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Haikyuu!! Chapter 246: Night

All I can say on this chapter can be summed up as Konoka, you’re so pretty and adorable and OMG, Tanaka, you clueless, clueless boy.

And thank you, thank you Furudate-sensei for Kuroo and his interaction with Daichi. (sue me, I am a kurodai fan ;p)

I adore the rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma. They are truly the best embodiment of a rival as in friends that push each other to become better.

As someone has noted in another Tumblr post (I’ve seen and liked a tad too many of them hahaha to remember which, I think it’s @blackandorange​’s), everyone has their favorite player/s in the other team. The third years are drawn to the other third years, Suga and Yaku as fellow team mom and Asahi and Kai as fellow long-suffering mediator. Tanaka and Yamamoto being carbon copy to each other. Hinata who is everyone’s favorite (coughharemcough) and draws more players than most. Kenma’s expression is precious btw. That’s the most open and pleased expression I’ve seen on Kenma.

But of course, most notably are the captains. They are the first to seek and greet the other whenever their teams meet. Kurodai fan or not, that look on Daichi’s face in the first panel is definitely fond. He always has that look, usually accompanied by irritation to whatever provocation Kuroo throws at him. I’m not surprised if all this time Kuroo and Daichi have been keeping in touch like Hinata and Kenma.

I know both look somber, but damn. I cannot help feeling spoiled just seeing them both side-by-side and so captain-like. The first day is a reality check to them who experience nationals for the first time, but they doesn’t let it show and keep themselves together for the sake of their team.

(And Shibayama, you adorable observant puppy)

I feel second hand embarrassment just watching Tanaka. He actually got a pretty girl that likes him, and he just have to ruin it. How can you break her heart Tanaka???? Hahaha, I hope it won’t affect Tanaka’s play in the second day. Sorry Konoka for the dense, clueless idiot.

Honestly, I can ship them. But at the same time, I don’t want Konoka to be just another, or worse, token love interest. It is a bit a change with her being part of a team that has actual shot for winning nationals. But she shares similarities with Yui, such as being childhood friends and inspired by the boy. Why girls have to be inspired by a boy? Well, inspiration can come from anywhere… including boys (and Tanaka is hella inspirational, even as a kid), but still… Can we just want to do something simply because we want to?

(Tanaka looks less like Kyoutani when he is little, and definitely friendlier)

The last panel does explain well the somber looks on the captains’ faces. The strongest teams are not there yet.

The real challenge is coming.

@sai-genos​ has summed it neatly in their ask box that Furudate-sensei has set up 6 rival teams for Karasuno: Nekoma, Fukurodani, Hoshiumi’s team and the three seeded schools. Karasuno has five games to win Nationals, and considering how all three Tokyo teams and seeded school are placed in different groups, they are likely only meet three of them, hopefully one of them is Nekoma. (prayer hands emoji)

Yamaguchi to the rescue!

Yamaguchi is such a mom friend. He is just like Suga. You know, I wonder what’s in store for Yamaguchi. I want to see him a regular in the future, but he is a Middle Blocker like Tsukishima and Hinata, and… they’re pretty much set for regular position. So someone is gonna switch to Wing Spiker in the future? But well, let’s just worry about the current tournament first..

Fool’s Gold

ao3 link

Beta: @ingenue-dan

Word count: 53k

Rating: R

Warnings: alcohol, mild anxiety, swearing, smut

Summary: Fashion designer, or rather fashion student, Dan Howell has just moved to NYC and meets Phil Lester, an aspiring advertising major. Success seems like an easy task but will Dan’s ambition and trips to the other side of the world interrupt his life too much?

Artist: @fallenflorals​ (art to be posted) and also check out my art of it here

Author’s Notes: o wow i meant for this fic to be 20k at the most. hah. this is my first pbb and i just have to say this has been an amazing experience. just a big shoutout to my beta, Dawn, who has been so lovely and supportive. also all my love to @danschode who has been checking up on my fic since the beginning and pressed me to keep going even if i thought i didn’t want to. this fic really has taken up a majority of my year and i’m so incredibly proud of it and i just hope you all enjoy <3

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Ethereal: Prologue

Pairing: Dan Howell/ Phil Lester and PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall

Rating: M

Warnings: Swearing and eventual fluff/smutt

Summary:  AU- Super powers. Dan’s not normal. In fact, he’s never met a single person exactly like him. No one else can move objects with their mind, just by a simple thought. He lives life carefully, limited interactions and semi-non-existent social life. That is, until a pair of sapphire blue eyes change everything. Dan Howell/Phil Lester, PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall.

