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6th Gaon Chart Music Awards Results
  • Album of the Year (Album - Quarterly)
    • First Quarter - GOT7
    • Second Quarter - EXO
    • Third Quarter - EXO
    • Fourth Quarter - BTS
  • Artist of the Year (Song – Monthly)
    • January - GFRIEND
    • February - MAMAMOO
    • March - Jang Bum Joon
    • April - TWICE
    • May - Urban Zakapa
    • June - SISTAR
    • July - Wonder Girls
    • August: - BLACKPINK
    • September - Lim Chang Jung
    • October - TWICE
    • November - BLACKPINK
    • December - BIGBANG

  • Rookie of the Year – Album: NCT 127
  • Rookie of the Year – Song: BLACKPINK
  • Style of the Year – Choreography: Son Seung Deuk (BTS)
  • Style of the Year – Stylist: Choi Hui Seon (TWICE)
  • Discovery of the Year – R&B: Dean
  • Discovery of the Year – Hip hop: BewhY
  • Discovery of the Year – Indie: Bolbbalgan Sachoongi
  • Discovery of the Year – Ballad: Han Dong Geun
  • V LIVE Global Popularity: BTS
  • Song of the Year – International Pop: Maroon 5
  • International Rising Star of the Year: Charlie Puth
  • Popular Singer of the year: MC the Max
  • Long-Run Song of the Year: MC the Max
  • Producer of the Year: Bang Shi Hyuk
  • K-pop Contribution of the Year: SECHSKIES
  • Song Writer of the Year: Jo Yoon Kyung (EXO)
  • Composer of the Year: Black Eyed Pilseung
  • World Hallyu Star: SHINee
  • Hot Performance of the Year: INFINITE, SEVENTEEN
  • Artist of Fan Choice – Individual: Sehun (EXO)
  • Artist of Fan Choice – Group: EXO
  • Performer of the Year – Chorus: Kim Ryeong
  • Performer of the Year – Musical Instrument: Lee Seong Yeol, Choi Tae Wan
ELI5: Why is the majority of girls handwriting nicer looking than boys?

I am not sure I can tell you why, but it is definitely a relatively new thing. I am doing some work with a historian and she has a giant collection of documents from about 1600 up to the late 1800s all written by men (ship logs, manifests, trade and commerce and tax documents, etc.) and virtually all of it is more legible than anything I see from first year university students.

That suggests some substantial change in how we teach penmanship which has been bad for men/boys but either beneficial or no change for girls and women.

The theory that we teach handwriting when girls are developing fine motor skills while boys are still doing gross motor skills makes the most sense. Most guys I see can write legible math, numerals (1, 2, 3 etc.) and then math symbols are taught at a different time than cursive writing and reinforced differently, so it may be that time context and reinforcement are big factors and simply moving when joined up writing is taught would fix it. Though many of my students have told me they didn’t learn cursive in school or their younger siblings aren’t learning it.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.


This post is for all the new doms and subs who joined the dd/lg community. Hello and welcome! I’m Princess Kitten and I want to give you some tips for finding the perfect spouse for you.

-Consent: You must get eachothers consent to do anything, even talk. Never talk to little who has a daddy. And never talk to a daddy who has a little. They already have their spouse and have a bond that cannot be broken. If you’re looking for a friend, ask to be introduced before anything.

-Doms: Always talk and love your little! They need all your attention!!!! If you dont give them attention, they become sad or neglected and feel like they’re worth nothing. Always tell your little the truth and everything about your day. We love listening to your voice. Pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee be kind to your little. They’re little of course. They dont act big for a reason. If you force them to act big they’ll get scared and wont go to you. Never force a little to do something they dont want to do.

-Littles: Its alright to be needy. Its alright to be worried. Go into your little space as often as you can. Its important to balance your big and little side. Make sure you love your dom as much as they love you. Always listen and follow directions. Dont be bratty and dont break rules! Your dom will punish you very badly. Also tell your dom what you are doing and how your day went. Always be honest. You dont want an angry dom.

A dd/lg is just like a normal relationship EXCEPT its stronger. Most people will not understand and thats perfectly fine. Dont be afriad of it. Embrace it! If you have any more questions, message me or send it through my asks. You may never know if someone is in the same situation as you and may need the same help. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful night!


This is my beautiful girlfriend, June. (And me in the pink hat. 😋) She doesn’t know I’m posting this. She has been telling me lately she feels unattractive and undesirable. Please reblog if you think otherwise!!! I want her to know she’s gorgeous and that people other than me think so, too. Help me spread the trans love. 🌼