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From a marketing stand point, Simon Cowell is fucking stupid. He could totally glass closet harry and louis and push their dynamic for sales without actually having them come and out and use it to steal some of the thunder for the coming out under the new team, but instead he goes with tiresome tactics that don't sell. I know he obviously wants 1d to do shit this album but sales for them are still sales for him too and since he's about to loose them, i'd take all the money i can from 1d

okay but look at who we’re dealing with here… simon cowell is a self closeted gay man who faked his own affair with his best friends wife to have a baby and really cement that straight image of his… his head of media is ann marie who doesnt know shit from clay when it comes to pr because she is untrained and was hired because she was max cliffords pa who she learnt everything off… max clifford was simons old pr agent for years and he was jailed last year for sexual assault with minors and also bragged about closeting his clients in an interview because ‘being gay was not marketable’…  

so… when you look at whos running this ship, and who they were trained by and their opinions on the way things should be done, it really doesnt surprise me that this is the way they’re handling 1d’s promo.

we’re all counting down the days till the boys are rid of these scummy fuckers and can join a team who’s views on things are in line with the modern day world and who will be able to get maximum publicity for the biggest boyband in the world.. until that day, unfortunately this is what we and the boys are stuck with!