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Fuck , now I miss MOLA again


liSTEN i will never be convinced by the season 3 finale. miles wanted to be with lola. i know at the end of the finale, he said he wanted to be with tris, but everything else in 3x10 pointed to lola 

  • in the past he’s shown little concern over hurting or using people, but when he told jonah and grace that it didn’t mean anything, he could barely get the words out and said it almost as a whisper
  • he gave her full on bedroom eyes when she walked in on him in the dressing room
  • he looked so sad when he was hugging her, and he was rubbing her back and resting his chin on her head 
  • miles re-wrote a bunch of scenes to try and make it less obvious that he slept with lola, and, yet, the play still ended with hope forcing hero to be with coma boy. hero wanted to be with hope, but she told him that he needed to be there for coma boy and then deleted her social media so he couldn’t try to contact her again. if hero = miles, coma boy = tris, and hope = lola……. miles wanted to choose lola because she saved his life and made him happy, but felt he needed to be there for tris 
  • tristan had to ask miles twice if he loved lola because he avoid answering the first time

i’m not saying that miles didn’t love tristan, he definitely did, but he wanted to be with lola 


How about a scenario between a guy and a girl, and they just met while eating at a restaurant for a dinner buffet. They’re having a nice and casual convo when the guy catches the girl getting a glimpse of his belly, and he starts to blush and get all embarassed as he subtly fixes his shirt.
They continue on talking and getting to Know each other, when the girl suddenly gets up, and later comes back with a plate full of food. It was some of her favorites, and she insisted he give them a try. She kept bringing him more and more food, and he was starting to get really full, but he didnt want to seem rude. He notices that his shirt is starting to ride up, and while she’s gone, he tries his best to pull it back into place. He stifles a burp and gently rubs his belly before she comes over with yet another plate. He finishes about halfway through before he put his fork down, and politely said,
“Thank you so much for letting me try some of these.. But I’m really getting full..”

“How about some dessert then? They have the most amazing cheesecake here!” She says, almost pleading. Before he could answer, she was already on her way to the dessert bar. He leaned back in his seat slightly as he heard his stomach groan. She came back with two plates worth of different pies, cakes, ice cream, brownies, and other decadents. He gaped at a the food sat before him, and gave a faint smile, and began eating slowly.
About an hour passed of talking and chatting before he finally finished the last bite, and drank nearly a full cup of tea. By this time, he was having trouble breathing and only prayed that the girl wouldn’t look under the table.

“Well it was awesome meeting you!” She said as she got up from the table.

“It was nice-hic!- ”..

She chuckles. “Need some help?” She asks and reaches out her hand. He grabs it, as he heaves himself out of the booth, and looks at her sheepishly. She smiles, and offers to take him home. When they get there, he collapses onto the couch. She smiles and sits next to him, taking another glance at his now rather round and plump middle. She puts a hand over his engorged tummy, and he turns to face her, shock, and confusion plastered all over his blushing face. As his stomach starts to groan and churn, she slowly rubs back and forth, putting slight pressure on some areas to help sooth him. He cant help but feel relaxed as he melts into the couch from her touch. He winced as she pushed down on a tender spot, causing him to burp softly into his hand, as to not be Ill mannered. He kept blushing profusely and told her thanks for everything.
She smiled and said “no problem” as she then started using both hands and rubbed the sides and top of his belly, using her fingernails to draw little trails along the orb of flesh. Before long, she could hear him snoring softly.
She scoots closer to him and gently lays her head on his chest, her face inches away from the towering mass as it moves up and down with each breath he took. She continues on rubbing and squishing his tummy, as she pulls it close, listening to all of the cute noises it made while digesting the food within.

“Mother has been poisoned !” - Batfam x Reader (batmom)

Ok, Imma translate @laetitia-prst​‘s request (my fellow French person yo), so, basically : 

SUMMARY : Batmom has been poisoned by a new villain who wants to get known by killing the famous Bruce Wayne’s wife/partner. The batfamily is on edge, they gotta save her, because they’d be nothing without her…And then laetitia-prst talks about the ending and important plot points but hey, no fun if I translate that too right ? So here for poisoned bat mom,I feel like maybe it’s going a bit fast ? I didn’t really wanna make more than one part for this story so it’s long, and I’m afraid I might have rushed some things up…I hope you’ll still like it :s :  

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You were with Damian, asking some mango juice at the bar for him (the barman was being a dick, and refused to serve your son because “he was too young”, even though he didn’t want an alcoholic drink, so your quite annoyed self went to get it for him), when things went south. 