Notes: Basically I’m a sucker for anything involving supernatural abilities, so I decided to write my own. Hope you all enjoy! 

Link to masterpost

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Sam X Reader: with Gabriel

Request: hi! can i get an imagine where the reader is an archangel and she and sam like each other but they’ve never said anything ((think destiel)). so gabriel puts them in a bunch of tv shows and won’t let them out until they confess their feelings. can gabe also be protective like “”if you hurt my sister i’ll kill you”” thank you so so much!!!

Request: A fic where gabe zaps the reader into Clara’s place in The Snowmen episode and the gabe forces the guys to watch the episode so they would see her die (I didn’t see this episode, so I’m basing it off of whatever Wikipedia can tell me.)

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She Meets Her Male Equivalent (Genderbent 5sos)

So I’ve always loved genderbentsos! (is that a thing?) and I decided to do something different and attempt to write some. In the first three Y/N has a brother in the band and the equivalent is her best friend, the last preference is a little different. Please enjoy and feedback is always great. Unless it makes me cry. Don’t make me cry xD. Anywayyy please enjoy reading :-)

Masterlist | Request 


“You’ll love him, I promise.” You reassure your best friend Ashley as you tug her down the long, winding corridors. “What’s his name again?” She asks and you let out an exasperated sigh. “Ashton Irwin, we’ve been over this about five hundred times already.” You both approach the dressing room and you get a grin on your face.

You met Ashley two years ago when you were both in your last year of school. Immediately you were struck by her likeness to your brother’s best friend, Ashton. They both share the same curly blonde hair, hazel eyes and love for playing drums, along with a whole catalogue of similar characteristics. Now you’ve finally managed to convince her to meet Ash, and you’re extremely excited.

“Boys, your favourite person is here!” You call out as you push the door open and walk on in. Calum rolls his eyes and comes over to hug you. “Cocky as always, Y/N.” You swat your brother’s arm and turn to Ashley. “This is my friend Ashley and she-” You trail off and furrow your eyebrows together. 

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About that one gifset that broke my entire soul.

birbwilson you know when i get a hold of something I research the everloving shit out of it right???


The white dude is Brian Geraghty who plays Owen Eldridge in the Hurt Locker. He’s teamed up with Mackie to control their new boss’s (Renner) wild shenanigans in the middle of a freakin warzone.

He fits the Riley image I’ve had in my brain. Blonde, blue or green-eyed corn-fed military boy. 

He even fits THE 1940′s WWII AU! 

(Oh no, does Sam have a type? He looks so similar to a certain other someone…)

Here’s a shot of him in a more air-force Class A type dress.

How about a modern AU fix-it, where Riley’s alive?

How about a modern AU fix-it where Riley’s alive and also BUILT LIKE A BRICK SHITHOUSE/SOFTCORE LUMBERJACK

And this has nothing to do with anything but also here are the three of them (renner was in the movie as lead) celebrating the hurt locker winning an oscar just because I think its so cute. 


none of this made sense but I think Riley Eldridge is a perfectly respectable white boy name anddd I’M GONNA USE IT.

The Nanny

Checking his reflection in the little pocket mirror he got from the agency for the last time, Stiles took a deep breath. “Okay. You can do that. Scratch that, you have to do that. This is your last chance, boy, you need this job.” Taking a second breath, he slowly stepped out of the agency’s car.

He couldn’t contain the slightly hysterical laugh that bubbled out of him. The Hale house… Well, the mansion was gigantic. And quiet beautiful, if his peasant eyes knew anything about architecture. “Ooookay.”

He grabbed the case out of the trunk and straightened up, stroking a nervous hand down his dark blue dress shirt. “Time to sell some cosmetics.”

Reaching the door, Stiles rang the bell. He didn’t have to wait for long and soon a really handsome tall man answered. He looked like a butler. A butler, honestly. This time he had to contain the laughter. This was import. “Hello, Sir. My name is Stiles Stilinski and I…”

“I have to say, I was expecting a… female.” The - well let’s call him butler for now - said quiet condescending.

That was okay, they warned him that not every client is nice. “Yes, well, I’m kind of new and…”

The butler stopped him with a huff. “Well, do come in. I bet the kids would like to meet you.”

“Thank you, I… Hold on, kids?” Before Stiles could ask anything else, he was pulled inside by a strong grip.

