boy from mars

so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them

In simplicity,
I found beauty.
In failing,
I found patience.
In wandering,
I found understanding.
In darkness,
I found myself.

It seems perfection
was never idealism
but little more than
the truth in who we are.

Oikawa Hair Swoop™ 

a few songs I wanted to put with this but couldn’t decide on the best fit. 

Well, my very first musical love has passed away. I had to do something to pay homage to him and collages are what I seem to do these days.

There is a video of me singing, “Rebel, Rebel” when I was still in diapers. No more than 2 years old. He influenced my musical taste and so much of my life. This is a dark day. And cancer is shit.

Rest in peace, Goblin King, Ziggy Stardust… David Bowie. You will be missed by the world.

the stars that touch the earth

Summary: Marinette and Alya go on a spontaneous road trip out of the city to see the stars that don’t appear in Paris’ sky.

A/N: Finally getting around to posting my Alyanette piece I wrote for PML’s Sky Zine! I forgot about it and I could’ve posted like a week ago, woops.


Blankets lay scattered across the balcony-turned-garden. Fairy lights were draped across the latticework, a few wrapped around the branches of a small tree that grew there. A couple of plates sat on the edges of the blankets, crumb-covered and forgotten as the hands that had used them just moments before intertwined with each other instead.

Alya and Marinette had their backs on the blankets and their eyes on the sky as they gazed upon the false stars in the horizon made by the city. Their breathing came in tandem as they drank in the night, moonlight illuminating the hope they clung to as they learned more and more about the world they lived in.

Sounds of the nearby river and passing cars filled the air, just barely quiet enough for the radio’s static-ridden music to play over it. All of it was almost too loud for Alya to hear Marinette when she whispered, “Hey, Peaches… if you could change one thing about Paris, what would it be?”

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Imagine… Christmas: Boy’s Edition

J’s pov.

We all gathered. They were both watching at me, expecting to came up with some brilliant plan. But my head was empty!

- What about…. No… Or… Dammit!

They just kept stareing at me.

Shannon’s pov.

“His mind is absent, I can tell”. He spoke but no asctuall ideas came out. We were screwed.

Tomo’s pov.

“Ok, it’s tame for me to take the wheel!”

- Listen what boys… It doesn’t matter what we will came up with, it won’t beat their… Plan. Surprise… Whatever they made, especially having your mother on the team…

- Can’t we ask your sister?

- She won’t rat on them, Shannon. Girl’s laws. Besides that, Vicki is her sister, and the young to be Mrs. Leto is terrifying as fuck, no hard feelings J.

- Non taken! I assume you have a plan.

- I do! Listen carefully, we don’t have much time.

*the girls arrived*

The four girls arrived home. Passing through the hall to their way to the studio, as they were informed the boys were there awaiting. Of course they greeted everyone, giving them candies and lollipops.

The boys were in the studio, talking, having fun.

- Wherevs the present? - the 3 of them asked all together. Constance was leaning on the wall behind, chuckling.

- There it is! - Tomo revealed the “present”.

- That’s it? - Alice was a bit disappointed.

- OMG… These are our pictures. - Angel gasped.

- My babies! - Vicki cheered when she saw a picture of her dogs.

- So you made us an oltar. - Ms. Wonderland stated.

- The only present suitable for Queens! - Shannon tired to fix the situation.

They looked at each other and suddenly started screaming. Rushed and came to us, hugging and kissing is all.

- A song?

- Babs… No! - J whined, but she doesn’t took “no” for an answer. - Song, J! - she protested.

- Song, J. - Shannon tapped his shoulder and started laughing.

We gathered our places and started the show, the first song that came up in our heads. As we knew each other all to well, there was no need of “negotiateing” what to play.

My beautiful wife took out her phone and started filming. Alice and Angel were to busy singing along with lighter in their hands. I hope she isn’t as clumsy as J and we all won’t die in fire.

Shannon learned a new song so he took over the piano.

Me and J were quick enough to tag along.

At some point they sprayed some shit on us, but it was fun so I didn’t mind at all. I think it was Constance, but one does not simply asscse the Leto Mother Queen without a proof.

It was hell of a party. The girls joined the singing and dancing. Playing variaties of songs. We spend the next hour or so singing, all of us, no full song was done, rather pieces from a lot. But it was fun.

We named the “oltar” - “Venus Gurls”, as us the boys were from Mars. I always considered this joke lame, but now it got a whole new meaning!

Tomo out!


