “Sole, they’ve gone… And they’ve taken your kid…” 
Danse keeps quiet before walking away and folding the paper back up. He knew they could never really love a machine.

Deacon: So this was it huh? The end. Deacon saw this coming a mile off, he admits, why didn’t he talk to them about it? He folds up the paper and puts it in his back pocket. There wasn’t anything here for him anymore, he’d lost both of his loves - and for what? What did he do? Deacon takes his glasses off for a moment and dries his eyes, putting them back on quickly afterwards. He returns to the Railroad and makes a few changes to himself, trying to leave the situation behind.

Hancock: “After all this time, huh trouble?” he whispered, placing the note back on the desk and then proceeding to jab his knife into the desk so it was fully wedged in there. They had his kid, they were his world and they just decided to get up and leave without any notice or any confrontation about his actions? Great. He reaches into his pocket and grabs some jet, sitting by their bedside and staring at the wall. “One last trip” he breathes out, taking the jet.

MacCready: MacCready flicks the light switch on the bedroom and is met with an empty room and an empty cot. Where the hell was Sole? He’d been looking for them almost all day and now he was getting majorly worried. “Sole..?” he whispered into the emptiness, hoping this was all a trick. MacCready noticed that Sole’s silver locket was laying on the bed and beside it lay a small note and he walked up to it. Checking nobody was around, he opened the note and read the two words written on it in scruffy and rushed handwriting. “I’m sorry…” he repeated, looking down at the locket and then towards the empty cot. Oh god.

Piper: She picks up Sole’s locket and drapes it around her neck. Piper had just read the note and she couldn’t believe that they had just gone. Tears fall down her rosy cheeks and she collapses onto the floor, holding the note and a stuffed animal that she bought for her kid. Cait heard her cries and she came into the room to comfort her. Piper explained how their relationship wasn’t going so great at the moment and that this really was the last straw. The two girls stay in the room, knowing Sole was never coming back.

Preston Garvey: Preston heard heavy footsteps approach and somebody clearing their throat. It was Sturges. He tapped Preston and he swung around to face him, asking what was the matter. Sturges handed the paper over, “It was from your partner..” he says simply before walking off to do some repairs. Preston holstered his gun and opened the paper, reading the words ‘I’m sorry’. What did they mean? Sorry for what? He goes over to their house and double checks inside, seeing a small locket, Sole’s locket, draped over the arm of a chair. Had they really. Gone?

Nick Valentine: When he finds out the Sole has left, he attempts to go after them, wandering through the Commonwealth and checking every place that they could potentially be. He eventually gets too tired to continue and just stays in a small bunker. Nick opens up the note once more and reads it again. These two words were all he had left of Sole and his kid. Sole shouldn’t be sorry, he should be sorry. He clearly wasn’t good enough for them, he was some old knocked-up synth, of course he wasn’t good enough. 
“I’m sorry” he says, over and over.

X6-88: “Sole…” he calls, walking quickly through Sanctuary, checking every possible place they could be. He checks with Preston to see where they went and his cheerful smile soon changed into a frown and his face hung in sadness. He explains that they left a while back with X6′s baby boy/girl, without a trace. Preston then takes his hat off and hands X6 a bit of paper that Sole wanted to give to him. “It’s for you…” Preston explains, before walking off to go back on patrol. X6 unfolds it and reads it, staying silent before relaying back into the institute. The Commonwealth wasn’t bright anymore.

Bonus!Elder Maxson: Maxson heard the door knock and he called out to whoever was going to grace him with their presence to come in. A Brotherhood Knight stepped in, closing the door behind them. “Permission to speak Elder…” they asked, giving the Brotherhood salute. Arthur looked over his shoulder and locked his terminal before rising out of his chair. “Permission granted.” he mumbled, wondering why they had bothered to annoy him at this time of night. “Sir your, partner, sir, they left you this note. I-I last saw them with your child.. Leaving.” the knight said, walking up to Elder Maxson and handing him the note. Arthur sighed and opened the paper, reading the two words written on it. He paused for a while and told the Knight to leave, quickly. The young man scurried out of the room and Maxson sat back down at the terminal, taking a swig of his alcohol. He’d just lost two of his loves, including his heir. Should he send out a search party? No, he knew he was bad enough a partner and father as it was, he cared about Sole too much to make them hurt again.

respire and repeat

reylo tlj drabble, angst, G

She’s seven when she sees him for the first time; a small boy of similar age to her with thick, dark locks that seemed unable to hide his painfully large ears. He just stands there, watching her with an expressionless face as the busy scavengers pay no mind to him. Being a child herself, Rey shies away from him, too timid and too tired from cleaning broken parts to use her precious energy to talk to a stranger.

