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You shouldn’t hang your head

Don’t be a Tease Aaron

You and aaron have been teasing each other all day, and it started to drive you completely insane. Because aaron was especially very good at teasing you.
He would trace circles on the exposed part of your stomach or on your thigh, giving it a squeeze once in a while when you were watching a movie together.
This noon at lunch with his friends he would creep his hand over your inner thigh repeatedly, brushing the fabric of your panties lightly , leaving you soaking wet for him and all you got to do was give him a good view on your cleavage and a few neck kiss here and there.

If this was a competition, you were losing majorly and it annoyed you that you haven’t been able to turn on aaron to a point where he would just take you then and there. You knew your thoughts were very fucked up, but aaron has left you way to sexually frustrated.
So you decided it was time for some payback. You placed your hand on his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch as you traced circles on it. You felt him sit up straight uncomfortably as he pulled you closer by your waist. By now you weren’t even paying attention to the television anymore.
You crept your hand higher as you palmed his cock through his black jeans. You started rubbing him slowly through his jeans as you could feel the bulge forming in his pants. You opened his zipper torturingly slow and slid your hand over the thin black fabric, taking his length into your small hand through his boxers, making him let out a low moan as he dug his fingers into your waist.
Just as you were about to place a kiss on his neck you heard your phone go off as you jumped up from your position leaving a frustrated aaron on the couch. You felt a smirk tug at the end of your lips as you casually strolled to the kitchen counter, swaying your hips to the side as you felt aaron’s harsh stare on you.
You took your phone and saw your best friends name on the screen, you smugly smiled at your friends great timing as you clicked accept.
“Hey Y/B/N!” You greeted her as you took your previous place on the couch next to aaron once again, he gave you a death glare as you noticed the visible bulge in his pants. You smirked to yourself as she greeted you back.
“So what’s up?”You asked her casually as you felt aaron leave his spot on the couch. She started telling you on how college is going and that she missed you as you felt both of aaron’s hands on your knees. You looked at him with an eyebrow quirked up as he grinned devilishly at you.
You felt a lump in your throat as you tried to focus on your friend. “How about you? How are you holding up?” She asked you as you coughed in your hand awkwardly, aaron tugging at your shorts.
“I’m doing pretty good yeah! I’ll be visiting in a couple weeks. How is your love life going over there?” You asked
You felt your shorts being tugged of in one swift motion as aaron gripped you by your thighs and pulled you closer to his face, making you let out a small shriek as you felt a tingle going through your body because of aaron’s harsh touch.
You shot him a quick glare as you turned your attention back to your friend. Who was shyly admitting you about a boy that gave her his number not noticing you shriek
aaron started rubbing small circles on your inner thigh making your eyes widen and gasp, so you pretend it was because of her confession. You felt a bit like a shit friend but aaron’s touch already left you panting.
“Really? How is he like?”You asked her with a breathy voice as you felt aaron place a kiss on your thigh as he rubbed you through your panties. You bit your lip to refrain yourself from moaning as you nodded at your friend for her to go on.
He slipped a finger inside your panties rubbing circles on your clit, which was already soaking for him making his smirk grow even wider. “aaron stop.” You mouthed as he shook his head, slipping a finger inside of you, pumping into you as you tried to keep your composure, which was getting harder every second.
He hooked his other hand on the waistband of your panties and tugged it off, leaving it pooling at your ankles as you gasped, but tried covering it up with a cough.
“Are you okay?” Y/B/N asked you concerned as you say “Yeah I just got a cough, so did you already call him?”You asked trying to sound interested.
You felt his hot breath on your core, sending an immediate pleasure through your body. You needed him badly, but you didn’t want him to be able to take away your self control anymore.
He placed a small kiss on your clit as you gripped the couch tightly, keeping yourself from screaming out his name as he licked up your slit. He started to suck on your clit, twirling his tongue around the sensitive nub. He added pressure as he sucked harder.
You felt his tongue between your folds as he pushed his tongue into your entrance, applying more pressure as you let out a small moan, your friend asked if you were okay with confusion as you pretended you just had a sore back.
She told you they have been texting for the past week and that he asked her out this morning, but all you could focus on was the immense pleasure aaron was giving you by his skilled tongue.
“Did you say yes?” You asked biting the insides of your cheeks trying hold in a moan. You place you hand onto Aaron’s hair, pulling him closer to your sex as he let out a chuckle at your eagerness.
He twirled his tongue one more time before adding a finger, pumping it into you slowly as you felt the pressure in your stomach built up as his finger started pumping faster into you. His tongue still sucking on your clit as you felt your orgasm coming close.
“Are you really okay?” You friend asked you worriedly you tried to say yeah because you knew you were close to your orgasm and there was no way you could hide it. “What’s wrong?” She asked you as you just quickly told her your back was hurting a lot and that you’d call her back later.
You hung up and threw your phone on the couch, tangling your fingers in aaron’s hair as you let out a loud moan, he added another finger as you felt yourself reaching your high. Your walls clenched around his finger as you came on his tongue, he swallowed every last drip of you as you shut your eyes in pleasure.
You felt your body slowly sink into the couch as you untangled your hands from his hair and let yourself go, feeling completely relieved as aaron placed a small kiss on your stomach, standing up and sitting next to you.
He pulled you into his chest and pecked your lips softly, you didn’t really care that he won again, you just put your head in the crook of his neck as you snuggled into him.
“That’s what happens when you leave me like that princess.”