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Request:Can you do a imagine of Y/N and Peter based off of “Issues” by Julia Michaels?? (PS i hope you enjoy the song as much as i did! 💖💖)

Your arms were folded in front of you chest as you sat beside your boyfriend in your English class. Peter was in the dog house and he knew it. You refused to talk to him. Sure, it was probably childish, no it was most definitely childish but you didn’t have anything nice to say to him so you elected to stay silent. You were acutely aware of him though, the longing glances he kept throwing your way. When the bell rang to dismiss you from the class, you left without even a glance his way. He followed after you with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N, come on, babe. I’m sorry,” he said you gave him a look but didn’t respond, “Please just talk to me.”

You continued through the halls going to your locker. You didn’t look at him because you knew if you did you’d succumb to his puppy dog eyes and his smile. No, you had to hold firm. Teenage boys were like puppies, you had to set your limits earlier on otherwise they’d never respect them. As you opened your locker he leaned heavily on the lockers next to yours.

“I didn’t mean to miss our date. Something came up,” he told you and that earned him another glare. He looked so sure that, that was going to fix everything. It almost made you break your silence. You opened your mouth as if to speak then closed it. Peter groaned as you turned back to your locker and grabbed the needed books. You slammed the locker shut and continued to your next class. A class without Peter, and one you shared with a close friend. When it was time to work independently you immediately launched into talking about Peter.

“Michelle, this is the third date he’s missed,” you complained.


“No, but does it matter? Three dates! Three times! And each time I spent an hour doing my hair and my make up, making myself cute as hell only for him to give me a half ass text saying he can’t come! What the hell is he doing?”

“Homework, maybe? He is a mega nerd,” she offered nonchalantly.

“He has his school work planned out to the max, no way he scheduled a date on a study night. And he calls me on study nights! It has to be something spontaneous, like, like someone else!”

“Another girl?”

“It better not be,” you were livid at just the thought. To think that your, usually, sweet nerdy boyfriend was cheating just made you want to punch something. Michelle leaned back in her chair and shrugged.

“Listen, girl, I love the both of you. I’ll talk to him for you, if you want.”

“Please do. I just can not begin to imagine what the hell he’s thinking.”

When you got home you went straight to studying. Studying was simple, you didn’t have to think about Peter, or anything else emotionally exhausting. All you had to do was find the answers to your questions and prepare for the next test. However as you got to a particularly hard question you couldn’t help thinking that Peter would be able to explain it so perfectly. If you just called him he’d probably know the answer… and he’d say something sweet… and ask you about how you were feeling… you know, if you weren’t angry with him at the moment. As you were contemplating texting him there was a knock on the door down stairs.

“Y/N! Peter’s here to see you,” your mom called. Your parents loved Peter. He was a straight A student. He was charming and respectful and there was no way they could hate him. You got out of bed and went to meet him down stairs. Your mom had migrated back to her room probably caught in the grips of some show. You and Peter stood across from each other awkwardly.

“I really am sorry about cancelling yesterday,” he said earnestly.

“Why did you cancel? And don’t just say something came up.”

“I can’t tell you the specifics okay.”

“Why not?” you demanded, trying to keep your voice low.

“Because…. I just can’t okay,” he sighed looking away from you.

“Is it… is there someone else,” you asked hesitantly, afraid to ask the question, more afraid for his answer. Logically, you knew you wouldn’t believe him if he just said no, but you also didn’t want him to say yes.

“What? No. I’m just going through some things, and other stuff got in the way.”

You narrowed your eyes at Peter, trying to silently convey that you were still upset, if not more upset than before, “Listen, don’t play with me. I know… I know I have issues, and I know I can be over zealous, and jealous… but I need you…so badly. And it hurts for you to just blow me off and not give me a reason why.” you explained looking down at your feet. Peter took your hand from where it was worrying the hem of you shirt.

“I’m not blowing you off… I just can’t tell you. I’ve got my own issues that I have to work out and I can’t bring you into it.”

