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40 Things Only A True ’90s Girl Loves About Leonardo Dicaprio

Today is Leonardo Dicaprio’s 40th birthday, and since he is one of my original celebrity-crushes-to-end-all-crushes, I couldn’t just let this day go by like it’s any other Tuesday. IT’S NOT. Forty years ago, a beautiful specimen of a human being was born and named after Leonardo da Vinci, probably because his parents knew that Leo, too, would be a masterpiece in real life. I know 40 sounds super old, and I know that Leo is now sporting a weird man-bun/beard type of thing, and I know it’s shady that he only dates girls who could be his daughters (but I’m convinced this is because the one true love of his life, Kate Winslet, won’t be with him), and I know that he’s never won an Oscar, but I DON’T CARE. He cares about animals, he makes amazing movies, he’s trying to save the world, and he’s a spectacular dancer. He is the best.