boy parker

SNM 3/26/2017 - Early

Macbeth: Paul Zivkovich

Lady Macbeth: Sarah Stanley
Macduff: Sam Asa Pratt
Lady Macduff: Emily Oldak
Duncan: Phil Atkins
Malcolm: Adam Griffith
Banquo: Tim Heck
Bald Witch: Marissa Maislen
Boy Witch: Parker Murphy
Sexy Witch: Kelly Todd
Hecate: Jackie Schram
Porter: Nick Dillenburg
Agnes: Andrea Farley Shimota
Danvers: Debra Zalkind
Speakeasy: Jeff Docimo
Fulton: Colin Buckingham
Taxi: Doug Burkhardt
Matron: ?
Nurse: Jenna Saccurato
Man in Bar: John William Watkins
Man in Bar: Shane Jensen
Woman in Bar: Kate Douglas


Okay based on this; imagine, deadpool and spidey boy go to laser tag and of course with Wade being a trained mercenary he’s going to have a pretty sweet shot so he’s winning.
Peter manages to corner him and kisses Wade to distract him and when he shoots Wade and wins Wade can’t even bring himself to be mad.