“Peter, I love you. I want to help you in anyway I can, but I can’t help if you won’t tell me what’s up. I won’t judge you. If you don’t judge me for my problems how can I judge you for yours.”

“It’s not something that simple.” he said softly. You felt tears start welling up in your eyes, and they were products of both frustration and hurt. He pulled you into a hug.

“No, don’t cry. Please don’t do that.”

“I love you… but you’re losing me Peter. I can’t take you just cancelling our plans without so much as a good explanation,” you explained as you pushed away from him. He took in a deep breath and you noticed that he looked glassy eyed.

“I… I see your point of view. I’d be suspicious too.” he looked up at the ceiling obviously thinking, “I cancelled because there was a robbery on fifth, and I had to stop it.”

“… What?”

“The little corner store on fifth it was getting robbed at gun point and I had to stop it.”

“Peter, you can’t be serious!”

“Sh! It’s fine, trust me it wasn’t even that dangerous.”

“You said gun point… you’re fucking with me aren’t you? Peter, if you can’t just tell me the truth then-”

He unzipped her jacket to reveal the suit you knew well from media coverage. Everybody was talking about the masked hero sweeping through Queens.

“… Sooo you’re cosplaying as Spiderman,” you said slowly.

“No, I am Spiderman. I only cancelled our dates so I could save people.”

“Peter, this is a really shitty excuse.”

In an instant a web shot out of his sleeve and connected to a book on the table. The book came flying into his hand and then you believed him. Your face was blank with shock.

“Babe, I only told you because I can’t lose you either… You’re probably the best part of my life right now… baby say something.”

“Oh my god, I’m dating Spiderman,” you whispered.

“…Yes you are. Does that mean we’re good?” he asked tentatively.

“Are you crazy, Peter? What you’re doing is dangerous anything could happen, you idiot,” you hissed at him. He smiled in return and grabbed you in a tight hug.

“You’re worrying about me again, it means you’ve forgiven me,” he said happily.

“And swinging from buildings, what if you miss? Then you’ll just plummet to the ground and your untimely death!”

Peter gathered you up in a hug and kissed your forehead, “I never miss.”

“Oh god, why didn’t it occur to me, every that you missed corresponds with something Spiderman has done. It fits perfectly.”

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” he said letting you go and holding you at an arm’s length. He pressed a quick peck to your lips after looking over his shoulder to be sure your mom wasn’t there.

“You’d better, Parker,” you smiled. He grinned back at you, “Oh hey I had a biology question, do you have a minute to stay and help me out.”

“If you were talking to me in biology I probably could have helped you then,” he teased.

“Don’t get smart,” you rebuked, but smiled all the same. It sucked being mad at Peter.

~Mod Lillian (Yeah that was a pretty good song. Thank you for your request.)

GOT7 | Dating Kim Yugyeom | REALLY LONG |

Request: yes - multiple

hope it’s long enough! If not don’t be afraid to ask for more! 

Enjoy :) <3

  • him being so proud of you
  • him always texting you when he’s on tour
  • facetiming/skyping each other
  • him telling the guys to shut up when he’s on video call to you
  • the guys bombarding your call with yugyeom, one by one or as group, to wave and say hi and bye
  • him getting shy
  • him calling you baby or babe
  • him getting frustrated by your beauty
  • him getting frustrated by your booty
  • him getting sexually frustrated by both of those things
  • him fucking you like he fucks the floor when dancing
  • him using them hips of his to fuck you into the next dimension
  • i mean come on his hip thrusting 
  • i think he definitely has some sort of kink
  • a lot of people think he’d be a sub but i for one think he’d be dom although it would switch depending on the mood
  • cheeky winks
  • lip bites
  • love bites and kisses along your hip bones 

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Fan art of Holy Roman Empire and Italy from Hetalia. 