She doesn’t see the boy at Niima Outpost again.

The next time she sees him is during a particularly rough night of fevers, a virus going around putting most of Unkar Plutt’s scavengers out of commission. She coughs and reaches for her cup of water weakly, only to knock it over at the sight of the boy in her AT-AT. Again, he doesn’t say anything and neither does she. Instead, she passes out and believes it to be a dream. Nothing more.

The third time he appears, she chalks it up as a hallucination due to hunger pains from days of starvation. She knows something is definitely not right when she thinks she hears the boy speak, soft whispers cradling her to sleep.

‘Breathe. Just breathe, and it’ll all be okay.’

She doesn’t speak of it or document the boy anywhere, a part of her too terrified to acknowledge the apparition. As the years pass, his visits are more or less sporadic. There’s no schedule or warning when he appears, and there’s no guarantee he will ever speak to her again, but when he does, it’s the same phrase.

‘Just breathe, and it’ll all be okay.’

As a child, she has no idea what to do with that information. Growing from her teen to her young adult years, she realises that breathing is all she could do. Whether it is from a nasty sprain from one of her scavenging trips, or her stomach clawing from the inside as her body begged for more food, breathing is all she could do to numb the pain.

How to breathe. How many breaths to take. Long and deep or short and shallow? From her stomach or from her diaphragm?

Such questions preoccupies and distracts her mind from whatever unfortunate situation she finds herself in.

Situations like now.

“Fulfill your destiny.”

She tries not to scream with her teeth clenched tightly together, but they escape her throat anyways. With difficulty, she tries to breathe. A few wisps of air through her teeth and a small inhale through her nose is all she can muster. With her hands forced at her sides, it’s like a heavy hand wraps around her frame and presses down on her chest, squeezing every precious bit of air from her lungs.

‘Remember, just breathe.’

Through the blur of her watery eyes, she makes out the silent boy of Jakku. The one who disappeared without a trace, but always appeared when she was in pain. The one she is sure no one could see but her.

There’s someone talking behind her, but she doesn’t care. All she can see is the boy, still young like he hadn’t aged a day.

She suddenly falls to the ground, her bones screaming as she hits the floor with a dull thud. There’s more talking behind her and she lifts her head up slightly to see the boy walk towards her. Closer and closer until he is no longer a blur. And no longer a boy.

Like a hazy dream lifted from her mind, the boy dissipates and is replaced by Kylo Ren. He looks down at her with eyes full of an emotion she is far too exhausted to place. He grips his lightsaber in his hand and parts his lips to whisper to her softly, just loud enough for her to hear.

‘Breathe. Just breathe, and it’ll all be okay.’

It’s all she can do as her eyes roll back, falling unconscious at his feet.

emanationman  asked:

Can I suggest a mini fic around the word "Forests"?

( Of course you can, my friend! ^3^ ) 


“Steve!” Jonathan calls as he storms through the trees, beginning to grow mildly irritated with his boyfriend. “Steve, splitting up in the middle of a national forest isn’t a good idea!” He glances to his left, then to the right, sighing in agitation when there’s no response.

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Burning Amber

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: People still liked to talk about it, even now, about how Kim Seokjin disappeared like smoke on a cold night. Everyone is telling you it’s time to let go and move on, but you just have to know what happened to him.

Originally posted by taeost

You can’t remember the last time Seokjin told you he loved you.

But you can definitely remember the first time.

You were in the park near your university campus on a hot summer’s evening, lying in the vibrant green grass below a sunset that made the sky look like it was on fire. His hand was in yours and it had seemed to happen so naturally. The words had tumbled out of his mouth and before you had even thought about it, you were returning them.

Because you loved him too. God, you loved him so much.

You still do.

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This Is War

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad x Reader, Ezio Auditore da Firenze x Reader

A/N: Okay, so basically the ‘surprise’ thing (not really a big surprise but whatever!) was a merger of the two days. I really wanted to write something with both of them in it because it’s them! And they’re amazing!

