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Critical Role Buddy Cop Film

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Scanlan Shorthalt and Grog Strongjaw are two loose canons on the Emon police force. When twin thieves come town, its up to them to catch them.


Grog Strongjaw: the muscle of the Emon PD. Once took 6 bullets and still managed to apprehend some bank robbers. Barely passed the academy bc he isn’t very smart but makes up for it in enthusiasm. Can often get criminals to surrender through pure intimidation but is secretly a huge softy. Usually follows Scanlan’s lead

Scanlan Shorthalt: the shortest man to ever join the Emon PD. As a master of disguise, he usually does undercover work. Once single handedly took down a crime ring by convincing all of the bosses that one of the others was a police informant. Badass single dad. Always wears sunglasses. Plays music for the Emon PD picnic. the most flamboyant man on the force

Pike Trickfoot: a young doctor at a local hospital. Usually ends up being the one to treat the boys when they get injured (which happens a lot). Scanlan always flirts with her when he’s in the hospital (”Kiss me. I don’t think I’ll make it” “Scanlan it’s just you leg”)

Vex and Vax: Twin con artists/thieves. Came into town with the intent of pulling a heist on the museum. Have never been caught before. (pls just think of Vax in a catsuit). Smooth af, only steal from rich people. Vex is in it for the money, Vax is in it for the thrill

Percy de Rolo: the long suffering police chief. Used to be one of the best officers on the force until he was injured in a fight with the Briarwood crime family. Still the best shot in EPD history. Has pretty much given up on controlling Grog and Scanlan. Just wants Rest (and revenge)

Keyleth: the rookie of the force. Still very inexperienced and sometimes messes up undercover ops. She seems harmless but she can low key kill a man with her bare hands. Once they found a dog fighting ring and she beat up 12 large men by herself. She kept one of the dogs and she is named Minxy and she loves her.


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High school klance hcs

HIghschool Klance headcanons:

-Keith is that edgy kid that sits at the back of the class and goes on tumblr while he listens to my chemical romance and bands such as that emo vibe genre 

-Lance is a ladies man and won’t stop until he has enough ladies on his arms and all over him to make that edgy kid in the back of the class jealous because boi does he have a crush on him

-Lance is a pretty well known football player even though he gets injured a lot the bois fragile. He had to quit though after he got too many concussions, he barely watches where he’s going. 

-When Lance used to be in football, Keith would go to his practices and games, he’s a raging homosexual with a slight crush on the brown haired male ok and when Keith came Lance would get very distracted 

-Keith has to tutor Lance with math because he’s failing and didn’t want to be kicked off the football team when he was actually still doing football 

-Lance went over to Keiths house one night and they may have made out a lil until Keiths parents got home he had to split

-Almost everyone in the school thinks Keith and Lance are dating. Pidge made a klance club with Allura

-Keith doesn’t show up to prom and Lance drives to Keiths house (ditching his prom date) and hangs out with him

-Lance is probably the one to ask Keith out, and he has this big fancy thing and its really exciting, and Keith is all blushy and embarrassed and of course he says yes

-Keith wears Lance over sized jacket and it has his football number on it and Lances name and its reallllly cute its too big for smol Keith

-Keith sits on Lances lap at lunch, and they totally hold hands walking around and stuff. They totally feed each other too

-When its time for Lance and Keith to separate, Lance makes it dramatic and their really late to class because of it

-Keith gets rides from Lance a lot and he totally goes over to Lances place 24/7. Keith LOVEs Lances family

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[!!!] According to Pledis Ent, Mingyu have injured himself while at a shooting. This will affect his participation in Seventeen’s Japan promotions in terms of performances at concerts and fanmeet but Mingyu will still be able to attend fansigns.

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