Speedpaint link:

Art  © Nagisako
Characters ( HRE and Italy)  © Hidekaz Himaruya

duckula-and-goosewing  asked:

Duckula noticed the duck's drop in mood. Yeah, he may be kinda a stranger, but he's a friend of a friend. So Duckula Waltzed over, The Puppy named Kiki in his arms, "Hey There chum, Why so Glum?" He nervously chuckled, holding the pup out to him. "You can hold 'em for a while, if ya want. You look like you need a hug. "

“Just a thooooooooh! Kiki!” 

Mood enhanced quickly. Thank you, Duckula, Donald is now gently cradling the puppy and planting kisses all over her. “It’s nothing, just something Joe said. Nothing serious. Thank you for coming to check on me, though!”

.. To be honest, Donald felt a biiiit uneasy in the presence of a vampire, none the less. Something churned in his belly just being in the presence of one, but from what Joe said, he was plenty safe.. for now. “I’m Donald, by the way! Donald Duck. You’re.. You’re..”

Annnd there’s the nervousness playing in. “D-D-D-Duckula, aren’t ya?”

Dating Minhyuk

  • Everything in this relationship will be crazy and funny. Because your boyfriend is Lee Minhyuk for god’s sake!
  • Many many kisses.
  • Playful kisses.
  • This kid is so innocent I can’t imagine him bite you or something while the kiss.
  • He’s so soft and cute.
  • Won’t get angry easily, he can hold his temper.
  • This boy loves literally everything.
  • So he may adopt 10th puppy for you two and doesn’t get why you were angry.
  • He can’t stay on one place for a long time, so dates at the parks or amusement park. Where you will play all the games and sat on every attractions.
  • Many couple things. He loves it. So don’t make this cute puppy sad.
  • Doesn’t get jealous easily, because he trusts you, once you break it, he will fade out from your life.
  • He’s very sensitive and taking everything near to his big heart, so don’t hurt him.
  • So many gifts. Couple shirts, fluffy animals. Like everything.
  • Always texting you and calling you.
  • Very caring.
  • He loves you to the moon and back, he’s not asking you more than love him back and treat him well.

screamersdontdance  asked:

Scenario where tennis lover accidently hits his long time crush (that he hasn't actually gathered the courage to talk to) with a tennis ball, forcing them to interact. :D Can I have it with Akaya, Kawamura, Oishi, Zaizen, Kamio, Eiji, and Kaidoh??

Here you go, love. <3


Kirihara stared at you with wide eyes for a really long time until he got kicked into action by a small shove from Yukimura. He almost tripped over himself on his way to you and awkwardly held out his hand to help you up. After pulling you up he bowed deeply “U-Uhm… I’m really, really sorry (Name)-san! I swear it was an accident!” Only when you giggled Kirihara dared to look up again. His cheeks were tinted red and his locks disheveled when he thought to himself how cute you looked while smiling and despite how embarrassed he was about hitting you with a tennis ball, he couldn’t really regret it since he finally got the chance to talk to you.


Kawamura let out a surprised yelp, knowing how hard his hits could be, and immediately dropped his racket, turning him back into his normal, gentle self. With a few hurried steps he was next to you, anxiously inspecting the red spot on your forehead where he hit you “A-Are you okay. I am so sorry. C-Can I help you to the nurse?” You placed one hand against the spot and despite the pain tried to smile at him “It’s okay, it was an accident.” Kawamura carefully helped you up, his touch incredibly gentle to not hurt you even more. He apologized the whole way to the nurse’s office and even offered to walk you home afterwards. Kawamura didn’t even realize that he finally managed to talk to you since he was so worried about you.


The whole situation was like a big nightmare for Oishi. He quickly switched into mother-hen mode and rushed up to you while simultaneously stuttering excuses. Despite you not being really hurt he insisted on taking you to the nurse and only when you placed your hand on top of his to calm him down he realized that he just was talking with his crush for the first time, instantly sending him into another state of panic. After furiously blushing and apologizing again he left you in the nurse’s care. Kikumaru later had to cheer him up and told him that he finally had a good reason to start a conversation with you the next day by asking about your injuries.