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Boys Are From Mars, Girls Are From Venus (Tododeku ft Uraraka)

//So I came up with this idea of Uraraka deciding to finally confess to Deku, but it turns out he just got in a relationship with Todoroki bc tHE GAYS THE GAYS I LOVE THEM

But really my otp is Uraraka x Midoriya bc they’re so cutesy and smol

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Warnings: None

Description: Uraraka decides to finally confess her feelings to Deku, encouraged by the others that he feels the same way, but when she finally approaches him, things turn out to be a little different than she thought they were.

When Uraraka first heard rumours flying around about Todoroki and Midoriya that morning, her brain instantly went into panic mode. What was going on? Had they fought again? But they were getting along so well! Or so she thought they had. Last time she’d asked Deku to hang out with her, he told her he was busy studying with Todoroki for finals (yep just studying- c;), and when she asked if she could join, he’d said that he was going to sleep right after, because he was so worn out.

And that had only been last weekend.

It seemed that no matter when she called, Midoriya was always busy these days, training hard, studying, hanging out with Todoroki… It was like they were the best of friends all of a sudden, and that left no room for her. She knew it was silly to be jealous of someone because of that, especially when it was just her crush’s friend, but she couldn’t help but feel a pang of pain in her chest when she realised how distanced they’d become lately.

“What do you think, Uraraka-san?” Momo asked, breaking the unusually forlorn-looking girl out of her trance.


“It’s cute!” Ashido smiled as she clasped her hands together, jumping up to examine the dress Momo had tried on closer. “Let’s all get matching ones!”

“What’s wrong, Uraraka?” Momo asked, her expression concerned as she took in the once energetic girl’s tired-looking face.

“Ah… It’s nothing! I don’t mind getting matching outfits…”

Just as she thought she had gotten away with it, Tsuyu leaned in close to her face, narrowing her large, dome-like eyes.

“You were thinking of Midoriya-san again, weren’t you, ribbit?” She asked, scratching her chin with a single finger.

“Ah, you need to tell him, Uraraka!” Ashido exclaimed as she hugged her friend. “You’ve been acting down all day, and it’s really upsetting us to see you like this.”

“Yeah, you really haven’t been yourself lately,” Jiro chipped in, also concerned for her friend.

Uraraka let out a sigh.

“You’re right, you’re right, I guess I’ll have to do it sometime soon,” she gave in, swinging her legs as she looked down at them.

“Not just soon. As soon as we get back.”

“What?!” Uraraka looked up at her friend in shock.

“Yeah, it’s better to tell him sooner rather than never!” Momo chimed in, sitting beside Uraraka as she patted her shoulder comfortingly. “We’ll be there for you and we’ll help you practise what to say before then, okay?”

The girl’s cheeks reddened as she played out the scene in her head: she and Midoriya, all alone in a classroom after school had finished, the golden sunset pouring through the large glass windows and giving the room a magical glow, Ashido and the other girls’ peering faces pressed against the glass of the abandoned classroom’s door as they offered their best support to their friend… Well, perhaps that part wasn’t so romantic, but the very thought of confessing to Midoriya had her heart leaping in her chest.

“You’ll do it then, won’t you?” A voice came from in front of her, but judging by the floating skirt and top, she could tell it was Hagakure.

“I will,” Uraraka confirmed, her face growing determined as she decided she settled this inner conflict once and for all. Even if he didn’t return her feelings, she just couldn’t keep it to herself anymore.

“I’ll tell him how I feel, even if he doesn’t feel the same way!” She yelled suddenly, pumping her fist into the air as if miraculously energised.


“Go get him, girl!” Ashido cheered, the others jumping up as they too cheered for her.

“He obviously feels the same way!” Momo exclaimed, the other girls nodding vigorously at the statement. “I can tell by the way he looks at you.”

“That too, he’s always complimenting Uraraka-san, isn’t he?”

“Yeah! And he thinks about you even when you’re not there. He always asks us where you are when you’re later to class than usual.”

“R-really…?” Uraraka asked, her eyes filling with hope as the girls around her made their own observations.

“Of course! He definitely likes you back, I’m sure of it!”

Just then, a loud ringing sound caused the girls to break apart, turning to the phone placed on the stool beside them.

“Deku: Calling. Deku: Calling.”

The changing room was silent for a few seconds before there was complete uproar, the girls squealing and hugging Uraraka in excitement as they made a dash to grab her phone first.

Outside, one of the workers of the fitting room glanced back at the cubicle with wide eyes before sighing, wondering what on earth those teenage girls were doing.


“Sooo, what did he say?”

Uraraka smiled, rolling over on her bed as she held the phone to her ear.

