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“our audience is this big anonymous mass on the internet, so meeting each individual person and hearing their story and actually being able to connect with the people that have given us everything, i think, is really important.”

So he only wants you when your clothes are off and if that’s not the case he doesn’t want you at all. So you have a decision to make, do you take the boy and loose yourself? Or keep your innocence and loose the boy? Either way you’re left empty.

So you’re crying on the bus home because the boy you gave yourself up to 2 weeks prior, decided he would rather stay at home that meet the girl he stole everything from.

And your best friend is too busy getting high with a random group of girls to pick up the phone. She’ll pretend she accidentally clicked decline later on and you’ll forgive her because she’s still all you have.

So this is how it goes. You give pieces of yourself to everyone and end up with nothing . And at the end of the day you’re always just so fucking sad. And sometimes it seems you’re better off with nobody to let you down. And other times it seems you’re better off dead.

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

Long version under the cut:

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Archie x Reader: Daddy's Little Girl

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: fluff

*your POV*

I should’ve been sleeping. It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep due to the enormous bump on the front of me. Baby Andrews was 41 weeks and I was sure to pop at any moment and my stomach was so big it made me unable to sleep. I looked to my side to see Archie sleeping peacefully. I groaned and shifted to the left a little bit, wishing the days of sleeping on my stomach were still here. Suddenly, I felt a faint wetness between my legs.

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anonymous asked:

Concept: Lance with glasses. He always wore contacts so no one knew. Maybe people used to call him 'four-eyes' so he doesn't feel as comfortable wearing them around other people like Pidge. Then one day his eyes really hurt or are dry from lack of sleep so he has to wear them. Queue everyone being like: 'Whaaaattt?? You have glasses?' Or 'Why do you have Pidge's glasses?' and poor Lance is just so uncomfortable.

My poor boy :( 

Mentions of bullying 

Lance was around 6 when he first got his glasses. His eyes weren’t the best and he would always get his family members messed up and couldn’t read the board in class, no matter how close he sat to it. 

His father took him to get his eyes checked and even helped him pick out a pair of glasses. Lance thought that that they were the coolest thing ever. 


“Move it four eyes.” Lance was shoved to the ground. His books and glasses scattering around the school yard. Lance started to stand up but was ‘accidently’ pushed back down by the kids. 

Lance fought back tears as he tried to stand up. He started to move to his glasses but as his hands reached out the them he heard a crack. Lance squinted as the boy that was towering above him, his foot on his glasses. 

“Whoops, sorry about that Lance.” Lance started crying as the boys laughed at him. 


Lance went home that day in tears. He didn’t want his parents to know but they obviously knew. His mother demanded to know what happened but Lance wouldn’t tell at first. He didn’t want to be labeled as weak to his own parents. However he eventually broke under their pressure and he told them about his bullies. He begged his parents not to tell the school or his siblings. 

His parents looked at him with sad eyes and told him they will do what needs to be done. 

The next day Lance was taken to get new glasses and contacts. 


Lance always tried to wear his contacts, he didn’t want people to know about his glasses. The only person on the team that knew about Lance’s glasses was Hunk. After all they did share a room together at the Garrison, Lance couldn’t hide it from him. 

Unfortunately homesickness consumed him to the point where he started to lose sleep. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to wake up with dry skin and eyes, everything hurting from his head down to his toes. 

Lance rubbed his eyes and walked into his bathroom. He stared down at his contact case then shifted his eyes to where his glasses sat. 

He debated putting his contacts in, but his eyes hurt that morning. The light seem to make his eyes burn and his eyes felt dry no matter how many times he blink. 

He stared at his glasses, They team won’t care. He grabbed them and got changed and walked to the dining room. 


He heard the team before he saw them. They were all laughing and talking excitedly. Lance smiled to himself, just like his family. 

Lance entered the room and sat down in his usual seat next to Keith. 

Keith glanced at Lance then looked at Lance. He just stared at Lance. 

Lance shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “Umm good morning?” 

“Why do you have Pidge’s glasses?” Keith asked, his eyes staring at the metal that surround Lance’s eyes. 

“I don’t, they’re mine.” Lance looked down at the table. Damnit I knew this would happen. 

Something that Lance wanted to keep in a small conversation turned into the topic of discussion among the paladins. 

Keith looked at Pidge “Hey Pidge, do you have an extra pair of glasses?” He gestured to Lance. 

“No…Oh my, Lance you have the same pair as me??? I guess that makes you a nerd just like me!” She smiled brightly at him. 

Lance bit his cheek. Everyone was gushing over his glasses, except Hunk who was staring at Lance with concern. 

Lance started to fold in on himself slightly, they were just glasses. 

Hunk took notice to how Lance was reacting and cleared his throat. “Good morning Lance! How’d you sleep?” 

Lance looked at Hunk and smiled. “I slept alright, what about you?” 

“I slept pretty good, ready for the day?” 

Lance smiled “Yes! I’ll beat you to the training deck!” Lance took off running. 

Hunk smiled and looked at his teammates who looked confused? Maybe that wasn’t the right word but the looked off. 

Hunk exhaled and faced the team. “Guys Lance is really insecure about his glasses, he was bullied a lot for them in school. Just don’t bring attention to them when he wear them.” Hunk gave a small smile and ran out of the room. 

The team looked at each other and the all mutually agreed to act like Lance wasn’t even wearing glasses. 

I honestly hate how I ended this :/ 

Sorry it took so long

I relate to this a lot. When I got my glasses last year everyone thought they were fake and would always take them during class. I hated it. 

