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Imagine Scott and Lydia talking about 5x16 after they get their memories back:

Scott grabs Lydia’s hand and sits her down in a chair across from him. 

“Lydia, do you remember when Stiles saved your life?”

“Which time are you referring to?”

Scott showed a small laugh and let out a sigh.

“Remember when Stiles and I were rushing you to the animal clinic after the escape from Eichen.”

“Well I remember being in so much pain. I remember hearing Stiles screaming my name banging the door over and over. I remember leaning back in relief seeing Stiles burst through those 2 doors…”

Lydia paused for a minute, she let out a breath that she wasn’t even aware of holding in. Scott looked concerned, until Lydia finished her sentence.

“I felt so safe when he had his arms around me. He always tried to be one step ahead of me, and his chin would sometimes brush over my head. He caught me in his arms every time I collapsed and his body heat would stop my shivering.”

“I remember how close we were in the jeep. My eyes were focused on his traceable moles. I still remember it, every last detail.”

“You know I could of killed both of you that night, with just one scream.”

“Yeah but you didn’t. Even when the mirror cracked it gave me the urge to drive even faster.”

“I broke Stiles’ mirror?”

“Yeah, but it technically wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t control yourself.”

“But Scott, Stiles didn’t even bat an eye. Doesn’t that boy love his jeep more than anything in this world.”

“Lydia, he loves you more than anything in this world.”

Lydia showed a shy smile while looking down at the carpeted floor. The same shy smile she always tried to hide from Stiles.

“Lydia what else do you remember about that night?”

“I remember you guys carrying me into the clinic. My body felt terrible, like this kind of pain spreading everywhere and it wouldn’t go away.

Lydia paused to catch her breath.

"I screamed. I screamed so loud the windows shattered into pieces and everything just went dark and silent. I thought I killed everyone in that room. I thought I even killed myself.”

“But I couldn’t have killed myself… because I opened my eyes and I saw the same traceable moles. I gazed up to see Stiles, he was the first person I saw. Stiles saved me.”

“Lydia that’s what I need to tell you about.”

“What do you need to tell me Scott?”

“The darkness you felt… the silence you heard…”

“I remember watching Stiles hold onto your face. He was begging for your life, begging for you to wake up. He was breaking apart every second you wouldn’t respond.”

“Lydia, I didn’t even hear a single heart beat come out of you. You were dead.”

“I remember getting violent flashbacks to Allison’s death. I thought "how the hell am I gonna deal with telling my best friend the girl he loves is dead, and how the hell am I gonna live the rest of my life knowing one of my best friends died”.“

The room went silent, Lydia was trying to absorb this all in.

"Stiles kept looking over at me, almost like a puppy crying for help. I just stood there absolutely frozen.”

“I thought it was all over. I thought there was no way to bring you back to life. No supernatural tricks could ever fix this. Everything was gone.”

“But it was Stiles, no tricks, no super powers, no extraordinary thing. It was just Stiles. Stiles repeatedly asking you to open your eyes, urging you to wake up. Stiles who was slowly tearing apart from reality realizing he would still be alive in a world where you’re not. Stiles, who was about to have a panic attack you wouldn’t be able to fix.”

Scott stared off into the distance. A focused object crossing between another gave him a blur.

“I knew exactly how he felt. It felt like he was holding his own life, his whole future planed ahead with that person. His whole world shattered into pieces within seconds. Nothing will ever feel the same.”

A tear streamed down Scotts right eye. Lydia reached out to hold his hand across the table in comfort. She misses Allison. And now she misses Stiles. Everything Scott just said is everything she’s feeling right now. Her world doesn’t feel complete without the boy she loves. 

“Why has no one ever told me this before?”

“Stiles and I have discussed it before. He thought it wasn’t important for you to know. "As long as you were alive and still here”.“

Lydia felt a cold shiver headed her way. She really wished for Stiles’ presence because all she wanted to do right now was hold him in her arms. She wanted to grasp his soft dark brown hair in her small hands, she wanted to smell his cheap cologne and laundry detergent used for his flannels. Because for Lydia, all of that was her world. Stiles is her whole world.

"Why did you decide to tell me this now?”

“Because it’s pretty huge Lydia. You can’t just bring someone back to life like that. You guys have a special connection. A bond that can’t be broken.”

Lydia’s breathing started slowing down.

“And that’s why we felt his presence. That’s why we never forgot him.”

“YOU never forgot him Lydia. You were the one who figured it out. You’re the second half of the equation, the second side to the same coin.”

Scott and Lydia stood up from their seats to get a drink, resting their elbows on the kitchen island.

“It’s me isn’t it. I’m the one who’s gonna be able to bring him back.”

“Yeah and now we need to think like Stiles.”

“What’s that?”

“Come up with a plan.”

New Girl (Requested)

request:  Hi can I request an imagine with Stiles please?? I’m short and really sweet haha brown hair and brown eyes. Can it be how I’m new to town and stiles doesn’t trust me and is really mean and then finds out I’m an angel or something and realizes he likes me or something like that😂 thank you!!

