boy scout badges

I think it’s really fucking dumb how people praise and glorify models with things like down syndrome, JUST for the sake of promoting the fact that a model has down syndrome.

I mean admittedly yes, I know why people do it, keyboard liberals need to be seen to be super duper compassionate people online because it gives them a spiritual sense of achievement similar to a Boy Scout badge, but this kind of shit doesn’t actually help those who suffer these illnesses. You’re not treating them the same as everyone else, when you give them these special treatments. All you are doing is giving them a FALSE sense of progress and achievement, fuelling their expectations, and setting them up for a big fall when they don’t automatically become the Miss World they’re expecting. Because the truth is the test of the world is judging people based on their standards in a very competitive industry, and not because they want strangers online to think they have a soul.

Stop holding their hand in such a patronising way, and parading them around as if they’re an animal in a circus. It’s more damaging to them than if you just left them alone.


The Art Assignment: “The Muster”, given by Allison Smith (artist: minnesbeta):

1. Answer the question “What are you fighting for?”

2. Fashion your own uniform that declares your cause.

3: Take a picture of yourself in your uniform in front of a neutral background.

What am I fighting for?

I am fighting for the balance of the system. Nothing exists in a vacuum, every component of the system is dependent on the whole. The system is always changing, links are being cut and new bonds are being formed, but it’s never in isolation. It is always formed and reformed as a whole. If to many parts of the system are being cut away, the rest will fall apart.

The aspect of the uniform I choose to focus on for this assignment were the service ribbons. The boy scout badges of soldiers that show your deeds in the field. Each ribbon represents a medal or order given to you as a result of your actions.

In my field of battle, these are the ones I’ve earned, which are yours?

International naval traveling force - National wolf campaign - Ant guarding campaign

No animal testing medal - Victory of wind power - War of the grassfire

Hedgehog protecting medal issued by bonfires - Footprint awareness medal - Preservation medal

Tiger and bees combined efforts campaign - Worm compost campaign - Victory of solar power

Order of art - Glacier trapping medal - Memories from a parallel future commander ribbon

International land traveling force - Organic food distinguished service medal - International bacteria host

Tree hugging active defence force medal with two stars - Jellyfish liberation campaign - Recycling medal for long service and good conduct.