boy girl comparison

Saw a George Takei tweet this morning about how simple impeachment isn’t enough. How handing the reigns to Pence, given how this administration came to power, isn’t enough…

And that’s why it’s called a constitutional crisis, boys and girls.

The comparisons between RussiaGate and Watergate have run fast and free, but there’s at least one key distinction: Watergate involved one man at the head of his party, fueled by his ambition and paranoia, breaking the law to maintain power. One thing becomes increasingly clear as events unfold:

Trump is NOT alone.

The kindest reading of affairs is that the FSB has gathered enough ammunition on enough key people in Republican leadership that they can be compelled to run interference for the Kremlin. Another reading, less kind but I suspect more accurate, is that GOP leadership and others, outside of a few exceptions like Graham and McCain, have determined that power, if you’ll pardon the expression, trumps country. And so, unlike Watergate, we so far do NOT see Congressional Republicans pushing to investigate.

Fun times ahead, folks. Good work.