“Shit.”, dread filled Zaizen, but he tried to keep his cool. With his hands buried in his pockets he walked up to you, “Sorry about that…” You let out a pained groan and slowly blinked your eyes open “Woah, how hard did you hit that ball?” Zaizen chuckled and reached out his hand to help you up. You grabbed his hand and he easily pulled you up. Still groaning you rubbed the bump on your head and Zaizen almost sheepishly ran a hand through his hair, giving you a crooked smile “Judging by your reaction pretty hard. I’m Zaizen, by the way. I’ll make it up to you. Do you want a coffee or something to eat, my treat.” Obviously Zaizen had hoped he would get to know you in different circumstances but he wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.


Honestly, why of all people had it to be you who just walked past. Kamio watched how the ball bounced off your head, the force making you sway and he was glad he didn’t hit the ball harder. He really wanted to run away now feeling even less ready to finally talk with his longtime crush, but the worry made him jog up to you “A-Are you hurt, (Name)-san?” You looked up in surprise and Kamio was sure his heart skipped a beat when your eyes met his “Yeah, it’s fine how do you even know my name?” Kamio blushed, but you saved him the embarrassment of trying to answer your question “Ah, you are Kamio, right? I saw one of your matches, you really were great.” With those simple words Kamio’s confidence was back “Thank you. I could teach you a bit if you want?”


Kikumaru let out a shocked cry and bolted towards you. He dropped down on his knees next to you and frantically waved his hands over your body, not daring to touch you “I’m so so so so sorry, nyaa! Please don’t be angry.” You couldn’t hold back a giggle at the boy acting like a kicked puppy “It’s okay. Calm down, it was an accident.” Kikumaru let out a relieved sigh and happily lifted you back on your feet, “I’m glad you are okay, nyaa!” You laughed, and picked up the tennis ball to hand it back to Kikumaru, who had problems to hold back an excited squeal, you looked even prettier close up even with a red ball-shaped mark on your forehead. “I’m really fine. I just hope I don’t look too ridiculous with that bruise.” Kikumaru tilted his head and blurted “You are always really pretty.”, making both of you blush.


Thanks to the curve of his snake you didn’t see the ball coming and fell down when it suddenly hit your side. Kaidoh looked around in panic, hoping somebody would help him, but when he heard a groan coming from you he slowly walked up to you “S-Sorry. I d-didn’t see you…” You carefully  sat up and without waiting for Kaidoh to offer you his hand you grabbed his biceps, hoisting yourself back up on your feet. Kaidoh let out a low “Fshuu” and shyly averted his eyes. You grinned and reassuringly patted his arm “Don’t sweat it, it was an accident, but damn that really was a hard hit.” Kaidoh mumbled another apology, but you waved him off and smiled at him “I’m (Name).” Kaidoh took a shuddering breath before introducing himself – maybe this was finally his chance to talk to you.

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Imagine Bringing a Puppy Back to the Boys

“Look at how skinny she is, and she’s missing patches of fur. Can’t we keep her?” You whined, holding up the golden-furred puppy for the boys, her fur was wiry and had clumps of mud.

Though weak, the puppy continued to wag her tail with her hind legs dangling, seemingly elated at the mere fact that she was amongst people. She sniffed and looked around at the two grown men before her, then back at you.

“The pup’s full of fleas and ticks, you two better not come any closer,” Dean exclaimed before taking a step behind.

Seeing the seeming reluctance in Dean, you turned towards Sam and pushed the puppy towards his direction, hoping that the younger Winchester would see how necessary it is to take in the puppy.

“Saaaaaaaaam,” you urged. “Look at those eyes.”

Sam was silent, but looked dead into the eyes of the puppy, apparently softening up. You knew that had to work. Who could resist those puppy dog eyes?

“Fine, but you have to take care of it yourself,” Sam gave in after a long pause, then looking away towards Dean who gave him a questioning look.

Pleased with his answer, you turned the puppy towards Dean, then said to the puppy, “see, you’re going to be fine here. At least there’s someone else with a heart in this room.”

