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Independent Animated Films From ~The Previous Year

Phantom Boy. This is the story of a New York boy who has an illness, but becomes a hero. The boy escapes his hospital-bound body to go check on his family, but soon he uses his ability to solve crimes. It’s another detective story by the makers of A Cat in Paris and it uses the same animation style.

The Boy and the Beast. This is the most recent movie made by the famous anime director who made Summer Wars, Wolf Children and The Girl Who Lept Through Time. This film is about a boy who ventures into the realm of monsters and grows up under the guidance of a beast. Later he reconnects with humanity.

Big Fish & Begonia. This movie was funded in part thanks to social media and became a surprise box-office sensation.

Long Way North. Before working on this film, the director worked on the animation of The Secret of Kells and The Painting. His style here consists of contourless shapes in gorgeous pastel colors. The story is about a teenage girl who goes to the Arctic to look for a lost boat in late 19th century Russia.

Miss Hokusai. This is an episodic anime film about a female artist in Edo Japan who has to deal with work, her eccentric father and a sick sister. It’s based on the life of the daughter of Hokusai, the artist who drew the famous big wave with mount Fuji in the background. The film showcases some of his artwork.

My Life as a Zucchini.  This is the Oscar-nominated stop-motion French film. It’s an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical novel about a boy who goes to live in an orphanage. It’s realistically somber, but it’s also full of charm and even hope. The children’s performances are phenomenal. The Blu-ray comes out in May.

The Red Turtle. This is the Oscar-nominated French film co-produced by Studio Ghibli. It’s a beautiful and quietly contemplative fable about the stages of life. I would say avoid the trailer if you haven’t seen it and intend to watch it because it’s a mini version of the whole film. The Blu-ray comes out in May.

Louise by the Shore. From the director of The Painting and it’s even more beautiful. It’s a deliberately slow and introspective story about an elderly woman who is left alone in a seaside town vacated during the winter.

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Doctor Kim || Seokjin Scenario

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Genre: Fluff | Doctor!Jin

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Word count: 2784

Warnings: Brief mention of being shot (I believe that’s it?)

(A/N: Here it finally is after a week! ^_^ I really hope you guys like this, this is dedicated to @jennilycrown, her and her love for Jin, ah ^_^ Please do leave me feedback guys, it’s always welcome, and do guess who the “blonde haired man” is at the end ;) )

Standing in the queue, you exhaled in frustration, tapping your foot impatiently as you waited. You peered down the line that seemed to stretch on for miles, your hands flying to your hips as you stared ahead, pushing your hair back with a sigh.

“This line had better move sometime soon, I really haven’t got all day,” you muttered to yourself, your lips curling into a frown as you glanced around at the other people bustling around in the bank. Some were sitting in corners consulting a banker, kids were impatiently tugging at their mothers’ sleeves while they attempted to work the machines, and here you were, standing in the halted line, purse in hand. You were so absorbed in your own frustration and annoyance, you hadn’t noticed the group of people clad in black dispersing throughout the building; until you heard the shrill sound of screaming, piercing your eardrums and causing to wince.

Spinning around, your hair flying into your face, you spotted the cause of the commotion - someone had the cold barrel of a gun pressed to a woman’s head while she knelt on the floor in plea, her kid bursting out into tears. The other people swiftly dashed through the crowd of people - and past the queue - pointing their guns towards the receptionists, their eyes wide and trembling with fear as they quickly packed wads of notes into black bags, under the stoic, watchful gazes of the criminals stood menacingly in front.

The initial feeling of fear left your body, instead replaced with pure frustration and anger, your fists balling up so tight that your knuckles quickly turned pale. This was the last straw, your day had already gone badly enough.

“Hey!” You shouted over the commotion, narrowing your eyes as you glared  - as menacingly as you could muster - at the man keeping the mother hostage, his eyes snapping up to glance at you, curiousity sparkling in his eyes. “Let her go before I… I…” You faltered, your mind buzzing as you tried to come up with a viable threat, but resulting in nothing.

