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i want to do domestic things with you, like go grocery shopping in our pajamas and innocently wander down the aisles, content among the cereal and fruit snacks, only to be interrupted by a middle aged woman who, for some reason, takes it upon herself to scold us for the hickey on your neck before disappearing from our lives as quickly as she arrived, unknowing of the horror and chaos she leaves in her wake


Something was wrong

Something was tremendously wrong

Kaede the leader of the class the optimistic leader of the class

Was sad,Sad to the point of playing piano a bit duller than usual, Sad to the point for her to frown during playing the thing she loved most

And Shuichi couldn’t tell why

He thought and thought but he couldn’t figure out what the heck was wrong nothing happened to her today she was just …Sad

So he decided to ask, Walking towards the girl he slowly asked her the question,He didn’t even freeze just he just..Said it

“Is something the matter?”

She froze for a second before awkwardly smiling and turning her head to him

“Ha…Ha I guess I’m kind of sad my old friends aren’t here to celebrate my birthday” She said rubbing the back of her head that awkward smile still on her face

With that he froze panicking ‘slightly’ on the inside…day?

Birthday? He had no idea it was her birthday!! How could he forget? HOW,HOW,HOW??? HE’LL NEVER FORGIVE HIMSELF FUCK FUCK FUCK

As he kept internally panicking Kaede stared at him awkwardly confused by how much he was sweating

“…Er? Saihara-Kun? Are you ok-?” Before Kaede could finish Shuichi ran out of the room leaving her alone with her piano

“…Okay?” Kaede said finishing her sentence

“……Chabashira-San did say how rude boys were” Kaede sighed

“…Oh well” Kaede slowly lowered her head and waited a second before playing the piano once more


What has he done so far?

Freaked out about the fact he forgot about Akamastsu-San’s birthday check,Got a horrible idea check,Called everyone here Check,Told everyone what he’s doing…Nope

Now to make that ‘Nope’ a ‘Check’

“Saihara-Chann~? What’s going on~?” Ouma whined “I’m busy ya know! A ninja is chasing me see!” Ouma said pouting while obviously lying Shuichi looked away a deadpanned expression on his face

“Ouma-Kun please be serious we’ve all forgotten something truly important today!” Shuichi yelled hitting the podium everyone looked up at him confused

“Eh? Shuichi? What are ya talkin about?” Kaito asked confused Maki suddenly hit him telling him to ‘Shut up’ Shuichi stared at the scene before going back on topic

“..You see… It’s” He froze once more sweating slightly but he kept going

“…Akamastsu-San….Birthday” He slowly said looking away and with that one word preparing for the impact but Nothing happened?

“Um…? Guys this is seri-!” Shuichi tried to tell but before he could panic erupted in the room

Kirumi got out a broom from somewhere and started cleaning,Ryouma started roasting himself for being a horrible friend,Angie started praying for some reason,Tenko said it was the boys fault,Yumeno slept though the chaos,Kiibo and Gonta who don’t even know what a birthday was,Kaito Yelled saying he had no clue while Maki said he was a idiot for it,And Ouma… Was Ouma

And Shuichi knew at that moment.. He fucked up
And boy did he fuck up bad

He tried to stop the chaos yelling while being sweaty mess,While still Not even stopping the panic slightly

“G-GUYS!!! WE HAVE T-!!” Shuichi yelled but before he could finish he was interrupted by Amami

“You all forgot..I thought that was the case” Amami said looking away everyone stared at him confused

“Wait.. You didn’t forget?” Shuichi asked him confused

“…..“Amami slowly sighed before pulling out his e-tablet pointing to a spot that said March 26


-Even ‘Later’-

[I Put this in Shuichi’s point of view]

I had prepared everything and everyone

Yumeno would do a magic show to entertain Kaede while Tenko gladly helped with stage ‘stuff’

Kirumi was cleaning everything up and setting up most of the part decorations Maki and Kaito helped but Kirumi did more work than the both of them combined, I wasn’t surprise in the slightest of course

Ama'i said he knew to cook so he did the cake Kiibo said quote on quote “I’ll try to help to with the fullest of my ability!” with pure optimism I didn’t stop him

Angie and Iruma said they make something for Kaede, I asked no questions but I asked Gonta and Korekiyo to watch the two of them for ‘reasons’

And Tsumigi was set on wrapping the gifts I prepared she seemed to be over-joyed when I asked if she could make Kaede something

And Ryouma’s job was the hardest… Watch Ouma,I knew Ryouma was strong… But I still felt a weird feeling like I should have done more

-Time Skip AGAIN- Mod Kaede sucks

After a while we finished with enough time to spare to bring Kaede

And nothing bad happened,Iruma and Angie made something that was appropriate,Ryouma even stated Ouma did nothing I was in relief, Everything seemed to be perfect…

“Jeezzz we done yet?” Yumeno complained yawning a bit

“Yes! Tenko wants to know as well!” Tenko yelled almost hitting Yumeno in the face

“Aaa…” Yumeno said dodging somehow she didn’t seem to care though

“Yep now all we need is to surprise Akamastsu-Sa-” Before I could finish it happened

Of course it happened, One thing had to go fucking wrong,Nothing will ever go right for me will it?

