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170226 Hongdae Fansign

Q: Yoongi oppa! You got smaller, do you want to get into my pocket? You’re so cute ♡

Yoongi: Ok, I will.

He read the post-it note and scribbled, he asked: “where should I get into?” I showed my coat pocket and said ‘here!’ He said: “If I try to get in there, I have to become really small.”


170224 Myeongdong Fansign

 Q: Your future lover will be:

1. Older  2. Younger 3. Same age

Yoongi ticked all and said: “I’m ok with all, I don’t mind.”

Q: And what kind of lover do you want to be?

Yoongi: A good person

Q: Can you recommend a song that you frequently listen to these days? Pop song!

Taehyung: Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

Q: Baby oppa, congratulations on your graduation! Can you make an acrostic poem with 졸업 (graduation)?

졸: When I’m sleepy
업: I try to stay awake while thinking of ARMYs ♥

Q: Seokjin, it seems that you’re always having fun with maknae these days, what’s the reason?

1.    That’s my mental age
2.    Maknae takes my jokes
3.    I can attack and I’m not scared of maknae’s muscles
4.    I’m playing with him with the mindset of an adult  ✓  
5.    Others 

Q: Oppa, who can be cute, cool and sexy, what do you think about yourself?

1.    Cool/ handsome
2.    Cute
3.    Sexy
4.    On the level that can’t be described through words

Jimin wrote 5. Cheesy…

Q: Hoseok oppa, who have a beautiful smile ♡ What words/ phrase makes you smile, cheers you up?

Hoseok: Oppa, why are you so handsome

Q: Can you say something nice that can give me some strength from my hectic routine ♡? 

Namjoon: Your heart is pink ♡ (lit.: pink light/tone).


“JIMMMMMMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN” cry out in a begging way planning to do so until your childhood best friend answers. “JIMIN STOP DANCING FOR LIKE 39 SECONDS"  you say with a final pout pausing the music your friend was dancing so rhythmically too. “What is it y/n? You know i got to practice the dance before we shoot the music video. I want to practice to make sure my movements are perfect.” You pout your lip out and reply in a baby style voice “it’s really hooooot in here. Why don’t you turn a fan on?” He just smiles at you and shrugs. You furrow your eyebrows in annoyment.

“BOY I WILL SMACK DAT ASS IF YOU DON’T GO GET ME SOMETHING TO COOL MYSELF DOWN IT’S LIKE AN OVEN IN HERE… I’m mellllltttinnnnggg.” You scream out throwing yourself dramatically to the floor in a pile. Jimin just chuckles and walk out of the room and returns with a pair of your extremely short sleeping shorts, a workout bra, a cold bottle of water, and a wet cool rag. “There change you got water and rag to wipe off the sweat” he says with a smile. “Uhhhh. I dunno about you but I am a very mature women and I refuse to have a sweaty stinky man in the room with me while I change” You say in a over dramatic tone. Jimin rolls his eyes at you “y/n we have been friends since we wore diapers. We took baths together and used to sleep in the same room. I think you’re good. I’ve seen it all before.” You throw a shoe at him “Hey! We were children! Now we’re adults! I got full grown lady parts and you got never before touched holy man parts. I’ve even got my wait for it… menstrual cycle dun dun duuuunn!” You say in a fit of laughter. Jimin once again rolls his eyes and turns his music on staring back intensely his dancing form  in the mirror.

You stick your tongue out at him knowing he isn’t paying you any attention. You remove your pants and stand there in your underwear happy that you chose today to unknowingly wore your sexiest pair of undewear. You walk over to his panting form and jump on his sweaty back before instantly jumping off. “EWWW JIMIN YOUR BACK IS ALL SWEATY TAKE THAT SHIRT OFF SERIOUSLY!! YOUR BACK IS GONNA BREAK OUT AND IT’LL BE SO GROSS NO GIRL WILL EVER WANNA DO THE FRICK FRACKING WITH. YOU WILL BE ALONE FOREVER BECAUSE LIL OL ME WILL MOVE AWAY AND BECOME YOUR BOY RAP MONSTER WIFE. IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE HE WANTS ALL THISSSS” You say shaking your butt in his direction. Jimin falls to the floor in a fit of laughter and peels off his shirt he throws it at you and you Karate chop it away making a silly face at him. He sits down and motions for you to pass him the water and rag. You pass him them and continue to put on your shorts that practically fit like underwear.

“Y/n there is no way in hell Namjoon would want you. You have been my best  friend for years, even if you threw yourself at him he’d push you away. You’re basically like my sister to him.” You shake your head in disagreement “Nope nu-uh one of your cutie friends will be my first kiss and first lay just you wait and see. When they get a look at this figure I’ve been working on since you were away on tour it will blow their minds.” Jimin throws the rag at you and sits up straighter “But how can you not want this body look at how well formed it is. Much better since when we were kids don’t you think y/n?” He says gesturing to his abs. “I mean yeaa I guess why do you think I’ve always fought the girls away from you. None of them quiet good enough for my best friend. For all you know i could be secretly in love with you” you say placing your hands on your cheeks feigning surprise.

