boy girl comparison

Same difference:

Pretty girls dancing, alone in their rooms, to music loud enough that it drowns out the rest of the world.

Pretty boys singing to themselves the words that tell of the torment inside without them having to say a word.

Young girls giggling when boys confess their love.

Young boys guffawing at their dirty jokes.

Smart girls smirking when they best their rivals.

Smart boys whispering answers under their breath.

Silly girls frowning at their reflection and all the flaws they see that others cannot.

Silly boys hooting at doctored images and the girls they see that resemble them.

Old girls regretting all the things they said and did to themselves when they were younger.

Old boys thinking of all the things they should have done differently and the people they hurt.

Sad girls eating and crying and anything to fill the void.

Sad boys sitting in silence on their bed wiping away the tears before they’ve had a chance to fall.

In love girls drawing countless hearts and daydreaming about the perfect date.

In love boys noting everything they do that makes their love smile and remembering it for when they’re sad.

Girls and Boys being human because, at the end of the day, we all are. 

We’re all confused and lost and we all feel small. We all make mistakes and feel pain and regret and we’re all awkward and so, so stupid sometimes.

But we’re all human, remember that, if only for today.

~ Love yourself, whoever you are, and love each other too.