“Derek’s office is this way. Before you get to meet the children you have to have an interview and we have to look over your resume.” The man rambled on, the way he was talking wasn’t very butler-y, so maybe he was actually a Hale himself.

They reached a closed door and the man knocked twice and went inside, pulling Stiles along. “Hold on, I… What resume?”

He looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Well every Nanny has to show us a resume.” He said, as at the same time the man sitting at the big desk raised his head. And damn, another handsome bastard. With glasses. Damn.

“Is this the next candidate?” He asked in a brash voice. Stiles shuddered under the look. “I was expecting a woman.”

“Yeah, that’s what I said, apparently he’s knew.” The other man answered.

“Uhm, I… I think there’s been a mis…” Again, he was interrupted. This time by the loud voices of three children, stomping into the room.

“Dad, tell Isaac to give me back my scarf, I…”

“But, Dad I bought this scarf myself and…”

“Dad, I’m hungry, Uncle Peter was supposed to cook something half an hour ago…”

They all started to shout at the same time and while they kept on talking and talking, the second man - Derek? - tried to shout in between and the first man - maybe Uncle Peter? - only rolled his eyes and sat down.

Starting to get a headache, Stiles massaged his head and when the youngest kid, a little girl with dark long hair started to look like she will cry he had enough. Taking a deep breath, he let out a loud whistle, he used to call his dad’s police dogs over. “Okay, woah, shut your cake holes everyone!”

And they all did. ‘Derek’ actually looked like he was a second from murdering him, but at least the kids looked up at him with wide eyes. 'Uncle Peter’ looked amused. “So, care to tell me what happened.”

The oldest girl, a blonde that looked about sixteen and was almost as tall as Stiles himself, looked unimpressed. “Who the hell are you.”

“I’m a guy who’s getting a headache from your screeching, so tell me what the problem is?” He wasn’t about to take any sass from a teenager, he was 26 damn it and he invented sass.

To his credit, she looked a little intrigued. 'Derek’ also remained silent. The slightly younger boy spoke up. “I bought this scarf, Mister. It’s not her’s.” He said almost shyly.

The girl huffed. “And why does it look exactly like mine, Isaac? Wouldn’t be the first time.” She snapped.

Isaac was about to retaliate but Stiles cut in. “Is your scarf missing then? Because the last time I checked, they sold these paisley scarfs a bunch, maybe he just bought a similar one.”

“Oooh, a paisley fancier.” Peter threw in.“

"That’s… I…” The girl sighed. “No, I didn’t.” She confessed and hung her head.

“Alright, then please do, so…?”


“Erica, alright. Isaac, please go with her and check.” They both left while still snapping at each other quietly. “Now, are you Uncle Peter?” He asked the man who opened the door.

He raised his arms in mock surrender. “Guilty.” He - you really couldn’t call it any differently - purred.

Blushing slightly, Stiles cleared his throat. “Right, I believe you were supposed to make dinner for the young lady.”

“Malia.” The girl said, but she smiled up at him a little mischievously.

“Very nice to meet you, Malia.”

She giggled. “Likewise, Mister.”

Peter chuckled darkly and stood up. “Well then, young lady.” He offered her his hand, which she quickly took. “Let’s make some lunch, shall we?” She nodded and they both left the room. Not without a wink from Peter, though.

“Is he always like this?” Stiles asked the only person left in the room.

Derek stared at him with a mixture of wariness and aw. “What was your name again?”

“Uh… Stiles. Stilinski.”

“Well, Mister Stilinski, you’re hired.” He simply said, as if Stiles was dismissed with this.

Confused, he started to open and close his mouth for a second. “But I… I’m just a consmetics salesman.” He finally stammered.

Derek frowned. “How old are you?”


“How did you succeed to shut them up so good.” It would be harsh, but he sent such a fond smile out the door that Stiles was a little awed. As harsh as the man seemed, he sure did love his kids.

“My… My best friend has twins and my, well other best friend has a 14 year old girl that started to notice boys and a eight year old boy.”

“You’re good with kids then?”

“I… I guess?”

“Do you drink?”

“Not more than anyone else.”



“… Drugs?”


“Would you do a drug test?”

