Boy Meets Girl

It may sound like your typical heterosexual white teen romance, but you’d be pleasantly surprised:) “Boy Meets Girl” is a beautiful, unique, delightful story of Ricky, a (GORGEOUS) transgender girl and her search to find love. 

“Boy Meets Girl is a funny, tender, sex positive romantic comedy that explores what it means to be a “real” man or woman, and how important it is to live a courageous life not letting fear stand in the way of going after your dreams.” - Via IMDB

A tearjerking sweet film that you cant help but laugh, cry, and scream from how cute it is. People often don’t understand how important positive representation is. So many films show people who not everyone can relate to, there are people don’t know who they are because they’ve never seen anyone like them, and people come to feel bad about themselves from negative representation.

“Stop calling her that, She is a girl god damn it! Get that through your thick skull, She’s a GIRL!”

“She is as much a girl as I am and for the record, can make any girl as happy as she’d ever wanna be, in more ways than one.”

-Francesca (Alexandra Turshen) 

This is an honest and emotional  that reveals such beautiful messages and deep characters, And to my great joy, cast an actual Trans Girl in the part of a trans Girl, which is very important (as I explained here)

This is a movie that is Refreshing, beautiful and transpositive even if there’s transphobia depicted. A movie that will make young trans people say: “hey, that’s who I am.” A well constructed, honest, feel-good  story that’s also real and will be watched and loved by many audiences.

A bit of a trigger warning for transphobic/depressing parts, but you’ll love the trailer and you’ll have no choice but to see it:

This is a film with incredible depth and feeling, gritty real life exploration of sex, gender, love and being a teen. I hope this film gets big, because this is the kind of vital representation that we desperately need.

Find it here: Boy Meets Girl


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‘Boy Meets Girl,’ An Unlikely Twist On The Teen Rom-Com

Trans Actress Michelle Hendley on Trans Rom-Com Boy Meets Girl

Craving more trans actors playing trans roles? Meet Michelle Hendley, whose debut as charming small-town trans girl Ricky has viewers and critics wanting more.

Boy Meets Girl is a sex-positive love story that crosses all gender lines, director Eric Schaeffer (If Lucy Fell, Never Again, Mind the Gap) tells The Advocate. In a time when most movies dealing with trans-themed plots are casting cisgender (nontrans) actors, Schaeffer has intentionally cast an unknown trans woman for the leading role. The Advocate caught up with him and lead actress Michelle Hendley to learn more.

The Advocate: I watched Boy Meets Girl this week and I have to say, “Wow that was incredibly real.”

Michelle Hendley: I’m so glad the film rang true for you! It was of the utmost importance to the Boy Meets Girl crew to create a story that felt authentic to the trans experience.

Previous to your acting career, you had a YouTube channel where you shared your transition details. Do you feel that helped you prepare to be in front of a camera as an actress?

Yes! It seems silly to think that a bunch of YouTube videos would help prepare me for my film debut, but it definitely cut my nerves in front of the camera a bit.

Boy Meets Girl is your first feature film. How did you get involved in the project?

Eric [Schaefer, the director] found me via YouTube and told me about his project. At first I thought he was just some dude on the Internet with creepy intentions, but after checking out his [page on] Internet Movie Database and Skyping with him I realized he was a real deal director. I was very excited to be a part of the movie.

How does your life compare to the life of main character Ricky? Are they similar?

There are quite a few parallels between Ricky and I. For one thing, we are both young trans women. We also come from loving and supportive communities and families, and live pretty “normal” lives. We work 9-5 jobs, cry about boys, and probably spend too much time trying on clothes and looking at ourselves in the mirror. However, Ricky carries a dark past that has made her a little more edgy / salty than myself. 

To what level of transphobia have you experienced in your life as compared to what your character experienced? 

While I have yet to experience any physical violence because of my trans identity, I was teased and bullied in my formative years. Kids can be mean, and I think everyone faces some discrimination/ bullying growing up. I was just targeted for being very feminine. Nowadays I don’t really deal with petty teasing but there are individuals who simply refuse to accept me (or any trans person) for who/what I am. I do not give these sorts of people much mind though, to be honest. I don’t have time for all that negativity.“

Read the full interview here


BOY MEETS GIRL, Transgender Comedy with Filmmaker Eric Schaeffer

This film is a comedy with a transgender heroine who is played by an actual trans actress!! It premiers on June 28th in the US. The director talks about how his new film explores gender and sexuality and why he thinks it’s important to cast trans actors for trans parts.