“Whatever y/n. You just don’t want any girl stealing me away when I’m finally able to have free time. Just like I don’t want some random Doche taking you away. The only guy I’ll allow to sweep you off your feet is a guy like me” you raise your eyebrow In his direction. You slip off your white tee-shirt and throw it in his face “don’t look jimin. I’m gonna change into the sports bra it’s too dang hot in here” You can practically sense him  making a ‘whatever face.’ You Turn your back to him and struggle do undo the clasp of your bra. “Fuck” You whisper under your breath feeling that your clasp is stuck to one of threads. You turn your around sheepishly to Jimin “ummm. Hey I kinda need some help but you can’t look or touch. If you do I’ll rip your head off” you feel him crawl towards you and fiddle with the clasp. You can’t help but feel shy despite being friends for years. You guys stopped taking baths together when you finally started to develop breasts and so he hasn’t actually seen all of you like he’s thought. You feel him tug breaking the clasp making it pop open and fall off your chest.

Before you knew what was going on you see Jimin looking at you with wide eyes “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to break it!” He rushes out a string of apologies. You turn to yell at him when you hear him let out a loud gasp “y/n i can see your boobs.” He throws the sports bra your way covering his eyes. You feel a small devious smile make its way across your cheeks. ‘That’s right he hasn’t seen my boobs’ you think to yourself. You crawl forward placing your naked chest against his back. He stiffens his back up taking in a deep breath “what are you doing y/n” You just smile pressing your chest closer against his back and purr jokingly into his ear “Jimin you’re the only guy I want. We’re best friends we grew up together you’ve seen it all.” You giggle to yourself acknowledging you might be taking this too far but not caring.

Jimin suddenly whips around making you fall onto your back. He lays above you with his body between your outstretched open legs his face hovering inches about yours. “Stop playing with me y/n. I’m a man now. I have needs. You’re a beautiful women know so don’t tease me or I might give into my desires” he breathes out as you can practically feel his lips against yours. Your heart begins to race as you see his eyes trail down your body focusing on your chest a moment longer than the rest. You swallow the built up saliva in your mouth “you wouldn’t dare I’m your precious little sister” you jokingly say trying to regain your composure. He clenches his jaw before licking his lips “I NEVER once said I thought of you like a sister. You’re far too beautiful y/n.” He places one hot hand on your neck before gentally enveloping you in a gentle kiss. You don’t fight back surprised by his actions. I actually am enjoying this you think to yourself.  You notice how warm his warm body is on every part of you he’s touching especially he waist between your legs. You pull away from the kiss and take in his firm built frame for a moment before looking back up at him you wrap your arms around his neck and whisper seductively in his ear “I never once thought of you as a brother. You’ve grown into quite the handsome man. Might I add you’ve grown very sexy” You end the statement with a soft nibble on his earlobe. You feel his head lean back before he looks back down at you “y/n i want you” he says bluntly. You bite your lip and nod your head. You take off your shorts and undewear laying yourself out to expose yourself to him. Letting him take in just how much of a women you have actually become. A pit of nervousness forming in your stomach. If things go as planned this will be your first time. You feel his buldge start to form between your legs. Your toes curling slightly. You look at him as he’s practically drooling over your body. As if you will disappear in front of him if he doesn’t hurry he removes his clothes in a flash. Your eyes focusing on the stiffening member afraid at the pain that’s soon to come. “Y/n are you sure? This is your first time as well as mine. I just want you to be sure about this” you bite your lip and nod your head. He rubs the tip against your warmth causing you to moan softly at this new feeling. He continues this until he is practically slipping inside of you. He pushes in stopping when he notices your eyes filling with tears at the burning feeling in your lower body.

He sticks it in deeper stopping to give you a second to adjust to his size. “Jimin stop stopping. Just go. Keep going” You breathe out with tears spilling softly from the cornet of your eyes. He begins to thrust at a awkward pace not exactly sure of what he’s doing. You quickly adjust and feel a warm pouring sensation looking down to see a slightly red tint on his thrusting member from the newly broken womenhood. You feel Jimin hit a part of you that you had no idea existed and you grasp his back clawing your way down with each thrust. He starts to form a solid pace before going into a sloppy pace. You feel your stomach knotting up and a warm feeling begin to take hold in your lower body. You know neither of you will last long since it’s your first time. You hide your face in his strong neck biting down roughly you feel him give one final deep thrust before his seed spills into you yours following quickly in pursuit.

He pulls out and presses his forehead against yours “Thank you… I’m happy my first time was with you…."   You smile back at him "me too.”

Научившее меня ощущать этот мир дыхание, данное тобой.
Объятия, в которых сегодня вдруг снова захотелось побыть.
Что выше всего на земле?
Что обширнее всего под небосводом?
Одни лишь целительные мамины руки.

BTS - MAMA (J-Hope solo)