“He said he wanted to meet up that weekend, so we did, and it was so much fun! We had milkshakes and went out shopping for a bit too, and he told me he was sorry for being so busy and that he wanted to make more time for me!”

The squeal emitting from the other end of the phone was loud enough to make Uraraka’s ear ring, but she couldn’t care less, completely away with the fairies as she dreamt about confessing to the boy of her dreams.

“Girl he’s totally into you! You’ve got to tell him tomorrow!”

“I will, I will, I’m just so nervous! Oh, he also mentioned that he wanted to tell me something because he could only trust me about it, but he’s going to say it when we get back!”

“You know what that means,” Ashido grinned.

Uraraka’s face erupted into a huge blush all over again, so much that she told Ashido she’d see her tomorrow and hung up, pressing her face into her pillow.

She couldn’t wait to tell him.

And now, here she was, standing frozen in the hallway, barely even paying attention to where she was going as she listened in on the rumours going around about Midoriya.

“Did you hear?”

“Oh my god, yeah, that Midoriya guy-”

“The one with that destructive quirk? Him?”

“Yeah, and the fire and ice guy.”

“Oh. My. God.”

Not wanting to hear anymore, Uraraka rushed to the classroom, hoping to find relief and see that they hadn’t fought, that it was something else, and so it was, but it wasn’t what she was expecting.

At all.

Reaching the classroom door, all the boys were huddled around Midoriya’s table, asking him over and over if it was true.

If what was true? Uraraka frowned, moving closer as Iida-kun tried to break up the crowd, moving his hands around in the air in their usual chopping motion.

“Ah- that is- um-” Midoriya trailed off, his face the colour of a tomato as the boys confronted him about it.

“I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, we’re just not sure if it’s for real or if people are making it up!” Kaminari said, leaning his elbows on the freckled boy’s desk, who was looking more and more panicked by the minute.

“It’s true.”

A stoic voice came from behind them all, and they turned, only to be faced by the man himself. Todoroki Shoto.

“E-eh-” Midoriya was cut off as Todoroki slung an arm around the boy, standing beside him firmly with an unwavering expression.

“It’s true, so you can all go back to your seats now,” he confirmed, and Kirishima whooped energetically as he held his hand out in the air for a high five.

“Good for you, Todoroki, eh?” He grinned, though he got no response, and he dejectedly put his hand down.

By now, Uraraka was extremely confused. What on earth was going on? Why were they declaring their friendship in the middle of class? And why were other classes talking about it? Was it that much of a big deal? Why on earth was Midoriya so flustered anyway?

And in the very next moment, all of her questions were answered in a heartbeat, as Todoroki lowered his face to Midoriya’s and pressed a firm kiss to his lips.

The whole class erupted into chaos, Kaminari sparking with electrical energy as he hopped around excitedly, loudly announcing that the two were kissing, whilst Bakugo yelled at them to stop being so disgusting, letting off small explosions with his hands. Some of their classmates turned away in embarassement, Iida-kun being one of them.

The whole while, Uraraka stood there in silence, watching with her eyes wide and mouth agape.

No. Way.

And suddenly, it all made sense to her.

Why Midoriya had been hanging out with Todoroki so much lately.

Why she couldn’t ever come over when they were together.

The secret Midoriya mentioned, that he promised he’d tell her after the holidays.

He was… Gay?!

Midoriya’s face had flushed even darker than it had before if that was possible, his eyes staring into Todoroki’s in shock before turning away, flustered.

“I told you not to do that in front of people,” he murmured, causing the male beside him to smirk.

“Is it bad that I want to show you off? If it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll stop,” he said, glancing up at Kirishima and sending him a glare, the commotion in the class halting at his icy stare.

“Ah, it’s just… Oh, Uraraka-san,” Midoriya looked up, noticing the girl that had been standing near his desk with a shocked expression.

“Ah well, this was the thing I was going to tell you about, remember? Really, it was a secret before Todoroki-san acted all strange in front of the school and people figured it out…” He rubbed his neck awkwardly, smiling at her.

“Right…” Uraraka responded, her brain still trying to process everything. “I’m supportive of your relationship.” She managed to say, giving him a thumbs up before returning to her seat in a dazed state.

“She must have been really surprised, huh?” Midoriya chuckled, Todoroki patting his head affectionately before returning to his seat as Mr Aizawa entered the class to begin his lesson.

Uraraka barely noticed though, facing forward in a trance for the rest of the day whilst the girls in the class helplessly exchanged looks with one another, completely defeated in the fact that their plan had backfired before it even began.


“It’s okay,” Uraraka reassured her friends, who all looked rather guilty for leading her on. “It’s not like I was deeply in love, or anything. In fact, I think we’re a lot better as friends. It might have been awkward for us if we suddenly became lovers.”