“I… I guess, I…”

Derek took off his glasses and heaved a sigh. “Look, Mister Stilinski, we would have to have a real interview and I would have to get a resume from you but I just really need a Nanny for them and I’m being honest here, I’ve never seen someone stop a fight between Erica and Isaac this fast and Malia usually hates people.” He looked him straight in the eyes. “Interested? Because you can’t tell me you actually like selling cosmetics to old ladies for a living.”

“This was my first house actually.” Blinking owlishly, Stiles sank down into the chair Peter was sitting before. “Can you give me a second? I’m just really kind of confused right now.”

Derek gave him a sharp grin. “They tend to do that to strangers.”

Stiles huffed. “Oh no, believe me, I don’t mean the kids. They are kind of awesome actually. But this is just not what I was expecting when I left the house this morning.”

“Well… why don’t I accompany you to the kitchen, make you a coffee and me and Peter can tell you everything you need to know.” The words were almost kind, so Stiles agreed and followed the man to the kitchen.

A two hour talk, a in lipstick written resume and tour through the house later, Stiles had a new job.

He would start living with the Hales in a week.

Well, no one ever said life wasn’t full of surprises.

Okay so I don’t even know where that came from. Guess what I was watching just now? I don’t even know, this could be Sterek or Steter and Boyd would probably be Erica’s first boyfriend. And Scott has the twins with Allison, Lydia the other two kids with Jackson. Peter is the sassy uncle. The kids are probably not Derek’s but Laura’s and he’s taking care of them. I don’t even know if this will be a thing, it was fun to write though xD

Ya know, I was thinking about YOI today and remembered how a lot of people were worried about what Victor (and Yuuri) were going to do after the season. Mostly about if Victor was going to leave.

And I also remembered how Yuuri has mentioned that this will most likely be his last season of skating (due to his age or otherwise.) 

But guess who is most certainly going to keep going?

Thats right. Angry kitten. And who also happened to seem to flourish under Victor during their short time together. 

And while he might not admit it, he does get along with Yuuri. Hell, they even have similar responses to Victor’s shenanigans.

But also, look at how supportive Victor and Yuuri are of the smol blonde:

Also, this boy needs some more positive support in his life. He’s so full of sadness and anger he can hardly control it. So, while the show could (and most likely will) go a different direction from what i’m about to say, it is a happy thought. 

And that would be - Yuuri and Victor taking up the role as Yuri’s coaches after this season. 

Its no secret that Victor is an amazing skater (and is slowly improving his coaching abilities), but he also is already acquainted with Yuri as well. He’s been shown to express something of brotherly affection for him already.

As for Yuuri- who else is more than knowledgeable in emotions and insecurities? He’s always the nicest he can be towards his younger peer, and is actually rooting for him from the get-go (despite having a poor meeting and Yuri always being mean to him.) I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuuri already has a firm understanding of how the blonde feels.

Oh, and guess who also has been studying ballet for (what I assume) years ?

So yeah. I would absolutely love if they took up that role for Yuri. I feel it would be a good, wholesome ending to a great show. 

I mean, come on, they’re already acting like embarrassing parents. Might as well adopt him. :) 