On the fifteenth and sixteenth day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

It was that time of year again; the lights were bright, the smiles wide, and the laughter loud. Cheer was just another aspect of life during the holidays, much like the sun in the sky or the snow on the ground. Of course, that was only if you didn’t attend the annual Christmas party hosted by Abstergo. They had a way of sucking the joy out of everything about the holiday. It was the one thing you dreaded every year, and this year was no exception.

Your father had left Iso Co., an independent business he started around the time of your birth, to you after he passed. It had started pretty small but quickly grew into the multi-billion dollar company it was today. You’d never been one for the ostentatious persona that seemed to inhabit most business owners, instead taking a more humble approach to the belligerent world of commerce. That was one of the reasons you couldn’t stomach this party: the attendants were pretentious, power hungry mongrels. With a very few exceptions, obviously.

Among those exceptions was Ezio Auditore, the very reason you were wearing the strapless, red cocktail dress you’d decided on. It was more flamboyant than you’d normally go for, but you were dressing to impress. Not that you’d ever admit that to, well, anyone, really. He was a charming, Italian man who knew full well what your insides did every time he sent a smile your way. It was, in equal parts, annoying and amazing.

The other exception was Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, a man as mysterious as he was alluring. He had an air of power surrounding him at all times that left most people in awe, but not you. Altaïr, though rather ill-tempered at first, could be considered one of your best friends. However, in a similar opinion, he could be considered one of the most attractive, appealing men you’d ever met. Needless to say, you admire him greatly.

And that is where the problem lies, isn’t it? Your emotions, as straightforward as they may seem, made it impossible to decide which of them you cared for in a romantic sense. They were just so, for lack of a better word, perfect!

The glass of red wine in between your lips suddenly felt useless, a sigh passing through the cup. You placed it back down onto the mahogany of the bar with a soft click, your (Y/E/C) gaze searching through the throngs of immaculately dressed men and women conversing. The two men you wished to see were nowhere to be found within the hoard of egotistical maniacs.

“Who are we looking for?” A low voice whispered from beside your ear, your back tensing in effort to stop a shiver from skittering down. Altaïr.

Your lips curved up, the red-stain causing them to look positively delightful. Without turning, you leaned back against him to allow you to speak better (and not, no matter how much it felt like it, because you wanted to feel his chest against your back).

“A friend, actually.” You started off, sneaking a glance at the side of his face before he had a chance to catch you. “He’s got these golden eyes, oh, and a scar right here.”

You lifted your hand, not bothering to watch as you brought it towards his mouth. You didn’t need to, you’d spent enough time admiring his lips and how they might feel against yours to already know where it was. Your soft fingertips gently glided over the thin, white scar that ran down alongside his mouth. His lips twitched up under your touch, his hand resting on the small of your back.

“Sounds intriguing.” He chuckled.

“Nah, he’s just as arrogant as the rest of them in here.” You teased, laughing at his indignant huff.

“Am not.” He muttered, scowling in your peripheral vision.

His head had dropped down to the curve of your shoulder, the underside of his chin pressing into your bare skin.  The smell of patchouli and musk balms were radiating off of him from his aftershave, the scent reminding you of all the times you spent with him.

“I’m sure.” You scoffed, smiling in the direction of a familiar pair of deep chocolate eyes. They lightened at the sight of you, a warm smirk growing on the familiar pink lips.

“Bella!” Ezio greeted when he was close enough, bowing low before you and taking your smaller hand into his. “Always a pleasure.” He purred, the smallest brush of his lips on the smooth skin of your hand emitting shocks down your arm.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.” You joked, nearly yelping in surprise when Altaïr tugged you back against him, his eyes narrowed at the newcomer.

“Pretty boy.” He greeted without a trace of happiness, the mirth in his eyes drowned by something downright territorial. You squeezed his hand, pulling it a little away from your abdomen so he wouldn’t have you in a death grip.

“Altaïr,” Ezio said in return, his voice not as pleasant either. “I almost didn’t see you there.”

“I’ve been here longer than you.” He replied, glaring at the Italian man. Ezio seemed to return the expression from kind, his hand naturally reaching out for yours.

“If you’ll excuse us, I have a present for mio caro.” Altaïr’s hand, currently wrapped around your forearm, tightened to a point of near pain, an irritated gasp passing through closed lips.

“Then show her here.”

