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More of my Deaf!Lance AU
Since I’m taking ASL classes- I wanted to do a deaf AU with one of the paladins of voltron. I chose Lance because he is a precious babe and someone who I can relate to. Also Langst/Klangst
(And I really wanted to show off how much I learned in my ASL :P)

“Do you hate me?” he asks.

I look up at his face. It’s a face I have loved, a face I still love. A face that looks anguished by the hurt he has caused. I believe it, believe that he is sorry.

I shake my head. “I could never hate you,” I exhale.

He searches my face, hearing the ‘but’ I didn’t say.

“I just wish,” I whisper, “more than anything, that it hadn’t been you who broke my heart. I never thought it would be you - I never thought you could do anything wrong. I wish more than anything it hadn’t happened, that we didn’t end like this.”

—  the end // lily rose.

“I think he’s dangerous,” she says abruptly.

“Him?” I echo, surprised. “Him, dangerous?”

She smiles faintly at my surprise. “No, he’s a good guy,” she agrees. “But it’s more than that - he understands people. He makes you feel understood. I think that’s dangerous. It makes you feel like he pays attention to you. It makes you feel like he thinks you’re special. When really, he’s like that way with everyone.”

Vaguely I wonder when he broke her heart. Vaguely I wonder if it is still breaking.

—  // lily rose.