The man laughed; a dark chuckle that reverberated through the now quiet room. Everyone was cowering away, unable to make their escape due to the men blocking every possible exit, the children clinging tightly to their parents, everyone crouched, frightened whispers echoing through occasionally.

“Before you what?” The man stood upright, casually walking towards you, a maniacal glint in his eyes as he stared at you, lips curled up in a devilish smirk. “What could a weakling like you do, hm? Try me.” He retaliated, standing only a metre away from you, a lump forming in your throat as you attempted to think fast.

Acting on instinct, you whipped off your heel and violently threw it at the man standing in front of you, his eyes widening at he watched the shoe spinning towards him, hitting him directly in the face. He winced, and his eyes quickly darkened with pure anger, rolling his neck and his arm raising to point the gun directly at you. You stood your ground, your body heaving in anger as you stared at this criminal in front of you, your other heel in hand, poised and ready to throw it. Cocking your eyebrow at him, anticipation built up throughout the room as everyone waited for someone to make the first move. More hushed whispers in the corner as someone frantically muttered some directions down the phone.

The man raised his eyebrows, and suddenly the sound of a gunshot spread through the building, your knees buckling, mouth agape as you stared down at the bleeding wound in your upper leg.

“You son of a…” You faltered once again, pressing your hand to the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding, glaring up at the man. He would have pulled the trigger again, but the door burst open, police pouring into the building and apprehending the criminals, the bystanders visibly relaxing in relief and allowing the situation to be taken care of.

One of the police officers, a young man with strikingly purple hair, scanned the scene, spotting you kneeling down on the ground, wincing as he noticed your bleeding wound. He approached you, kneeling beside you, and your head snapped up in surprise and recognition.

“Jungkook?” You exclaimed, briefly forgetting about the throbbing pain in your thigh, your curiosity piquing.

“(Y/N), what did you manage to get yourself into?” He tutted, raising an eyebrow up at you, a smirk dancing on his lips.

You rolled your eyes at him, scoffing as you scolded, “Hey, stop flirting, don’t forgot you have a girlfriend now, I’ll tell her.” Reaching up with your arms, you looked at him expectantly. “Help me up then, there should be ambulances outside, right?”

Jungkook simply chuckled, putting an arm around you to support you as you limped outside with his help, your eyes widened at the several ambulances parked outside.

“Thanks to my amazing heroicness, I reckon I’m the only one who was all that hurt, why exactly do you have so many ambulances lined up outside?” You inquired, your knees still threatening to give way beneath you from the pain of the bullet wedged in your leg.

Jungkook shrugged, taking you to the nearest ambulance and helping you up through the door, as he said, “They must have anticipated more casualties… what exactly did you do?” He turned to face you as best as he could while supporting you, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“I… uh, threw my heel at their leader…” You replied sheepishly, wincing again as another bolt of pain shot through your leg, your legs weak as you sat down inside the ambulance.

“You…” Jungkook looked at you in disbelief, snickering slightly at the thought. “You’ve got some guts, that’s all I can say.” Glancing back at the building, he looked back at you, his eyebrows still raised in disbelief. “I have to get back to help the other guys, good luck with the wound.” He shook his head, walking off with a smirk.

You leaned your head back on the wall of the vehicle, your eyelids cracking open slightly to see, who you presumed was a doctor, looking at you in concern, his eyes soft with care and worry. His black hair was parted to the side slightly, and you perked up at the sight of the rather handsome doctor staring directly at you.

“Are you okay?” The doctor finally spoke, as he leaned forward in his seat, his eyes darting to the blood still trickling out of the open wound, before glancing back up to make eye contact with you.