Ezio opened his mouth, biting down whatever retort he’d been about to utter at the small, subtle shake of your head. He blew breath between his lips, shrugging. A large hand reached down into the coat pocket of his suit, retrieving a flat, velvet box. Engraved on the top was your name in some fancy script, Ezio’s fingers running across it fondly.

“It reminded me of you.” Ezio whispered, handing the box to you.

It was soft to the touch, your curious gaze roving all over the item. You met Ezio’s eyes for a second, opening the top when he gave you a nod. Light immediately caught on the large diamond in the middle, shining a myriad of colors on the smooth planes of your face. Your breath caught, fingertips gliding along the silver metal of the chain. A large, beautifully cut diamond sat in the middle of the box, surrounded by two smaller ones. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

“Ezio.” You breathed, too overcome with emotion to really say anything. And what could you say? That must’ve cost him a fortune and he bought it for you.

“A beautiful girl deserves beautiful gifts.” He stated proudly, taking a step forward to sweep some of your hair away from your face, his fingers running along the curve of your jaw.

“Real original.” Altaïr drawled from behind you, his tone more bitter than he’d been all evening. “It’s not even Christmas yet.” He grumbled.

You couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit guilty for getting about Altaïr for a moment, too wrapped up in Ezio’s chocolate gaze to care much about anything else.

“Thank you, Ezio, truly, it’s beautiful.” You said, unable to take your eyes off the necklace. It was simply mesmerizing.

“I’m glad you like it, bella.” He stated, smiling with pride and joy.

“I do,” you replied, smile growing as you nodded. “I really, really do. I’m going to go put it on.” You claimed, shrugging as you brushed passed Ezio.

“I can help, if you need it.” He offered. One look at the glower in Altaïr’s golden eyes had you shaking your head.

“I think I can handle it, thanks.” You jerked your head in Ezio’s direction subtly, knowing that Altaïr understood your message. You wanted him to speak with Ezio.

Despite his better judgement, Altaïr spoke up the minute you were out of earshot.

“Really?” He questioned, a hard look being sent to the Italian man. He’d made it abundantly clear that you were his, not Ezio’s, but the man couldn’t take a hint.

Okay, so maybe you weren’t ‘his’ per say, but you were going to be… someday, hopefully. But the other man wasn’t helping matters at all.

“She isn’t mine or yours.” Ezio stated plainly, almost put out by the thought.

He’d been trying his best to get you to notice him for so long, and it was working, but you were almost torn by something, like you hadn’t quite made a decision. He wasn’t sure why, but you were holding back.

“Not yet, anyway.” He commented, adjusting the red tie knotted around his neck.


“I’ll have her by Christmas.” He promised, eyes trained in the direction you had left. Altaïr scoffed, standing up straighter as he searched the area for any sign of your return.

“Not if I have her first.” He challenged, lighting up when he saw the red outline of your dress. This is war.

Tricky Little Lost Girl (Peter Pan x Reader)

Warning: A lil’ sexual… not too bad

You had a knack for making boys fall for you. Even the trickiest of players couldn’t stop themselves from wanting you. Many nights were spent pleasing yourself with a boy and then leaving without a trace before they woke up the next, leaving them to wonder if it was all just a fantastic dream.

You had plans for the new boy at school. You set out your best outfit to put on when you woke up. But you didn’t wake up in your room. You woke up on an island.

You scrambled to your feet and looked around. You were on a white, sandy beach. About twenty strides away was a thick forest. You turned around and gazed at the ocean.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” a voice said. You spun around and punched whoever spoke.

“Who are you?” you demanded. The boy chuckled, rubbing where you punched him.

“I’m Peter Pan, darling,” he said. You narrowed your eyes and spun him around, forcing him onto a rock, trapping him. (You’re such a badass! Go you)

“Listen here boy,” you growled. “I’m not going to play games with you. Tell me who you are and where I am. NOW!” Pan smirked, finding him extremely turned on by your aggressiveness.

“Oh, but I’m telling the truth,” he said. “I’m Peter Pan. And this,” he gestured around him, “is Neverland.”


In the few months that you had been on Neverland, you learned to love it. You were just like any other Lost Boy. The boys treated you the same as they would with a boy. You appreciated that.

You thought about doing what you did best with the boys, but figured it’d be the most fun to mess with the man himself, Peter Pan.

“(Y/n)!” Pan called out. He needed you to do something for him. You emerged from behind a tree, your (h/l) (h/c) hair dripping with water. You bit your lip and looked at him with your beautiful (e/c) eyes. Pan just stared at you in awe.

