boy from mars

so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them

You know if your girlfriend asks you to hold her hand or buy her flowers, its never really about those things. its about how she wants to feel special every once in a while. she wants to be taken by surprise. she just wants to feel loved. Its about those thing. so hold her hand in public unexpectedly or get her flowers without telling her today.
—  I hope he buys you flowers and holds your hand.
  • Me: Oh man I love musicals!
  • Everyone: *arguing, fighting about the tonys, screaming, bashing each other, the list goes on*
  • Me:
  • Me: I'm gonna,
  • Me: Jus t take a break from musicals,

Oikawa Hair Swoop™ 

a few songs I wanted to put with this but couldn’t decide on the best fit. 

Remember when Usagi asked the inners who they liked and everyone who was there found an excuse not to answer until Rei

who said

“All of you”

That was


Well, my very first musical love has passed away. I had to do something to pay homage to him and collages are what I seem to do these days.

There is a video of me singing, “Rebel, Rebel” when I was still in diapers. No more than 2 years old. He influenced my musical taste and so much of my life. This is a dark day. And cancer is shit.

Rest in peace, Goblin King, Ziggy Stardust… David Bowie. You will be missed by the world.

anonymous asked:

why do you stay away from boys w their mars in libra? tell me the teaaa

My dad has this placement, and my ex had this, and trust me, it’s a huge fuckboy placement. They’re charming and just huge sweet talkers, Venus is in the planet of passion, energy, and will! It’s hard NOT to like them. But trust me, these natives never know what they want. It’s always a game with them, plus they want to be liked by everyone. Sometimes they’ll use that “who needs you, I can find someone better,” saying. They want what’s beautiful, and strive for what is beautiful. As a Venusian native, there’s always something BETTER, there always is, and they can strive into getting what they want, in beauty. (Also, depending on the house that is on the Mars, is very important). 

forgottenxglow  asked:

top 10 linda moments

1. When she and Bob were in bed and Bob says he needs to get rid of Teddy and Linda was ride or die with a plan and no questions asked because shes amazing!
3. When Linda walks up with Bob to Tina and goes, “Tina stop kissing strange boys in the dairy fridge, we’re going home.”
4. When she flashes her boobs on live T.V. and goes, “THIS IS TO SAVE MY FAMILY. A BOOBITY BOOBITY BOOBITY BOO”
5. The dinner theater episode with the Linda montage of her singing everything. Lol.
6. The Hauntening episode where Linda is like, “It’s something bad, it’s gonna kill us! It’s gonna be easy to clean up because of the tile floor!”
7. Linda kissing her little porcelain babies.
8. When Louise slaps her and tells her she has two children and a Louise to take care of and goes, “okay, okay, stop slapping me- oh no wait, one more.”
9. Linda helping Tina shave and goes, “Just shave up to the knee. Only strippers shave above the knee.” Lol.
10. When Linda comes up with a story with lipstick, pepper spray, and tiny baby carrots and says, “woman of the night! She gets dressed up, she kills a John, she has a snack!”

Bonus quote!


Linda is fantastic. It was hard to just chose ten for her! She has so many great moments!

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•3• yo holla

Alex pressed his forehead against the door that Moana had locked herself in for two days now, refusing to come out. He set his hand on the handle, not bothering to turn it as he silently heard her crying. Finally, he spoke, or rather sang, to her,

“I’m sorry, girl, I’m sorry I let you down.

"Saying books are better than people.

"Stop running, girl, running. I know this ‘world’ is not meant for you, yes.

"I’m laying down in the same bed, just feels a bit bigger now.

"Since, lately I’ve been– I’ve been losing sleep…” He muttered softly, eyes widening as he felt the door knob turn all the way. He pushed open the door, “…Moana?”


Today in Cool Stuff in the Mail, a delightful coloring book that perhaps has a little too much personal resonance for me (and yes, that is my own Tenth Doctor figure in that last photo).

I haven’t been able to get that much into the adult coloring book trend (I find them weirdly stressful, which I suspect means I’m missing the point) but this one … this one I can get behind.

Also, it made me go back to my bookshelf for this classic read …

Image via Amazon

and any reason to re-read Daniel Pinkwater is a good one (seriously people, Fat Men from Space is amazing, but if you haven’t read Alan Mendelssohn, the Boy From Mars, go get it RIGHT NOW).

– Petra