The puppy wagged her tail even harder and stretched her neck to lick your chin. Despite the dirty fur and strange smells, Sam couldn’t resist but to head towards you for the puppy. You filled his arms with the warm and soft mess, the puppy quickly wanting to scramble up his torso.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he asked softly as if talking to a baby. “I’m going to bring you out for a walk later.”

“I don’t trust dogs this friendly,” Dean remarked as he crossed his arms. “Sam, remember that time a dog came into our motel room and she turned out to be some witch’s familiar?”

All of a sudden, following the familiar flutter of feathers, the puppy tried to wriggle out of Sam’s arms excitedly. Sam, afraid to drop her, let her on the ground and she quickly pranced away.

You turned to follow the puppy’s movements, only to see her hopping by Castiel’s side, scratching and chewing at the end of his coat. The confused angel stared silently at the puppy, then back at you all.

“We have a dog?”

He buys you puppies.

“Jay, as much as i would love to, i really don’t feel like going out,” you say walking towards the kitchen.

You hear Justin sighs, as he follows you into the kitchen, “y/n, it’s been weeks since you went out, I know you’re upset about Gypsy -”

“I’m not upset!” You yell, cutting of Justin, slamming your hands on the counter. You began to feel frustrated as everyone always assumed you were upset over some silly dog….

Oh who am I kidding? Of course I’m miserable, Gypsy meant so much to me, I grew up with thought to yourself. She was the last memory of your mother before she passed away, and you felt as if you just lost a part of your mother too.

Justin looks towards you, not saying a word, you began to feel guilty for yelling at him.

“I’m sorry-” you both say at the same time, causing you to both smile a little. He nods a little, allowing you to speak first.

“I’m sorry…for yelling” you mumble, slightly embarrassed, as you looked down. “I’ll admit, I’m upset, if hurts knowing that I lost one of my best friends” you finally look up, as you take a deep breath before continuing. “I just got to accept the fact that it’s done and there’s nothing I can do about it,” you say almost on the verge tears, Justin quickly walks over to you and pulls you in for an embrace, kissing your forehead.

You love the fact that Justin doesn’t need to say anything but just one hug, everything’s alright.
A few hours later, Justin sends you a text message to open the door. Confused, you reply and quickly run over to open the door to see Justin smiling, holding 2 puppies in his arms.

“Justin?” You say looking at him in confusion, “what’s going on?” You say, as you open the door wider for him to come in.

“Meet you’re new puppies.” He says, as he looks at you smiling cutely.

“No.freaking.way!” You say in surprise as your mouth drops.

He nods chuckling as he hands you one of the puppies. “I know, It might be too sudden for you to have a new dog, but Gypsy will never be forgotten and I know she would like you to be happy, so I thought… why not make new memories?”

“Justin…you didn’t have to do all this…” You say, feeling guilty, as the thought of him spending money on you wasn’t your cup of tea.

“I just want to make you happy, that’s all…” He says with a reassuring smile.

How on earth did I get so lucky?

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You say, smiling wide.

“I know…” He says, causing you to laugh. “What are you going to name them?” He asks, looking at the puppies than at you.

“Uhhh, I’m not sure, what’s their gender?”

“This one, is a boy” he says holding up puppy in his arms, “and the one you’re holding is a girl,” he replies.

You begin to think for a while before replying, “I guess I’ll name the boy Regenades and the girl Arrow” you smile, feeling satisfied of your name choices.

“Original, I like it” Justins says before you both put the puppies down.

You both watch the puppies play for awhile, before you turn towards Justin as you slowly wrap your arms around his waist, “I love you Justin, don’t ever forget that, I know I might not always show it but I am so thankful to have you be a part of my life…I don’t know what I would do without you” you say meaning every single word.

Justin smiles wide, “I love you too babygirl..more than anything in this world…”

Bark! Bark! You both turn your heads to see Arrow and Regenades barking towards you both.

“Besides you two” Justin says, causing you both to laugh before pulling Justin in for a kiss.

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Love you boo, thanks for the request! Enjoy!!