“Yes, Peter?” you said, daring to call him by his first name. He didn’t correct you, finding it sexy, wishing you were screaming it.

“I need you to, uh…” he said snapping back into reality. ‘Climb into my bed,’ he thought before telling you what he needed from you.

“Of course,” you said before turning away to do what he asked.


Pan couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted you. He needed you. He was far past the point of being ashamed for falling this hard for you. He walked outside.

“(Y/n)!” Pan called. You looked at him. “Meet me in my tree house. I need to talk to you about something.” All the other boys gasped and gave you a sorry look. You simply smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted to 'talk’ to you about.

“You called, Peter?” you said entering his treehouse. The boy wasted no time: he grabbed you and smashed his lips against yours.

Part Two??? (Will be smut)


I was sick all day and at work so this was rushed and whatnot, but I managed, it’s still your birthday! I think you know what this is based on hehe, as ridiculous as it may I still kinda love the idea ^^
Love you 💙

Every night carries the same sorrowful tune
When the wolf howls up at the sky and the moon
What he is singing, the boy wishes he knew
As it drifts through the window into his room

Wants to soothe the pain causing wolf’s daily rage
Surely as an upcoming powerful mage
With sun, earth and moon he can somehow engage
So he reads through spell books, recites every page

The next night he finds on his arm silver strings
Which start shining just as the moon comes drifting
And the wise moon proves to know plenty of things
But first of all the boy asks why sourwolf sings

“He sings of the past and pain,” explains the moon
“Cries for all that he lost and wishes he knew
How to deal with everything around him that’s new
Mostly though, he turns to me and sings of you”

“Of hands warm to the touch and your deep brown eyes
Of a wit sharp enough to dissipate lies,
He sees in you a home amidst of demise”
As the boy listens close his heart and hopes rise

Without hesitation he gives the night chase
To find wolf before the howl dies is the race
Before he disappears again without trace
When the boy arrives he offers an embrace

Says “stop the self pity, turn away from the blue
From now on, day or night, let me be your moon
I promise that I’ll never let go of you”
His heart beats steady, saying “I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

been a while since an OP Danny thing but I was reading through it again and had a thought. Danny with all these powers is SCARY to those supers, only worsened by the lack of a contingency plan b/c NOTHING WORKS cept he still has weaknesses (friends/town) but what if ALSO: immortal danny. like he has all these powers and he can't actually die because he's a GHOST and technically died already so he can't die twice or get old or whatever? (bonus: supers meeting immortal!danny POST friends death)

…oh my god



in the distant future: other supers already being so wary of this strange boy’s ridiculous amount of powers and then getting even more suspicious when he starts talking about things that have happened in the past, things that happened before he should have even been born but talks about like he was there

he speaks of people he once knew, people he couldn’t possibly have known as they’d died hundreds of years earlier, they see his likeness in old books and files, stories of a teenage boy with an amazing array of powers who disappears without a trace for years at a time

the boy’s story is different every time, and sometimes he gives a fake name like Sam, Tucker or Jack, the files and stories speak like they are different people every time, but the current generation of supers figure it out, perhaps Danny’s lies are slipping or he’s growing complacent, or maybe he wants someone to know, he wants people to find out who he really is and to ask about his past

they won’t know unless they bring it up, hopefully they confront him about it before he disappears again, because they’ll probably all have died of old age before he shows up again

小狐丸 -Kogitsunemaru

小狐丸 -Kogitsunemaru

Kogitsunemaru belongs to the Sanjou Munechika family, his mythical tale comes from the song of the Noh drama Kokaji(小鍛冶). The Emperor Ichijou of the Heian period had a dream vision urging him to commission Sanjou to forge a sacred sword for him, and requested Sanjou to fulfill the dream. However, Sanjou was in lack of an assistant who matched his own skills for the sword-forging, and prayed to Inari Ookami at the Fushimi shrine for help. During the visit, a boy with an ethereal aura surprised Sanjou with his knowledge of his worries about the commission, and conversed with him on the art of sword craftsmanship. The boy promised that his wish would be fulfilled before disappearing without a trace. When Sanjou returned to his home to prepare the platform for the crafting, Inari Ookami appeared to him in the form of a fox deity, offering his help as the assistant. The sword was procured with the merry efforts of both, and the finished sword was named little fox in respect to Inari Ookami’s apprenticeship.

