boy look at dat body

BTS’ Reaction; You about to send nudes to a fckboy.

This is one of my favorite requests so far. Was super excited while making this. Plus it turned out more of a crack post than anything.




Jin would probably see your facial expressions changing from frustrated to jittery. “Y/N, what are you doing? Do you need help with something?” He’d walk around the couch to see what you were looking at. When he noticed the fuck boi from your school texting you asking for nudes. His Mama mode comes out when he sees the attachments on the text you were thinking about sending.

“Y/N!” snatches dat phone “No fuck boy deserves to look at your body!”

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This man would be laying on the couch minding his own business as you would sit next to him on the floor. You sighed debating if you wanted to send the naked pictures of yourself to a boy that seemed interested in you or not. He would look over you shoulder then lay back down.

“Why send a fuck boi those nudes, when you could send them to me?” *GIF*

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Rap Monster

He’d probably look over your shoulder with his height over you then he’d look at the back of your head patting your shoulder slightly, giving his silly grin when you turned around. You hide your phone from sight as he grins. 

“You should send those to someone else? Hm, let’s say me?” *GIF*

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He would probably be really shy about it but very mature and possibly silly. He’d be sitting in the car next to you as he looked at over seeing why you had such a frustrated look on your face. He would see  the naked attachments of yourself and he would *GIF* He’d pull himself noticing that it was a fuck boi you were texting.

“Y/N. Think before you do. If you do it, it should be to me.”

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J-hope would be screaming. Simple as that.

“OH, MY, GOD, Y/N’s SENDING NUDES!” *GIF* Cue the angry looking mama Jin skidding into the room Then he’d get quieter. “Those are for me right? Not that fuck boi you’ve been texting?”

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He’d be happy until he noticed that the nudes were for a fuck boi you had swapped phone numbers with the other day.

“I’m getting nudes, I’m getting nudes!” *GIF* He would sing-song then he points at Jin. “There gonna be from Y/N!~” Salty Suga would jump in, “There not for you.” He’d get really serious and look at you. “They better not be for that fuck boi” brightens up, “But for ME!”

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“Nudes?! Nudes? What are Nudes? If they’re edible I call dibs for it first.” *GIF*

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A few photos from the Nittany Cup at Penn State!

I had loads of fun with JNDS, and have a huge dose of respect for momma Heather now, along with many other members of the team. I certainly hope I get to play with them again, or at least chill in the future.

Best St. Patricks man. Best one. You don’t even know how much fun I had that night.