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The site for the webcomic Boy in Pink Earmuffs has a pretty comprehensive list of LGBTQ webcomics. Some other good ones that aren't listed there are Eth's Skin, Gunnerkrigg Court, Hotblood!, Iothera (NSFW), Jeremiah, and Pretty Mouth. (Sorry I can't post links in an ask.)

Thank you :) No worries about the links, I’ve linked all that I could find below, I’ll add them to the tags page when I get a chance and when I’ve read them or found a good lgbtq+ focused review i’ll make another post about each. 

Boy in Pink Earmuffs  (This should take you to the comic start)

A nice looking list of LGBTQ+ webcomics (Which I will be dipping into to pad out our tag system)

Eth’s Skin


Jeremiah or buy the book

Pretty Mouth or buy the book

Gunnerkrigg Court

(Wasn’t able to find Lothera for some reason but i’ll keep looking)

edit: have been informed that it is iothera and its now linked in another ask

- Lauren (kierenwalkershoodie)