Inari Ookami is the Shinto deity of prosperity, agriculture, food and wine, closely associated with foxes. Also a patron of swordsmiths and merchants in earlier times. Inari’s foxes are pure white and act as his messengers, their statues are common in Inari shrines. Sincere worshipers offer food and sake to the shrines to please the fox messengers. Fried tofu is a favourite of these foxes :3

In August of 2002, 7-year-old Garnell Moore simply vanished without a trace. The young boy had been living with his aunt, Belinda Cash, in Baltimore, Maryland. Garnell had a particularly bleak childhood with his mother in jail and his father led a transient lifestyle; he was moved from pillar to post throughout his life and seemed nobodies concern, even after his disappearance. During the first few years of his life, Garnell was passed around family members before being sent to live with Belinda Cash, who never enrolled him in school, when he was 6-years-old. It wasn’t until 2005, three years after his disappearance, that the rest of his family, mother and father included, realised that he was missing. Belinda claimed that she didn’t want to care for him anymore and left him at the door of a social services building in West Baltimore. It begs the question: “How can we live in a society where a child can disappear without anybody noticing he is gone for three years?” Due the human negligence, a young boy slipped through the cracks, never to be heard from or seen again.

Last Christmas | Calum Hood

Last Christmas

Calum Hood Imagine

Can you please do one based on the song Last Christmas the Ariana Grande version. Where Luke/Calum (you choose) and y/n have been friends and one holiday break they do the deed but then Luke/Calum ends up going on tour and not telling y/n and just stop speaking to her. And now that it’s the holidays again he tries to win her back. Even though she doesn’t want to be fooled again? But gives in.?

(not my photo, found on google)

All the boys, Hey Violet and of course Y/N, the very good friend of Calum Hood, sat around the hotel room relishing in their last night before going on a 2 week holiday break. Their red cups were filled with eggnog mixed with some form of liquor that Michael had brought, and a messy child-like gingerbread house stood lopsided on their small table. Y/N sat across Calum’s legs and her arm around his shoulder to keep her steady, and she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it. There was plenty of space in this room for her to sit and still be in close proximity with her friends, but Calum was the only place she wanted to be. His hand softly ran up and down her side for comfort and warmth, and each time he did that her stomach tingled and she almost felt like vomiting, but in a good way.

Around 2 AM, Calum yawned putting his drink down and tapped Y/N’s waist signaling for her to get up off from him. He stretched before grabbing her jacket, keys and phone.

“You guys leaving already?” Ashton looks up at us as if we’ve just committed a crime by leaving a damn gathering at 2 in the morning.

“Yeah, we’re tired.” He said nonchalantly. He grabbed Y/N’s arm before anyone could say anything else and lead her out of the room, a confused look plastered on everyone’s face.

“Cal, what was that?” She said taken back, still slightly tipsy. Once they made it to Calum’s room, he kicked the door open and set his things on the counter. Y/N shut the door and suddenly felt two warm hands lay upon her shoulders making her shiver. His voice just above her ear, but was heard enough to make her feel dizzy. Calum was just that enchanting.

“I just wanted some time with my favorite girl.” She laughed out at his comment, walking out of his grip and into the small kitchen he had. She found a bottle of wine in the fridge and popped it open, pouring the alcohol in seperate cups for themselves.

“You’re too much Hood.” She said handing him his own cup and walking over to the huge hotel bed, turning on the TV and cuddling up underneath the blankets. Calum followed her with a sigh, and laid across the bed sheets, not daring to get under.

“Aw, you mad I didn’t like your dumb-“ and before she could finish, with her eyes still open, Calum grabbed her cheeks and smashed his lips onto hers. She swore she felt his teeth cut her lip from such force, but none the less, the warm sensation Calum’s lips carried kept her wanting to feel it even more. She heard their cups fall onto the ground, staining the carpet and she gasped and pulled away.

“They’re going to kill us.” Y/N slightly giggled at their mess, with hair falling in front of her face.

“Maids will get it.” Calum leaned in once again but was stopped by Y/N’s hands over his mouth.

“Please, Y/N. It may not make sense right now what I’m doing and no it’s not because I’m drunk or just trying to have a quick fuck but I truly can’t get you out of my mind.” He paused and looked down at the wrinkled bed sheets. “And I know you want to do this too.”

