boy with green eyes

Jercy College AU

LGBTQPJO 3k Week: Slash Sunday (this is for you dragging me into this pit again, han)

  • Percy is studying marine biology and Jason is studying to become a teacher. 
  • They’ve seen each other across campus a couple times, always stopping to admire the “stunning boy with the green eyes” or the “hot blond guy who was always laughing with his friends” (Leo and Piper).
  • One day, Percy’s current roommate is expelled for doing some stupid shit, and Jason’s roommate decided to drop out.
  • So the two boys are put together in the same dorm.
  • Their first thought when they say their new roommate was “Oh no he’s hot.” 
  • They definitely recognize each other from those times around campus and have an awkward first encounter.
  • But after a little while of living together, they became great friends. 
  • It’s always a competition to see who could get the top bunk.
  • Their room was pretty cramped so they had a designated time where they’d both play music, eat snacks, and study together.
  • They quiz each other and mess with the other (telling the other they failed the practice test, mixing up the questions, etc.)
  • They most definitely have the most complicated secret handshake that only they can perform accurately.
  • Jason introduces Percy to Piper and Leo.
  • Percy introduces Jason to Annabeth, Grover, Hazel, and Frank.
  • All their friends think they’re dating at first and the two boys have to awkwardly deny it.
  • After a several months of being roommates the “he’s hot” feelings had escalate to a full-blown crush.
  • Percy always catches himself staring at Jason from afar and he starts to blush when he realizes. Jason does the same.
  • They both lie awake at night and think about what it would be like to hold the other’s hand, to kiss them, to date them. 
  • One night when Percy got the top bunk, Jason is sitting on the bottom and “reading” (aka thinking about Percy)
  • Percy leans down over the bed in the traditional spiderman pose and is beaming (since he actually did it without falling)
  • At that moment, Jason really wants to kiss Percy.
  • So he does.
  • Jason places his hand on Percy’s cheek (maneuvering this when one of them is upside down is harder than he expected) and let’s their lips touch. 
  • Both of their hearts are beating incredibly fast. Jason’s a bit surprised when Percy kisses back, but they don’t stop. 
  • When they finally part, Percy smiles and says, “So does this make you MJ?” 
Famous Harry/Non-famous Louis Fic Rec

The five most bookmarked famous Harry/non-famous Louis fics on AO3:

led by your beating heart by missandrogyny:

Summary: Nick leans over. “Oh,” he says, his voice smug. “Who is that?”

Harry just blinks at his phone. “Um,” he manages to stammer out.

“Who’s that, Harry?” Nick asks again, but this time he raises his eyebrows and smirks. Harry knows Nick is just teasing, and that he’s not really looking for new Harry Styles gossip, but, um. He might have found something. Accidentally.

Harry opens his mouth to speak, but all that comes out is another ‘um’. He really needs to work on translating his thoughts into words. But then it probably wouldn’t be any helpful right now, would it? His mind is as blank as a newly erased etch-a-sketch.

“Oh,” Nick says again, this time gleefully, seemingly having picked up on Harry’s distress. “Looks like we’ve got a story here! Are you going to call or delete her number?”

Her number. So Nick thinks it’s a girl. Well, Harry can’t blame him: 'Lou’ is kind of an androgynous nickname. His stylist’s name is Lou.

But this Lou, well, Louis, he’s kind of, really, really not a girl. He’s really pretty though, which, is something.

(Or: AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of 'Call or Delete’.)

My English Love Affair by isthatyoularry:

Summary: The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you.The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner:

Summary: Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”

“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

You You You by isthayoularry:

Summary: “Infamous boybander leaves club together with unknown,” read the headline. Underneath were pictures of a boy with dark curls, green eyes and very tight pants. They both studied the article for a moment, reading it through quickly.

“Is that…?” Louis frowned. That guy almost looked exactly like… “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!”

“Louis,” Niall said, looking absolutely fucked over. “You just fucked the most wanted guy on earth. You just fucked Harry Styles of One Direction.”

Or, the one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction.