-Mother ? Mother are you alright ?! MOM !

You don’t really know what happened. You felt a painful prick on your thigh, where your fancy dress was opening slightly, as if you just got stung by a wasp, and all of a sudden…Everything went blurry. Next thing you know, your youngest son is trying to catch you before you hit the floor, and his arms are holding you with all his strength, as if afraid you’d disappear. 

-Father, father ! Dad ! DAD !! 

You can feel Damian shake, but you can’t see properly the line of his face…his distress is making your heart tighten, and you have to reassure him but when you try to raise a hand to cup his cheek and stroke it gently, nothing happen.

You hear more than you see Bruce falling on his knees next to you. You feel his hands taking you away from Damian, you feel your son resisting a bit, reluctant of letting you go, you feel yourself raising from the floor…But you don’t get it. 

What is happening ? 

Your vision is even more blurry than a few minutes before, and the last thing you hear before drifting into total darkness is Bruce saying : 

-What the Hell happened ? 

Everything goes dark as you fell unconscious. Your husband feels you go limp in his arms, but before he can really react, a man in the assistance, wearing a gaz mask and khakis stands on a table and, with his best evil laugh, says : 

-My names is Mutagen, and you can bet that by the end of this week, I’ll be the most famous criminal in all Gotham. Spread the word, especially to Batman.  

Jason almost catch him on the spot, but the man jumps out the window and disappears…Who the hell was he ? 

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Why I refuse to put the champion's tunic on Link

(At least early on in the game) 

Bro, homeboy doesn’t remember being the hero. He has no recollection (yet) of being this great guy everyone makes him out to be a 100 years ago. So when he’s presented the champion’s tunic from Impa per Zelda’s request, I feel like he’s so overcome with conflicting emotions?? He’s been told (and at this point only has remembered pieces) of how close he and Zelda were. That this is the tunic he used to protect her and Hyrule. 

Currently, all he knows is himself- that he’s a boy named Link who can kick ass and was in a coma for 100 years. So would he really feel worthy of putting on that tunic— an ordinary boy who’s playing at the hero he used to be? 

Nah. I’m saving that legendary tunic for the moment Link considers himself legendary. When he’s proved and acknowledged that he is the hero that everyone is bowing down to. 

Until Link recognizes himself as a champion, the champion’s tunic will stay in the inventory.

Ransom: So get this, the enzyme just like, takes care of it! S’wawesome, right? Like *sloshes drink everywhere* BAM.
Adoring crowd: God he’s so pretty.

@immarcesibility: so is he wearing pan pride colors on purpose or
me:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hammered pt. 1

Our party consists on a Halfling rogue, a quarter orc fighter, a elven warlock (who is also a nobleman), a half elven bard, and a Halfling fighter/paladin. Our warlock has a massive crush on a human NPC named Diero – he’s only talked to once, and thoroughly embarrassed himself a few months prior (and the party has teased him about the interaction with the NPC ever since). The warlock, bard, and fighter/paladin were looking for some information about an elven woman in a dwarven mining town – after failing at the first approach, this conversation happened between the bard, warlock, and fighter/paladin, while the other two members of the party were doing something else:

Bard (to warlock): We need to get you laid.

Warlock: I’m saving myself for someone.

Bard: Oh, is it Diero? Because we can arrange that.

Warlock: I can arrange it myself, thank you.

Fighter/Paladin: Can you? You royally failed at that last time. I can give you better advice on how to talk to boys. I have a significant other. He might be in a coma, but…

Warlock: You know what? When we go see him, I’ll kiss him and bring him out of the coma.

Figher/Paladin (almost speechless): No, no, no… I will kill you if you touch him.

Rogue (OOC): Ohhhh, he’s about to take out his earrings. Pull off your holy symbol, Torm doesn’t need to see this.

Warlock (OOC): You’d actually need to reach me.

Rogue (OOC): Take him out at the knees.

Fighter/Paladin (OOC): You want an arrow to the knee, because I can do that?

Everyone else, including the DM is laughing. 

Warlock (OOC): He’s taken enough of this, he’s going to storm off back to the tavern.