Thank you for this 

cosmically fond. #1

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drabble #1.

  • pairing: alien!taehyung x reader.
  • genre: fluff galore.
  • words: 1.520
  • summary: you help taehyung battle a devious enemy.

“Human! Human, you must help me at once!”

On a quiet Saturday afternoon - a rare day off you had acquired from your usual hectic and bustling schedule – your small apartment was once again interrupted by the deep, gravelly voice you had grown so familiar with over the past five, long months.

Without tearing your gaze from the pages of the worn book nestled on your lap, the words practically begging for you to keep your attention solely on them; to not look up at the current hustling body running into your room in a rather frantic state, you sighed deeply in return.

“Human! I am under attack! The enemy is fighting back with lethal force.”

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Second Love (pt. 03)

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader.
Genre: Angst, SummerLove AU, Fluff & Smut
Word Count: 11.3K

A/N: soooo this is the final chapter. I’m surprised this story got so much support. Thank you guys! I’ll be posting more stories in the near future hehe

Pt. 01  |  Pt.02  |  Pt.03

Your body was with Mingyu, but your mind was with somebody else that night.

You couldn’t take Yoongi out of your head. All you could see as you kissed Mingyu was his gummy smile while he watched you trying to rap to the rhythm of Nas’ songs. His lips and how he swept his tongue across them to wet them as he rapped. His black eyes. His voice. His hums while he cleaned the henhouse. His hums as he ate Mrs. Gong’s food. His lips as he gave you that quick peck.

You felt Mingyu’s hands travelling up and down your body as you straddled his lap. The only light that lit up the room coming from the small lights than hung from the wall, reminding you of the ones that Yoongi had in his room.

For a moment you imagined you were in Yoongi’s bed and not yours. That it was Yoongi who you were kissing and not Mingyu. That it was Yoongi’s hands that were trying to unclasp your bra and not Mingyu’s.

You had been confused since the night before. Why did Yoongi act the way he did? He acted as if the fact that you were probably going to sleep with Migyu bothered him. But it couldn’t bother him… Right?

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If I’m still in love with you? Well, I still wake up with you on my mind, and same goes for the nights, you’re still the one on my mind when the lights go off. I sometimes even dream of you. The only difference is that I used to wake up and go to bed a happy person, but now? I’m kind of a sad person. In fact, you are the one making me sad, and you probably don’t even know. But it’s the truth, I get so many text messages from boys I mess around with. But to be honest? It’s just to fill the lonely space you left behind. Do you think that makes me a bad person?

To answer your question, I know you’re no good for me, I think if I had a choice, I wouldn’t have let you come close to me in the first place. And I surely won’t do it twice.

But yes, I for sure, am still in love. I’m far from over “us”. Maybe I’m still in love with the idea of the person I thought you were, but I can’t deny there is still something that makes me be in love with you. I don’t think it will ever change, will it?

You will always have that special piece of my heart, you will always be that boy, that kind of love that brutally leaves you behind and turns you into a wreck, that kind of love you never really get over. That kind of love you get reminded at when your daughter comes home crying one day, over a boy that broke her heart. For sure, it’s your face that I will see.

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write
Moar BatDad Headcannon
  • Bruce has attended every single extracurricular and graduation event for all his Batkids. (He even went to some of Superboy’s while Superman was being a douche.)

  • For the first three times a Robin/Batgirl has their solo patrol, Batman follows at a distance. It’s an open secret.

  • Bruce pulls out the ‘Bat Glare’ TM every time one of his kids brings home a significant other, no matter their gender. 

  • Bruce sends Jason care packages under Alfred’s name. Jason totally knows but accepts them any way.

  • He sends Dick packages as well.

  • Batman once let a three year old play with the edge of his cape while he was talking to the cops. (He almost melted when he heard the kid try to do a Batman impression.)

  • Batman once let a small-time crook get away because the young pregnant teenage cashier went into labour. He stayed the whole time with her and she name the kid ‘Robin’.

  • Bruce once caught Tim trying to sneak out of a public event. He covered Tim’s escape and brought cake with him afterwards.

  • Batman has an ‘Open Door’ Policy that the entire Young Justice has taken advantage of at some point or another.

  • Bruce some how managed to acquire baby photos of all his Batkids. Including Jason, Cassandra and Damien. No one is entirely sure how.

  • Stephanie once came home crying because of a boy. The next day, the boy apologised and begged Stephanie not to set ‘her uber scary dad’ on him again.

  • Bruce totally does all the voices when he is persuaded to read to the younger Batkids. In a really good mood, he even acts it out.

  • Batman has a first aid kit with Justice League band-aids. 

  • Dick instigate ‘Post Mission Sleepovers’ after he caught Bruce checking on all of them at least twice a night after ever major mission, regardless of who went or what happened.

  • It’s an open secret in Gotham that Batman is a total softie for anyone under the age of 10. 

  • Bruce will go the supermarket at 10pm for feminine hygiene products and ice cream should the need arise.

  • Bruce will use any opportunity to brag about his kids.

  • Every piece of art work one of the Batkids did, no matter how bad or at what age, gets put on the fridge. No Exceptions. (Until Alfred put his foot down. Now they all go on a wall in the Batcave. It’s already 3/4′s full.)

  • Batman will give the Silent Treatment if one of his kids is unfairly criticised.  (Booster Gold was never the same.)

  • Bruce takes grounding to a whole new level.