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Oh my god your art is amazing. If you're taking requests, could you try Remus Lupin w/ the Mountainous palette? thank youuu

Thank you so much!

And here he is.

Seems like Remus snuck out of Hogwarts again. Maybe to enjoy the night air, maybe to prepare a prank, who knows!

Let’s hope he doesn‘t get caught!

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Hey Mimi. I'm just curious, do you ever get tired of being an ARMY? There's just been a lot of negativity in the fandom at the moment, and it's hard not to to let it get to you, you know? I just wanted to ask you for your opinion on how you stay sane keeping up with everything around BTS, good and bad. Keep up the good work.♥️

I have this kind of philosophy “There is always some good in people and I am not always right, I am human … I can be wrong too.” When someone tells me something is wrong I don’t start by thinking “NO” I go and research it or give it a moment to think how maybe that person saw that post, for example, (We all come from different cultures, so what may sound like nothing to me may be something shocking to them). That’s why I am very grateful to my dear followers who correct my posts. 

Also, I became an ARMY to add some happiness to my life. I mean, fighting strangers online is just not my thing (Ain’t nobody got time for that hahahaha, unless someone goes too far, I am kind, not weak). But again … You never know who you are talking to and sometimes the people going against you may seem strong by their words but may be going through a hard time irl and have low self-esteem and just one word from you that you used to defend yourself may take away a life or make someone cry for a week. If war was the answer we would have been living in worldwide peace today.I want to live a life making myself a better person and spreading smiles not taking them away. Finally, I don’t get tired of being an ARMY but I get tired when I can’t sleep hahahaha I miss my pillow just like BTS. Love you dear, thank you for the sweet ask  ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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We are all proud of the LOVE MYSELF campaign with the UNICEF. I hope people will read that’s it made to END VIOLENCE not promote it. Violence can be made verbally and hurt perpetually. Let’s be kinder to one another ARMY. Just as proud we are of BTS for being a family, let’s be a big loving one too. Love U ARMY ^^

For more info/donate to the LOVE MYSELF campaign, please visit HERE


Just wait until she has to climb the roots

I think one of the things I love most about all the members of Bastille is how incredibly supportive they are towards Dan, knowing how anxious he gets sometimes. It’s all the little things they say. Like when he’s explaining something and then says “sorry, that didn’t make any sense” and Kyle is calmly like “I liked it!” not making it a big deal. Or when during another interview Dan was like “I sound really pretentious when talking about it *the album*” and Woody just goes “No, go on!” with a slight smile. Dan once was being all like “oh I don’t go out much and I’m being really boring” or something like that when he was asked about the writing process for the second album and Will immediately stepped in and said “Dan is being really grown-up about it. We are really proud of him.” And honestly it warms my fucking heart.


Quick MML Hogwarts AU sketch dump before Thanksgiving, because I have so many feelings for these kids and some are happy and some are sad and I just want all the fics from @imaginashon


favorite haikyuu characters [1/13]: kozume kenma

“is it so weird to see me working hard?! is it weird or something to work hard for your friends?! is it weird for me to do it?!“

the boys™ as starburst flavors

sam: pink, obviously, the sweetest and softest of all time. the best holland flavor

harry: yellow, just as good as pink, but with a bit of a tang which is always nice

harrison: orange, overall pretty good, slightly problematic bc it doesn’t taste quite like an orange but still

tom: red, tastes like medicine, means well but doesn’t come out right, you’re kinda bummed out when you only get this flavor

Tadashi Yamaguchi isn’t a morning person. Not the last bit of him likes or even accepts the morning as something enjoyable. He’s a night owl, so he loves sleeping during the morning till early noon. There were lots of nights where Tadashi kept up the night with Kei playing video games, Pokemon on his ds or just listening to music and having for the moment meaningless but enjoyable conversations about the wide universe and galaxies they never will be able to ever see or visit in their life, but maybe the future generations.

But in the morning he is the slowest starting boy ever. He just yawns the entire time without ever opening his eyes more than 5mm. It’s not possible. Kei isn’t a morning person as well, only that actually he has the endurance to make himself ready.