She snaked her arms around his neck, one hand traveling to his curls and looked into his eyes, seeing that he was serious about the actions that were to take place soon. She smiled, playing with the ends of his hair and whispered, “I do.” Calum didn’t take another second before lundging at her, taking her body beneath his. His hands and fingers traveled down her body and his lips nipped at her sensitive skin, taking any chance he got to cherish her, before it was too late.

The next morning arrived and Y/N’s head was banging. The slight TV noise in the background woke her up, as she flipped from side to side trying to make sense of anything that happened last night. She could still hear the moans that bounced off the walls, she could feel and see the purple marks all down her chest, neck and even arms, she could still sense his skin upon hers which made her get goosebumps instantly. She sat up grabbing her bra and underwear on the floor next to her, and walked around the room, trying to find the boy who made her Christmas wish come true.

The kitchen, the bathroom, the small living room, the bedroom. Calum was nowhere to be found. Y/N finally gave up and decided to grab her phone, thinking Cal had just gone out for a bit in the morning. Her phone was flooded with texts from the Maori boy and she opened them curiously.

Calum: I’m sorry, I had to leave you this morning.

Calum: You deserve so much better than what I gave you. I don’t deserve the title as your best friend, let alone…boyfriend.

Calum: Don’t call me, text me, or look for me. Last night was the end of the beautiful connection we had. I can’t explain now, but don’t wait for me when I can.

Calum: Last night was amazing. It will be a day I never forget and will be a day I always cherish. But now, there is where I block you, and where things end.

Calum: I love you. Always.

Y/N just made a weird face at her phone, shaking her head. ‘He has to be joking, this isn’t real. Calum is my best friend and he would never just leave me without a trace or warning.’ But boy, was she wrong. Soon her phone was to her ear, ready to spoil Calum’s plan at scaring her, but her worst fears arose when his voicemail immediately popped up.

“Real fucking funny Calum.” She called once again, and then one more time…and one more time after that. And after 5 calls in a row, tears were brimming in her eyes, realizing he might have truly left her. But she was still holding out for the possibility that this was a joke gone too far.

She decided to call Luke, knowing that he was most likely with Calum. He picked up after 2 rings, and her shoulders dropped. The background with filled with many talking voices, and loud noises of engines were heard in the distance.


“Y/N I can’t talk right now…”

“Don’t you dare leave me in the dust too. Don’t you dare.” She was almost full on sobbing at this point, her voice shaking and breaking.

“Look, your suitcase is packed in the corner of the bedroom.” She quickly looked to the corner with her fingernails in her mouth nervously, and realized he was right. “And there’s a ticket in there to anywhere you plan on going after this. We’re so sorry Y/N, but we have to go now.” And without letting her have another word, the line went dead. Her throat felt as if it was closing, her eyes were stinging with tears as she looked toward her packed suitcase. She fell to her knees as tears fell down her face, but no whines or cries came out of her mouth. It was more of that silent cry, where you know you can’t stop it, and knew that if any small noise escaped your mouth, you wouldn’t stop for days. She wasn’t going to let Calum do that to her. Y/N grabbed some random clothes, a jacket, her sunglasses, and marched out of hotel room with a final slam to the door. Thank goodness she knew where they were off to next.

The boys were on their way back home to LA for the winter break they received from tour. And Y/N being the best friend of Calum knew exactly where he lived, which is also where Ashton lived. Her plane came down from the air and she practically sprinted to baggage claim and hailed a cab with a simple whistle into the street. Calum had no idea she was coming, and she wasn’t going to leave him without putting up a fight for feelings that she clearly knew was there.

“Calum open up the damn door!” She banged her fist on the apartment door multiple times knowing he was hearing her. This was te third time she’s shouted at him since arriving.

“Calum I know you’re in there please…” she pleaded, her voice becoming lowering and cracking at the reality she was too stubborn to face. Calum had used her for sex, and left her.

