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i think i might actually cry if u don’t, like half of the fandom loves him and the other half just seem to completely ignore his existence???? wyd bro, this boy’s got so much talent and he’s so sweet bless his heart, he always tries his hardest n can y'all just love him

my aesthetic

is the dream boys in their school uniforms, at school, like wowowowow damn, u an idol but u still learning n u gon’ graduate, hell yeah, u do! but im still not informed as to whether renjun and chenle are in fact finishing their education bc pls, i just want these kids to graduate


 Requested by Anon: J-Hope, Angst, 66 & 91 please !! i love your blog xx

J-hope x reader 

61: I don’t love you

91: I’m sorry 

The girl’s hands were shaking, she was nervous. 

Who would not be nervous? 

The boy of your dreams have not arrived at the agreed time, leaving you waiting with a long beautiful red dress. You took your phone checking the time “9:30″ you said in a slightly sad tone. Once again you checked your phone watching your messages. You and Hoseok agreed to met at 9:00 pm. 

Impatiently you began to watch your surroundings, watching the entrance hoping to see Hoseok enter the restaurant. But nothing, he was not there. 

“Calm down Y/N he is on his way, he is not able to leave you alone in a restaurant” You said to your self. 

You noticed all the couples sitting around you seemed to enjoy themselves, they were holding hands, drinking wine, just enjoying the night.

“Miss” You turned to see a waitress talking to you, she looked at you confused, maybe she was talking to you for a while and you had not noticed “ Are waiting for someone? Can I take your order?” 

You were just about to respond her, but your phone started to sound, someone was calling you. “Hold on” You said talking to the blonde waitress. 

You pressed the green button to answer the call, you suddenly smile, it was him.

Maybe he is going to apologize for being late, but he is in his way. Maybe, just maybe he is late because he bought you flowers. That makes you so happy, you feel butterflies in your stomach.

“Mmm Hoseok? Hi” You tried to sound normal, and not being a drama queen for a few little late minutes. “I’m waiting in the rest-”  

“Y/N” He sigh for a moment and started talking again “I’m sorry, I’m not going with you” You gulped. 

What? You thought. 

“ What? Why? If you can’t come right now we can change it for another day, maybe we’ll go to somewhere less elegant than this restauran-” He cut her off again. 

“It’s not that Y/N… I don’t know how to say this Y/N.” He paused for a moment. You can feel your tears just about to fall down your cheeks. This could not go in  a good way, this was going to end in tears and your heart broken into a thousand pieces.

He sigh again. “I don’t feel comfortable when I’m around you, this is going to far. I can’t” 

“But, wh-what do you mean Hoseok? Why aren’t you comfortable with me? What did I did to make you feel that way? I don’t understand it” 

“I know you like me Y/N” When you heard what he had just said, you felt that your world was falling apart. How did he know?

I don’t like you” Was the only thing you could say, obviously it was a lie, but what would you said?. 

“That’s why I can’t go out with you Y/N, I don’t want problems because I don’t feel the same way you feel for me… I can’t go with that beautiful girl with the red dress.” 

“Ho-w did you know I’m wearing a red dress?” 

“I wanted to go with you and drink a glass of wine with you, but when I saw you sitting with a smile on your face, I said I was not going to be able to. I did not want you to understand anything else about my feelings. So I left…

“Hoseok… you don’t have to say those things, we..we can be friends. No more feelings for you I swear I-” 

“I called Jimin to pick you up and drive you home, go to the parking…”


“I love you as a friend Y/N,  don’t make this harder than it already is” 
“Bye Y/N” He end up the call, you raised your head and the only thing you could see was a boy with white hair, you got up from your chair and you ran to him, you hugged him.

I hope you like it :)

I’m new at this, so if you found something wrong make sure to tell me :) 

  • fluttering in your veins
  • like kisses in he rain, your brain
  • a thousand swarming bees in the black-and-yellow night as you fall among the wildflowers
  • but she's gone and she took the flowers with her; he's screaming, screaming for solace with no one to comfort him but a boy he can't even see,
  • and the dreaming boy is there, holding hands with the boy who stole his heart and kept it in a jar and he smells like lizard brains pickling in the basement with a bark as strong as
  • her bite, a princess in pink with golden ringlets, curls with rows and rows upon rows of teeth so strong and you trail up above the
  • clouds, a girl she's floating high, held back by the rope only the strongest can hold we love
  • our girl, muddy feet, she is the strongest, dependable, lost her brother and still smiles with all her heart
  • a heart so strong just like our love but burning with passion and when she loves she burns your insides and expects everything you have in return;
  • can you feel it? your name is Jacob. you are sixteen years old and live in Florida in 2016 and you have fallen in love with a beauty named 1940 and she is a bird, she is someone and something and everything you have to protect and 'we miss you, Jacob' is not an option at this point. because you are the only one who can see them, because you love them and they love you and you have become those flowers, those bees, you are their strength and will to succeed, you are their fire and flames and teeth and frills and their sky high ambitions so wild you dream of them every night and even when you feel like your heart is going to burst he is there to read to you, to talk to you with an invisible hand on your shoulder, on your chest, combing through your hair so soft and cupping your cheek tilting your chin-
  • they are beautiful and she is a bird you have loved so dearly since he beginning of your life, years before you were born when your grandfather first felt the waves recede and sprinted up the pebbles (it is not Poland but it is good enough) and he felt the warm embrace of
  • home.
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