Is This Seat Taken? by Lainy122

Summary: A borrowed suit from Zayn, a cigarette and the right attitude, and Louis went from security breach to misplaced celebrity instantly. He could practically see the wheels in the security guy’s head switch from ‘could be dangerous’ to ‘could get me fired’. 

L.A was so predictable.Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly. Que the music.

And 5 of the latest famous Harry/non-famous Louis fics on AO3:

Same White Shirt by lululawrence:

Summary: “Oh my God. What are you holding?”

Harry was startled to hear an English voice coming from behind him that he didn’t know. He’d thought he knew all the English employees around here. When he turned around there was a man with the most stunning eyes and incredible cheekbones known to man in the doorway looking with absolute distaste at the suit Harry had just been thinking of so fondly.

“It’s my suit for the show,” Harry said firmly. This guy was obviously an assistant if the badge and plate of fruit he was holding were anything to go by, but as he began walking to where the table was in the room, Harry noticed he was walking with a slight limp. Oh shit.

Or the one where Harry’s on the Late Late Show for a week and several misunderstandings with a certain mouthy assistant James recently hired make things that much more interesting.

Sweet Dreams by sweetlouist91:

Summary: "But that wasn’t made Harry’s heart stop. No, because there on his arm was at tattoo. A tattoo in the exact same spot as Harry’s anchor.“

Famous Harry finds out about makeup YouTuber Louis by chance in an interview. It’s fate after all.

When It’s Late At Night by Rearviewdreamer:

Summary: Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

Or the Late Late prompt that we all need to get through this excruciatingly hard time.

Looking Through You by allwaswell16:

Summary: Just as Louis and Liam were starting out in the music industry, writing and producing for up and coming artists, a fateful meeting with new pop singer Harry Styles changes everything. Four years later, just as Harry is set to embark on his next world tour, a drunken confession causes a rift between once inseparable friends. As Harry tries to make sense of his feelings for Louis, he begins writing his next album to express them as it may be the only way to break through the walls that Louis has built between them.

My Sweetest Downfall by kiwikero:

Summary: Louis is a retired guardian angel. After the death of his last charge, he became jaded. Humans die—what use is prolonging the inevitable?

He’s more than happy to forget about humanity altogether until one day, when Louis is pulled from his desk job for a new assignment: protect One Direction’s Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that there’s something about Harry that Louis can’t resist, and it’s making him question everything he’s ever known. Humans are strictly off limits, and breaking that rule means risking everything, but Harry just might be worth it.

This is a story about forgiveness and discovery, featuring an angel who wants to be a little more human and a human who is so much more than he seems.

Bloom (1/?)

This has been a work in progress for quite some time. It started as a response to the fact that OUAT seemingly cannot have a normal pregnancy on this show without it being traumatic or otherwise very sad. This is the result. This series will be following the arc of Emma’s totally normal, only lightly angsty pregnancy that will end 100% happy. That is my guarantee. No prophecies. No speeding up. A super normal pregnancy.

As for the timing of posting this…well, we could all use some fluff, and I’m not letting reality get me down. So, presenting, “The Happiest Pregnancy Ever”

Also on A03.

Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom.

Emma tapped her fingers on the table, her nails clack-clack-clacking on the wood with each downward press. She listened to the steady tick-tock of the clock, understanding with sudden clarity why Barrie had one haunt his interpretation of her husband. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Her husband wasn’t home. He was at store working his way down the list of things she’d hastily scribbled before he walked out the door. The list was long, and she didn’t really need half the things she sent him to buy, but she needed him gone, not anywhere near her while she processed the impending changes to their life. He would be home soon, which meant that she had to decide just what course of action to take.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The house was quiet. Whenever Henry stayed with Regina, there was a certain stillness to their home. Even when he was there, he opted to listen to music via headphones. He was teenager, meaning he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. She liked the quiet, sometimes. Other times, not so much. It reminded Emma of her time as the Dark One – the house barren, dead. 

It won’t be like that much longer.

Emma fingered the stick in front of her. It read “pregnant” in small letters. She sprung for the test that said pregnant or not pregnant. She didn’t want to take any chances with lines or ink. It was clear as day that way. No mistakes.

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