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what is bard quest?

bardquest is the tag and alpha name for the d&d campaign i’m running soon! it’s a d&d game with a party of bards. a barty, if you will (and boy my players will). bardquest is just what i use to tag funny things for my players to see or things that might be interesting to them or just jokes about vore or furries/scalies because that’s a whole fucking thing lmfao

the campaign itself is actually going to be recorded! we’re going to do it as a podcast, taz style! when we get closer to being able to release the pilot, we’ll have an eta, but it may not be for a while quite yet. we have a title, art, a blog, a twitter, etc mostly prepped up but since we haven’t started recording quite yet we’re gonna hold off on releasing those

also! the players are @thebookwormbakery @space-rye @theo-aka-birdie @jeremwood @genderyikes and @lepardlover so yall should check them out too <3 they’re all fucking losers and i love them dearly

“Yeah we’re never not gonna be a team…”

I got this pic in my head and was working on it on and off the last couple of days, I like how it turned out as much as I can like anything that I do witch is to say not much. next up is pink zombie boy and then a Dear Evan Hanson pic I’ve also been a’brewin!

  • Jeremy: *Pulling up pant leg*
  • Michael: Jeremy what are you-
  • Jeremy: *throwing his bare leg on Michael* Do I have good legs? Like, real quality legs? I am really insecure about my legs are they bad legs? Do I have ugly legs or are they decent? Please help I'm having a crisis
  • Michael: Boi. You're legs are hot. You're all good.
  • Jeremy:
  • Jeremy: Are you gonna say "no homo" or...
  • Michael: Honestly I really don't know at this point

Yo, it’s a good day to remember Bellamy is his own character completely separate from, and not reliant upon, his relationships with Clarke and Octavia.

Hot Off The Press

Another AU where Jacky-Boy is a hockey player and Bitty has a job that involves hockey bc that’s my aesthetic. Anyway, I really know nothing about how the world of sports journalism works so there is probably some inaccuracies in here, but it’s an AU so who cares. Artistic license and all that. Very slightly NSFW (i just wanted to get all the warnings out there). 


“Are you into men?”

Jack has been asked this question before, but in such a subtle way (and typically involving Parson) that it’s easy to avoid. No reporter has ever straight out asked him. Besides, he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. So when Jack usually tells them, “No.” it’s not a lie. However, this time it feels different. Maybe it wasn’t just this particular time, but all the times added onto each other that’s finally causing him to really think about what hole he’s digging himself into.

The blunt question has him feeling panicky and the other presser notice his reaction too. Jack can’t say no, because that’s not true. He is into men. Jack’s panic quickly shifts, and now he just feels like shoving the microphones away and storming out, because this is hockey goddammit. Not E! news.

“Excuse me?” Jack clears his throat, trying to buy himself some time to think of a properly crafted response. Over the years, he’s developed a talent for that.

But everything is on overdrive and he feels his breath start to quicken again–

“Are you into men?” Another reporter asks, and it takes Jack a moment to realize that the reporter isn’t asking him. He’s asking the man who popped the question in the first place.

 All attention, including Jack’s, turns to the small blonde that got lost in the bundle of people. He holds up his mic towards the reporter who popped the question in the first place. 

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SEVENTEEN’s One Fine Day in Japan Game Characters

[ENG TRANS - please credit if using]

Hyung team

    Strongest ability: [Hard carry ability]
    Power leader with competitiveness like no other 
    Strongest ability: [Mental victory ability]
    Impossible to know his intentions, top boss of “my way”
    Strongest ability: [Angel ability]
    Gentle angel you want to protect
    Strongest ability: [Until when will he be researching characters????]
    Figuring out his character…
    Strongest ability: [Sexy brain ability]
    Woo-sherlock who has foresight and reasoning like no other
    Strongest ability: [Darkening (can make the atmosphere dark) and angel ability]
    Dark angel with both dark energy and angel power
  • JUN
    Strongest ability: [Unexpected variety ability]
    Chinese pretty boy who’s fully embraced Korean dad jokes

Dongsaeng team

    Strongest ability: [Innocent brain ability]
    Charming lovely bingu that makes your possessiveness kick in
  • THE8
    Strongest ability: [Rice cake ability (ability to get close with others)]
    Surpasses Carats in pride for Seventeen
    Strongest ability: [Face genius ability]
    Able to enter MENSA with his face
  • DINO
    Strongest ability: [Sexy brain ability]
    Can’t communicate without the maknae, #1 in Japanese skills
    Strongest ability: [Hard carry ability]
    You only need Mingyu~
    Strongest ability: [Variety ability]
    There’s no such thing as “no jam” (”no fun”) in Boo Seungkwan’s dictionary


  • Ibo-dog (pun: “hey there”): Akita Dog
    The travel game (13 boys travel tycoon) master who will help and give quests to the 13 boy players

❤️  Special thanks to @tookorean for the big help with translations! S/O to Yuwon for having better Korean than me ❤️ 

Newest speedpaint!!! Completely inspired by Ethan’s (@crankgameplays) Mad Mike video. That I love more than life! Who better than Ethan to post a video about right before April Fool’s Day?



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senior syndrome

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood

setting: modern, non-magical, college vampire au

word count: 3,131 

written for: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bunimalsfiberdolls !!!!!!! 

notes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Marcus wakes up thirsty.

He blinks, scrubbing at the corners of his eyes. There’s a suspiciously crusty stain on the inside of his bedspread; it isn’t white, but it’s not not white, either. He doesn’t know which pledge had laundry duty last week, but he thinks it was probably Goyle. Goyle always forgets to add detergent. Possibly, Goyle isn’t actually aware he’s supposed to add detergent.


Marcus rolls over. His tongue is sticking to the roof of his mouth, and his throat feels dry and rough and a little like he might’ve accidentally gargled paint thinner. A strange burning sensation is piercing his gut; if he concentrates, he can almost trace it back to a gently pulsating spot between his tonsils.  

Swallowing hurts.  

Swallowing hurts a lot.  

He vows not to try that again, and then idly wonders if he’s getting sick. That would suck. Hooch is picking captains at the end of the week, and Marcus would really enjoy stripping that fuzzy felt “C” off Wood’s jersey. Especially now. Especially after three months of silence and stupid passive aggressive Snap stories featuring way too many fishing boats. And lakes. And sad, ugly, shirtless Canadian bros who definitely didn’t need to, like, molest Wood so thoroughly.  


Marcus’s stomach rumbles.

He instinctively swipes at his teeth with the tip of his tongue.

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