  • Interviewer : in what mood do we meet Marco Reus today?
  • Marco : actually pretty good. I am very satisfied with my healing process. I can do anything even though I am not exactly back at 100% yet. We invest a lot here and have very long and intense units. There is still a lot we have to make up for though but everything is all right of course. Like I said, I am very satisfied and I am happy I can finally play football again.
  • I : what did you personally plan for the second half of the season?
  • M : personally I don't plan that much, we rather plan as a team obviously. In the first half we didn't show the kind of football we are able to show because we simply couldn't collect the necessary points. For now it's important to get these points and that's how we can get our self-confidence back but first we have to get these points no matter how.
  • I : BVB's and especially your own way of playing is often associated with happiness and simplicity,how hard and important is it now to get back to that?
  • M : last year it was tough to talk oneself into thinking that it's necessary to get this simplicity back somehow but the results weren't right, the way of playing wasn't right, so we said we just want to have a fresh start with the beginning of the new year. Everybody got back to Dortmund with a positive feeling and we already absolved very good and intense training units and that's the basic condition. At the end it's important only on the pitch. We can train as much as we want, as long we don't show a good performance on the pitch,it will be difficult. Nevertheless it's important we practice and that we are healthy.
  • I : CEO Hans Joachim Watze said he isn't going to set you an ultimate. Will you stay at BVB even after 2015 or will you pull your opt-out clause?
  • M : Aki already found the right words. At the moment it's important for all of us that we are healthy and especially that I am healthy and working on my fitness. That's why it's not important who's contract will end, alone the club is important at the moment. It's not about individuals,it's about how the club has get out of this phase. That's most important and that's the top priority.
  • I : how do you handle the hype around your person that has increased over the last few years ?
  • M : Actually just like I always did. Compared to the time around 5-6 years ago where I wasn't that popular yet, I haven't changed that much. There is no reason for it. I am just my normal self,exactly like I am on the pitch or privately. Of course, I get recognized on vacation or in Dortmund but that's not a reason to change or to think I am a better person. Everyone is equal and that's what counts for me as well.
  • I : The license affair caused a lot of sensation and disapprove. Looking back,how do you see this ?
  • M : Like I said right at the beginning of this, it was a huge mistake and I am very sorry for it. If I could change it, I would do it of course but I can't. I have to accept the consequences oft that and that's what I do. It was definitely not easy bit for me,it's important to look forward now so that I can help the team out of this in the second half of the season.
  • I : one last question to Kevin Kampl, he once said he looks forward to play together with players like you. In my opinion this could definitely match. What impression does he make on you with his way of playing?
  • M : From his character, he certainly is a fine boy and he fits perfectly in our team. His way of playing is a bit similar to my own and the ones of some of our team mates. That's exactly what we need, someone who is fierce to go into a duel, who so fast in dribbling. That's very important for us and I think Kevin is going to play an important role here and that he is going to help us in the second half of the season.
  • I : Thank you, Marco!
  • M : you are welcome!
Dis track or loyalty anthem?

As Sasha pointed out, Drag Me Down has a pretty aggressive title for being a song proclaiming “if I didn’t have you there would be nothing left.” The way this song was presented–immediately following Zayn’s signing to RCA and the hashtag “realmusic”–was intentional not just to keep the Zolo and OT4 narratives parallel, but I think also to prepare us for some high drama.

But the song is so positive. So what gives? Why call it a dis track?

Because what is more of a dis on a shoddy and abusive management team or label than some renewed OT5 loyalty?

I say OT5 because Drag Me Down is a track that, despite being emphatically OT4, has vocal space (less layered verses) and shape (Harry in particular–beyond absolutely killing his riffs and verses–seems to be emulating/referencing similar vocal techniques) made for Zayn.

Does that guarantee he’s meant to be on some other (possibly live) incarnation of the song? Not necessarily, no. But beyond the stuntiness of the drop in general, it’s important to look at fandom reactions to see what the overall feel is.

And a lot of people seem to feel they heard the “space for Zayn” the boys have been so intent on keeping in interviews over the last four months.

So: it’s a song about a variety of love and loyalty, but its sheer determination to be a song about loyalty does, in itself, make it a bit of a dis track. Toward who? Not Zayn, that’s for sure.

Artist!Ronan and Author!Gansey

Okay okay inspired by all of @pygmytyrants and @actuallymollyweasley ’s posts about artist!Ronan and artist!Adam- let’s add some more writer!Gansey (which I think you brought up earlier? Not sure who mentioned it)

-Gansey prefers to handwrite his roughdrafts before typing them up

-He knows it’s slower but writing things
down with pencil on paper helps him commit it to memory

-also this is Gansey and anything old-fashioned works for him

-His rough draft notes are a complete and utter mess, covered in hardly legible writing and doodle-filled margins

-but the end product is always a masterpiece

-A few days after Ronan first moves into Monmouth, he and Gansey “work on homework” in Gansey’s room late into the night

-Gansey is not typing his essay on Andrew Jackson’s currency policies but is instead sneaking fleeting glances at Ronan over the top of his laptop and describing his new best friend in exquisite detail

-Ronan is not solving algebra equations and is instead sneaking fleeting glances at Gansey too, sketching out the sweeping waves of his hair and the crease in his brow as he concentrates on his work

-At about 2 in the morning Gansey is leaning against the wall, sound asleep (for once his insomnia has relented) with his laptop still open on his legs.

-Ronan sets his sketchbooks aside and brings the laptop over to Gansey’s cluttered desk, and when he goes to click the save button, he catches a glimpse of what Gansey has written

-It’s a full page not just on Ronan’s appearance but the subtle mannerisms and qualities that reveal his inner self

-Including lines like “the ink talons creeping around the base of his angled neck choke the words he wishes to speak”

-and “the crinkling wrinkles carved next to his piercing blue eyes hint at a past full of genuine smiles- smiles that have since been drowned and dipped in sorrow until the corners can no longer rise from a scowl.”