You opened your mouth to answer, but another sting of pain shot through your leg, and you groaned, leaning your head back and closing your eyes. The doctor took out a bandage from his first aid bag, leaning closer to you, his hands carefully winding it around your thigh as best as he could. You flinched at his touch, before relaxing again, your hand clinging onto his arm tightly as he tied off the bandage. Noticing your discomfort, he gently patted your arm, smiling reassuringly as he said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be okay. We’re almost at the hospital, where I’m going to remove the bullet for you. Luckily, the bullet doesn’t seem to be wedged in too deep, so you’ll be just fine, I promise.”

You blinked at the man throughout his speech, your eyes trailing up and down his face, admiring his sculpted features, his arching nose, his soft eyes, his caring yet worried expression. Cut it out, you told yourself, trying to refocus back on what he was trying to tell you, but you found yourself dreamily staring at the doctor once again, your mind drifting off elsewhere.

“Miss? Are you okay? Is the pain worsening in any way?” The doctor asked you in a worried tone, staring intently at you, his eyes scanning over you in concern. You finally returned to reality, attempting to sit upright, but slumping back as your leg began to throb again. “Just relax, don’t try to strain your body, it’ll just cause you more pain.”

“I think I’m okay,” you blinked at him once again, glancing out of the window behind him to realise you had finally reached the hospital after what seemed like an eternity of time, and the ambulance halted, the doctor reaching to open the doors.

He pulled out a folded wheelchair from the corner of the ambulance, stepping out of the ambulance and setting it up outside, glancing back up at you as you watched curiously. He fought back the urge to smile at your inquisitive expression, looking away and clearing his throat. He beckoned at a nurse standing near by, gesturing at you, and the nurse immediately understood, rushing over to help him support you as they gently lowered you onto the wheelchair, the nurse wheeling you into the hospital building, the doctor following beside you.

“I’m going to try and remove the bullet for you now, okay? It’s likely that’ll leave a scar, but that can’t be helped, the important thing is that the wound heals correctly with infection,” the doctor explained, his lips curling up into that same charming smile, and you stared up at him, processing his words.

“Is this going to hurt? Because you’re literally pulling a bullet out of my leg, what are you going to stick in my leg? Are you sure this is safe, you won’t pierce an artery or something, what if I bleed out too much…” You rambled, the doctor looking at you in surprise at your sudden outburst, chuckling under his breath.

“I assure you, you’ll be perfectly fine. As I said, the bullet hasn’t gone in too deep, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to remove the bullet, and no, you shouldn’t bleed out too much, you’ll be just fine.” The doctor shook his head, a smile dancing on his lips, and the nurse finally wheeled you into a surgical room of some sort. The doctor nodded at the nurse, and the two of them slowly carried you up off the wheelchair, setting you down upright on a hospital bed, a light pink dusting your cheeks at his hands supporting your legs.

The nurse smiled, before rushing back out of the room, likely to tend to another patient, leaving you alone with the doctor once again. He took out a row of surgical tools, and you gulped, your eyes widening as they glistened under the light, your eyes darting back up to the man in slight fear.

Noticing, the doctor shook his head, chuckling as he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not using all of these, I only need one or two tools. I will have to stitch the wound up afterwards though, but I’ll apply some anaesthetic to the area before I do anything so you won’t feel any pain, I promise.”

You shook your head at the mention of stitches, shuddering as you thought about the needle piercing your skin. “I hate needles,” you muttered, sighing and pressing your hand to your forehead dramatically, the doctor smiling to himself with an amused expression. He wheeled closer to you in his chair, and your face flushed pink as he gently lifted up your skirt a little to reach the wound, your hand clinging onto the mattress. A light pink flourished on his face as well, but he continued, treating the wound before he attempted to carefully and precisely remove the bullet.

In an attempt to distract yourself, you began to ramble on about what happened, your hands gesturing wildly in frustration. “You should’ve seen the look on his face, he looked so smug, like it was all a show to him, he looked like he was finding it so entertaining, I just wanted to wipe the smirk off his dumb face, what kind of robber was he…” You continued rambling, and the doctor couldn’t help the smile that spread onto his face at your strangely cute frustration, shaking his head occasionally.

