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“It's TB4, but not as we know it! Take a look at this very early Thunderbirds Are Go concept image for Gordon Tracy's craft. 🖌️ Credit: Christian Pearce”

Have seen line art of this early version with a big ol’ X through it, but how interesting to see it fully rendered! It’s neat, but… yeah I’m glad though they went back to the original shape. XD (Not just out of nostalgia, but even practicality… It feels kinda top heavy, like it’d roll on it’s side minute it’s out of the water. lol Where as the TB4 we got (and TOS’s) is capable of coming out of the water short distances.)

So about that sp cat au… 

Feel free to talk to me about it or ask me stuf cause I’m bored and lonely 

Meet: Ishani

She likes to collect potion jars and tends to be a bit impulsive. Feels energies in everyone she meets and tries to use the best of it for her witchy practice.  Gets stressed easily so she tries to make a lot of mediation and have quiet time breaks.(●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。


『中高生の恋・友・夢(Text book for “Moratorium”)』



『Text book for Moratorium』

I made the text book for junior high and high school students about “Love” “Dream” “Friends”.

2017.09.21—10.01『HIKONE STUDENT ART AWARD 2017』出展作品

Size : H257 × W205.6

Pages : 28 pages


sunglasses B)

pls look at this important fish boy