A/N: So first of all, I am so incredibly sorry for taking so long, I kind of forgot this request. Therefore I tried to write a little more :) Also I changed a few things because I don’t write specific appearances due to the reader pov. I hope you still like it! Also I know nothing about angels and therefore I did some research. However there are an awful lot of myths and stories so I just picked one :) I’m sorry that there is a Twilight kind of scene, I don’t even like Twilight, it just happened…

Warnings: none


Nervously checking myself in the rearview mirror, I refreshed my lipstick and prayed that I looked at least decently normal. I wanted to look good on my first day, maybe I could already find a few friends… My family had moved to Beacon Hills because of the sudden death of my mother’s friend. I wasn’t particularly fond of the idea to move here, but I didn’t bring on that whole teenage drama either. The new town would give me the possibility to find myself, and how many people had the cance to do that in my age? 

I opened my door, accidentally hitting the car next to me, in this case a rusty old jeep that only had one nice thing about it, the cute driver. Said boy was now glaring at me as we both exited our cars. Panic rushed through me, I didn’t want enemies, especially not when they were looking so cute. The strange boy walked around his car to meet me, still a glare on his face, that should probably seem more intimidating than it did. 

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise your car was so-”

“Do you know what this car is?”, he cut me off and pointed at the ancient vehicle.

“A jeep?”, I asked and bit my lip. I knew this wouldn’t end well but I wasn’t in the mood for smartasses either. 

“YES! No! This is more than just a jeep, this jeep is my life! Do you have any idea of how much it means to- Okay. I won’t go further into this. You’re obviously new so I’ll just, let it go.”

“Thank you.”, I sighed in relief and was about to say something nice when he continued. 

“Once you said ‘sorry’.”

“Excuse me?”, I huffed and crossed my arms at the lanky boy. “I already told you that I’m sorry okay?! It’s great that you have a creepy and probably unhealthy relationship with that driving garbage but don’t pull me into this.”

I turned around and walked away, ignoring his calls after me. Ignoring him wasn’t all that hard since he didn’t even know my name. 

“I hope to- not… see you!”, he yelled but I just showed him the finger. 

Luckily I was good at coordination, so it was no problem for me to find the administration. After receiving the stuff I needed, I quickly made my way to my locker. Things were going okay until now, well if you let out the part with the boy from earlier and the fact that everybody stared at me. I put some of my books into the locker while scanning my schedule. 

Where the hell was the English classroom? I anxiously noticed that class started in 15 minutes, and this school was big. Screw my good coordination…

“Hey.”, someone next to me said, causing me to turn my head, at the same time colliding with my locker. I groaned and closed it quickly, trying to ignore my blush and the little smile on the boy’s face. 

“Sorry, are you okay? I just thought you looked a little lost and I was wondering if you need any help?”

“That obvious, huh? Um, yes do you know where I can find this classroom?”, I quizzed and handed him the sheet of paper. He read through my classes carefully before another smile etched on his lips. 

“Actually I can show you. I mostly have the same classes so I could show you around, if you want me to.”

I returned the gesture, he didn’t seem like a perverted freak or as rude as some other people. I accepted his offer and quickly followed him through the crowd, happy to have some kind of help. 

“I’m Scott by the way.”

“Y/N.”, I retorted which he acknowledged with a nod. Finally arriving in the desired destiny, I plopped down in the seat next to Scott. Hopefully I was prepared enough for this period. Scott glanced at me akwardly before directing his gaze forward again, even though the teacher wasn’t even there yet. 

“What?”, I asked after I caught him doing it the third time. 

“Nothing, it’s just- that’s Stiles’ seat and I’m pretty sure he is going to kill either you or me when he sees this.”

“He sounds like a lovely person.”, I joked which made Scott chuckle a little. I almost choked on my own saliva when I saw who just entered the room. Jeep boy, as I had secretly named him, was sending me a death glare that made me sink down in my chair. I had hoped that I wouldn’t see him again, which was admittedly kind of stupid if you considered the fact that we both went to the same school. However I would’ve loved to be somewhere else as he let his books drop on my desk, his desk.

“Are you kidding me? First my car and now my seat? How about you-”

“How about you just calm down?”, Scott interrupted him quickly since Stiles was about to hold a full-blown speech. 

“I’m not the one that-”

“Stiles there are enough other free seats so why don’t you shut up?”, the girl on my left cut in. Stiles licked his lip and angrily dropped into the seat behind me. 

“I’m glad to have such understanding and loyal friends.”, he muttered which  made me smirk. 

“Ignore him. You’re new right? I’m Lydia.”, the girl introduced herself with a smile. 

“I’m Y/N.”, I replied sheepishly. If I wasn’t busy with defending myself against some stupid idiot, I wasn’t one of the loud kids. At least not one of the loudest. 

“Y/N?”, Stiles scoffed. I turned around with a raised eyebrow. 