-Ronan realizes then just how observant Gansey actually is, and he knows that he won’t be able to hide anything from this boy

-the Gansey family speaks through subtlety, so of course Gansey can see through people like glass

-Ronan roughly grabs his papers and returns to his own room, flattered and flustered

-When Gansey wakes up, he finds his laptop open- work saved but not closed- and realizes that Ronan may have read his work.

-Gansey’s embarrasment does not last long

-He spots a piece of paper caught in his bedsheets, and when he turns it over he finds an extemely accurate portrait of himself, making a very similar expression to the one he wore now

-like looking in a mirror accurate

-somehow Ronan captured the layers of Gansey’s personality all in one image

-the eyes are captivating, look simultaneously joyful and haunted in a way Gansey had no idea actually showed through

-Gansey realizes that he can’t hide things from this boy either

-they both may as well be open books and blank canvases to each other


Fandom/Pairing: Elsword; hints of MMLP
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,503

Summary:  Diabolic Esper pays the ultimate price after his time manipulation got out of hand.  Lunatic Psyker and Mastermind are forced to return to their old lives until Esper does one final deed.  Sequel to Undo, last part to the Seal of Time series.  Can be read as standalone.

~[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Part V] [Part VI] [Part VII] [You Are Here]~     

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HP reread! Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 5: The Whomping Willow
  • So when it’s reported that Harry and Ron hadn’t been on the train, Snape takes it upon himself to prowl the corridors in expectance of the arrival of those two students whose misconduct is none of his business whatsoever. :D Observe how Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall are following their usual routine in the Great Hall. Not Snape, though. Snape is lurking outside, expecting to have the very best day of his life. 
  • He does call Dumbledore and McGonagall later on, though, and then I got really invested in comparing those three teachers’ reactions. Snape immediately took them to his office. (away from the Great Hall, clearly planning to have at them himself before he involved anybody else) He’s already made up his mind about what happened - convinced that “the famous Harry Potter and his faithful sidekick Weasley () (w)anted to arrive with a bang”. When they try to explain, he coldly says, “Silence!” and presents them with the damning evidence of the Daily Prophet which, amusingly, manages to correctly identify the car as a Ford Anglia. Very impressive. Anyway, Snape goes on to berate them about damaging the Whomping Willow too, and then he finally goes to call McGonagall and Dumbledore whose responsibility these two students actually are. 
    “Harry had seen Professor McGonagall angry on several occasions, but either he had forgotten just how thin her mouth could go, or he had never seen her this angry before.” She then says two words only: “Sit” and “Explain.” Yeah she’s mad. But the very, very first thing she does (after a starting a fire in the cold room, actually) is asking them for their perspective. She lets them know how angry she is. But she asks them to explain. Then she asks clarifying questions. (and isn’t pleased with Harry and Ron’s failure to realize they could have just sent an owl to Hogwarts. But she checked whether she had all the facts before she judged.)
    Then Dumbledore arrives, “looking unusually grave,” making Harry feel extremely guilty, and after a long silence says, “Please explain why you did this.” The text goes on, “It would have been better if he had shouted. Harry hated the disappointment in his voice.”
  • It’s striking how Snape makes it all about himself. How the only one who keeps her emotions completely in check is McGonagall, although she seems to be presently feeling many of them. What Dumbledore does, on the other hand, is emotionally manipulative. Not I would criticize that move in this situation, since it works extremely well on those two twelve-year-old boys who screwed up and who need to learn a lesson. However, it’s also the first in a long line of similar emotionally manipulative moves that have made me so wary of the character. Either way, the contrast between those three characters in direct comparison is extreme, and very telling about each of them.
  • After it becomes clear that they won’t be expelled, Harry’s first concern is avoiding a loss of points for Gryffindor; looks like last year’s experience of becoming a shameful pariah for losing the cup left a lasting impression. 
  • Dumbledore writes to the Dursleys. How funny would it be if those letters would automatically be sent to the legal magic guardian …in Azkaban? :) There’s an excellent crack fic hiding in there.
  • Ron points out that the reason McGonagall doesn’t allow them to attend the feast is that ”(s)he didn’t want us showing off,“ and, "Doesn’t want people to think it’s clever, arriving by flying car.” This is both very smart of McGonagall, and of Ron for realizing that. (the fact that all of Gryffindor stayed up and greeted them with applause is doubly amusing for it)