“I know you’re done with, I know you want to never speak with me again, I mean…it’s apparent in your texts.” She sniffled. “But I just need closure, and then I’ll be on my way out of your life like you want.” Her palm was placed on the door, and she sunk deeper into the door, her back falling again against it for guidance. “You’re my best friend. I won’t just let you go without a fight because…because you mean so much to me Calum. Last night…it was expected, but it was the greatest moment of my life and you know why? Because last night was the moment I realized I fell in love with my best friend, the one person I could picture my entire life with and never want anyone else with me.” Tears were falling down her face at this point, but she was too busy professing her love to Calum to even care that her 25$ mascara was running. “If you give me a chance and open the door, I will prove to you why you don’t need to go, but why you need to stay. Stay with me…”

In the next few seconds she felt the door leave her back and open slowly. Y/N stood up quickly wiping her fallen tears and looking into the eyes of the boy that was listening to her entire rambling speech. He huffed before pulling her inside, and wrapping his muscular full arms around her shoulders. Y/N burried herself into his neck, remembering the scent he filled her with last night. Calum’s hand came behind her head and combed through her hair, calming down her fast rapid heartbeat.

“Oh angel, I so didn’t want to leave you yesterday.” She pulled back at his comment, with a slightly confused look on her face.

“Then why did you.” At this point it wasn’t even a question, but a demand.

“Y/N you wouldn’t understand right now.”

“Why? Because I’m not famous? Because I’m not a part of your celebrity world? Calum I came before that! I came before all the cameras, TV interviews and sold out arena tours! I was there when you were scared to sing on Youtube, remember it was me who pushed you to even post those. I may not be famous or wildly popular within the media, but I know you better than any of those other people could.” She got closer to his face to cause more intimidation, even though he wasn’t looking at her, but at the ground. “If you think for one second I won’t understand you, you’re wrong. I would learn a thousand languages to understand you. And that’s something you’d do for someone you love.”

His eyes were glossy, afraid of even a single drop of water to escape from them. Calum held his own and breathed deeply, leading Y/N to his couch. He placed a comforting hand into hers and rubbed her knuckles, a gesture he knew calmed her down all too well.

“It’s Nia.”

A blank expression, and a silent room.

“See, I knew you wouldn’t get it. That’s why I couldn’t explain and why I had to leave-“

“What about her Calum. What does she have to do with us.”

“Management and her came up with a plan for us to get together, to sell more of her bands music and to get more publicity for me since, out of the 4 boys, I’m the one who likes to stay out of the headlines.” Y/N let him continue, scooting closer to him.

“I left because last night, after you had fallen asleep, I got a text from our team telling me of this plan. I had to fight to LA to be seen with her today, in fact…” he looked at the clock behind him, “I have to be down at the grove in 10 minutes so the paparazzi can photograph us at lunch.” Calum grabbed her cheek and looked into the soft colored eyes he knew he couldn’t resist. He had so much he had to say to her, but those eyes, those damn beautiful eyes, always had him tongue tied.

“It had nothing to do with you, okay? It’s not her, it’s not anyone else, it’s always been you.”

“Then why can’t you stand up for yourself and for us? Why are you being so submissive to them?”

“Y/N they control me, if I don’t do this the boys and I could very well be out of a job. You know how much I love this band, the fans, the music. I’d risk everything for it, and I’m sorry but that includes you too. No matter how much I’m in love with you…”

She wasn’t going to let Calum make her cry again. She had been crying over him for almost two full days now, and she wasn’t going to let him win against her.

“Fine, then that’s all I needed to hear.” Y/N sprung up from her seat on the couch and paraded to the door, just before Calum stopped her and brought her close to him.

“Please don’t walk away though, I still need to know you’ll be in my life someway.” Suddenly, they felt a vibration and ringing noise come from his pocket. He sighed frustratedly and pulled it out looking at the caller ID. Y/N saw her name instantly, and chuckled in disgust.


Hey where are you? I’m here already!” Her perky voice shouted through the phone and almost made Y/N gag.

“Sorry can’t come. I’m with my girlfriend right now.”

Wait what? What do you mean girlfri-“ and he declined the call looking into her eyes once more.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because last christmas I wished for you to be my girlfriend. This year, I’m going to make it a reality, right now.”

So I made it a bit different, and wrote as close as I feel like Calum would handle the situation, even though it is just a story. Hopefully y’all like it! Request more holiday themed stories I love writing them :)

devilish tricks

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”

That’s exactly what Peter Pan did.

He made himself into a fairytale, a fable told around campfires to children, a bedtime story for kids to dream of places far, far away. I pity the fools. He masked the thievery of young boys with fiction, stealing them in the night without a trace. The sheriff remains flustered, and the townspeople fear for their children constantly. They would never think it it be him.

It’s a perfect guise