“That’s true,” Ashido sighed. “Man, I totally wasn’t expecting Midoriya to be gay, though.”

“Right? How unexpected,” Hagakure added. “Did you see how surprised I was when they kissed? I almost fell back!”

“Ah, well it’s sort of difficult to do that when all we could see was your uniform,” Jiro replied, still confused as to why her friend was so persistent in asking questions like that all the time when she was invisible.

“Huh? What are the guys all doing next to that door?” Momo frowned, turning the corner as she spotted Kaminari pressing his face against the transparent glass, some of the other boys crowded around the area too.

“It’s Todoroki-san and Midoriya-san,” Tsuyu stated, after she caught sight of the two in the abandoned classroom beside one another.

“Do you really have nothing else to do with your lives?” Jiro asked monotonously as she approached the crowd, though she stopped herself to take a look.

“Wow, the mood is perfect,” Sero commented with a grin. “Abandoned classroom, golden sunset shining through the window…”

Yup, that was the perfect setting, Uraraka thought, internally signing to herself.

“Perverted eyes watching them behind the door,” Mineta added to Sero’s list in what was too much of an excited voice, causing Tsuyu to slap his head with her tongue harshly.

“Ow!” He cried out, falling onto Kirishima, who was leaning on Sero’s shoulder, who was leaning on Kaminari’s shoulder, who was leaning against the door, causing it to creak open just the slightest, but it was enough for the two to pull away from each other just as they were about to kiss, Todoroki’s heterochromic irises shifting to the door as they widened in shock, then annoyance, and then fury.

“Run!” Kirishima yelled, cackling as he pushed past the others, Mineta screaming at the top of his lungs as Todoroki’s figure got closer and closer to the door. Ashido suddenly grinned sinisterly, spraying sticky substance from her hands to Mineta’s feet before taking off with the other girls, the boy quivering in fear as Todoroki opened the door with a loud bang.

“You’re in trouble, Mineta,” he smiled, though his eyes showed no kindness, and it was then that Mineta knew he was not getting out of there alive.

The next day, everyone came to find that Mineta had been discovered in the hall a while later by one of the teachers, who immediately rushed him to Recovery Girl. And after that day, the topic of Todoroki and Midoriya’s relationship was never mentioned again. That is, unless, one of them mentioned it, which Midoriya did constantly whenever he called Uraraka, excitedly chattering about how they’d come across a cat cafe the other day, or how amazing Todoroki was at sparring, going on and on until the boy had fallen asleep on the phone because he was so exhausted.

“Ah, really,” Uraraka sighed, flopping onto her bed face flat. “What did I do to deserve this?”



anonymous asked:

why do you stay away from boys w their mars in libra? tell me the teaaa

My dad has this placement, and my ex had this, and trust me, it’s a huge fuckboy placement. They’re charming and just huge sweet talkers, Venus is in the planet of passion, energy, and will! It’s hard NOT to like them. But trust me, these natives never know what they want. It’s always a game with them, plus they want to be liked by everyone. Sometimes they’ll use that “who needs you, I can find someone better,” saying. They want what’s beautiful, and strive for what is beautiful. As a Venusian native, there’s always something BETTER, there always is, and they can strive into getting what they want, in beauty. (Also, depending on the house that is on the Mars, is very important). 

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top 10 linda moments

1. When she and Bob were in bed and Bob says he needs to get rid of Teddy and Linda was ride or die with a plan and no questions asked because shes amazing!
3. When Linda walks up with Bob to Tina and goes, “Tina stop kissing strange boys in the dairy fridge, we’re going home.”
4. When she flashes her boobs on live T.V. and goes, “THIS IS TO SAVE MY FAMILY. A BOOBITY BOOBITY BOOBITY BOO”
5. The dinner theater episode with the Linda montage of her singing everything. Lol.
6. The Hauntening episode where Linda is like, “It’s something bad, it’s gonna kill us! It’s gonna be easy to clean up because of the tile floor!”
7. Linda kissing her little porcelain babies.
8. When Louise slaps her and tells her she has two children and a Louise to take care of and goes, “okay, okay, stop slapping me- oh no wait, one more.”
9. Linda helping Tina shave and goes, “Just shave up to the knee. Only strippers shave above the knee.” Lol.
10. When Linda comes up with a story with lipstick, pepper spray, and tiny baby carrots and says, “woman of the night! She gets dressed up, she kills a John, she has a snack!”

Bonus quote!


Linda is fantastic. It was hard to just chose ten for her! She has so many great moments!