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i’ve been awake since 4pm yesterday

i hit the road at 10pm last night and got to school around 4am with teensy naps in between and i stayed up and moved into my dorm this morning

most of today was spent exploring the campus and talking to my roomies and theyre nicer than i expected

tomorrow is first day of class

ya boi is a college student now

Vent Post (tw: sexual assault)

So I am sooooo fucking over my assistant principal.


A boy sexually assaulted one of my girl students. He is currently trying to stalk her. She cried in my room because she feels unsafe. And she feels powerless because she can’t get him to stop and no one is helping her (I do what I can, but I only have them for 2 hours) and she doesn’t think anyone believes her. He told another boy student he was gonna rape this girl. He GOD DAMN DID STUFF TO HER AND THREATENED TO DO MORE AND MY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL’s RESPONSE? I talked to him and explained that is not acceptable. He denied it and said it was all a misunderstanding. It’s handled now. 


THE FUCK YOU MEAN ITS HANDLED????? YOU can have HER cry in your room like she did several times in mine when she asked to privately talk to me because she wanted an adult to help and keep her safe and she doesn’t feel safe around him, And YOU can be the one who reassures her this is being taken seriously and this will not happen again and she will be okay because you are here to keep her safe. Because I cannot tell her this won’t happen again and her case is being taken seriously when I know you don’t feel like disciplining a student who is violating another student. (SERIOUSLY when i told him about what that kid did physically to her, his response was “Do you think she’s lying?” NO. “Well have you see him do anything like that?” YES. “Well how do you know he didn’t do it accidentally” oh freaking trust me what he did could not be any stretch of the imagination an accident) YOU can deal with the emotional fallout because YOU refuse to do your job.

Just kidding, because I know if it was left up to you, you’d probably tell her she was lying or some shit like he was just kidding around she should lighten up. And I know you’d do way more damage emotionally than you are currently.

LIKE SERIOUSLY. this kid is ESCALATING and you are ignoring it. He’s going to do more and you’re not stopping it. I’d stopping it as much as I can, but I can only do so much. DO YOUR JOB BEFORE SHE IS TRAUMATIZED WORSE. 

***just to make it clear by the way, I’m going over my assistant principal. I have a early morning meeting with my department head and my principal about this, because I am that pissed off.

As far as stuff in the the meantime, the boy is to stay at my side at all times, his desk is right next to mine. He is not to leave his desk without my permission. She lines up first and I have escorts that keep near her at all times in the hallways (I don’t trust that he won’t do something during passing periods). He stays with me and he is the last to the leave the classroom for passing periods.

A few times this week I will have her leave a few minutes early and when I have the other teacher call me to tell me she made it, he can leave for his next class.

When we do anything where we are standing, he is to stay by me. Her friends in the class surround her so he never can sneak near her.

He tried once when we lining up. And they yelled really loud “______ ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE NEAR HERE?” which drew my attention and made him get back to his seat. Like don’t you dare try to use my time spent helping one of my students to try and go after her.

So like I said, I do as much as I can. Me and several other teachers are doing what we can. But I fear it won’t be enough, especially with administration not aboard. And I hate to go over someone’s head and go to their boss, but at this point I have no choice and this is too serious and delicate for him to ignore.


Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

Click on pictures to enlarge them and enjoy fully

@clubakashi (I’m sure you’ll enjoy pic 2)

Harry Potter is the Ultimate Bi

- biracial (aunt marge didn’t know about magic but still thought Harry was no good and “it all comes from the blood” because she is fucking racist) 

- bisexual (a crush on every seeker in hogwarts)

- bilingual (english + parseltongue) 

//secrets i have held in my heart, are harder to hide than i thought//

-introverted slytherin aesthetic
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i don’t understand why a lot of fans write jungkook and yoongi as bad boys when they’re actually huge fluffballs

  • Bitty, sitting at the Haus kitchen table: my academic counselor said if I don't take a creative writing class this semester, I won't graduate.
  • Nursey: that's okay Bitty! Take Intro to Poetry, I'm TA-ing that for extra credit.
  • Bitty, exactly one semester later: I can't believe you gave me a D on every assignment
  • Nursey: I can't believe you thought iambic pentameter was part of the metric system.
Okay, but imagine if...

Cedric Diggory hadn’t died.

Imagine, just for a moment, that when they take the portkey, instead of an Avada Kedavra, it’s a Stupefy that hits him. Or that the AK misses him by an inch, hits a grave instead, knocks him out for a second.

Imagine that everybody forgets about the Hufflepuff boy out cold on the floor, because they are so intent on resurrecting Voldemort. Peter forgets as he ties Harry to that statue. Voldemort forgets as he is dumped into a cauldron full of flesh and bone and blood. And every death eater that comes sooner or later, well, no one tells them about the boy either - there are more pressing concerns.

