boy with father in shadow

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I really love Albus’s name. It really suits him, and one of my favourite things about Cursed Child is that moment where he accepts the burden of it. 
Scorpius asks him: “Do you prefer Albus or Al?” And he hesitates for a second, and then says: “Albus.” 
It would have been so easy for him to say he preferred Al. That’s what everyone calls him already. It’s less recognisable. He could blend into the background and relieve some of the pressure on himself. But he doesn’t do that. He accepts the full weight of it, and that’s so brave if you think about it. 
This is a boy who is living in his father’s shadow, who is anxious about what people will think about him, feels so much pressure to live up to his dad that he falls apart and fails. But he doesn’t shy away from his names which have already been made famous by two of the most notorious and well-known figures from the Wizarding Wars. When he’s given the chance to distance himself from them he says no, and chooses to live with that legacy, and I think that’s brilliant.