Having successfully removed the bullet, he took out a needle, your eyes once again widening in fear, your hands flying up in protest. “Hey, Doc, is this really necessary? I mean, I’m sure it’ll close up by itself, the body is just amazing like that, I don’t really think we need to stick that thing in my leg…”

He simply looked at you in slight disbelief and slight amusement, before saying, “As amazing as the body is, it does need help healing the wound, so that mean I am going to have to stitch it up. It’ll only take a minute, and it won’t hurt one bit, I promise.”

His hand rested on your thigh to steady it, and once again a blush spread over your face at his warm touch, your arm flying up to grab onto his shoulder, causing him to look up at you with surprise.

“I… uh… need to… um… steady myself, so…” You stuttered, only clinging on tighter, and he simply smiled, beginning to stitch up the wound. He couldn’t help but find you adorable, no matter how much he tried to remain professional, especially the way you obliviously stared at him with curiosity, causing a small flutter in his chest.


You sat up in the recovery room, after spending a significant amount of time resting and regaining the strength in your legs, the doctor popping in occasionally to change the dressing on your leg. He had to be the most handsome doctor you had ever come across, and so you couldn’t help the blush that rose up onto his cheeks every time he smiled at you, mentally slapping yourself for being so awkward.

For the last time that day, the doctor walked in, charming smile present on his face once again.

“How are you doing?” He asked, standing by the bed you were currently propped up in. “Your leg feeling better I hope?”

You nodded, your hand reaching over to brush over the dressing still on your thigh, remembering the warmth of his touch, and smiling to yourself.

“I think you’re finally ready to be discharged, so some advice, make sure you keep the dressing and the area around it nice and clean, take the painkillers I’ve given you, and make sure you change the dressing regularly.” He explained, gesturing with his hands, and once again, all you could do was stare up at his face, your eyes once again trailing up and down.

“What?” He asked, noticing your expression. “Is there something on my face?” His hand reached out to brush against his cheek, his expression curious.

“You’re cute,” you blurted out, looking down awkwardly as you realised what you’d said, the doctor simply chuckling.

“I’ll leave you gather your things then, nice to meet you, (Y/N).” And with that, he left the room once again, and you pouted. “He could’ve said something back…”

Finally ready to leave, you slipped your coat on over your shoulders, frowning slightly as you realised it meant you might not get to see him anymore, sighing as you went to grab your bag. You cocked your head slightly when you noticed a neatly folded piece of paper by your bag, turning it around in your hands curiously.

Opening it, you smiled as you read the neat handwriting scribbled across the paper. It was a phone number, signed “the ‘cute’ doctor, Seokjin (I’m glad you realised my good looks, I am cute).” You shook your head with a laugh, your heart flipping in your chest as you tucked the paper into your bag, making a note to call him later on.


Ever since that day, you became a regular at the hospital, popping in with a new “sickness” almost every day. You came in with a fever one day, a “broken leg” the next day, and a stomach bug the day after that.

The hospital staff had become accustomed to your visits, laughing it off and informing you that Seokjin - or Jin as everyone called him - would be on break soon, and that you could go see him then.

One day, you were standing in the reception of the hospital, laughing over something with Jin as you playfully hit his arm, when the two of you spotted two men walking in, standing in the middle and scanning the room. One of them - a blonde haired with a backpack slung over his shoulder - saw the two of you standing there, and walked over to the two of you nonchalantly.

“Has a teenage boy, about this tall, injured, been admitted to this hospital today?”

Hoseok and Taehyung went to the hospital to do some routine tests. It’s a normal process before they go on tour so dont worry about it ^^


Instagram AU: Clony ft. Hannah, Jeff, Alex and Monty.

Warning: Character injury. Car/bike accident.

Because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add at least a little angst to things ;) Just so things are clear on this one, my intentions were that Clay got hit by a car while riding his bike :( Sorry Clay.