“That’s actually… a really nice name.”, he grumbled which made me giggle. This boy wasn’t even good at being rude. 

“Thank you.”

“It wasn’t a compliment.”

“It kind of was.”



It had been several days since my first day of school, and I was just fine in this school. I had quickly found a group of people that I got along well with, even if in said group the boy was that had developed a strong distaste in me on day one. The others, also by now familiar as Scott, Lydia, Allison and Isaac were a little more supportive. 

Waking up today was a lot worse today though. Not because it was a Monday, which was a pretty obvious reason itself, it was because of the night before. I probably shouldn’t dream about some dark spirit, somehow controlling Stiles and making him do cruel things. What that told me about my sanity? Yeah I wasn’t even going to ask… Maybe it was because Stiles still caught my attention more than once, even though we were anything but friendly to each other. But that didn’t explain the dark spirit. I should really stop watching horror movies.

I shook it off once Lydia greeted me by my locker, I should worry about more important stuff. Like my grades, the cute blonde guy that winked at me every Tuesday, and maybe the fact that I was kind of psychic. Ridiculous, right? The pack wasn’t doing a great job at hiding their superpowers from me, and it all became even more complicated when I told Scott about my very bad feeling towards Mrs. Blake - who turned out to be an evil freak. I wasn’t a banshee, I wasn’t really aware of what I was, not that we weren’t trying to figure it out, I guess it would just take some time. At least it would explain why I was so drawn to this town, and these people. The light-hearted conversation was quickly interrupted as a certain dark-haired boy guided me away from Lydia and towards his own locker without a word. 

“Stiles what’s the matter with you?”, I asked and rubbed soothing circles over my wrist that he had abused before. 

“I- just-…”, he was breathing heavily as if he ran all the way here, which he probably did. I bit back my giggle since I knew it would annoy him. After he recovered himself I impatiently crossed my arms and leaned against the locker next to his.

“I think I know what you are.”, he huffed and tried to regain his cool, which he honestly never had possessed. I pursed my lips and motioned him to continue, although a part of me was waiting for him to make some shitty joke. 

“Stiles we’re gonna be late for next period, the last one by the way and I’m not planning on getting detention.”

“What if you’re an angel? A guardian angel?”

“Yeah, right. Thanks for wasting my time.”, I groaned and pushed myself of the locker, approaching my class. I could not stop him from following me though, even if I wanted to. 

“No, wait listen to me! I mean, ever since you’ve been here, you helped us right?”

“Something that most friends would do.”, I retorted with a smirk as I tightened my grip around my books. 

“And you saved us more than once…”

“In a very human kind of way…”

“Pushing of an Alpha isn’t very human. I’ve tried, and I am so…”

“Stiles I’m not a guardian angel!”

“Just consider it for a minute!”, he yelled and poked me with two of his abnormal long fingers. I sighed and dropped into my seat, this day had been exhausting enough. I did consider it though, what if it was true? Stiles was the one that did amazing research, yes his arguments had been weak but something about it was just… I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. After the bell rang I gathered my things together and followed the other students out of the room. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Stiles following me. I swiftly turned around, taking him by surprise. 

“And if I was one, not saying that I believe you, who’s my protégé? Guardian angels… guard someone right?”, I pondered and tapped down the stairs outside school. On days like this I cursed myself for taking Lydia’s advise on wearing heels, not that it changed anything. I was still considerably shorter than most people. I looked back at Stiles to see that he was trying to think of an answer to my question, standing a few steps back as he was deep in thoughts. I also saw the car coming closer, too close for him to avoid it. 

I wasn’t quite sure how it happened, I didn’t step forward, but suddenly Stiles was pressed up flush against me, and my arms were wrapped around him. No one really paid attention to this scene, not even the crowd of people that walked past us. Stiles stared down at me with open mouth. 


“I think I know who your ‘protégé’ is.”, he announced with a hoarse voice and pointed at my back. My eyebrows shot up in confusion until I turned my head slightly, just to see the white feathers that covered my shoulder blades in wing form. In other words, I had freaking wings on my back

“Stiles! How do I hide them?!”, I hissed as I noticed how the students slowly started to acknowledge us. 

“Can’t you… pull them in?”

Pull them in?”

“Okay, okay wait a minute… I think I know how I can solve this. Not exactly how I wanted it to happen but… it’ll have to do.”, he muttered more to himself. 

“Well how about you enlighten me!”

“Don’t hate me for this. I did research okay?”

“I’m about to punch you Stilins-”

Rude. That was the first thing that went through my head as I felt his lips on mine. My eyes were wide, but his were closed and he had cupped both of my cheeks. I didn’t need to look back to know that the wings folded neatly and disappeared again slowly. After what seemed both, an eternity but also less than a split second, we looked at each other for a while before he decided to speak up.

“So I guess we don’t hate each other anymore.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his goofy smile, and he eventually joined in. By now, we both couldn’t care less what the people around us thought.