“Yooo Saihara-Chan! I brought Akamastsu-Chan~!” Ouma yelled holding Kaede’s hand she seemed to be confused all I could do was internally scream while staring at him,Thinking one thought


Kaede looked around the room confused she seemed to be in the same dull mood as before though

“Um…? What’s happe-” Before Kaede could finish Amami came in the room at the worst moment

“Guys I’m back from the bat-” Amami then stared at Kaede before muttering a 'Shit’ he seemed to understand the situation

“Akamastsu-San~! How’s your day? Actually don’t answer that lets go outside for a MOMENT” Amami said sweating a bit get a smiling expression on his face he than dragged the confused Laede out of the room

I sighed in relief before staring at Ouma but I knew we had other priorities at hand

“Everyone! Hide!”

-TimeSkip YET AGAIN-

I stared at Amami confused I know he has good intentions since he’s my friend but…? Why was he asking so much? Was he distracting me from something?

“N-No he’s my friend…Yep my friend! I should trust him!” I thought smiling to myself

And so we kept chatting about random topics he seemed to be worried about something but I kept that to myself

[I think we’ve even bonded a bit!]



Okay he’s gone quiet…

Amami seemed to mutter to himself for a bit after I couldn’t quite make it out either but he seemed to be important

“Um…Rantarou-Kun is something wrong?” Kaede asked tilting her head the boy shot up before smiling

“N-No!! Of course not…Hey um…Could you follow me?” Amami asked grabbing Kaede’s hand but before she could reply she was dragged off yet again and why were they headed for the gym?

“Hey R-RANTAROU-KUN!! Why are we going towards-!” Before she could finished Amami pushed her towards the gym doors

“KYA!” And she hit them opening them wide

She saw 'it’ though all of her friends lined but yelling “Happy birthday!” she couldn’t help but smile

She than hit the ground

“…Ow” Kaede said raising her head from the ground

“..Hehe..Sorry about that Akamastsu-San happy birthday though I hope you enjoy this”

“…Yeah…Your a good kid hope you have a good life,Happy birthday”

“Agreed, Akamastsu-San I hope to serve you even more for days to come,Happy birthday”

“Angie thinks so too!! Angie wishes you a happy-happy birthday!! Ooh~? What’s that? Oh! Kami-Sama wishes the same! Angie is proud of you Kaede!”

“Tenko wishes the same! You are truly a great friend,No..Sister to Tenko! Tenko wishes you the happiest birthday!!”

“Kukuku…Truly I wish you a happy birthday as well..Onee-Sama says so as well”

“OI! Bakamastsu better enjoy the party! Happy birthday slut!”

“Gonta isn’t quite sure on what a 'birthday’ is but he hopes for you to be happy So…Happy birthday!! D-Did I say it right?”

“Nishinishi~ I don’t care if it’s your birthday I just got bored and came here *wink* Stilll it be rude not to say it so,Happy B-Day Akamastsu-Chan!~”

“OI! Shut up Ouma!! Oh yeah my turn right? Your a good friend ya know that? So happy b-day!”

“Um…I don’t have anything to say… I..Um I truly like you as a friend Akamastsu-San so happy birthday….”

“Akamastsu-San I don’t have the slightest clue on what a 'Birthday’ is but I wish you 'it’!!”

“…Jeez my turn…Happy birthday Akamastsu…J-Just so you know I Don’t care, Kaito the idiot forced to participate..That’s a-all!!”

“..Naa…aaaa so sleepy,….A-A…All I gotta do is say .. Happy birthday Akamastsu-San? That’s too tiresome~“


“I-I hope you like this birthday party we’ve prepared because we all truly wish you a happy birthday” Shuichi said lending Kaede his hand

“..Everyone…” Kaede said staring at the 15 others in front of her

She slowly smiled before grabbing Shuichi’s hand

“Thank you all…”

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Hey, y'all. I just found out that I have autism. I just don't get why it took nearly nineteen years for anyone to tell me.- Mystery

[Davey] Well, better late than never, right? I’m glad someone told you eventually, even if it took a long time! At least now you know!

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When will the ask box be open again?


I am… not sure… we don’t really have a set date :’( it’ll be opened again when we’ve finished all the requests from the last time it was opened c: we’ve been getting a lot of requests recently, btw. Box is closed rn, amigos!! ~ Mod Oddish

  • Leo: Can’t we have a little fun? Remember that time Victor and Yuuri spent an entire hour in the bathroom at a press conference?
  • Guang-Hong: Yes, but wasn’t that because Yuuri lost a contact lens?
  • Leo: You’re so cute.

I never see enough positivity for het ace/aro people.

Cis het ace/aro people? So great and valid. I’m so happy they’re alive. I hope they find the best partner because they totally deserve it.

Trans het ace/aro people? So valid. So awesome and im so glad they exist. They deserve the best parners too.

Het ace/aro people are valid and so worthy of love.

mcr flavored ~ tag yourself

Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.

shoutout to asexual trans boys who don’t feel like they belong in the LGBT+ community because of TERFs and exclusionists !!

no matter what they say, you are 1000% valid in your gender and your orientation and you are 1000% welcome in the LGBT+ community !!

you are deserving of so much love, respect, and support and i hope you know how wonderful and how loved you are !!