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In one of my classes today, there were two people that mentioned BTS winning last night. They were being really salty about it, and were being racist. A friend of mine was getting defensive because she knows how much I love them, and she respects/likes them as artists. I just kinda sat there very uncomfortable about the whole situation. 

With this new come exposure at the BBMAs, Bangtan will be judged. There will be ignorant people who don’t know anything about them trying to bring them down because of their race and genre. Because they make music in their country, and in their native language. 

I just want ARMY to know that these people aren’t worth your energy. They won’t change their minds no matter how hard you try or want them to. You can attempt to make them believe that Bangtan deserves this award (which they do), but they won’t listen. In their eyes, prejudice outweighs the concept of our boys being worth the award. 

Be the bigger person, don’t start fights. Defend our boys if you feel it’s needed, but please don’t waste your time on people that are full of hate. It’s not worth it.

We did it Army, we freaking did it! But it wasn’t Army it was all of us. For a single moment we put aside petty bs and stupid fandom wars to make a statement to the world that it DOESN’T MATTER what language you speak. Music is is music and if your heart is in it and you bust your ass, your music can reach ANYONE!

Thank you Sones, Banas, VIP, Boice, Best Friend, iKonics, Baby, Angels, ELF’s, Shawols, Cassies, Hottest, BBC, EXO-L, Primadonna’s, Inspirit, Jaywalkers, Kiss Me, Starlights, Shinhwa Changjo, and any others I may have missed. I love you guys ♡♡♡♡♡♡



ARMY we did great! Our boys got what they deserve~

TEAMWORK makes the DREAM work