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Today is exactly one year after I met this wonderful boy! I am so thankful to have spent the past 365 days with someone so special! He lights up my entire world, and never fails to put a smile on my face! I always grin from ear to ear thinking back to July 30th, 2014, the night we met! How shy he was, and how we finally started to make small chat after he warmed up! You truly mean the world to me Dakota! I am so stoked for all of the exciting things we have planned for our future! I love you baby! ❤️😍❤️😘❤️


Okay I normally don’t make posts like this - but this is really important - I’m just after receiving one very shocking message from a good friend of mine and basically the long story short is, he needs a new binder.

If anyone has an old binder they don’t need, or a binder they plan to give away or if there’s any give away’s at the moment - could you please message my lil bro Ivan and let him know! 

Even if you can’t offer a binder, reblogging and boosting this would be just as helpful! Thanks!!!


IMAGINE if Draco Malfoy’s first boyfriend really was a Durmstrang boy. And it was during those few months that he realized his crush on potter.

Let’s start.

Draco meeting some Durmstrang boy looking sexy and intense in his uniform and whatnot, let’s called him Markl bc why not. They get together and hook up and at first Draco is hella ashamed for it but then slowly realizes that it’s an amazing adventure and who gives a fuck if he’s being fucked/ fucking a guy?

They’re close the entire duration of the tournament which is probably why Draco doesn’t get TOO much screentime, cuz he’s off playing with his boytoy.

But obviously Draco can’t forget about Harry now which leads into that brilliant scene (you all know exactly what i’m talking about). He begins to realize that maybe Potter’s not so bad and he’s only grilling on him because he never understood that he liked guys. Markl was that trigger. So the tree-confrontation was the beginning of Draco vying for Harry’s attention, but with totally new intentions.

Draco’s a dick but he’s not a two timing asshole. He tells Markl. (But it’s like the ‘sorrynotsorry turns out fucking gryffindors sounds more appealing’) Markl’s kinda beat out that the wonder boy grabbed draco’s attention BUT he is also a super sweet guy so he helps Draco out in giving advice.

They turn into buddies who had a short time thing that turned into a friendship and they’re still friends now! And before they leave Markl is all, ‘boys look for this, boys look for that’ and just lay it all out for Draco.

Of course, Harry is not your average boy and Draco is still new at this so it takes them awhile. Like. A long while.

But years later and they’ve been together, Draco gets an owl from a friend he hadn’t heard from in ages. He laughs while reading it and when Harry asks who its from, Draco just tells him it’s an old love counselor.

Harry totally disbelieves him. He wasn’t stupid nor blind.

He had noticed Draco back in fourth year too.