boy roland

your daily reminder that “klein” means “small” in german. so “jared kleinman” means “jared smallman” and i think that’s beautiful.

DEH Heights

Kristolyn Lloyd: 5′4″

Mike Faist:  6′0″

Will Roland: 5′7″

Ben Platt: 5′9″

Laura Dreyfuss: ?

for any fic writing needs 

(also i couldn’t find laura’s height but i’d guess that she’s around 5′8″ or so) (also ben’s imdb says 5′10″ but i call bullshit on that cause he tweeted about being 5′9.25″ once so i just took that and rounded it out)

anatomy? idk her
i did this with my finger so sorry if it shittier than usual ://////
also jared kleinman totally wears crop tops over dresses bc that’s a cute combo?? this outfit is the outfit my friend wore when we saw phantom of the opera on tour

Here’s a master fanfic list! 

UPDATED 3.30.15

* For smut

Bold=one shot


Outlaw Queen

A Hard Bargain 

An Emotional Night 

Chocolate Santas 

Darts and Drinks


Give & Take

Her Funeral

In the Back of Your Mind

Journal Entries (A Robin Locksley Journal)

Masquerade Balls *

Mommy & Papa

Pink Icing

Same Feelings

Teaching the Heart *

Theatre Eight’s M&M’s *

The Locksleys

The Lockseys’ Late Arrival

The Missing Year




Stable Queen

All of My Love is Back


A Swinging Halloween

A Swinging Surprise

Before the Deckers*

Two Years Later



This Isn’t Love

Why Aren’t You A Mom?

If you ever have any prompts you would like me to do, send them to my ask please! I’d be glad to do them.

By Any Other Name... (Future BD-verse, Robin/Regina, 1/1)

Author’s Note: I had so many people request that I actually do that baby naming BD-verse ficlet that, well, I did it. Oops. It’s here, below the cut. Set in the winter of 2016/2017.




Baby Girl Locksley goes through more names than some people do outfits in a week.

When Roland finds out his step-mother is pregnant, the very first question to come out of his mouth is, “What’s his name gonna be?”

Regina laughs, and tells her step-son that she doesn’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, how can they possibly be thinking of names? But Roland is thinking, and Roland has a list. Presents it to her on Sunday night before Marian picks up him from the end of his weekend in the City.

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Confrontation with Evil
The True Story which inspired, The Exorcist.

For Steven A. LaChance, the possession case that inspired The Exorcist has always felt … incomplete. In this book, he shows how the official account crumbles under scrutiny, revealing instead a story of familial horror and spiritual corruption that implicates the highest levels of the Catholic Church.

Known as the 1949 St. Louis Exorcism, the harrowing story of a possessed child and his terrified family was immortalized in The Exorcist. While theories and rumors about the case abound, none of them explain how a young child could have been possessed to the degree described in Father Raymond Bishop’s infamous diary.

Join Steven A. LaChance―author, investigator, and himself the survivor of a long-term demonic attack―as he shares shocking evidence for how seemingly benign events progressed into a full-blown demonic possession. While the conventional story is that the boy brought the infestation upon himself, this book presents an alternative interpretation and provides new insights into the nature of possession itself. As LaChance gains access to a secret location that plays a crucial role in the story, he sheds new light on how the exorcism’s bizarre aftermath continues to haunt the city of St. Louis and the Catholic Church to this day.…


Colored sketches of Risa, Connor, Hayden, Lev, and Miracolina! (I also drew Bam but it turned out really bad so I didn’t include her D;)


did you ever go back and find him? the man with the lion tattoo?

34/365 Days of Outlaw Queen