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bts does this thing where like I don’t even realize they’re internationally famous kpop idols… the way they interact with us and the way they let us into their daily lives and show us their real selves is incredible, I feel that I know each of them personally and that we have a close genuine relationship like I actually consider all 7 of them as family. they’ve broken that barrier between idol and fan effortlessly and that’s really amazing to me

Please take a moment to say a prayer for 5 people who lost their lives in an airplane crash that happened in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on May 13th. It was an “open doors day” at the airport and three children (two of which were a brother and sister), a young man and a flight instructor lost their lives. Rest in peace angels!


if you ship sekai but you think sehun’s not good enough or that he’s a shitty friend to jongin, if ur throwin around words like neglect and abandon, then fuck off with that noise. not even if you ship them, but if you’re looking at these 2 kids who grew up together and look out for each other, and saying that one is not worthy of the other, then you suck. and if you’re asking yourself well why doesn’t sehun stick around jongin more why aren’t there more sekai moments, then you’re in too deep with this shipping game. they’re not e/o’s keepers and if you expect them to fit into your little shipping narrative, then you aren’t looking at them as real people anymore.

‘i’m protective of jongin i want the best for him.’ man fuCK OFF WITH THAT SHITTY SALTY NOISE. tha fuck go outside take a walk repent for your sins for being a deluded shipper and thinking that if sehun isn’t on jongin’s dick 24/7 that he’s a bad person or that he doesn’t care about jongin.

they’re friends, they take care of e/o, they do dumb shit together. it’ s a nice relationship. and for all their dumb teenage bro-ness, there is also an abundance of sweet moments where they really do look out for e/o

it is some straight bullshit to say sehun isn’t a good friend to jongin

And lastly, to our Kim Kai-ssi: We always talk secretly behind the hyungs’ backs and these talks that we have mean a lot to me, but the one thing that I know for sure is that you really do love our team [exo ot12], although you don’t/can’t say it out loud and you can’t really express yourself… I know because I’m a genius ㅋㅋㅋ Also, remember when we talked really seriously about our lives 3 years into the future?? Until then, let’s not change and go forward together, for a long long time!!

-Sehun, Sukira 130813

so please, if you’re gonna distort all that to make it seem like jongin is some pining hopeless lovelorn kid and sehun is a sneaky whore for being close with other exo members, then literally what are you doing?