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                                        940328 ❤️ Happy Birthday Jackson Wang

“Jackson’s skills are excellent but he is humble. He does well till the point that I feel embarrassed. He has a charming and sexy style so many girls like him.”- Bambam

Happy birthday to one of the most humble, caring, and most hard working person we all know! Thank you for everything you do for got7 and all of us ahgases. We know you try your hardest to make sure everyone is happy. You are a blessing in everyones lives and we hope you continue to spread your loving ways to everyone you meet. Jackson we all love you and we are thankful you have such gentle heart and we are extremely proud of you, but we also worry too. Remember it is ok to take time to rest and take care of yourself. We rather see our sunshine happy and healthy and together will the rest of GOT7! Please continue on this wonderful journey with GOT7 as y'all continue to grow. No matter what, us ahgases will love and support you! ❤️ #KINGJACKSONDAY


DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS!! Story by @crushingonsans


This is the first time I’ve ever actually finished a comic like this, so it took so long you have no idea 

I was given permission by @crushingonsans to turn a scene from chapter 11 of String Theory into this…thing. My weakness happens to be stargazing nerds so the chapter spoke to me. It’s really rough and there were things I could fix, but this is what I got. Again, this doesn’t give the actual story justice so read it if you haven’t already 


Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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@clubakashi (I’m sure you’ll enjoy pic 2)

i deadass straight the fuck up dumb hate when i make a post about boys and someone derails it to make it about girls. i love girls as much as the next queer but i love guys too. tall boys, thick boys, skinny boys, awkward boys, black boys, white boys (i love white boys too much but that’s another post), mixed boys, sweet boys… boys are good. yeah, there’s a lot of problems with boys. a lot. but you don’t fix those problems by bashing and dismissing them like they don’t exist. you fix through healing. you fix with going to the source.

anonymous asked:

I think it was you that had the theory that actually the band is getting together and Harry's solo launch is a ruse. My initial thought is that would be the most brilliant PR move in music history but realistically didn't think it was plausible. Now, I actually think you may be onto something. The thing that really thanking was at response when the interviewer asked him what he thought about Harry's album. He said "it is what it always was going to be".

You’re right it is me! Here’s the original post with thought process. I do still think it would be a brilliant PR move. I’ve been looking at Google Trends a bunch lately. Take a look at this data (and before I get the OT5 people, Google Trends ONLY lets me pick 5 things to compare). Live link for everyone that wants to see it bigger and interactive.

So, essentially what this says is that the biggest spike happened when Zayn left. Harry and Liam’s weekend activities barely register in the scheme of this data. I’ll be the first to admit that there are many ways to interpret data so bear in mind that this is just mine. It doesn’t take Twitter trends in to account. 

There are a bunch of things about the ad and the surrounding discussion that has me questioning what’s up. First, I LOVE Harry Styles. Like, dearly. I think he’s great. But Harry isn’t Beyonce. He’s not Adele. The general public doesn’t know his tattoos better than their own faces (like we do). The casual observer doesn’t even realize the ad is Harry Styles. I know there are many comparisons to Adele’s Hello ad but that was actually a 30 second clip of the song. And Adele had 2 multi-platinum albums before she went that direction. She also released it globally. 

So, we’ve got Harry releasing a cryptic ad to a UK only audience. It doesn’t say Harry Styles. It doesn’t have a clip of music that could get people excited. It feels very fandom oriented to me. It feels like something that is supposed to catch our attention (and it did, like whoa). And then you have the changes to his social media and yet another white line on Instagram. Both of those moves are not for bringing in new fans, they’re for alerting the fandom to change.

Aside from the ad itself, the discussion surrounding it is all kinds of shady. It’s all talking about speculation. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of statement from Harry’s team even to acknowledge what the ad is. You’ve got Nick Grimshaw taking the piss. Billboard says something big and “sources” say it’s a single. But it’s STILL quoting the same non-confirmation article about Columbia. Vogue talks about a “cryptic teaser.” Everyone is citing in circles. And I don’t believe the original source. We’ve never actually gotten an “official” confirmation of Columbia or anything.

So, I’m going to continue my hold out that this could be leading to a lot of things. I still think the BEST PR move would be for Harry to open the door to OT4. They’d rule every media outlet. It would be stunning.