However, Harry doesn’t forget. Because Harry has been in that sort of situation since he was eleven. He’s used to looking out for others, by now. Hermione and the Troll, Ron on the chess game, Ginny in the Chamber, Sirius and Hagrid and even Buckbeak- Harry always looks out for everyone, and never forgets about anyone, even if they are not really his friends.

So while he stares in horror, while he’s powerless and sees his greatest foe come back to life, a tiny part of his mind is screaming at him to check on Cedric, to get them out of here. Both. Alive.

Now let’s say that the ceremony, and the Death Eater meeting after the resurrection takes time. Lots of it. Let’s say that Voldemort, being the drama queen he obviously is, takes his time, and enjoys every single second of attention he gets from his followers and that Potter brat.

Let’s say he takes enough time for Cedric to come back to consciousness.

He awakes, lying in the grass and dirt, surrounded by bits of stone, his head aching and confused. The cup is laying about, not too far from him, and he could take it to go back but- he’s a Hufflepuff. He’s loyal. He doesn’t forget either, and that’s why, even if he’s confused about why or how he’s here, he doesn’t take the cup and goes searching for Harry.

Now, the tournament is a vicious thing, isn’t it ? Who’s to say to poor confused Cedric that this is not one more, secret, task ?

So Cedric goes looking, wand in hand, ready to fight, because he’s a Hogwart champion - and really, a Graveyard ? That’s creepy. And because he’s on his guard, and he’s moving around silently, no one notices him creeping behind one of the graves. No one notices the Hufflepuff boy, his horrified expression, and his frantic gaze as he slowly understands that no, that wasn’t a task, and that wasn’t a dream either.

Maybe not even Harry, or maybe he does, but that’s not the important thing.

The important thing is that being in Hufflepuff doesn’t make you stupid at all. The important thing is that Cedric is a champion, and smart, and a quick thinker and a hard worker.

The important thing is that Cedric thinks fast, and casts an ‘Accio’ on the cup as he runs towards Harry while he duels Voldemort.

He breaks through the crowd of amazed and struck Death Eaters, catches Harry’s arm with one hand, and with Seeker reflexes, catches the cup with the other.

Cedric lives, and both Harry and him go back to Hogwarts, terrified, bloody, and flinching away from the sudden noise coming from the public. They both live, and thus no one notices that something is amiss immediately, no one sees their wild glances around - as if someone was still out to kill them. The public cheers, and sings the victory of both Hogwart’s champions, and they are suddenly hugged by their families - the Diggorys and Weasleys.

No one notices, and that’s why when the noise dies down, and someone casts a sonorus on them to ask them how they feel about that victory, everyone hears them say, in a still disbelieving and trembling voice.

“He’s back.”

Obviously, everyone is confused, but they start talking, a bit over each other really, but they are in shock - and they say he’s back, Voldemort’s back, and he took my blood, and we were in a graveyard, and I was knocked out, missed most of the ritual, but it was him, yeah, and there were Death Eaters, in a circle, torturing Harry, horrible, had to get away, he’s back, he’s back.

And that’s when the people notice their faces, the blood, Harry twitching fingers - cruciatus - and their wands still clenched in their fingers, as if ready to attack anyone on sight.

This time, though, Harry doesn’t get ushered away by fake-Moody - because Cedric still has a hand gripping his arm, and wont let go for the world. He tells Dumbledore, and their families, though, when the Headmaster asks them to talk “More calmly and clearly, please, young men” at the Infirmary. Barty Crouch Jr is still apprehended, and the real Moody discovered, and it puts their incredible tale in a new, horrific and real, light.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived.

Two witnesses of His return. One is Harry Potter, Hero and Saviour of the Wizarding world. The second is beloved Hufflepuff Prefect Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts Champion. Even if people didn’t believe the first, they would believe the second, and vice versa.

Obviously, the ministry doesn’t take it well, but Amos Diggory and the Weasleys, and Dumbledore make a move together. Susan Bones helps her fellow Hufflepuff by contacting her aunt. Together, they get memory evidence - and they even agree on submitting to truth serum.

Because if Harry alone couldn’t do it - or had no idea he could - Cedric is there, and his father works at the Ministry, and he’s a seventh year. He knows more, and he has people ready to help him - and if he asks them, to help Harry Potter.

Sure, the ministry would try to get all this under the rug, but they couldn’t. Because Weasleys, and Diggorys, and Dumbledore, and Bones, and even Longbottom and soon every name that has a contact in Hogwarts - except some of the Death Eaters - are pushing for the truth to get out, and with a bit of blackmail, Rita helps - and this time, the Daily Prophet can’t repress all of them.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived, and how the war would have turned.

Imagine just.


Zombie Lance au?

Lance is a pizza delivery boy + tired college student who happens to snack on people, and Keith managed to stumble upon him having dinner once (nice first impression amiright). Before Keith could really realize what was happening, Lance bolted, leaving him wondering about it until his pizza boy shows up at his front door like a week later.

yea it’s klance