An Open Letter to Disney

So I’m sure by now everyone’s heard that now is a more crucial time than ever to show your support for Girl Meets World if we want to get a 4th season. I know everyone has their reasons for watching the show, but one thing I know we can all agree on is that we’d want to see this story reach it’s intended destination. 

We’ve learned so many wonderful lessons from Girl Meets World and it would be a shame to see it cancelled. The story of Riley Matthews and her friends have really influenced a lot of us who are avid watchers of the show. Some of the wonderful lessons we have learned are:

People change people - the secret of life.

Who we were affects who we are.

Our perceptions don’t always equate to our reality. 

and more importantly

Find something worth fighting for.

Don’t give up hope

I didn’t realize how much this show had taught me about life and about people. And while I may be a bit older than the target audience of this show, I’m sure if it’s had a significant effect on the younger audience as well. 

Disney. Please give us the opportunity to see this story through. Not only has it taught us important lessons, but it’s brought a lot of people together as well. We think that if this show is given a season four, it could not only benefit your network, but all those involved.

There’s not a lot of shows that target the same audience that Girl Meets World does which teach such important lessons. Please don’t take such a unique, nuanced, well-written, and intelligent show away before its time. 

I hope that this reaches the right person and that this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. 



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Keep tweeting GMW fandom!

So many tweets already and we know they are seeing them all. Tweet @disneychannel and @disneychannelpr as many times as you can until we hear about a renewal. If we work hard enough they’ll listen.

And let’s show Rowan, Sabrina, Corey, Peyton, Amir, Cecilia, Ben, Danielle, August, Ava, Cheryl, Rider and the whole cast how important they are and how hard we will fight for them. Let’s keep going everyone!


Remember that time Topanga was trying to prove a point to Cory that looks don’t matter, and it ended up with her cutting a chunk of her hair off and you could legit hear the loud gasps coming from the live audience and everybody almost had a mini heart attack cause lets be real, Topanga’s long hair was legendary. But then everyone calmed down when she walked out the hair salon and slayed everyone’s existence? Cause I sure do.

When Josh returns in Ski Lodge
  • Josh: *opens door* hey fam, what's u--
  • Josh: *sees house is on fire*
  • Riley: LUCAS LOVES ME!
  • Lucas: I'M DYIN' HERE!
  • Cory: *points aggressively at Lucas* YOU DID THIS!
  • Topanga: yikes
  • Auggie and Ava: *running around screaming*
  • Farkle: *hangs from ceiling* I WANNA BE A PART OF THE STORY!
  • Josh: what
  • Zay: *takes sip of drink from a swirly straw* Welcome back--you've missed a lot.